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Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:30 pm
by Slem
" room?" Jobu did not expect his strange little partner to be interested in his room, in fact, he was still pondering why she haven't voiced her displeasure from being his partner yet. The words she used to voice her honest, or rather brutally honest opinion of him echoed in his mind, but the fact that she showed no malicious intent made him think again before taking offence.

The mention of her sister also caught his interest. "A person who lived her entire life being kind but no one sees her as such, in fact, they see her as an evil being" he thought as they walked to the dormitory "Is it even worth it to be kind? Why don't she just give up and live a solitary and secluded life? or better yet, why don't she become evil? If no one in the world acknowledged your kindness, no one except a person who's opinion will likely be ignored by everyone else that is" he glanced quickly at the carefree girl next to him who, during their walk, kept skipping joyfully "why would you still bother to smile and help people? "

Realising how scary this thought was, Jobu chose to shake it off his head and settle on the thought that he wish he could meet this girl and see her point of view about it all.

Jobu, in an answer to Diara's request, nodded once and left the room. He walked to his room and opened the door and the usual scene unfolded. This time, it didn't unfold just for the glassy-eyed young man, but, for the first time, there was also a pair of excited and inquisitive eyes belonging to a young girl to take in the scenery : a blue bed that looks as plain as Diara's, a blue ceiling and turquoise curtains. His desk was almost unrecognisable with all the books on and around it, so much so that at first glance you may mistake it for a mountain of books with nothing underneath. Most of the books were about psychology, other ones were stories of adventure, romance and tragedy.
The floor had a grey, soft and fluffy carpet his parents sent to him that he usually sit on when he reads his books.

"My room" he said not knowing what else to say about it.

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Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:17 am
by illirica
His room wasn't completely boring, which was an improvement on Diara's room. If nothing else, there were at least some colors. A lot of books, too. They didn't really look like picture books, though, so Diara wasn't all that interested in them. She could read, but she wasn't as interested in it as in doing other things.

It didn't occur to her to wait for invitation, naturally, so she stepped into the room and gave it a looking around, then sat down in the middle of the carpet, running her fingers through the fuzz. "Oooh... soft. I like that." It was probably very flammable, too. Diara raised a hand to find out, then remembered about not setting things on fire and sighed. "It's not fair," she complained, "No one lets me set anything on fire any more. And I'm so good at it, too!"

She really was very good at it. She might have been the best setter-on-fire that she'd ever met. Maybe even the best in the whole world. She pulled one of Jobu's books out, and having selected one from near the bottom of a stack because the cover was orange, the rest of the pile toppled over rather ceremoniously, which she stared at for a moment as if this was a great surprise, then shrugged and opened the book.

It didn't really have pictures, but she opened it to the middle anyway and flopped down on her back, holding it above her head to read. As might have been anticipated, this lasted about ten seconds. "Hey, Jobu, what's your favorite book?"

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Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:29 pm
by Slem
Diara was, unlike Jobu, spontaneous. She does what she wants without much thought. It was a curious experience to him so he really didn't feel annoyed about it.

"My favourite book?" It was an expected question to have. Anyone who have that much number of anything will, eventually, be asked to choose the one they prefer out of it. It usually takes a while before the question is asked though.

Jobu moved to the desk rather graciously and nimbly opened the top drawer. Inside was his most beloved and rather sacred novel "this one" he said "It's called «The Poet » it's a tragic romance story the theme of which is sacrifice, it explores the mind of a soldier and poet who fell in love with a dazzling young woman, but was too ashamed to admit it because of his big nose. When a handsome but idiotic cadet fell for her, he asked for the poet's help in sharing his emotions. Feeling that a it's only fitting for a dazzling woman to go with a handsome man, the poet accepted and started writing love letters signed with the cadet's name, and the beautiful woman didn't even realize that it's the poet's words she was falling for. She married the caddet, and the poet continued to keep the other man's secret, even after the tragedy of death hit the cadet."

