[Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

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[Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by Authorlord » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:02 pm

The churning of the school bus audited barely over the buzzing sound of teenage gossip and hormones. The entirety of Jasmine’s history class was almost to the museum their little “field trip” was taking them to. If one could put it into science, ninety-five percent of the students wouldn’t even be paying attention and would be undressing each other with their minds, three percent would be paying attention, and then left her--the final two percent. Such knowledge was mundane, to vague, to clarify what would be on a test, thus producing the event of no test at all. Honestly the whole event was a colossal waste of time in her opinion, but hey, it could be even more pointless… somehow.

The sudden plop of extra weight in the spot next to her shook her out of the day dream she was in. It was the ginger girl with short hair, Paige. Her bright emerald eyes gazed deep into Jasmine, followed a wide grin across her face, wrinkling her freckled nose. “Helloooooooo,” she chimned.

“What do you want, Paige?” Jasmine challenged. Although Paige was never guilty of this crime, usually Jasmine was only approached by those in need of a “favor.”

“What!? Can’t a girl sit next to her friend?”

“We’re not friends, Paige. What do you want?”

Paige sighed, still smiling, but spilled it to Jasmine as she suspected. “Fine, you caught me. Jake and Kyla are getting a bit… lovey-dovey--to say the least--and I didn’t want to third wheel next to them, so I figured, you being the only other spot on the bus with room for one more, I’d take my chances as a second wheel to your whole unicycle game.”

Jasmine squinted at Paige and raised the side of her lip in a baffled gesture. “No one ever says second wheeling. You’re odd, but fine. Just don’t bug me and you can stay here. We’re not friends you know,” she declared, returning her gaze to outside the bus. In the reflection of the window, she could see Paige shrug off the statement.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black. You don’t exactly fit in too, you know?” Paige countered. “Beside,” Paige lengthened the word, “I don’t see why we can’t be friends. You have to be lonely some days, right? You eat alone, do projects alone, sit away from everyone as much as possible in class. It’s like you’re allergic to people.”

Her heart skipped a beat. Jasmine whirled her head to Paige and sneered. “I don’t need anyone. I’m not allergic to people, I’m not anthrophobic, and I’m not lonely!” she huffed.

Paige raised her hands in defense as she scooted back a little. “I never said anything about being afraid of ants but whatever!”

“What? No. That’s not what anthrophobia means. Dammit…” Jasmine retreated back to her window, hoping now that the girl would just leave her alone. Seriously… how could someone be so dense to not see the hint before them? She wasn’t wanted, and yet Paige still sat next to Jasmine as if they were close friends.

“Soooo… how about that weather? Perfect for a ‘soulless’ girl like me right? Cloudy, and not going to burn me easily, right?”

Was this small talk or desperation to keep Jasmine annoyed with her? Perhaps both? Whatever the case, it was working. Jasmine could almost feel the vein bulge from her forehead. “Listen, Paige, it is quite impossible for one to not possess a soul. You are just as much human as I am and the next person. Furthermore, I’d say ‘Did you know?’ but clearly you didn’t, that it is easier to burn with a cloudy day rather than clear sky. The little amount of rays that break through the clouds reflect back off them a second time, creating a higher form of solar radiation that burns you without leaving a tan.”

“So you do think I have a soul?” Paige inquired.

“Did nothing I say get to you? Was all that information just a waste?”

“You think I have a soul! Yay! I like you. We’re friends now!”

“What are you, five? I don’t want you as a friend. I don’t need friends. Why won’t you just leave me alone?” Jasmine interrogated.

Paige stopped smiling and just looked at Jasmine for a long, silent moment. “I don’t know why or what or how you became so bitter, but you won’t make more friends that way.” Her smile returned. “But don’t worry, I’ll help you. Congratulations Miss Jasmine Donnavitch, you have your first friend!”

She couldn’t believe it. It was like trying to keep a wave from getting her wet. “Fine,” Jasmine huffed, “if it means we can be silent for the rest of the trip. I don’t particularly talk much in vehicles.”

Paige let out a triumphant giggle as she hugged her new friend, making Jasmine shrivel in place but accept her defeat. “That’s fine. I mean, you don’t usually talk all that mu-” she trailed off as she looked past Jasmine out the window to the point she was practically on top of the poor new friend she made. “Flares?”

