Legacy: Lore and Out-Of-RP Writing

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Legacy: Lore and Out-Of-RP Writing

Post by Poetic Ghost » Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:35 am


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Welcome to the Lore page for the sci-fi anime RP, Legacy. This is where RPers involved can post all kinds of lore stuff for everyone to see! If you are not involved in Legacy, please do not post here.


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Re: Legacy: Lore and Out-Of-RP Writing

Post by AnonymousGhost » Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:26 am

Zetari & the Zetarians

The Planet

Zetari lies in the outer reaches of the universe, in an area of open space with no other nearby inhabited planets. It is approximately 18 million square miles (this is slightly larger than Earth’s moon) and orbits a small sun at a distance of a little over 100 million miles. However, the planet itself does not rotate, which creates two drastically different and unchanging climates on the left and right hemispheres.

The left hemisphere faces the sun and lives in a perpetual state of daylight. The temperature hovers around a balmy degree most reminiscent of warm spring when the planet is at its closest to the sun and can fall to a deep winter when it is at its furthest.

The right hemisphere faces away from the sun and lives in a perpetual state of darkness. The temperatures here could be described as freezing and really fucking freezing.

Both hemispheres’ landscapes are an array of grays, blacks, whites, and pale blues and purples. To those not accustomed to such coloration, the planet may appear muted, like the color saturation on a television has been messed with. The topography is predominantly mountainous and rocky with lakes scattered across its surface. There is one especially large lake that straddles the two hemispheres in the northern pole area. This lake is called Lyra’s Mirror due to the fact that, for a reason the Zetarians were never able to fully investigate before their untimely demise, its surface is always perfectly still thus allowing the glassy liquid to produce a perfect reflection. Canyons are a common feature, as are caves.

The flora and fauna that reside in the right hemisphere have evolved to be bioluminescent, as well as to have an enhanced sense of hearing compared to their left hemisphere counterparts. Foliage is sparse in the right hemisphere and has a bare, pale appearance. Trees and other plants tend to grow outwards in width more than upwards in height, although their small size is still taller than the Zetarians. The animals have thick coats or hides to protect themselves from the freezing temperatures and large, clawed paws to assist in digging through the stony ground.

While the flora remain pretty much the same in the left hemisphere as in the right, they are not bioluminescent and grow significantly taller. Forests are more common in this hemisphere as well. The animals here grow thicker furs or hides when the colder temperatures roll in, but mostly rely on camouflaging characteristics for survival.

Zetari’s most lucrative resource is their mines. Anything from luminescent stone to geodes to precious gems can be found in the deep recesses of the planet and fetch a high price in the market.

The Zetarians

Zetarians are generally humanoid in form with slenderly muscled frames that allow for quick, agile movement. They have varying shades of metallic skin ranging from an almost translucent pearly white to a coal black. Zetarians in the left hemisphere fall on the darker end of the skin tone spectrum while those in the right hemisphere fall on the lighter end. Their eyes are completely black—devoid of any pupil, sclera, or iris—almond in shape, and only slightly smaller than baseballs. Their height range, once fully mature, is anywhere between 4’1’’ and 6’0’’. Their ears are elongated and pointed and their canine teeth are longer and sharper than a human’s. Their fingernails and toenails are a shade darker than their skin and naturally grow in a pointed, claw-like shape. Much like any other species, they have various physical characteristics that individual Zetarians may or may not have. These include: horns of various sizes, shapes, and lengths protruding from their head (a recessive trait); limbs that humans may perceive as disproportionately long; forked tongues. Their lifespan averages 120 years, but some have been known to reach as old as 200.

Their diet is predominantly carnivorous, but they solely drink a glassy liquid for hydration. Plants are considered delicacies because of their scarcity.

Given the relatively cold environment of Zetari, its inhabitants are acclimated to colder temperatures. This isn’t to say that they can’t freeze to death; it would just take an extremely cold climate. On the other hand, this makes them especially susceptible to overly hot temperatures.

Also due to the odd positioning and revolution of their planet, there is no day and night. It is either always day or always night depending on which side of the planet you're on. Because of this, Zetarians do not have a circadian rhythm that cycles approximately every 24 hours. Instead, they sleep when they need to sleep. Just for ease and convenience, most everyone in a given city will sleep and wake at about the same time so that business and other necessities can be done.

The Zetarian language is musical and fluid. To a foreigner, a Zetarian conversation would sound like a song.

