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Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:16 pm
by Slem
Another morning rose and another time Jobu fixed his bed. It's been around six months since he came here, all sorts of things happened to him. He had a severe sicknesses when he first moved and hardly ate or drink, he was targeted by bullies who pick on new guys but he stood his grounds and gained everyone's respect, but the biggest offender to his confort in his new home was his monotonous speech pattern. To everyone with a higher rank than him, it sounded like a challenge or mockery; needless to say, they were not pleased with it. His standoffish demeanor and iciness didn't help either.

A lot of times he was tasked with punishments for offensive acts he simply didn't mean.He would've changed his ways but he just forgot how to express feelings, he's not a good actor either.He often took all his punishments silently and executed them to the best of his abilities: pealing onions and fish, scrubbing the bathrooms with a toothbrush the entire night and spending the day with no food. He never complained, he never cared to complain. One time the general had enough of him and tasked him to walk 30 miles. To his surprise, Jobu nodded with no hint of surprise and started walking. After going about 20 miles he fell unconscious as his body couldn't handle the pressure. He woke up in a military van driven by the very general who asked him"why do you insist on being a rebel?" He asked in an almost fatherly voice. Jobu looked down to his feet, his entire life flashed in front of him."Well" he replied with his monotonous speech "the world...shaped me like that...I guess" despite his usual monochromatic speech the general felt a great deal of sadness in him, through these mere words he understood everything about him. He felt guilt, he was punishing someone whom life was not kind to, he was making his pain even worse. Ever since then he tried to involve him, be slightly kinder to him and do whatever it takes to atone for his mistakes. 

Jobu finished his bed and stood in the morning roll call, he then headed to the cafeteria "I'll have tea please" he said to the cafeteria lady "you don't want to eat anything with it?" She asked with a concerned tone "I'm not hungry so no thanks" replied Jobu. The cafeteria lady tried to convince him to eat "young man! You always take only tea every morning, this is bad! You're a growing boy and need sustenance, breakfast is very important you know" "then I'll take milk too" retorted Jobu. His monotonous speech made the joke fall flat though, it couldn't be helped "don't joke around" said the cafeteria lady in a scolding voice, a stern expression and a raised finger " you ought to eat well and I'll make sure you do that" she reached somewhere behind the counter and put on his plate what seems to be a pre-made sandwich wrapped in a paper "I knew it'll come to this so I made you a sandwich containing all the healthy goodness you need, so make sure you eat it with your tea" she said as she reverted back to her usual cheerful self. Jobu was surprised but he just nodded his head and showed a proper gratitude " life is not easy" she exclaimed " so make friendships and have fun, no need to make it even harder on yourself, okay?" "What is she on about?" Jobu thought but nodded as if agreeing then left for his table. As he started eating the sandwich that he didn't even check the inside of her words ringed in his head "what naivety...Friendships? Fun? I don't know what blissfully ignorant life you were leading but I wish I had it too " he thought "also...this sandwich is good".
He was sitting in the first empty table he saw, he avoids people and people avoid him. 

"Jobu Rinnard! Come to the office! Jobu Rinnard!" From the speakers, his name was uttered and his presence was requested, he was just about done with breakfast so he stood up and left the cafeteria. On the way he could hear people whispering "It's the guy who speaks like a robot" "have he gotten himself in trouble again?" "God he's always alone what a weirdo" "someday he'll cause some crazy massacre, I'm telling you silent people are the worst" he didn't really pay attention to them and just walked to the office, he didn't think about the reason he was summoned nor what have he done. Orders are orders.