Jobu was so intensely focused on explaining his favorite story, he was speaking so enthusiastically and passionately about the story he read more than five times that he forgot whom he was speaking to and started discussing the philosophical and psychological themes that the story involves.
Suddenly as he was explaining what he believes maturity is he remembered that he was not speaking to the most mature person in the dorm.
"You said..." he said as he tried to reconnect with his partner "you said you like to burn things right? Well, as you can tell you can't burn my fluffy carpet, but you're welcome to come and sit on it anytime you want. But, you can from tomorrow onwards burn things in the training-grounds, when I'll tell you 'burn' and show you a target you can go ahead and burn it, that way we'll train your accuracy, speed and see how much range you got. How about it? "

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Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:26 pm
by illirica
Diara listened to his description, trying to keep up with the nuances, but after he'd finished she inquired, directly, "But there's a happy ending, right?" There was always a happy ending, otherwise it wasn't a story. At least he seemed happy about it, though. Maybe that was the happy ending?

Diara didn't get it, really. It seemed that Jobu was on to another subject, though, and she was hardly one to linger over an old conversation - quite the opposite. In general, getting her to stay on topic longer to finish it was more likely to be an issue than the other way around, and since his new topic involved one of her favorite topics, she didn't have a chance of staying undiverted.

"Oh, I can do all sorts of burning stuff," Diara said helpfully. "I'm so good at it! You'll see, Jobu. I promise I'm really good for something, even if other people don't think so. And I'll try to be really good about only burning the burny things, although sometimes I'm not really good at that. But I'll practice, I promise. Hey, what are you good at?"

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:32 pm
by Slem
Jobu stared at the enthusiastic girl as she speaks; he can't help but admire her naturalness. He was never one to warm up to others quickly and as such no one could've warmed up to him in turn. However, this girl was speaking to him as though he's her best friend, she was even sitting idly on his carpet. He keeps reminding himself that her brain is not normal, but when he thinks about it, this was the most normal and pleasant conversation he had ever since he joined this place. Diara never gave him a strange look based on his face nor tried to assume his personality, instead, she inquires from him to tell her about himself.

"Me?" He said in response to her question. He raised a clenched fist from which emerged two fingers "I have two abilities, or rather, two types of abilities. The first one is intelligence; it allows me to pretty much read someone like an open book, and sort of foretell their thoughts and next moves shall I choose to do so. It's not written in my summary, but it's most effective when I'm under stress."

He pulled down his middle finger and kept only his index as he moved to the next ability "next is pretty much most psychic abilities " he decided he'll try to avoid hard words like telepathy and telekinesis "so in other words I can raise things with my brain, communicate through minds and even change my location in space at will. Unfortunately doing these abilities will cause a throbbing headache that'll last for a while, so I keep them at a minimum "

Jobu looked at the clock that resides on the desk between the books, miraculously, it was never lost through this mess and even the giant fall from earlier didn't drop it to the ground. Should Jobu have gotten angry when that happened? Only now he thought about it but he figured it was too late to be even if he chose to. The clock showed that it's rather late in the evening

" wh-..." Jobu thought. Following that realisation his stomach roared rather splendidly. " man...time sure does fly..." he looked at the girl still rubbing her hand against the carpet. For a while, he felt the urge to do the same as the blissful expression on her face made the action look very appealing, but he shook his haid and said " you must be hungry, let's go eat at the cafeteria okay?" he opened the door and motioned to the girl to follow him.

" you're finally here Jobu my son " exclaimed the cafeteria lady with a look full of guilt " hey..." Jobu said confusingly " I admit I've overstepped my boundaries, I know you don't like being told what to do but I just couldn't let you spend the entire day just on tea're all like my sons and daughters so I want the best for you. But then when you didn't show up for lunch..." Jobu interrupted her. She was speaking awfully fast and he couldn't take that anymore " what are you talking about? The sandwich from this morning? I actually liked it, and I'll start having it everyday from now on if you don't mind." he pointed at Diara " this is Anisele Diara, she's my new teammate. Although her nickname is Firestorm she prefers being called Toasty Ghost. As her nickname implies she have pyrokinetic powers. I've been giving her a tour so I forgot all about lunch"

The cafeteria lady's eyes dropped the look of guilt after understanding the situation, and were now practically shining as she stared at Diara " what an adorable thing!" she said as she left the counter and came to her. She then started speaking to her in that manner women use to address adorable creatures so Jobu moved a bit to give them space.