The Culture

The pantheon that governs the Zetarian faith is known as the Family of Celestial Bodies. The Family includes: Lin the Goddess of Space; Dresden the God of Stars; Lyra the Goddess of Moons; Krii the God of Black Holes; Nül the Goddess of Planets; the triplets Crym the God of Asteroids, Hikar the God of Comets, and Xero the God of Meteors; and Blythe the Goddess of Nebulae.

Zetarians believe that Lyra the Goddess of Moons created them and their planet because she wanted an inhabited planet to care for, like her sister Nül had. But Lyra feared her brothers and sisters would harm her creation so she placed it in the outer reaches of the universe so that it would be safe. Zetarians also believe Lyra created them and their planet in her image, which is why the landscape and their physical characteristics are reminiscent of moons.

Any god or goddess in the Family may be invoked for favors, although Zetarians hold Lyra above the others. No one has invoked the favor of Krii, though, because his nature is that of black holes—unknown and unpredictable. If called upon, he may harm or help, but there’s no telling which.

The afterlife is known as the After World and the living plane is known as the Present World. Zetarians believe that spirits known as Ferriers guide the souls of the dead to the After World, but require the presence of a living spirit to create a beacon, or anchor, of sorts to allow the Ferrier to move between Worlds. Should a Zetarian die alone, it is believed that their spirit is trapped inside the decaying corpse, doomed to eternal darkness. If a Zetarian dies in the presence of an enemy, it is believed that the living spirit of the enemy will lead the spirit of the dead Zetarian astray so that the Ferrier will never find them and the Zetarian spirit will continue to wander the universe, lost, forever. It is rumored that if a Zetarian dies a noble death, there is a chance Lyra herself will ferry the spirit to the After World.

Because of the peculiar way in which their planet orbits their sun, Zetarians do not measure time as humans do. Their timekeeping is based on the exact positioning of stars as seen from telescopes known as Nénar Tìrs (star watchers). When a Zetarian is born, the exact positioning of the stars as seen from that city’s Nénar Tìr is recorded and is the equivalent of a birthday. They call it a star map.

While they do mostly keep to themselves, Zetarians do engage in trading and travel. As mentioned before, most of their economy is based upon the exporting of mined materials. Generally, they’re self-sufficient, but do import odds and ends when the need arises.

When it comes to war, Zetarians fall somewhere in the middle; they do not seek out war but neither do they see combat as a last resort. Given their view on physical contact, though, the vast majority of their weaponry and tactics involve distanced combat.

Zetarians see physical contact as a form of intimacy, reserved for immediate family and significant others, and so may be mistaken as rude or cold by ignorant foreigners whose hugs or handshakes are rejected. The origin of why Zetarians view physical contact this way is unknown. However, some native historians speculate it’s tied to the phenomenon known as “trondo núte,” which roughly translates to “touch bond.” This phenomenon refers to when a Zetarian has made such prolonged physical contact with another that the two can sense each other’s emotions. This is extremely rare and has only occurred in a dozen or so Zetarians.

Because of this belief, medical staff are regarded with a certain reverence. These are the most trustworthy, compassionate, and dependable of the community who—through a lengthy evaluation process that includes the entire community they will be serving—are voted into the position. This gives them the privilege of physical contact with those outside of their immediate family and significant other. Of course, sanitary precautions are taken as with any medical procedure so medical staff would not perform activities like surgery without gloves. Those within the medical profession also keep their fingernails shaved down to a blunt end so that there is no risk of an unwanted puncture. These Zetarians also serve as leaders of the community on a governing board.

Since Zetarians are monogamous, they also have an institution similar to human marriage. When two Zetarians decide to “settle down,” they have what is called a binding ceremony, which is officiated by a doctor. While not mandatory, it is tradition that the doctor that officiated the binding ceremony also performs the childbirth procedure.

While Zetarian reproductive organs are humanoid in design, the mortality rate for the mothers in natural childbirth is 98%. Instead, a childbirth procedure is done in which the baby is surgically removed from the mother. Enduring this procedure multiple times is taxing on the body and decreases fertility so Zetarian families generally have two or three offspring at most.

**If you have any questions about something I didn't mention, lemme know and I'll add the information**
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Re: Legacy: Lore and Out-Of-RP Writing

Post by Drake » Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:51 am

Last Dance
It was my biggest mistake, not telling her that night. The shining stars over the forest, the moonlight bathing her auburn hair, her joyful smile. She looked just like an angel who had fell from heaven. She could talk about anything, honestly, I wouldn't even hear and only reply with a smile, and that stupid gaze of a fool in love. Her laughter was the sweetest to my ears, the old tales of sirens in the seas of Annibal II felt less like the ramblings of old men and more like the sentiment of passionate sailors. The crew was asleep, we had stayed behind for a chat, being the two youngest meant we always got the first shifts. She sat by my side, her natural fruity perfume infatuated me as it always did. A single hand wipes away locks from her eyes, she's super excited, telling me about the ins-and-outs of her favorite artists, vintage songs of an age long gone, according to her they were the best because they still had soul.