He finally reached the door, with two firm knocks on the door he announced his arrival "come in Jobu" said the voice of the general. Jobu came in, he was seated by the general who seemed strangely in a good mood today, Jobu didn't bother to mention it. Orders are orders after all. "My boy" said the general "you know your state don't you?" Jobu tilted his head, and frowned his eyebrows, he had a perplexed expression. Of course he could've used his gift to predict where the conversation is going, but there was a law that prevents the unauthorised use of gifts, and Jobu respects rules to the best of his abilities. "It's been six months already and you haven't found a partner yet" "I..." replied Jobu before being interrupted " work better alone, I may not have INTELLIGENCE like you do but I can predict that much" Jobu looked at the ground "however" said the general "you can't go on like this forever, our regulations says that everyone needs a partner" he laughed "well, this one is kind of special so I hope you two get along". "Right" Jobu replied. Although the general did expect that reaction he couldn't help but being disappointed "at least fake some excitement" he said "ask about her or something" "her?" Jobu, who was never good at dealing with men let alone women, was kind of flustered. This was a rare sight indeed, enough to make the general grin as though he won a battle."With that said" he reverted to his serious facade "I'll bring her now, be a good boy and wait for me here OK? " He said and left without waiting for a response.

As though as he sounds he's a kind and loving person, however he only acts like himself when he's with Jobu. That thought made him smile, albeit a very tiny, unnoticeable one.

After a while the door opened and the general came back, behind him stood a petite girl with a light brown hair worn in two braids, the colour of her eyes was like that of a chocolate, the type that melt as soon as it gets exposed to the sun. They were sweet, innocent and full of life, in contrast to Jobu's expressionless, cold and deep black eyes.
"Jobu" exclaimed the general "this is Diara Anisele, her power is pyrokinesis and her military name is firestorm . Do show her the ropes".

"A kid?" This thought crossed Jobu's mind but he didn't voice it, however, the ever vigilant general noticed the hint of disappointment that appeared for a second on his face " she might look like a kid" he said "and...act like one...and dress like one..." Jobu raised an eyebrow " but...but.. she is 17 and...her Powers are'm sure she won't cause problems" Jobu sighed. Orders are orders are they not? "Miss Diara" he said as he stood up " allow me introduce myself, I'm Jobu Rinnard, I shall assume the position of your guide and show you all the necessary areas. I should also inform you that I shall be your partner so I hope we get along, with that said, if you do not have any questions let's commence the tour".

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Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:49 pm
by illirica
Breakfast was not cupcakes.

It was never cupcakes. Diara Anisele put grape jelly on a piece of toast, and tried to pretend that it was a cupcake, which did not work even though she was usually very good at pretending. She ate it anyway, because breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Her heroic sacrifice did not extend as far as the grapefruit half she'd been given, because grapefruit did not taste good no matter what she pretended it was.

She was going somewhere today. They hadn't told her yet, but everyone else knew, so Diara figured they would tell her soon. Usually she was the last one they told about things, so she had learned to be very good at listening to what other people knew, in case they might be right about something.

"They're transferring her out, did you hear?"
"The retar-"
"Don't call her that, asshole."
"Yeah, whatever. Anyway, what do you think they're gonna do with her?"
"Probably send her out to nuke something again, like they usually do."
"Nah, sounds different this time. Like, permanent."
"What, like actually partner her with someone?"
"Maybe. Hope it's someone smart."

"Miss Anisele, if you're done with breakfast, please come with me." Diara looked up, curiously. Most people just got called on the PA system, but someone always came and got Diara. It wasn't that she was disobedient, it was just that she was easily distracted. She'd mean to go to the office, and then end up sitting on the floor an hour later because she'd found a bug. She decided that she was, in fact, done with breakfast, and got up to follow along.

It seemed the other students had been right. She was being transferred to another location. They told her where, but it didn't seem all that important, so she mostly just nodded. They had a partner planned for her, who was a polar bear. Diara wasn't sure about that, since she'd never really worked with animals before, but it certainly sounded interesting. She liked bugs better than animals, but maybe there weren't any bugs available to be partners.

Some time later, she was somewhere else, in a different office. It looked quite a lot like the other office, except everything in it was different. She'd been told to wait, and so she did, even though waiting was boring. She'd also been told not to set anything on fire, which made waiting very boring. Fortunately it was not too long before a man came and got her. He was one of the officers, and seemed to be in charge of things. He took Diara to another office, which was also the same except different, and introduced her to a black-haired boy with glasses.