" I'll have the usual: chicken breasts and rice " he said as he left them to their own devices. After a while Diara joined him, and together they had a rather extravagant late lunch. As they were eating, Jobu retorted at the situation to Diara " wow...she really liked you didn't she? "

The rest of the day was uneventful; Jobu showed Diara the toilets, helped her unpack and showed her the ropes of getting ready for bed time.

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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:02 am
by illirica
"Ooh, telekinesis!" Diara said excitedly, "That's so cool!" She might not have been as intelligent as Jobu, but she was better at remembering things that were important to her, and she'd wanted to be a superhero for as long as she could remember. She knew her superhero stuff pretty well. "Wait, you can foretell thoughts? What am I going to be thinking about? Is it cupcakes? I hope it's cupcakes. Oh, oh my gosh, it is! Wow, you're really good!"

Apparently the fact that she had managed that entire train of thought completely on her own without any input from him didn't dissuade her from thinking that he'd predicted it. Of course, it was entirely possible that he had, but then again, Diara's thoughts seemed like they weren't particularly hard to predict. Generally, there seemed to be two options: cupcakes, and setting things on fire.

Going to get something to eat sounded like a good idea though, so she nodded emphatically when Jobu suggested it, popping herself up off of the carpet. It had been a while since she'd eaten last, and she was definitely hungry - and maybe there would be cupcakes. The cafeteria lady seemed very friendly about Jobu, which was nice. Apparently not everyone thought he was evil. Diara decided she liked this person, and added a cheerfully emphatic "Hiiii!" when Jobu introduced her.

The lady came out to talk and apparently thought Diara was cute - and didn't say a word about her being stupid - so Diara gave her a friendly hug and a giggle. "I'm Diara," she said, even though Jobu had just said that, "I like cupcakes. Can you make cupcakes? I can make them myself. My sister taught me how. She also said cupcakes weren't for dinner, though. Or lunch. Or breakfast." Diara sighed, melancholically. "I guess... I will have... rice. With peanut butter on it." Usually this horrified people, but Diara liked it. "And carrots." There, that was healthy. Kind of.

Diara's diet was generally more suited to a child of four than a girl of seventeen, but she didn't like weird foods that had too much flavor. Or anything new. Or different. Or things with sauce. "And apple juice! There, now my dinner's completely balanced. Hey, Jobu, I'm good at balancing, too, watch!" She stood on one foot for a while, apparently considering this impressive, then took her tray and trotted off to follow her partner to a table.

"Of course she liked me," Diara informed him, "I'm very likable. I think so, anyway. How about you? She likes you lots, too, and you aren't nearly as likable as me. It's okay, though, I like you anyway, but still. I'm way cuter."

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:26 am
by Slem
A new dawn has arrived. It's around 5am and Jobu is already awake. A book on a hand and a pen on the other. He never intended to use the pen on the book, it was merely a tool to spin around in order to keep his brain distracted enough to not fall asleep. Usually he'd sleep until around 8am but today was different: It's a field day; that is to say he'll have to get out and do field work with his new-found partner.

He've always been excused from field work since he had no partner. Usually, he'd spend that morning studding his books in the garden where he basks in a silence he can only get once a week. In the evening, when his colleagues come back from the field, he'd see a gleam in their eyes and redness in their cheeks. A rush of excitement fills the entire building and heroic stories are told everywhere he goes. Sometimes, a student or two are seen on top of others' shoulders as a reward for their excellent performance and splendid use of their gifts. It'd be a lie to say that envy have never crept it's way to Jobu's heart, nevertheless, burying his head in books for hours was always a good remedy.

But this habit will be no more, as he have now acquired a partner; and he'll have to get out there and show off what he's made of.