Flares?” Jasmine echoed. She pushed Paige off her and looked to where the ginger had been gazing at. Sure enough, three red flares could be seen mid arc in the sky. The landscape was flat with low rise buildings, allowing them to be seen as clear as a star in the night… if stars were red and meant to signal others. “Why are there flares in the-”

Jasmine found herself being cut off but the oohs of other students on the opposite side of the bus. Were they over on the other side, too? She turned her head to look passed Paige just in time to hear screams and the image of a large semi truck cab barreling at the worst time at them.

Jasmine opened her mouth, unsure of what she would say to everyone, but it was too late.


The first thing Jasmine noticed when she woke up was the thousands of shards of glass she was lying on. Tiny fragments burrowed deep with cuts and puncture holes. The second thing Jasmine noticed was the excruciating pain to the back of her head. Before she could even open her eyes completely to assess the situation, they were clamped shut followed by a growl through the teeth as the pain finally sunk in. It was unbearable and an eleven on the pain scale. It was only when she tried to get to her knees that she felt a hand next to hers.

“Hello? Who’s-” she winced. Her head wasn’t the only thing causing an enormous amount of pain. She could feel it; pain deep within her chest, left arm had to be fractured at the least, and bruisings of all degrees throughout her body. She forced through the pain and commanded the will of her voice again. “Who’s there?” No answer….

Several seconds of silence and an eternity of pain later, Jasmine forced herself to peek her eyes open. What lay before her was devastating.

Dozens of bloody and broken bodies riddled the interior of the bus. Not a single one of them moved, groaned or showed any sign of life. Had she been the only one to survive? No? She couldn’t tell off the back, and she didn’t have the time to count heads for a meaningless role-call. Should she at least call out? Help! If anyone was alive she or they would need help!

“Is anyone else alive? Hello? I need hel-” What was she saying? She didn’t need their help! Not like anyone liked her enough to help her anyway. Had anyone been alive, they would have left to fend for themselves right off the back.

Still no answer…

Jasmine took time to assess the surroundings and the situation. By the looks of it, the large cab of the semi hit near the dead center of the side of the bus, and with the momentum it carried, the bus had rolled several times, leaving it to come to a rest on its side. She looked to the corpses lying about, most with obviously broken necks, and a lot with blood escaping their limp bodies from various locations. They either suffered in their final moments or died instantaneously. Served them right. The weak die, the strong prevail, and fate had dictated that she was to be the strongest in the bus--naturally.

Jasmine coughed and felt the blood erupt from her throat. Internal bleeding no doubt. The dry, iron tasting plasma made her gag, leaving her throat to feel rashy. Fate had spared only her for a reason, and she’d be damned to die here. Not now, not here, not ever.

Jasmine attempted to get to her knees. She needed to get to her father somehow.… If she truly was to get out of this before she managed to croak, she would need to find him. Few medical facilities had as updated medical care as the central tower where he worked. There was her life’s cure of death.

“Aaaah,” she cried out, falling back to the ground. Jasmine knew she was mentally strong, but even she could acknowledge a miracle took place here for her. If she blacked out from the pain now, she would truly be done for. It was time to grit her teeth and suck it up--wouldn’t be the first crash she’d survived.

“Get your ass up. We need to get to Daddy. Move!” she whimpered to herself. Through burning tears and pain worse than any cramps she’d had before, Jasmine managed to her feet slowly but surely.

Atta girl. We need to get out of here. The nearest authority station is your best bet. That should be a ways away, but you can’t give up now

She erupted in another coughing fit, vomiting on the spot. God she was a mess.

Jasmine wiped the sweat and tears from her eyes to her latest masterpiece on the ground… only to see the one person she now realized she didn’t want to die. It was odd. Such an annoying girl somehow made Jasmine feel sympathy for her in death. Paige’s emerald eyes held a blank stare while her face held an expression between wonder and horror. She must have died before she even knew what had happened.

“I’m sorry Paige, but this was what fate decided for you. I suppose you were the closest thing to a friend I’ve had. Rest in peace.” Jasmine used the seat as support as she bent to close Paige’s eyes. Only when she was done did she walk out the busted front window of the bus and to the direction of the closest police station she knew of.