He stared at her with some skepticism, and Diara drew herself up to her full height, which was admittedly somewhat inconsequential. He seemed disappointed, which was fair. She was probably equally disappointed, if not more so. "You are not a polar bear," she said, pointedly, folding her arms across her chest. "You're just a person." She sighed, then shrugged, figuring that she might as well be polite. "Oh well. It's nice to meet you anyway, although it would have been nicer if you were a polar bear. Are you really my partner, then? I've never had a partner before. I had a beetle for three days but then I set it on fire. Would you like me to set you on fire?"

Diara was very good at setting things on fire. They told her it was very helpful, but sometimes they were a bit particular about what got set on fire. She still offered, though, because she wanted to help.

Maybe Jobu needed some help.

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Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:41 pm
by Slem
This girl uttered the most unexpected thing. To Jobu's surprise, the general just ignored it, sat on his office and started writing on his papers.

It was clear that this kid the general claims she's 17 have no understanding of the concept of consequences and death; the way she innocently revealed that she burned a beetle to death and then offered Jobu to set him on fire was at first a shock to him.

"Is she a psychopath? did they pair me with a crazy girl who wants to kill me?" These thoughts made their way into his brain as he starred at her intently. "no..." he muttered to himself. Jobu was always good at reading the slightest body movement. He may not choose to use his gift but at one point it gets hard to distinguish them from his natural perception talents. Having indulged in psychology books in an attempt to hone his skills of interpreting people, he learned that psychopaths lack the inclination to avoid eye contact, so they will lock onto someone's gaze and will not break it, even using it as a mean for dominance; however, Diara was clearly fidgeting under Jobu's gaze and nervously looking at the scenery in an attempt to avoid eye contact.

"Now now Diara, we don't burn people." Suddenly spoke the general after he put his pen on the table "Tell you what." He said as he turned his attention to the apathetic boy "Jobu, I don't know how to say it but this girl is...rather you will be the one to tell her when and how she'll use her gifts. In a sense, they will be considered yours from now on and as such you'll be held accountable should things go wrong" Jobu tried to open his mouth to object but the general left no room for him to do so, in fact, he spoke the next lines in a higher voice to show that he will not accept any objections "that is to say, you will be keeping an eye on her 24/7, that includes lunch, dinner and your free time"
"WHA-" Jobu's objection was stuck in his throat as the events were advancing way too fast. Suddenly he's now responsible for a girl who have no moral compass whatsoever, a girl who is "special" as far as the general said. "This isn't a partnership, I'm literally her babysitter now" that thought lingered in his head, but he said nothing. Orders are orders. That's how it works

"You can leave now" the general said in an authoritative voice "today you are to skip your usual training and instead focus on making sure your partner becomes familiar with the place...or at least with you. You are hereby dismissed"
Jobu stood up robotically, he looked at his new partner "let's go" he said and walked to the door.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:44 am
by illirica
Diara looked back and forth between the two for a while, but seemed to decide it wasn't worth saying anything during this conversation. Since no one wanted her to set anything on fire, she didn't really have much to add. The man in charge was using the s-word again. Diara didn't like it. She might not have been as smart as some people, but she knew enough to know that when people said "special," they meant "stupid." There was no point getting angry about it, though. When she got angry, things got on fire, and then everyone else got angry.

Jobu left the room, and Diara hesitated a minute before realizing that "Let's go" had meant her and not the other man, and then quickstepped a few paces to catch up with him. He seemed... she didn't know what he seemed. Not all that happy. She wasn't too "special" to understand that. Diara sighed, probably more emphatically than most people did, then addressed him with an offer of "...Sorry." She shrugged a shoulder and then put her hands in the pockets of her dress. "I didn't mean it. About you not being a bear. I'm sure you're very nice. Most people are, most of the time, at least to someone. I'm glad you're here to show me around. Is there anything interesting to look at? Do they have cupcakes here? I like cupcakes. Do you like cupcakes? I think they're best with sprinkles on them, but they have to be the right kind of sprinkles. Sugar-crystal sprinkles are good, and the little chocolate ones, but I don't like the funny shaped ones because they taste like chalk. What's your favorite thing? Also I kind of talk a lot sometimes so it's okay if you need to tell me to hush, and I really don't mind."

Not only did she apparently talk a lot sometimes, as she'd suggested, but she also tended to talk entirely in one breathless monologue, without pausing for answers to any of the questions she asked or any of the many shifts in the conversational direction. It was almost as if she was attempting to make up for her quiet in the office all at once.

