Star Wars: Resurgence

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Star Wars: Resurgence

Post by Quirbles » Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:05 am



"Get your equipment and sabers ready-- we're approaching the landing zone shortly. A Republic liaison will greet us at the outset."

Mustafar was what Segin had expected, if he was being perfectly honest with himself-- a fiery hellscape devoid of life that looked exactly like the type of place a Scarlet Fleet remnant would hide out at. It hurt to look at just about as much as it hurt to land at-- which, judging by the very intense juddering of the ship's cockpit, was an amount that was quickly becoming substantial, if not unbearable. Good, then. All the more reason to get off the burning rock as quickly as possible.

All this planet seemed to do was remind him of Dathomir, at this point. Take away a bit of the lava, throw some crotchety old hags flying around with magicks, turn the already-close sun a deep scarlet, and the shikkhole expanse of his homeworld would be a skip and a jump away. Force, why was it always the hellscapes that the Sith had to set up shop on? Never a nice water and beach planet like Scarif, never a tropical jungle planet of something tame like Naboo or Endor-- always the places where a wrong step would place you into a caldera or a pit of molten ash.

"Stunning choice of scenery by the Sith, as per usual." Segin muttered aloud, his voice picked up by the communicator bound to the interior padding of his right bracer. His ankles were fashioned with similar decorative pieces of light armor-- phrik-tempered, as to provide a semblance of protection-- and his once-flowing robe had been cast aside to reveal the shorter overtunic and undertunic, a dull slate gray to match the unforgiving landscape of the rapidly-approaching planet before him. A twist of the stick and a reeling pull of the landing gear-- which felt like pulling on the leash of a bantha, in all honesty-- set the transport craft upon the sullen earth with a jostling thud, followed by the stiff silence of another successful and happy landing. Segin breathed and pinched the bridge of his nose, standing up from his seat and making his way towards the common area of the small little vessel.

They hadn't broken up in the atmosphere, at least. Well, they hadn't. Master Adina, being as adamant as she had been in traveling alone, was another matter entirely-- and while the idea of a Chiss using the force to protect herself in free-fall was slightly amusing, part of him couldn't help but hope she'd made it through alright.

Ah, he was getting sentimental now, wasn't he?

"I request that everyone group near the on-ramp of the ship, please. Adina, if you're hearing this, an I made it-- or a trademark dissatisfied grunt-- would suffice as evidence that you aren't plummeting through a firestorm, right now."

They'd made it to the surface in one piece-- whether or not they'd leave it in such a state remained to be seen. Only one way to find out, wasn't there?

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Quite literally.

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Re: Star Wars: Resurgence

Post by illirica » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:14 am

Mustafar wasn't at all what Megryn had expected. She'd have thought the Sith remnants would have been somewhere more interesting, but no, the whole place was just hot mess. Apparently being Sith wasn't paying well these days. Megryn wasn't entirely sure why she was here, because really she thought that it shouldn't take this many Jedi to take out a few bygone losers, but she was becoming more and more afraid that this might be a learning experience.

Megryn hated those. She'd been having an awful lot of them lately. Since being assigned to the Jedi Master Solren, she'd lost count of how many times she'd heard the words "Because it will be educational." He seemed determined to try to teach her something, and equally determined to convince her to forget everything useful she'd ever learned, because apparently most of her activities were "unbecoming of a Jedi," which seemed to be another of his favorite phrases.

The spacecraft was wobbling around like the fat rolls on a Hutt at a comedy club, threatening to explode in midair and kill them all, thereby sparing her a learning experience - but through some burst of luck, they hit the landing pad and managed to all be still alive. Megryn was not yet prepared to label it as 'good' or 'bad' luck - that would depend on how much Character Building she had to endure before they were done with this.

According to the pilot - another Jedi, who from the skipchatter seemed to be slightly less stuffy than Solren - it was about time to be going. Megryn waited until her Master's back was turned, then surreptitously applied a purple star sticker to the hilt of her lightsaber. Thus far, the longest she'd managed to keep one on without his insisting she remove it was fourteen hours, but she wasn't going to stop trying. A Jedi was patient, after all.

Megryn had never had a problem with patience. There was another Padawan with them, a girl not too much older than Megryn herself, who'd... probably seen her put the sticker on. Megryn gave her a conspiratorial wink, hoping that she wasn't yet quite as old and boring as the rest of them, and got up to head towards the hatch.

"Am I supposed to do anything special when we get down there, or just build character?" Not that she needed it - Megryn had plenty of character. It just all seemed to be the wrong sort, somehow.

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Re: Star Wars: Resurgence

Post by Foon » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:14 am

The Jedi master’s eyes remained closed as the ship drew closer to Mustafar. His mind was elsewhere, knowing that once more, he’d have to shed blood in the name of the light. While Solren surely didn’t enjoy killing, it was a chore like any other when dealing with those who had chosen the path of the dark. This state of meditation that the Jedi engulfed himself in was a way to allow the force to run through his veins… a way to dissolve any thoughts that could become a distraction. This was the Jedi way.

Hunting the Scarlet Fleet’s remnants was nothing new to Solren but bringing along his new padawan would surely make for an interesting evening. It was quite obvious to Solren that his new pupil was far from ready for this assignment. In-fact, he wasn’t convinced that she had bought in to the idea of the Jedi and their role in the galaxy. When Solren looks at Megryn, he sees someone with one foot out the door. This mission would truly be telling in whether the young padawan is truly ready to take a leap forward.