The light outside of the bus was orange, vibrant. The sun was setting beyond the dome’s view. She had been out for that long? It must have been at least four, maybe five, hours. With that thought in mind, it occurred to her that there were no other people around, not even government authorities searching around. Just what had happened? Flares, then carnage? Where was everyone?

Everyone’s probably got the sense enough to evacuate the area at least or find authorities for help. No one could be that stupid, right?

Jasmine hung her tired head and began limping in the direction of the station. It would be a long, painful walk, but she couldn’t just sit and wait for help to come for her. Only a handful knew where she would be today, and she never even arrived at her destination, so she was on her own until she could find the right people to talk to.


A lifetime of agonizing torture later and the roaring of the crowd could be heard. Jasmine rounded the corner of a building on the corner of a street and say a mob of civilians almost rioting to get through the security blockade. Typical. She’d have to fit a crowd to get to the front. Once she managed to get there, she would be able to get the immediate attention she needed.

Easier said than done.

By the time she got over to the swarm of panicking people, she realized just how hard getting through the wall of flesh would be. She had nor the time, strength or patience to break through this mass. Jasmine decided to take her odds on the outskirts of the blockade. If the authorities were doing their job right, they would have guards on the sides preventing people from sneaking through, bypassing the security.

As expected, there were two officers standing to the far right, away from the crowd. They wore the typical Nato-1 armour her father made, equipped with synced weapons to their suits. Naturally, they immediately spotted her and tried to wave her off as Jasmine approached.

“Miss, you need to wait like everyone else and go through the security checkpoint. I see you are hurt, but I’m sure you know the law and regulations these days with Ecce Verum around,” the first one addressed.

Of course she knew, she had all the laws memorized. And the mention of Ecce Verum sparked the epiphany within her that those flares were likely theirs. Damn bastards!

Jasmine leveled her head the best she could in the midst of pain--if she was to get through this way, she would need to speak briefly and not waste words, or energy. “My name is Jasmine Donnavitch, daughter of Alex Donnavitch. I need immediate medical attention and to be brought to my father as soon as possible. This is urg-”

“Sorry young lady, but you’re not the first person who’s tried to pull the ‘I know higher ups’ card. If you really are a Donnavitch as you boldly say, we’re going to need to see you personal ID,” the second one challenged.

Jasmine wanted to grown in frustration, she didn’t have time for this, but even she knew they were doing their job correctly, whether their personally wanted to help more or not. “Sure, it’s right-” she dug into her school uniform pocket but found nothing, making her stop her words completely.

No! This can’t be! It must have fallen out in the wreck. This isn’t fair! How could I survive just to suffer like this? Am I being taunted? Toyed with?

Jasmine’s head ache’s ferociously like a fire and sledge hammer were being crammed and struck into her skull. “I-I can’t die her-” she trailed off. Her vision blurred and saw double. Before she knew it, Jasmine collapsed on the ground, blacking out once more on the spot.

Was this the end?

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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by UmbraSight » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:34 am

A past never stayed quiet for long. It doesn't care who you are, or why you are trying to escape it, it always creeps when you least desire it, like a sallow thing which hides in your closet and creaks out in the dead of night. And once it was out, it very well didn't want to go back, it wanted to lean over you until you realized you would never be free of it. It would always find you.

When Lind saw the flares she knew what was happening long before the screams filled the air accompanied by a sound she could only describe as the distant clasp of thunder. Something, somewhere was just turned to a disorganized pile of dust, rubble, and ruined flesh. And, it was soon followed by more sounds, a rising cacophony of chaos and violence rising to an insane pitch by some faceless mistero of death and pain.

The uneasy silence of Ecce Verum’s absence broken by a measure of explosive in a backpack and the press of a thumb to a detonator.

And, it didn't take Lind long to realize as the noise continued to grow around her that she was a lone girl skipping school with a bag of groceries in hand standing in the middle of the street. It wasn't long after that before she found herself on the move. At first she was without destination, moving if only to please the animal portion of her mind which screamed to run from great danger, and it took the critical parts of her psyche time to collect themselves and to sort out where it was she should even try to go.