Really, she wasn't sure what to make of this Jobu person. He didn't seem very happy to have a partner - or at least, not to have her as a partner. Diara didn't know which one it was, or maybe it was both. She would still be nice to him, though. Hopefully he'd start liking her soon. Most people did, most of the time, at least some. Or if he didn't, maybe he could at least tell her why that was, so that she could fix it. Diara tried to be good at fixing things. Usually once she set something on fire it wasn't a problem any more, so she had learned that was a pretty good way to fix things.

Sometimes people got mad about it, though.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:28 pm
by Slem
"This girl" Jobu closed his eyes tight for a second "SHE'S ANNOYING!" he thought to himself as the girl who just met him started rambling as though she was with a friend she knew from ages. "But she's certainly impressive" he said to himself glancing at his new partner's silky and lustrous brown hair. Her braids were flying all around as she spoke with her whole body, she was full of life. Her hands moved all around as she spoke, she was very animated. Her face showed various emotions, when was the last time Jobu smiled?

"Nowdays" he thought "people seldom break the ice immediately after meeting someone new, in fact, there was no ice to break for this girl from the beginning...all her actions can only be traced to some sort of condition that makes her unaware of social norms...I haven't read about that yet, I was too busy figuring out how to read a perfectly normal enemy on the battlefield".

They reached the cafeteria "this is the cafeteria" he said. Not really noticing whether his companion spoke after that or not, he then proceeded "but..." he continued his thoughts "she strikes some sort of nostalgic feeling in me..." Jobu scratched his chin "I don't recall having any acquaintance like her...I'd certainly remember her" they reached the training-grounds "and this is the training-grounds, since your abilities are offensive and dangerous you'll be training here most of the time" he immediately reverted to his thoughts once more "society became cold after all relationships were purely beneficial...People speak about friendships, they only need to not be alone to preserve their mental and social state. People speak about love...when asked about their perfect-lover they speak about traits and social classes... everyone is in it only for their selfish desires...a truly despicable world indeed"

"These are the dorms" this time he didn't even put much thought into what he was saying. Even though he was speaking, his internal monologue did not stop
"Despite all that...why? Why do I feel like she have something to do with's like...she was part of me...or..." at this realisation, his feet stopped. His eyes widened "that's right" he uttered these words ever so gently " she is me...or rather...she is exactly like the child me...speaking what's in her mind...not realising fake kindness...I bet all she thinks about now is to be nice to hope I'm nice too make friends"
At this thought, Jobu felt somewhat of a great kinship to the innocent maiden that was assigned to be his partner, and for some reason, he felt the need to protect her.

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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:29 am
by illirica
He walked very fast and talked very little. Diara didn't like that. She would have liked to ask him questions about all the places they were visiting - like what the cafeteria served, and whether it was good, and how to get cupcakes, and what it was the grounds were training for, and whether there were bugs in the dorms and if she could have one.

She'd tried asking a couple of those questions early on, but he'd pretty much ignored her, thinking about whatever it was that he was thinking about that was more important than her questions. Diara tried to be okay with that - if nothing else, she was at least used to having her questions ignored. Or her self, for that matter.

"You don't talk very much, do you?" she inquired, when Jobu finally stopped walking for a moment without immediately progressing to the next place, "And you're not very good at tours. How come you don't say more about all these places? I like knowing things. I'm not stupid, really. I'm not smart, but I pay attention. And I listen to people, which you don't really." Her tone didn't make the words an insult, just a bit of conversational information passed along.

His tour was not very interesting, though, even if she was paying attention, so Diara decided she'd had enough of it. She stepped forward to grab his hand. "Come on, we're going to go exploring. I like exploring. We're going to go this way, and since you're with me you can remember the way back and we won't get lost."

Seemingly thinking this was a fabulous idea, Diara set off down one of the hallways, chosen entirely at random. After all, there had to be something in this base that was fun. She just had to find out what it was.