"Get your equipment and sabers ready-- we're approaching the landing zone shortly. A Republic liaison will greet us at the outset."

Solren’s eyes would slowly open at the sound of Segin’s voice. Those nerves that lingered before he boarded were long gone. The force would guide and lead him to its desired outcome. Solren knew this well.

The Twi’lek’s seat restraint would pop open as the transport finally landed. He’d turn to his padawan, nodding once, before rising. The Jedi Master’s heavy coat would slide off of his arms and land on an empty seat, leaving Solren in his traditional Jedi robes. A new trend of Jedi equipping themselves with armor had arisen but this was nonsense in his eyes. Surely, it was another fad that would die out.

Solren walked forward, watching as everyone gathered in the commons area.

"Am I supposed to do anything special when we get down there, or just build character?"

Solren could not help but exhale a hefty sigh after hearing these words come out of his padawan’s mouth. Where could he even begin?

”Were you not at briefing, padawan?” Solren would remark with a hint of slight frustration in his voice. ”Just… stay beside me at all times unless you’re told otherwise. Trust in the force, trust in your training, and all should go well.”

He hoped.

”AND most importantly, no heroics,” Solren would immediately add after the fact.

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Re: Star Wars: Resurgence

Post by BanefulMelody » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:39 am

Adina expected nothing.

They were touching down on a Sith remnant world, a place where the last vestiges of the scum had chosen to cower. But were they the last? Time and time again, it seemed, they found 'the last' of the shattered forces, yet time and time again, they were disproven. Insects had a way of worming deep inside the cracks, and the deeper one dug, the more of the hive they unearthed. To find one tunnel, burn the residence, and consider the infestation dealt with was foolish. Always be vigilant - always be ready.

Never think the job is done.

Of course, she was here on a different job, as well. Reports of a Sith holocron. Some temple submerged on the lava planet's surface, a beacon of filth for the scavengers of the universe to cower around. They didn't deserve such a thing. They held not the power of their masters, nor their wisdom - two things Adina begrudgingly had grown to respect, in the Sith Lords, if only to keep herself alive - but were instead measly hordes of sycophants now without a master. And so, to the beacon they gathered, some haven of familiarity in the sea of eradicating flame the Jedi brought on upon their heads.

"A fine time for such lessons, Solren," Adina chastised, overhearing the elder Master reprimanding - no, merely redirecting - his Padawan. "I would claim the girl unready, but given her temperament, being faced with conflict first hand may do her some good."

The Chiss shifted slightly in her seat, crimson eyes settling on Megryn, as a slow smile crept across her lips.

"If you approach this without respect, you will die. Maintain this attitude and you will be worth more charging headfirst naked into a pool of lava - at least then we will not be burdened with your corpse."

She turned to her own Padawan, now. Not as mindless as the Megryn girl, but certainly problematic in her own right. Hopefully she understood the full gravity of the situation. To be burdened with another life - well, that would not do. She cared for the girl. All the lessons, all the training, all the strict demeanor, it was merely a constant test of her readiness.

"Do you understand the gravity of this, Shyakait? This is real combat. A mistake could end your life." Her fingers curled over the hilt of her saber, nestled in the sash of her robes. "I did not train you to make mistakes."

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Re: Star Wars: Resurgence

Post by Mach2 » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:52 am

Shyakait had endured the descent in silence. Two years had passed since she'd left Taris, and in that time, she had found herself airborne frequently enough that turbulence no longer caused her to visibly panic. But most of her life had been spent with both feet bound firmly to the ground. It would be a good many years before she became truly comfortable aboard a ship. And the entry into Mustafar's atmosphere didn't exactly put her at ease. Every lurch and shudder of the vessel caused her jaw to clench ever tighter - until she was certain she could hear each tooth creak and groan from the pressure.

But they made it. With a final jerk, the ship's landing gear made contact with some aspect of the planet's surface. They had arrived, and in one piece. Kait exhaled slowly; a breath she hadn't quite been aware that she'd been holding. The flight was over. It was time to focus. Without the pressing and immediate threat of their ship tearing itself apart in the planet's atmosphere, it was significantly easier to will herself into the correct mindset. Senses sharp. Reflexes ready. Able to respond immediately and instinctively and carefully to a threat. Able to read a room, to pick up on even the most minute of details - such as the sticker that had just been placed on the hilt of Master Solren's lightsaber.

Kait spotted the quick flash of purple, and judging by the mischievous grin she was awarded, she knew that the other Padawan - Megryn - had seen her take note. She wasn't about to blow the whistle on such a harmless act. In any other circumstance, it would have been hilarious. Even now, it did wonders to lighten the tensity of the situation. But it was not the time, nor the place; a point that was quickly driven home by her own Master. Everything until now had been practice. What they were about to face, whatever they were about to go up against, was real. The margin for error was zero. "I did not train you to make mistakes."

She nodded, forgetting about the purple sticker immediately in the face of the grander scope of their task. Kait reached down, undoing the harness that had kept her from being thrown around the fuselage during their descent. "I know," she answered, rising from her seat. Adina wouldn't have permitted Kait to occupy a seat on this vessel if she didn't believe she was ready. And Kait had absolutely no intentions of proving her Master wrong on that point. She checked her attire once more - boots laced, saber tightly secured to the belt of her robes, hair pulled back in the best attempt she could make at keeping it out of her face - and nodded. "I'm ready."

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