Jobu realised that he've been reading the same line for over five times, yet he can't comprehend what it says. It seems that the pen trick can only take him so far. He sighed and popped himself off the carpet, and after a long stretch he looked at the clock.
" seven am huh?" he mumbled to himself. He knew he won't be able to catch up on his studies with this new system, so there was no option but to read it this early. " today will be quite full...I'm going to go to this so-called field and do these so-called exciting activities" he said as he tried to resist a yawn "and in the evening I'll have to take care of..." his monologue was interrupted by said yawn so he decided to abandon it all together and head to the door.

"Will I be congratulated for a job well done too?" he wondered as he put his hand on the handle. His abilities, although unique, are not offensive; so being in that spot will be very unlikely. He sighed at the short-lived dream and turned down the stainless steel lever-like handle opening the door in the process.

" for now I'll wake her up so we can get breakfast... training starts at..." he scratched his chin as he left his room " eleven-ish...probably...I hope she's not as terrible with mornings as I am though".

He reached to Diara's door, and with gentle knocks on the door, he began his attempt to wake her up " Diara....wake up..." he said with a voice that sits between sloppy and serious "today is field day so we need to be early".

The thought of her asking him more information about the field day did cross his mind " hopefully she doesn't ask...I have no idea myself" he thought before resuming his gentle knocks.

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Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:33 pm
by illirica
The door opened suddenly, presenting Jobu with an image of a very much wide awake Diara, already in another one of her colorful dresses and leggings sets, and... fuzzy slippers, for some reason. "Jobu!" Her voice was full of sudden urgency. "I caught a bug! I think it's dead but I'm hoping that it gets better soon. How come you look so sleepy? It's seven already. I had first breakfast! There was no one there but me and the cafeteria lady! She said it's field day. Is it time for second breakfast? Are you excited about field day? You don't look excited. I'm excited. I haven't been on Field Day since I set the last one on fire. Oh, and good morning!"

Apparently one of the things that Jobu was to learn about his new partner was that she was one of that rare and often-threatened class of people: the true morning person. It seemed her enthusiasm had not at all diminished given the hour - in fact, if anything, she might have been more eager than the previous day.

She let go of the door and darted inside, returning with a plastic cup that did, indeed, contain a dead bug. By its appearance, it had in fact been dead for quite some time, possibly weeks. Diara poked it with a finger, but it didn't move. "Maybe it's sleeping?" She shook the cup gently, but this had no effect. "Hm. This bug is boring. I want a different one."

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Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 12:43 am
by Slem
Jobu stared at Diara as she spoke glibly then started messing with a dead bug. The sight annoyed him; not because he hated bugs, although he was disgusted by them a little, but he was bitter for not noticing it when cleaning. He was always the type who would go all out when doing a task or give up all together. So knowing that he wasn't the perfect room keeper he thought he was dampened his spirits.

" yeah..." Although not entirely sure what she said, agreeing with people was always his go to strategy to end a conversation " let's go and have breakfast ".

They both headed to the cafeteria, and as soon as they entered the cafeteria lady was standing behind the counter, beaming at them.

" oh my! That's a new never come up at this time of the morning" she said as soon as they stood in front of her " good morning..." said Jobu fighting his yawn " today is my first field...uh...whatever so you know..." "not a morning person I see" remarked the cafeteria lady with a warm smile. Jobu motioned with his hand that he doesn't want to speak any further. Although it was true that he was terrible with mornings, waking up before five in the morning also did a number on him.

" so what will it be?" asked the cafeteria lady " tea..." replied Jobu robotically "and uh... " he added "that sandwich you made for me yesterday ". To jobu's surprise, the cafeteria lady's face lit up so much so that she started radiating an aura of happiness that he was quick to notice" alright dear! " she said as she tried to hide her smile and started moving giddilly "did... " Jobu thought " did she call me dear?".

Jobu and Diara headed to the first empty table they found, he was in a trance like state as he tried with all his might to resist falling asleep on the very floor.

" GUESS WHO? " a squeaky and girly voice emerged behind him as a pair of pale hands covered his eyes. This sudden event jolted him back to reality. It was obvious that his partner was not the one behind this joke as she was indeed facing him, so there was only one other person.

