Teamwork - the teen superhero rp [CS]

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Teamwork - the teen superhero rp [CS]

Post by mochi » Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:29 am

Name: Orion Stanton
Alias: Fallen
Age: 18 earth years
Short backstory: he fell to Earth as a baby, where he was quickly picked up by SIDA (Superpowered Intelligence and Defence Agency) and grew up as part of their system. His true form is that of a bulky, red skinned humanoid with horns and clawed feet, but SIDA gave him the ability to blend in with humans on the condition that he would not act out and endanger innocent lives. He’s taken that pretty seriously since. Orion enjoys taking orders and honing his skills, but longs for the time when he can go off on his own... which is why this hero gig is so important to get right. If he does it right, this might be his final test before he’s ready to step out into the real world.
  • Orion is able to convert his original form into his human form at will, though many of his powers do not carry over into his human form
inhuman strength.
  • he has the strength to lift his massive sword in one hand, even in human form. However, his human form lacks the endurance of his original form
space sword.
  • when he crashed to earth, he only thing he was holding was his sword, a massive thing with a blade of hardened light. In fact, he refuses to use any other weapon
Physical description:

as a human: Orion is tall, around 6ft or so, with dusty brown hair kept swept back neatly under a cap, most often wearing SIDA uniforms or issued clothing. He is visibly well muscled with tanned skin, a strong nose, and a broad torso. His eyes, however, are pure white.
In his true form: he is well over 7ft tall, with deep red skin that seems to be growing into a carapace, nubby horns growing on his brow, clawed, digitigrade feet, and intimidatingly muscular arms. He has no hair at all. His teeth are surprisingly normal, and his eyes, as always, are pure white.
Stakes: will he be able to prove he can work on a team with other people, or will he be trapped under SIDA’s watch forever?
Important connection: Lt. Hawking, essentially a mother-like figure to Orion, the one who named him.
Other important facts: he was named Orion after the constellation, obviously. He considers himself more human than not, but honestly has no idea where he comes from, and doesn’t really want or need to know. His story is more about growing up, and moving forward.
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Re: Teamwork - the teen superhero rp [CS]

Post by Maxx[2.0]ine » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:28 am

Name: Louann "Lou" Strouth

Aliases: Ice; IM/LS-13

Age: 17

Short Backstory:
Lou does not remember anything from the first thirteen years of her life. All she knows is she woke up in place that looked like a hospital but wasn't a hospital when she was thirteen. She has no clue who her real parents are, or anything about them. Lou lives near the hospital that isn't a hospital with someone who works at the H-T-I-A-H. Lou has no clue why, but at least once every two months she has to go back to the H-T-I-A-H to either have blood taken, have stuff injected into her, or have scans. For the first few years she didn't really question anything that was going on, but lately she's been kinda restless, wanting to know what it is she can't remember, and why she has to go to the H-T-I-A-H so often. And why she woke up in the H-T-I-A-H in the first place.

  • Control Over Ice
    Lou can create ice seemingly from thin air; in actual fact, she just uses the water molecules in the air to create it. Using this ice, she can create weapons such as ice spikes, and can also create a protective ice shroud over her body. The shroud, whilst not exactly visible, kind of distorts her appearance slightly. Things that come into contact with this shroud start to freeze, and it reduces harm from physical attacks. Non-physical attacks can still get to her, apart from certain elemental ones (fire and ice). The shroud also slowly damages Lou if she uses it for extended periods of time.
  • Clairgustance (kind of?)
    Lou can gain information about items and people through the sense of taste. This information can range from stuff about a item's/person's history, to simple things like where the aforementioned item or person has just been. Basically, Lou can learn stuff about someone or something by licking them. There isn't really any limitations to this, apart from the fact a lot of people do not take kindly to being licked for some reason.
Physical Description:
Lou is about 5' 4", and slim. She has candyfloss pink hair and light blue eyes, and has a light smattering of freckles. More often than not, Lou will wear a tight pastel-colored tank top with ripped skinny jeans. Either that or this dark blue fitted jumpsuit she has and loves. She doesn't really have a costume, but she does tend to use her control over ice to create a mask that covered the top half of her face.

Will Lou find out the purpose of the scans, tests and injections she has to go through, and remember the missing portion of her life? And when she does, will she like what she discovers?

Important Connection:
Sandra Palmer, her best mate from school, and the only one who Lou tells stuff about the H-T-I-A-H

Other Important Facts:
The H-T-I-A-H is actually a secret testing facility place with a hospital facade, but Lou doesn't know that. Also, the people from the H-T-I-A-H are always covered up, even the person she lives with, so that Lou can't lick then. Lastly, Lou basically has no sense of personal boundaries and does not at all get why people don't like being licked.
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