Dawning [Reserved Icy]

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Re: Dawning [Reserved Icy]

Post by DreamsandReality » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:18 am

Alice looked towards Lillian and dipped her head a little, a silent signal of dismissal. Lillian smiled and gave her a small bow in return, peering over at Ellie. "Enjoy your morning young Miss," she said before turning to head back up the stairs to finish up her morning duties. She could see why Miss Alice seemed fond of the young girl. She really was such a sweet child. Alice beamed and held out her hand to help Ellie down the last few steps, "Good morning, Ellie." She greeted, her dark blue dress contrasting her pale skin and raven hair. "How are you feeling?" She asked, looking the young girl over as if searching for anything wrong. One might say she was growing a sort of motherly instinct over the child, something Alice wouldn't deny nor agree to. Having never been a mother before it would be impossible for her to tell.

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Re: Dawning [Reserved Icy]

Post by Icy » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:11 am

Ellie looked after Lillian as the lady left, leaving her alone with Alice who held out her hand. Being the little girl she was who, as of right now, didn't understand a whole lot she thought that she was asking for the shirt she had in her hands. An embarrassed pout crossed her lips as she held it out, clearly worried that she would get into some type of trouble for getting blood on it. It wasn't her shirt. "I messed it..."she mumbled, now too nervous to answer Alice's question about how she was feeling. Her back did still kind of hurt, but she knew those wounds would take some time to heal. Time was something Ellie had a lot of. "I sorry..."another mumble as she stared at the lower steps, the ends of her long, snow white, hair dancing in the air around her. The wind was stirring slightly due to her being so nervous, she hoped it didn't get out of hand or else she would have a lot of explaining to do and she wasn't sure she wanted to talk about it. Alice proved to be trustworthy, but she just didn't like it. "I didn't mean to..."

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