To me? While I couldn't feel this so-called soul, it had her pearly smile. And that was more than enough.

"Shit..." The muffled voice might as well have never escaped his mouth, the multiple warning lights flashing on the console and main screen already rustled enough to drive a man insane. His eyes were already dry, probably for the rest of his life, the watery streaks coursing through his cheeks the only clean spots on his visage. Midnight Fenrir was gone, their squad shot down violently on a tremendous miscalculation of Melrian intelligence. How many comrades laid their bodies before the two of them so they could fulfill this hellish mission? How many more lives would higher ups use as stepping stones for their faulty choices? "How's your AMP holding up, Gi?" Her tired voice came in-between statics. The panting was evident, even if both attempted to maintain their cool, there was nothing but emotionally charged statements and jaded ramblings. "I can't see or move anything. Give me a second, will you, Sam? I'll get it working in no time!" He lied, desperately sliding his fingers through multiple panels, only to be greeted by red flashing symbols. Not enough energy for this, not enough fuel for that, system x offline, system y malfunctioning. Was this really the end of the Sting? If he could only... Fix the mech's sights and fingers, then he could shoot enemies away.

"No worries, sweetie, we have all afternoon!" Her chuckles turned into hiccups, the shakiness on her voice almost palpable. Gido was never one for religion, he always believed if there was such an all-powerful being, then he was a sadistic asshole getting off on the suffering of all his creations. There was no way something would created such wicked universe. Even then, he closed both his eyes and, for the first time, prayed. For anything that could hear him out there, anything that would mind, and he pleaded. Pleaded for her life. Pleaded for their lives. If only he could move, he would never doubt God's existence again, he would never push people away again, he would never carelessly waste away lives again.
Without even realizing, I was completely enthralled for an hour or two, even if it felt like seconds. That weird tingling on the stomach you usually get when you hit maximum velocity with your racing pod, it apparently wasn't exclusive to piloting. In my mind, she was way too much for me, the whole squad was, this was, perhaps, the first time I had ever felt I belonged. And, in that dreamy state, Samantha belonged to me. Not that I would have ever told her, relationships with superiors are tricky as they are, and emotions aren't truly part of the battlefield. I just wished that moment would last forever, the calm before the hailing storm of bullets and fire. I could tell she wished for the same, closed eyes, taking in the music, body delicately moving to the beat, joining the army was worth for that moment alone.

Then it happened.

No previous warning, no word spoken, her head just tilted down, her body following suit. She just slowly, carefully rested her head against my shoulder, and the beating drums within my chest sounded like a carnival. One would say it was impossible to reach the clouds without wings or equipment, that single moment disputed that fact. We quietly remained there, my arm naturally wrapping around her shoulder, pulling her closer, letting her know I would always be there, I would always protect her. Just listening to the music, letting it speak for us.

In the Still of the Night. Our song.

Her eyes lit up, a smile pursing on her lips, mischievous and carefree, prettier than any star. "Do you know how to dance, cowboy?"

The enemies were restless, they came in waves, their cover inside the research facility slowly being surrounded by piles over piles of metallic humanoid weapons wishing nothing but to send them to the otherside, where all their friends were waiting. The roaring machine guns cried that fateful evening, Gido's ears pulsated in pain at every passing second, clueless to the outside world, mumbling words not even he comprehended while trying to fix whatever he could. He was hit too much, and an EMP pulse fried whatever was left of the systems, clearly requiring a manual reboot, and one that should be done in record time.

His prayers were sent, most likely to deaf ears, so all he could trust was Samantha's superior shooting abilities and his miraculous skill of messing with an AMP's systems.

