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Re: Solitude

Post by Annasiel » Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:59 am

Sable's fingers were somehow more steady now than they'd been a mere minute before. They had no difficulty in undoing the helmet's clasp, seal cracking with a serpentine hiss as she worked the dome off of her suit. An eerie sense of calm filled her, one part relief, one part fear pushed beyond the point of anxiety.

"You freaking מטומטמת," she whispered, her voice barely breaking audible. It came out in a strained rasp, and it was then she realized she wasn't truly calm, not the at-ease sort. Her entire body was wound so tight that it stopped her from shaking. Inside the suit, her fingers were clenched so hard her fingernails bent against the gloves' padding. The doctor took a step towards Blair, then stopped, silent for a moment.

Then she spoke again.

"You could have died." Strained, but more matter of fact. Her face remained blank. Impassive. Staring. Then she frowned, and her brow crinkled in what could have been anger or frustration. "You are an incompetent fool. This was a simple task, and you failed it, almost killing yourself in the process. Then where would I have been? Stuck alone on this spaceship without even your worthless aid?"

The woman spat to the side and clapped her hands together. It might have been a loud gesture, if not for the heavy gloves muting the impact.

"Be more careful next time, jackal, or I might not be so quick to save you."

She needed a fix. God be, she said she would limit herself, but she needed a fix now. Her body was wound so tight it creaked when she moved, and if at any point she let the tension go, she feared the shaking would return. The starting vestiges of a headache were putting their hooks into her skull, as well. Not wanting to waste another second of her time on the reprehensible woman, Sable began to undo the rest of the suit, hanging the parts with deliberate force on the nearby hook.

She almost died. You don't hate her that much, do you?

Do you hate her more than you hate yourself?
Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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Re: Solitude

Post by Quirbles » Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:17 pm

She'd lived.

Blair tore off her helmet and let it clatter to the ground in silence, ripping off her suit in a display of panic-driven haste before throwing that, too, onto the cold metal floor of the ship. Her face stung-- no, that was too soft a word. It burned, a throbbing wave of pain cascading across the singed crack in her visage; every pulsating heartbeat brought malice, the sensation pulling her further and further away from the station. Sable spoke, her words blurring as the agony crescendoed. It felt like she was on fire. She almost died.

She almost died.

"You are an incompetent fool. This was a simple task, and you failed it, almost killing yourself in the process. Then where would I have been? Stuck alone on this spaceship without even your worthless aid?"

The pain numbed. Blair let out a shaky breath, her eyes defocusing and staring into the grey wall of the EVA suit chamber as the words washed over her. She almost died, and she was being blamed for it. For something she didn't do. Incompetent, for the reel breaking due to an outside influence. Saving her own life through sheer strength, and she was being berated by this, this—

"Be more careful next time, jackal, or I might not be so quick to save you."

Thoughts turned off, the handle being pulled as she stopped breathing. A ringing grew in Blair's mind.

A moment passed, and she let out an scream of agony.

The astronaut's hands grabbed at the collar of the EVA's helmet and hurled it at the doctor, the already cracked visor shattering upon impact with whatever surface it fell upon. Next, her hands snapped directly to the neck of her colleague, finger arms seeking to wrap around tender flesh and push it back into the wall. Her scream broke, choking into a soft wail as tears blinded her vision, a thread snapping in her mind as a single hand withdrew from the neck and curled into a fist, pounding down upon the woman who'd tried to kill her.


Her wails devolved into incomprehensible mutterings as her strikes decreased in intensity, her already-exhausted limbs falling to the side as she tried to give one last shove towards the doctor. A thin crack across her skin blistered down the center of her face, the pigment as reddened as her eyes. It had begun to bleed.


One last slap, to be delivered hard across the face if she could get it in. Conscious effort was taken to stop herself from devolving into another attempted beating.

Blair stopped speaking, now, stumbling backward as the cries devolved into whispers.

"You snake-like... vile woman, you almost k— kill me and have the balls to, to—"

Her breath caught in her throat.

You'll only try to kill her if you stay around any longer.

"I should rip your fucking tongue out. You liar. I didn't reel myself in, you did, you caused this."

Blair turned on her heels, storming off into the hallways as she softly cried to herself, wiping the tears from her eyes and yelling obscenities as she disappeared from view of the airlock.

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