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Re: Superpowers/schools

Post by Slem » Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:02 am

"what? No. We don't burn people " Jobu replied nonchalantly. he didn't seem to be even slightly surprised about this outrageous suggestion that came out of this seemingly pure girl's mouth. " guys are already close enough to make inside jokes right??" Sarah said with a nervous smile "inside jokes?" Jobu echoed "what is that?". Sarah's nervous smile grew into a nervous laugh as she tried to convince herself that all of this is some sort of joke.

Suddenly the bell rang indicating the end of breakfast and the beginning of a long hard day. Sarah interrupted her laugh and started stuffing her mouth with as much food as possible, Nadia didn't even seem to hear the bell as she was staring intently at her bread and butter; she was examining it from different angles and making sure the butter is even in all sides of the bread before putting it in her mouth, and Jobu observed the inevitable ruckus that occurs after every bell he have ever heard.

After the cafeteria was almost empty of students, Jobu realised that nobody from his newly formed team is moving. He's the leader so he must, although he doesn't want to, say something; something to encourage his teammates and make them spiritually fueled for a productive and bright day.

"Let's go..." that is all he had to say. Jobu could not make an unplanned for speech even if his life depended on it. Nevertheless, this seemed to have worked somehow as Sarah responded with a nod and stood up from her chair stuffing what's left from her food in her pocket and Nadia reached to her bag and pulled a lunch box in which she put the piece of buttered bread.

Everyone finally left the cafeteria, what comes after that is all new to Jobu. Now that he thinks about it, the last time he left the grounds of this establishment was when he was tasked to run by the general months ago, ever since then it's been nothing but the same routine all day everyday. Sure, it gets boring. But it can't be helped. He had orders and they were to obey. After all even if he chose to not follow the orders and slack off somewhere what will he do? He has no friends to hang out with nor activities he wants to do. He only likes reading, and he gets a lot of it in his room. After all, reading doubles as a training for his brain cells as well, the source of his abilities, so what's the point of slacking off really?

"ALRIGHT YOU MAGGOTS!" the general screamed as he stood in front of the ridiculously long line of students who were standing in a posture of attention in the middle of the campus grounds, ready to receive commands. Naturally, Jobu and his new-found team were among them.The general walked through along the line examining every student until he reached Jobu's team. He nodded in approval and said "which sad pathetic soul is the responsible of this bunch?" "it is I, sir" responded Jobu calmly. The general was flabbergasted, after all Jobu was the last one he was expecting that answer from. But he kept his cool and said "so you're trying to be tough for the girls huh? Don't let it get to your head. The fact that you're a man doesn't give you any advantage. You're all going to piss yourselves today"
"sir yes sir" replied Jobu who knows the ways of the general. Pleased with the answer, the general responded "good" before leaving. After examining and rough-talking the rest of the students, he stood in the middle and said with a loud voice.

"ALRIGHT LISTEN UP! TODAY YOU'LL BE TASKED TO BRING THREE EGGS OF AN EAGLE!" upon hearing that, a wave of murmur filled the place "I HAVEN'T FINISH MY TALK SO LISTEN UP!" the general screamed, irritated at this lack of respect. Everyone immediately became quiet, in fear of a punishment. "YOU WILL ALSO BE BRINGING THE MEAT OF TWO MOUNTAIN GOATS! THAT IS ALL FOR TODAY! YOU HAVE UNTIL SUNSET! THOSE WHO FAIL WILL SPEND THE NIGHT OUTSIDE! NOW GO!" he end his speech and leave the area.

Immediately after that everyone breaks into a loud and murmur again, this time even louder and more violent than before. Without hearing what they're talking about, Jobu knew what's putting them on edge : the eagles make their nests in very high places, not to mention, they're very violent creatures especially when defending their eggs. As for the mountain goats' meat, the mountains are filled with angry grizzlies the claws of which are thirsty for blood, and will not hesitate to clench that thirst by the first human they lay their deep dark eyes upon.

"Th- that's crazy" someone screamed "How do we jump from getting berries and catching frogs to this?" "I know right?" said another "It's like someone messed with the settings and changed it to extremely difficult".

Jobu looked at his companions' reactions. Sarah was scoffing down what she had picked up in breakfast, and Nadia was looking down at a stream of ants. She then raised her haid under the gaze of Jobu and tilted it in wonder "how did these guys survive until now?" Jobu wondered as he put his hand on his face.

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Re: Superpowers/schools

Post by illirica » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:26 pm

"Oh. My. Goodness!" If anyone was completely uncowed by the General's looming behavior, it was Diara - but by now Jobu probably knew her well enough to know that she wouldn't be cowed by anything... if only because she'd completely miss the hint that she should be. "Jobu! We have a fetch quest! We're going to get some eagle eggs. Are they supposed to be fried or scrambled, or do you think hard-boiled is okay? I like hard-boiled eggs, but only the white part. The yellow part is icky. You're in charge of the mountain goat meat, though, because I'm not touching it, eww. Meat is gross. Did you know you're made of meat?"

She considered the rest of the people, some of whom were complaining about the tasks. "What's up with them?" Diara inquired, in one of those voices that was obviously meant to be a whisper, but was nonetheless fully audible to anyone nearby. "What're they so fussed about? I've burned down whole cities before. Well, maybe not whole ones. Half, two-thirds, three-quarters, four-... um. I'm not very good at fractions, but whatever comes next." It seemed that at Diara's original location, things had been done a little differently than they were here.

She yawned, stretched, and after that half-second interlude was back to her usual level of energy. "Come on, let's go! I bet if we hurry we can be back in time for lunch. Maybe there will be cupcakes!"
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