Was the attack only in this sector? She needed to get to one of the checkpoints and get somewhere safe --

Lind heard the sound of tires screaming, a noise like the earth itself rupturing before she felt something strike her in the back and the world turned to black.


She did not awaken well.

Her skull pounded, her mouth tasted of iron, her skin felt as if someone had taken steel wool to it until it was raw, her lungs heavy as if the air was thick. Lind wasn't certain how long she lay there, caught somewhere between the blissful rest of unconsciousness and the angry pounding of wakefulness, still, to her dismay Lind’s eyes eventually creaked open.

She rather regretted waking up, and for the longest time all she wanted to do was curl up until the pain left her, until the world calmed down and made sense again. How long had she been out? With a gritting of her teeth and doing her best to ignore the protests of her abused flesh Lind pushed herself up until she was sitting, grit and shards of concrete sliding of her body as it was disturbed by the movement.

Once she was sitting, Lind paused a moment to take stock. She seemed to still have all her fingers and toes, and nothing seemed broken but the longer she was awake, the more her left shoulder and hip began to throb. A slice across the back of her right calf, the cut shallow and bleeding already stopped. Other nicks and scratches upon her arms and torso, a portion of her shirt along her left side turned to ribbon and the exposed skin beneath red and angry, crusted with blood and sharp to the touch.

The wall of the building to her left was gone, and in the street what remained of two cars lay. Burned out husks.

Lind had no desire to see what remained of the passengers.

On uncertain legs and a groaning hip Lind rose, placed a hand upon the wall to steady herself, and began to walk.


She knew she had reached a security point by the sound. Hundreds of voices all calling out until each note was lost within the tumbling mass of words and fear. Not much longer after she arrived at the chaotic scene, people all trying to reach the safety of the next sector held back by numerous security officers. Without really meaning to Lind drifted to the right side of the group following nothing beyond an urge to follow the path of least resistance.

It wasn't long after she had come to a stop that another girl, by far worse off than her limped past evidently looking to speak to the two officers. Lind caught the conversation in bits and pieces, but heard more than enough, the girl was a Donnavitch? By the time Lind had limped close, the girl had crumpled to the ground.

“We need get her medical attention immediately!” Lind called out, her voice felt wrong in her throat. One of the officers held up a hand.

“We are already contacting a medic ma’am, please return to-”

“That girl is Donnavitch’s daughter, I have class with her.” Lind cut in, the beginnings of a plan starting to form. The two officers shared a glance. A disbelieving look shared by them both. “If we are both lying all you two did was bring a wounded girl or two through the gate who would blame you? But what if we're telling the truth? Think of what her father could do to the both of you if he found out? And he will find out.” This time the glance the two shared was far different.

One of the officers lifted a hand to his ear and spoke low into a mic. The other one held out his hand.

“ID.” He said. Lind’s hand vanished into the pocket of her torn skirt before she extracted a small billfold and flicked it over to her ID, which the man took. The man stared down at it and Lind could feel her heart hammering against her ribcage as if it wished to escape her breast. The second man held her ID out for the other to look at.

"Wait here." The man said.
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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by Authorlord » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:59 am

When an “important” individuals life was on the line, people sure made a big deal over it, no matter if it was a paper cut or internal bleeding followed with broken limbs, fractures all over, and several other fatal injuries accompanying those. If only the authorities were told that someone of such importance was right in front of them--oh wait….

The second Officer gazed at the ID watching, inspecting the girl claiming to be it’s owner. If he was suspicious, he left little evidence of it and handed it back to Lind.

An ambulance arrived on the scene just minutes after the Officer made the call for help. He looked to Jasmine on the ground, unconscious, then to Lind. “You say she’s in your class? I’m sure you two must be good friends for you to help her like this. Very well, you may ride with her to the Central Tower and receive treatment with her. You look pretty banged up yourself.”

A pair of EMTs in white armour--identical to that of the officers, except in white--jumped out of the their mobile medical station and rushed over to the two girls--carrying a stretcher behind them. Immediately they head for Jasmine first, as if they knew exactly who the VIP was at the moment. Clearly she really was an important individual, or the kin to one.