" morning Angel " the hands rose and before him stood Angel, the only other student who speaks to him. She was trying to fake a blushing face " wow... " she said as her foot made circles in the ground " I didn't expect you to be that forward " " that's your nickname and you know it " deadpaned Jobu " come on...! " She pouted " a pretty girl goes out of her way to speak to you and you don't even show a you even know my name? " " no " he answered coldly " MY NAME IS SARAH! " she snapped " I AM SA-RAH " she said again in an attempt to use the occasion to introduce herself to Diara

"So..." Jobu scoffed " for what occasion did the pretty girl come from her pretty castle to speak with us mere peasants?" "well" said Sarah as she puffed her chest, seemingly letting the joke get to her head as she began radiating the aura of«that's how I should be treated». " It's your first field day today right? In field days we don't go two by two, instead we go four by four " " I think I know where this is going " thought Jobu " and as such " continued Sarah with her uncharacteristically proud tone " I have generously volunteered along with my partner to be in your group, or rather,  I allowed you to be in mine... " her proud tone suddenly broke and her face became confused" Is it my group or his group? Our group?"

" So... " said Jobu interrupting her dilemma " we will all be following your orders? " " dear God no! " gasped Sarah " you're the one who have that intelligence thing so you'll be our...uh...leader? Or representative? Anyway I'm bad with thinking ahead so I'll ruin everything " Jobu didn't like the idea of being the center of attention, last thing he needed was to be gawked at by three pair of eyes as he think of solutions, and Diara here can hardly take care of herself let alone a group of four " wait...four " he thought " Sarah " he said in an unintentionally serious tone that visibly startled the poor girl who let out a squeak " How about your partner? " " anything but that " a cool voiced almost like a murmur came behind him. Jobu looked behind as he tried his best to stop his body from showing any noticeable signs of goosebumps that were indeed arising in his body
" oh...! Icicle!" He said in a similarly cold, albeit more alert voice.

She was a girl who's attitude was as cold as the ice she controls. Usually silent and reserved, she is often seen sitting idly somewhere alone, drinking a box of apple juice through a pie.

"Hey" she said with a drowsy voice as she gave something that looked like a smile. she then brushed her midnight black bangs from her forehead with her pale, slim fingers. Seemingly unaware that she's still being stared at, she started scratching her nape . Her deep black eyes were unfocused as she passed her hand on her neck short hair before tuning back.

" Nadia sure is like a cat " retorted Sarah with a chuckle, Jobu nodded in confirmation.

" what?...why are you staring at me? " asked Nadia in genuine confusion " what? were we speaking about something important? "Sarah approached Jobu and whispered " and there you have it...that is why we need you..." she paused "I mean...suggest that you become the leader".

Jobu sighed " guess it can't be helped...alright I'll be who gives decisions...whatever you want to call me... " he looked at Diara " this is Diara her nickname is Firestorm she prefers being called Toasty Ghost...She's uh...a fire controller... " he then proceeded to introduce Sarah and Nadia in the same sloppy manner. " we'll be working alongside each other today so...I hope we get along" he sealed the introduction with these words.

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Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:50 pm
by illirica
"Hi Mrs. Cafeteria Lady, ma'am!" Diara's greeting was much more enthusiastic - and awake - than Jobu's had been. "Can I have a cupcake for second breakfast?"

Sadly, despite the enthusiasm of her greeting, Diara didn't acquire a cupcake, because apparently they weren't healthy and she should be eating healthy food because she had a big day. Diara thought that having a big day was a reason to eat about six cupcakes, but it was not to be. She settled for toast with jelly, which was what she'd had for first breakfast, and a bowl of strawberries - apparently her charm was worth strawberries, even if it wasn't quite worth cupcakes.

She sat down with Jobu at the table he'd picked out, when a voice suddenly yelled out "GUESS WHO?" "Miraculous Ladybug!" she answered excitedly, but apparently she wasn't right about that either, and the TV-heroine failed to materialize. "Aww, darn it."

It was other people, people that she didn't know. Jobu made introductions, and she greeted them all with a cheerfully inquisitve "Hi?" as if not entirely sure what to make of them. At least they seemed like they were going to be nice, not like the people yesterday. "Jobu can I set them on fire?" It would be nice to show them what she could do, right? That was how people made friends.