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Re: SoMAI Programming

Post by Taiska » Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:44 pm


Cloth/Leather: Ragged Cloth Armor, Cloth Armor, Padded Cloth Armor, Ravaged (C/L) Armor, Ragged Leather Armor, Leather Armor, Padded Leather Armor, Torn (C/L) Armor, Ragged Studded Leather Armor, Studded Leather Armor, Padded Studded Leather Armor, Strange (C/L) Armor, Aester's Leather Vest, Dusted Leather Longcoat, Unique (C/L) Armor, Immoria's Drapes, Testetstetstttt

Light Metal: Broken Iron Chainmail, Iron Chainmail, Hardened Iron Chainmail, Rusted (L)Metal Armor, Dented Light Iron Armor, Light Iron Armor, Hardened Light Iron Armor, Lightly-Rusted (L)Metal Armor, Broken Folded Iron Armor (Half), Folded Iron Armor (Half), Hardened Folded Iron Armor (Half), Strange (L)Metal Armor, Hasher's Iron Half Plate, Chalk Branded Breast Plate, Unique (L)Metal Armor, Ashwalker

Heavy Metal: Thin Iron Plate, Iron Plate, Reinforced Iron Plate, Rusted (H)Metal Armor, Thin Steel Plate, Steel Plate, Reinforced Steel Plate, Lightly-Rusted (H)Metal Armor, Thin Folded Iron Plate (Full), Folded Iron Plate (Full), Reinforced Folded Iron Plate (Full), Strange (H)Metal Armor, Coal Branded Plate, Reforged Heavy Plate, Shiny (H)Metal Armor, Long Night
Test I wonder if this will work.
Prosperity tries the fortunate, adversity the great

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