One pulled a long scroll like cylinder out, almost shaped like a pill, and had an outline of a person shaped out of data analysis receivers. As they each take a side and have the human map hover over her, signal lights go off on numerous indicators, making jasmine’s condition look like a Christmas tree. The girl was in a dire state.

“We need to hurry fast to avoid permanent brain damage, the rest is fatal internal injuries that can wait for just a bit longer,” the first diagnosed. The second nodded to his partner and handed his side of their medical gismo to his partner.

With no time to waste, they silently understood each other and hastened to host Jasmine onto the stretcher by yesterday. Undoubtedly these two were more than just specially trained and had been sent specifically for Jasmine. They only noticed Lind when the second Officer came up to the second EMT.

“This here is the girl who vouched for Dr. Donnavitch’s daughter. Please inform him that we were merely doing our job. Could this young lady go with Miss Donnavitch to receive medical treatment as well? Without her, Miss Donnavitch may have been in worse shape to say the least.” The second one spoke well, ensuring the title to their job was secured and not under question for potentially killing the famous scientist’s daughter indirectly.

The EMT nodded. “She may come along.” He turned to Lind. “Miss, you look banged up as well, and a certain someone would likely like to that you for saving their daughter, let alone the daughter herself. Come with us if you’d like.”

The first EMT was paying no attention to his partner and proceeded to move Jasmine to their ambulance.


“Jay, Jay my sweetie. Want to play on the swing? Come on sweetheart!”

The voice faded into nothing, swallowed by emptiness. There was no light, no darkness, or anything. Everything was gone, taken away in a sudden moment, forgotten in time and lost in history.


Jasmine woke in a fright! The air felt humid, but cool, to her throbbing lungs as they struggled for life. Sweat dripped from her forehead and bathed her skin in its sticky coating. Light flashed and stabbed her sensitive eyes. As she bolted from her rest into a sitting position, Jasmine felt the aching pain flood her body, but no where near the pain that had corrupted her before.

Where was she? What had happened?

The sharp beeping she failed to notice next to her, until it slowed down, snared her attention. She was in a hospital bed, accompanied by a heart monitor and many other instruments used to keep her well or on standby for emergency.

How did she get here? Last thing she remembered was the truck; no, passing out at the security gate. Had someone believed her and come to their senses? Had there been someone who she knew or they knew her nearby? Regardless, she was clearly in the Central Tower’s medical wing--the “CT” logo with a tail on the “C” like it was a sideways “u” to shape the the tower in the design was on a door window, leading out of her room.

She was alone, but undoubtedly being monitored. Whether she was known right off the back when rescued or not didn’t matter, they would know by DNA scan by now.

Jasmine huffed in a deep breath of air and brushed back her disheveled hair. Examining herself further revealed that she no longer wore her school uniform, but instead was in a medical gown that patients felt exposed in the back--to say the least. She wanted out of this gown.

What was probably minutes later felt like seconds. A knock echoed off the glass of the window on the door to her room before a doctor stepped in with a warm, gentle smile. Unfortunately it wasn’t her father, but what did she expect, Jesus? No, it was Doctor Adam Tosh, a good man and one that often overseed Jasmine’s personal medical examinations before, with or without her father; either way, he was a familiar face she was more than acceptable to see.

“Either you are too headstrong to die or a miracle by “fate,” as you would say, kept you alive, though the most these days would just use religious words and names,” he teased.

Jasmine gave a painful smile--not exactly feeling up to even be awake at the moment. The back of her head throbbed. “It’s good to see you are willing to joke about this Adam, that means I’ll live, and then some.” A quick, gentle touch to the back of her head gave away the warm, tender feeling of her skin. She must have hit her head harder than she thought.

“If you are concerned about your head,” Dr. Tosh analyzed, then clicked a button to reveal X-ray scans on a screen Jasmine also failed to notice, “you did suffer a minor blow, but were lucky not to have earned a concussion. When you came to us blacked out, it was because you were a complete wreck everywhere else.” He clicked the button again.

“You came in with a broken right arm, rib and collarbone; fractured many more ribs, your left foot and right upper arm; and to top it all off, a whole list damaged and bruised internal injuries including, but not limited to, your organs.” Adam turned off the screen, but Jasmine had memorized each wound as if she painted it herself. “To say you are a walking miracle is an understatement by all definitions of the word.”