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:28 am
by Slem
"Wh-" Jobu was engulfed in his thoughts that he almost forgot his companion. That is to be expected after all from someone who spends all his time alone. Diara suddenly complained and rightfully so; Jobu was being desultory in his job, which is something he usually tries his best not to do. And before he could fully voice his surprise, his hand was pulled by the soft hand of his partner who, without second thoughts, dragged him to a corridor.

It was a new experience for him having a girl's hand in his, a new and strangely soft sensation. It felt like falling in a bed after a day of hard work: a warm and engulfing sensation. Suddenly, he snapped back to reality upon realising something.

"W-wait...we can't go there, or rather, I can't go there!" Shouted Jobu, and rightfully so, after all, they were heading to...

"Jobu?" A bubbly voice of a young girl called him. Unlike other girls, she was accepting of everyone. She enjoyed being 'different' and doing everything others won't do, that included speaking to people deemed by others as 'strange individuals' and being unpredictable and 'risqué' with her jokes . She had a blonde hair worn in a thick rope-like braid that rested upon her right shoulder, but what made her appearance most memorable was that the end of her braid was grass green. Her gift was the ability to materialise healing 'oils' that can instantly heal any physical injury and as such she was nicknamed ' Angel' though her behaviours makes everyone who knows her nickname raise an eyebrow. She claims that her hair naturally turned green when she acquired her gift but the story was too convenient that nobody buys it and choose to believe she simply died it, especially since the colour gives her a strangely appealing look.
"What are you doing walking to the female locker rooms? Did you finally break and decide to succumb to your perverted needs?" She was always quite the tease. The more her target was serious the more relentless she'll be, needless to say, she just found her favourite target.

Before Jobu was able to retort accordingly the girl's attention shifted to Diara , she put her hands on her mouth and said in a squeaky voice
"How cute! Who's the child next to you? Your sister? Did your sister join you? " "she's not my sister" responded Jobu "she's my partner"
"Partner you say?" The girl the name of whom Jobu never caught said with a strangely serious expression unfit for her personality and a suspicious look "you spend a long time with no partner, and when you finally get one...she's a child" this is going on a dangerous path...Jobu needed to clear the misunderstanding as soon as he could "sh-she's seventeen...she just...looks young"
"seventeen you say" the girl said examining the Diara closer... Suddenly she bursts into a laugh "of course she's seventeen...otherwise she wouldn't have developed a should've seen your face" Jobu realised that he was indeed slightly flustered, not to mention red. He gritted his teeth out of anger "anyway congratulations on getting a partner, make sure you remember she exits and don't get too engulfed in your thoughts when you're with her...see ya" she said with her usual giggly tone as she left with a raised right hand.

Jobu was really annoyed. Just how much does she know about him? He thought he was more complicated than that. Or was it that this girl was too perceptive? Jobu shaked his head
"That's not important now..." he thought "What's important is..."

"Ms Anisele" he spoke as formally as he could to Diara "I'm sorry I wasn't a good guide, it's not often I play the leader so it's an unusual experience to me. I'll make sure that the rest of the tour will be more...uh..." he was struggling to find words " your liking" he decided to go with that.

Jobu knew that Diara was not like everyone else, but that didn't mean he could treat her with any less respect.
"You said something about cupcakes right?" He recalled the thing she spoke about the most "I don't think they're here but there is pudding if you want, it's quite famous amongst girls. We could go to the cafeteria lady if you want, she's very nice so I'm sure she'll give you some, how about it?"

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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:03 am
by illirica
"Ooh, boy," Diara commented, as they left the locker rooms, "She's grumpy." She had the particular 'secretive' tone common to children of a stage whisper that was entirely audible to anyone remotely nearby, and yet obviously believed quite entirely in the privacy of her statement.

She was a bit surprised at his apology. People rarely apologized to Diara. That wasn't entirely true - people apologized, but they rarely meant it. Jobu seemed to. "You can call me Diara, you know," she said, because she wasn't entirely sure how to respond to an actual apology. "Or 'Toasty Ghost'. That's my superhero name. The other guys say it's 'Firestorm', but I like Toasty Ghost better. Firestorm is too boring."