Gido could hear the curses on his partner's cockpit, until she ultimately chuckled, one would believe she snapped, but Rankenn knew his girl more than anyone else. That sarcastic smile most likely plastered on her face at that exact moment was enough to tell him she had a plan. "What's the catch, Sam?" He replied, smiling a bit himself, maybe there was a light at the end of this tunnel after all. She didn't respond, he could only hear the scratching concrete under his mech's feet as Sam dragged him away, returning fire. "Sam?" He called out, a hint of worry in his voice. "Do you know how to dance, cowboy?"
I shook my head. I never had to before, but now? If she asked me to jump off a cliff with her, I probably wouldn't have thought twice. She leapt to her feet, chuckling. Her hands grasped mine, and before I could even think about it, she had pulled me up from the grass. Her face was so close to mine, her smile mirrored on mine, her arms wrapped around my hips. Her moves were so gracious, even just stepping had such finesse, while I was adamant like a stone. She pulled me closer, her head now resting on my shoulder again, the soothing whispers on a direct channel to my ears. "First, you step like this."
Gido's cameras snapped back to life, witnessing the hellscape beyond, they outnumbered the duo in ways that it would be impossible to survive, but he didn't care. His surprised expression turned into a completely defeated gaze as his lover's face appeared on his screen. She was smiling, but her eyes were not. The tears rolled down her bloodied cheeks, even then she tried her damned best to be the unbeatable ace she always had been. By their side, a rocket used to send AMPs to the outer atmosphere, and on Gido's AMP's paralyzed hand, the blueprints they had acquired. "No, Sammy. Don't tell me..." She smiled, holding in her sadness. Her AMP attached Gido's feet's to the device. "First, you step like this."
Her hands slid up, caressing my arms before she moved them around her waist, quietly leading the slowest dance in the world. A moment that even if lasting an eternity, would still be too little. I could feel her chest pressing against mine, the beating of our hearts timed to the rhythm, the answer to my feelings easing my mind. I would be lying if I said I hadn't wanted this from the very beginning, but I was too much of a coward to chase it. Once again, Sammy proved to be better than me in something. "Then you place your hands here."
"Don't do this to me, girl." Gido said, his voice no longer holding together, his tears rolling down hundredfold, his heart accelerating, his hands desperately seizing any levers, any buttons, anything that could move, that could reach over to her, that could save her. "Sammy, please, baby. Please don't do this to me. Pleasepleasepleaseplease." He slammed his fists against the armrests. Her machine now proceeded to quickly lock both arms around the rocket. "Then you place your hands here."
One, two. One, two. After a while, you get used to it, you stop squeezing your partner's hips, you stop stomping on their feet, and your mind goes completely blank. You simply are there, two souls entwined into one being. Her scent filling your nostrils, her beautiful green eyes filling your sight, her existence filling your heart. Songs come and go, the noise of nature vanishes, time flies, but you just can't let go. You want to hold on forever, because at that very moment, you are the most complete being in the entire universe. It was then that I knew, my life had been meaningless up until then, for never knowing something so pure and delightful, for not being brave enough to chase my emotions, for not surprising her every day as she surprised me.

In a mere second, I leaned forward, carefully holding her in my arms, her feet barely touching the ground as our eyes met under that beautiful sky. I could see it in her eyes, what I had been missing all along. She smiled, her rose-tinted cheeks making their first appearance after all this time. We moved closer. In but a mere moment, the earth was gone from under my feet, the noise gone from the world, all there was... Was her. Samantha Mass, I truly loved her, with all my heart.

Sammy pulled his cockpit close to hers, bumping both together for what felt like an eternity, but couldn't be further from the truth. Gido's words had been lost to a simply devastated demeanor, gibberish sown between tears. He could barely look at the cameras, his eyes bloodshot, his sight fuzzy. "I love you." She whispered, setting the countdown off as Rankenn could do nothing but watch as his love, his reason to survive, his all... Leapt into the maws of danger, head-on towards an inummerable multitude of foes. His systems came back online much too late, the world quiescent as he squeezed the trigger desperately to cover her, help her in any way he could, as the rocket soared skywards.

Her AMP sparkled brightly, Samantha had supercharged her main generators, tossing herself onto the enemies before a humongous bubble erupted from the base, encompassing all, scrap flying everywhere, lacerating through Gido's cockpit, blood splattering everywhere as the sizzling warmth of the debris smashed the entirety of the left side of his torso, but the pain never got to him, the deafening sounds never reached his ears, because even moreso than the explosions, moreso than the shriek of flesh vaporizing, the cockpit was filled with Gido Rankenn's screams.
In the still of the night
I held you, held you tight
'Cause I love, love you so
Promise I'll never let you go
In the still of the night

I remember that night in May
The stars were bright above
I'll hope and I'll pray
To keep your precious love

Well before the light
Hold me again with all of your might
In the still of the night

So before the light, hold me again
With all of your might
In the still of the night
In the still of the night
Drake was feeling just fine again today.

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