Jasmine cupped her face with her hands, her body screamed with soreness and she just wanted to sleep it off, but that wasn’t going to happen. “How long did it take?” That was a question she was sick just thinking about asking.

“Twelve hours, thirty-six minutes and forty-one seconds,” Dr. Tosh informed.

Damn… Once upon a time, that would have sounded impossible. Decades ago the healing time could have been anywhere between months to years to never. Now, Jasmine was complaining it took less than a day, but with good reason. An hour was necessary at most for more common scenarios, but she was beat, tattered and bruised all over.

“How did I get here?” Jasmine inquired, fueled by curiosity.

“Oh, right, you were blacked out by then. Some girl claiming to be from your class, or school, found you and confirmed your identity for clearance. Her name was Lind? We haven’t done a background check on her yet, but if you don’t recognize the name, then we can.”

Jasmine hid her expression of surprise from Dr. Tosh. Oh course she didn’t know the girl, but if this girl hadn’t helped her, Jasmine may have very well have died in the wreck to begin with. She wanted to meet this “Lind” and ask her some questions.

“No worries, Adam. I know here from class,” all of the people of her class were on the bus, “so I’l go visit her soon. I imagine she’s here, too?”

Adam Tosh nodded, paying no attention to Jasmine’s lie if he figured it out. “Yes, she was injured too, but nowhere near as bad as you, so she took only two hours and some change. I’ll have a nurse bring you fresh clothes for you. Your father was right to keep a set on standby for you here.”

That he was….

With a few more words exchanged, Dr. Tosh leaving, five minutes of changing, and a moment to clear her mind once and for all, Jasmine was ready to meet this Lind character finally. Honestly, who could possible know her that she didn’t? Then again, this could be a blackmail or bargaining gesture for a reward.

The nurse guided her through the familiar passageways and corridors. For a lack of better words, they were in the VIP section of the central tower, though by the looks of it, most of it’s staff were elsewhere--probably tending to dozens of other patients who were injured to some degree.

The light flashed off the polished floor and clean, white walls. Every inch of space, be it an empty desk or clerk desk, felt organized to a “T.” Jasmine was satisfied by the environment but felt no individualism.

“Miss Donnavitch, in here,” the nurse directed, snapping Jasmine out of her daze.

“Thank you,” she replied before turning into the patient room the nurse guided her to. Inside was a Blonde girl, about Jasmine’s age and slightly taller by the looks. If Jasmine were to get anything out of the girl, she would need to make this next part convincing.

“Lind! OMG, how are you!?” she squealed with arms extended and walking in hurried steps to her “friend.”

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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by UmbraSight » Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:37 pm

The hospital was nicer than what she was used to, which wasn't too much of a surprise given what exactly she was used to. She would never understand it, how the government could allow such inequality between the different districts, yet still have the audacity to be surprised when discontentment lead to violence. In the end, however, it wasn't her problem anymore. She didn't want it to be her problem anymore. She just wanted to stick clear of the trouble, just be ignored and -- live she supposed. Lind had helped Donnavitch just to try to get out of the district, and now while the nurses were peeling her ruined clothing off and tending to her wounds Lind could only think about just how close to the girl’s father she now was.

And that one little promise she owed, the final specter of Laura. Could she spin this to her favor? ‘I saved your daughter, leave me alone.’ However, Lind felt certain the man wouldn't accept that. Could she just slip out once she had been fixed up? Find somewhere and just vanish?

There were too many cameras in this district for that.

After a few hours of being fawned over by a nurse or two, seen by a doctor, and finally given a medical gown to wear (following the promise of a nurse that she would find her some actual clothing.) Lind found herself well and truly alone in her room.

With any hopes of escaping foiled by the less than modest medical gown, Lind settled in to wait.

At some point, Lind wasn't certain when, she had fallen asleep and it was the nurse returning with some clothes which woke her up. A few perfunctory words of thanks were exchanged before the nurse left and Lind slipped off the bed and got changed. It wasn't long after Lind had tugged her new shirt on -- a shirt that that the logo for the hospital over her right breast -- and tossed the gown onto the bed that a second visitor invited herself into the room.


