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Re: SoMAI Programming

Post by Taiska » Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:44 pm


Cloth/Leather: Ragged Cloth Armor, Cloth Armor, Padded Cloth Armor, Ravaged (C/L) Armor, Ragged Leather Armor, Leather Armor, Padded Leather Armor, Torn (C/L) Armor, Ragged Studded Leather Armor, Studded Leather Armor, Padded Studded Leather Armor, Strange (C/L) Armor, Aester's Leather Vest, Dusted Leather Longcoat, Unique (C/L) Armor, Immoria's Drapes, Testetstetstttt

Light Metal: Broken Iron Chainmail, Iron Chainmail, Hardened Iron Chainmail, Rusted (L)Metal Armor, Dented Light Iron Armor, Light Iron Armor, Hardened Light Iron Armor, Lightly-Rusted (L)Metal Armor, Broken Folded Iron Armor (Half), Folded Iron Armor (Half), Hardened Folded Iron Armor (Half), Strange (L)Metal Armor, Hasher's Iron Half Plate, Chalk Branded Breast Plate, Unique (L)Metal Armor, Ashwalker

Heavy Metal: Thin Iron Plate, Iron Plate, Reinforced Iron Plate, Rusted (H)Metal Armor, Thin Steel Plate, Steel Plate, Reinforced Steel Plate, Lightly-Rusted (H)Metal Armor, Thin Folded Iron Plate (Full), Folded Iron Plate (Full), Reinforced Folded Iron Plate (Full), Strange (H)Metal Armor, Coal Branded Plate, Reforged Heavy Plate, Shiny (H)Metal Armor, Long Night


1. Rapier - Bent Iron Rapier, Iron Rapier, Swift Iron Rapier, Rusted Rapier, Bent Steel Rapier, Steel Rapier, Swift Steel Rapier, Lightly-Rusted Rapier, Overheated Sabre, Blackened Rapier, Tarnished Epee, Strange Rapier, Charred Zephyr, Ashen Spine, Shiny Rapier, Immoria's Reprisal, Ode of Temperance

2. Western - Dented Iron Sword, Iron Sword, Veteran's Iron Sword, Rusted Sword, Dented Steel Sword, Steel Sword, Veteran's Steel Sword, Lightly-Rusted Sword, Scorched Blade, Wanderer's Blade, Everlasting Disgrace, Strange Sword, Ashen Wave(SS), Morbid Will (LS), Shiny Sword, Arisa's Testament, Heaven's Choir

3. Eastern - Dull Iron Katana, Iron Katana, Sharpened Iron Katana, Rusted Katana, Dull Steel Katana, Steel Katana, Sharpened Steel Katana, Lightly-Rusted Katana, Ceremonial Katana, Flame-licked Uchigatana, Corrupted Blade, Strange Katana, Umbral Tide, Eternal Rest, Shiny Katana, Ilius's Grief, Phoenix's Talon

4. Scimitar - Chipped Iron Scimitar, Iron Scimitar, Graceful Iron Scimitar, Rusted Scimitar, Chipped Steel Scimitar, Steel Scimitar, Graceful Steel Scimitar, Lightly-Rusted Scimitar, Charred Edge, Bloodied Blade, Veteran's Cutlass, Strange Scimitar, Weathered Horror, Dawnbreaker, Shiny Scimitar, Legion's Demise, Foreigner's Scorn

5. Dagger - Broken Iron Dagger, Iron Dagger, Light Iron Dagger, Rusted Dagger, Broken Steel Dagger, Steel Dagger, Light Steel Dagger, Lightly-Rusted Dagger, Fire-Bitten Dagger, Ash-Soaked Slicer, Iron Brand, Strange Dagger, The Facelifter, Spy Master's Assistant, Shiny Dagger, Chalk's Legacy,

6. Polearm - Fragile Iron Spear, Iron Spear, Reinforced Iron Spear, Rusted Spear, Fragile Steel Spear, Steel Spear, Reinforced Steel Spear, Lightly-Rusted Spear, Scorched Spear, Corrupting Halberd, Shortened Lance, Strange Spear, Legate's Guard, Legionnaire's Spindle, Shiny Spear, Coal's Retaliation,

7. Two-Handed - Broken Iron Claymore, Iron Claymore, Great Iron Claymore, Rusted Claymore, Broken Steel Claymore, Steel Claymore, Great Steel Claymore, Lightly-Rusted Claymore, Tarnished Cleaver, Torched Battleaxe, Blackened Warhammer, Strange Claymore, Unresolved Will (BA), Unyielding Ruin (GS), Shiny Claymore, Chalk's Memento,

8. Bludgeon - Shattered Iron Mace, Iron Mace, Hardened Iron Mace, Rusted Mace, Shattered Steel Mace, Steel Mace, Hardened Steel Mace, Lightly-Rusted Mace, Broken Symphony, Shattered Ode, Scorched Mace, Strange Mace, Hollow Cacophony, Fallen Charcoal, Shiny Mace, Uriel's Aria,

9. Hand Axe - Weak Iron Hand Axe, Iron Hand Axe, Great Iron Hand Axe, Rusted Hand Axe, Weak Steel Hand Axe, Steel Hand Axe, Great Iron Hand Axe, Lightly-Rusted Hand Axe, Woodsmen's Axe, Burnt Hatchet, Raging Axe, Strange Hand Axe, Crescent Slicer, Fatebreaker, Shiny Hand Axe, Arisa's Ploy,

10. Thrown - Heavy Iron Knives, Iron Knives, Balanced Knives, Rusted Knives, Heavy Steel Knives, Steel Knives, Balanced Steel Knives, Lightly-Rusted Knives, Corrupted Iron Needles, Performer's Throwing Knife, Foreigner's Knife, Strange Knives, Midnight Whisper, Twilight Discordance, Shiny Knives, Viscount's Hunting Knives,

11. Martial Arts - Ragged Cloth Gloves/Boots, Cloth Gloves/Boots, Reinforced Cloth Gloves/Boots, Ravaged Gloves/Boots, Ragged Leather Gloves/Boots, Leather Gloves/Boots, Reinforced Leather Gloves/Boots, Torn Gloves/Boots, Soot Stained Gloves/Boots, Wanderer's Gloves/Boots, Survivor's Gloves/Boots, Strange Gloves/Boots, Summoner's Gloves, Soldier's Boots, Unique Gloves/Boots, Azgul's Avarice,







Test I wonder if this will work.
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