Pudding was obviously a matter of great temptation, but Diara resignedly shook her head. "You know what I want to see? My room. Can you show me where that is?" She'd gone straight to the first boring office room, and from there to the second boring office room, and from there to Jobu's little tour, but none of those places were really her place, and Diara was curious to find out what her place actually looked like.

Hopefully it wasn't boring.

Even if it was, she expected she could liven it up a little. Maybe she could set it on fire? She should probably ask first, but it was definitely a possibility.

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Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:42 pm
by Slem
Jobu nodded once "all right, toasty ghost, your room is next to mine." He gestured with his head asking Diara to follow him.

As they walked he attempted to speak a bit more, however his communication skills failed him so he ended up just saying short sentences regarding anything that his sight catches. The fact that nothing was exciting or interesting was also a factor, but it would be a lie to say that it was the biggest one. After many failed attempts, he decided to remain quite and only answer Diara's questions the best he can.

The trip to his room was filled with curious gazes and whispers, it seems he was a bit more infamous than he thought.
"Who's that young girl?" "She's walking with the creepy guy...could she be his partner?" "she looks adorable though...I want her to be MY partner, being around a guy is bad enough for her but him of all people?" "True, she looks relatively calm though" "can't she see pure evil even when it's her very partner?" Jobu thought he've gotten used to all the negative comments regarding his emotionless face, but it still manages to sting from time to time.

The trip was finally over, and now they're in front of a room located in the end of the hallway of the first floor, a place nobody frequents but Jobu himself, needless to say, it was his room. He reached to his pocket and took a key he always used to open his room. Attached to it, was another key. It was the key of the empty room in front of him. Usually spare rooms' keys were kept in the storage room, however, he was given the unofficial duty of dusting-off the inside of the room every couple of days by the cleaning lady who faulted his "creepy demeanor" for not having a partner and thus adding extra work for her. He knew she was just being lazy but he nodded nonetheless and started doing her job. Why? He still wonders to this day. Maybe he just felt bad for all the work she must have done to make her skin as ugly as her attitude.

He detached the key and used it to open the previously unused room "Right, this is your new room" he said as he gave a quick glance to Diara encouraging her to enter. Inside the room was a plain bed with beige covers, a window that takes three fourths of the wall covered with beige curtains and a small wood-brown desk and chair. The walls were painted in grey and the ceiling remained white. As for the floor, it was decorated with beige ceramic tiles with black and white lines randomly drawn on top of them giving them an almost hypnotic effect. "It's not the most exciting room in the world I'm afraid" Jobu said as unexplainable guilt from seeing the disappointed look on Diara's face arose " we can find posters of cupcakes or something else you like to decorate the room if you wish, but make sure you don't burn anything OK?" He said in an almost fatherly or brotherly voice that he never thought he could manage.

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Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:15 pm
by illirica
"They think you're evil," Diara commented as they walked, in reference to the whispers as they passed. As usual, she didn't bother with keeping her voice down, or see anything wrong with bringing it up as a subject of conversation. "You know, I don't think people really know what evil is. People said my sister was evil, too, but she always took care of me, and she taught me how to ride a bike and make cupcakes, and she gave me superpowers. It's okay, I don't think you're creepy. I just think you're weird." She didn't seem to intend the last as an insult, and it was possible that she might have even meant it as a compliment, in her own strange little way.

Jobu opened the room with a key, and Diara wondered if keys were really the best way to open doors in a place where everyone had superpowers. Surely it would be easier just to burn the door down when she wanted it open? That seemed like it would be easier than keeping track of a little key. The room itself was... it was...

"Oh, no," Diara whispered. "It's boring." This latest tragedy seemed to be of greater concern than anything else so far, and Jobu's assessment of it as 'not the most exciting' only confirmed her dismay. He had some suggestions, though, and she echoed the phrase "Posters... of... cupcakes?" in a tone that split the difference between considering this utter heresy that should never have been considered, and considering this something that she must have, immediately. "It's a cupcake... but it's just a picture. You can't eat it. Oh, no. But it's a picture of a cupcake. Is it better than no cupcake? But you can't eat it."

She stood in the room, evidently paralyzed by this conundrum, then suddenly blinked and snapped out of it. "Jobu I want to see your room!" she said quickly, as if in a rush to get off of the previous subject.