“Lind! OMG, how are you?!” The girl squealed as she rushed over with her arms spread wide for a hug. Half stunned by the boldness alone of the girl who had been all but dead half a day ago, Lind spread her arms to receive the hug, automatically.

“Well, you seem lively Donnavitch.” She offered.
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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by Authorlord » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:12 am

Either the girl played along very well or she actually did know jasmine, but the fact she called her by her last name left a weight on Jasmine’s scale of decision, leading her to believe the first of her conclusions. Regardless of which the truth was, she would get it out of this girl soon enough.

“I’m as lively as ever because I’m alive only thanks to you! I would have been dead had the authorities still never believed me! I was told you informed them that we went to school together and could vouch for me? Brilliant Lint, brilliant!” Jasmine exclaimed joyfully.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jasmine could see the nurse jot something down on her clipboard and walk out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

They were alone.

Jasmine spoke whilst moving to the screen blinds’ string of the window into the room. “Thank you so much for what you did. I don’t know how I could ever repay you for,” she closed the blinds, “what you’ve done for me.”

Her eyes briefly scanned the room, like a hawk searching for its prey. Sure enough, there was a single camera in the back of the room facing the door, recording all who entered or exited.

“So Lind, how did you manage to find me? Surely you would have gone with the crowd through the main security gate?” Jasmine shuffled quickly, eyeing her savior, as she slide her place under the camera. A single wire was tethered between that and the wall. “How did you escape the accident so unharmed?” A gentle tuggle and….


And like that, the camera ‘mysteriously’ had turned off in the room, leaving the two girls completely and utterly alone. Time to drop the charade and get down to business. The grin of Jasmine’s was dropped to an annoyed scowl and eyes of a predator.

“What is it you want from me, ‘Lind?’” Jasmine spat. “No one who I know, let alone who knows me, would dare claim such a false testimony of going to my school and personally knowing me. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for you indirectly saving my life, no matter how much it pains me to admit I needed the help of some,” she looked Lind up and down, “stranger. But to claim to know me means there was some gain, some act of purpose to which you benefit. Should I be convinced, you will receive that reward; but, should I detect some form of blackmail, then you were better off leaving me dead--to say the least.”

She had to admit, even she came off bitchier than she was used to being called out for, but she was secretly in a world of pain to which she did not dare let this girl detect from her. Every fiber in her body was sore and screamed for Jasmine to stay still, but she didn’t work like that, she willed herself to get out of a wrecked bus, she can handle a few aches and pains; besides, the pains in the back of her head made this feel like a prick in the side.

“Go on, I’m listening. And I highly doubt all that was because of one’s ‘good nature.’”

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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by UmbraSight » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:43 pm

“There we go, I was afraid we would have to keep this cutsie act up forever.” Lind said, visibly relaxing as the cord to the camera was pulled. She worried, faintly, that in some control room somewhere that an underpaid security guard just saw a feed go out. But the worry was short lived, the chances of anyone checking her specific feed was low, and by the time anyone was liked to check she planned on being long gone. She just needed to out of this conversation, and she could vanish.

If luck was on her side then she might even be able to get out long before her father even learned she was there.
Lind leaned back against the side of her bed and crossed her arms over her chest. She frowned at the other girl’s aggressiveness, for someone who just had her life saved, Lind would have thought she would have at least been somewhat thankful.

“There must have been some benefit huh?” Lind chuckled, she lifted an arm and flicked her thumb over her shoulder at the curtain-covered window. “I thought you were smart, isn't it obvious what I’m after?”

Her expression hardened as she looked the other girl up and down. This was such a headache. “Don't worry princess, I’m not going to blackmail your family. I already got what I wanted, I’m out of that district while it's burning to the ground. Better yet, I’ve made my way into the ritzy part of the Spire, all without having to worry about any transport fees or checkpoints.” She shrugged, “you get to live, and I got to leave, seems a fair enough trade to me.”
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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by Authorlord » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:23 am

“Smart, yes, mind reader, no; And having never seen you before, your expectations of my understanding of you is radically high.” Who was Lind? Jasmine found herself questioning the reasoning of this girl. To think that she would know the girl’s true intent was absurd. What a ridiculous assumption.

Jasmine leaned against the wall, stiffening as her sore muscles compressed against the cold, smooth surface. She considered what Lind had spoken to her, explaining the intent and logic behind her motive. While Jasmine could see no reason why someone was so desperate to get out of Sector One, she couldn’t see why not allow such a simple transaction play out.

“Very well Miss lind, I’ll be sure and inform my father of your gracious efforts. I’ll let him know it was just convenient for both of us and now we both walk away barely scathed. I’m sure with our connections, your bypass of security will be overlooked,” Jasmine stated with her own shrug.

Could it be this simple, fate was in her favor after all. She didn’t die, and while she did need someone’s help, there weren’t going to hold it against her. She liked where this was going. Still, she couldn’t deny her curiosity why Lind wanted to get out of the best section on the Spire; well, the richest at least. Nevertheless, Jasmine was a woman of her word, and if all the girl wanted was out, then she would be obliged to lend her her aid.

“Will that be all? I will need your last name though so I may narrow down your identity to ensure no repercussions come your way.”

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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by UmbraSight » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:10 pm

“Outside the box thinking isn't your forté, huh?” Lind said, with a growing smirk. She made no motion to move from her spot against the bed nor pull her hands from where she had them pulled tightly across her chest. This part shouldn't be too easy, she just needed to talk her way out of the room and following that? Lay low in sector one for a few days, let the world calm down. Easy enough.

Well, would be, if this girl wasn't so damned stubborn.

Lind’s smirk turned to a frown at mention of Jasmine going to her father. That was the last thing she needed; the man to whom she owed a favor she couldn't refuse to learn she was in his side of the wall so soon after an attack. At the mention of giving her last name, Lind forced a strained smile, and raised her right hand in a quick dismissive wave. If she couldn't get Jasmine to give up on this, what then?

The camera was off, but she had already been seen. Jasmine likely told someone she was going to see her, so a sucker punch and dash wouldn't do her much good, would it? When Jasmine woke up, or when a nurse popped by to check it would only get every officer on the lookout for her.

“You’re far too kind, princess, but you don't need to worry or do any favors for me.” A sweetness creeped back into her voice as she spoke with only a hint of a bitter aftertaste, “just tell your dad the same story those two guards will tell; you were fading fast but a schoolmate vouched for you and you never caught their name as you were passed out. Nice, clean, efficient. Makes for a better story, like you have a guardian angel. And, best of all, you don't have to waste your time, or your father’s while I can just go and quietly disappear.”

She shrugged, with a somewhat forced nonchalance, “win win, right?”
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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie RP

Post by Authorlord » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:57 am

Jasmine clicked her tongue as she became irked by Lind's remark. Of course she could think outside of the box! What nonsense was she thinking!? Anyone competent enough in their right minds would know that what Lind expected was irrational! Completely, and utterly, irrational!

Who the devil does she think she is!? I'm the daughter of the greatest mind to have been born in this century and am the smartest in my whole class! If she knew what I was capable of, then she'd back the fuck off!

Whatever, we need to just get rid of her. She's an annoying twat and needs to leave. She's earned her pay, now give her what she wants or deserves at the very least.

Right, after we go to daddy then we can say goodbye to this girl once and for all. Never seeing her again would be too soon.

Jasmine noted the hasty reaction of Lind denying any help once her father was mention. Did she hold a grudge or simply not want to meet such an important man? Odd.... Jasmine certainly didn't like this girl, but she was raised to repay debts and favors--something her father was meticulous about. What struck Jasmine mostly was the petty nickname followed by the attempted persuasion of leaving her father out of this in such a sugar coated manner. Lind needed to make up her mind on how she was handling her situations. What an id...

"I will do no such thing, Miss Lind. I am not going to lie to my father! Whether the guards remember your name or not doesn't matter because I will, I always will. I don't know what your logic of reason is, but it is certainly questionable. As of this moment, we are going to my father so he may decide what to do with you for your 'reward' and I'll pretend you never asked me to do such a selfish act."

It was Jasmine who now had her arms cross. She really didn't like this girl at all and the only thing they had an agreement on was to have Lind disappear. With the atmosphere never hotter, Jasmine found the camera cord over her head and plugged it back in. "Let's go," she ordered as she passed Lind and walked out the door without even fixing the blinds.

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