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ADV Rules

Post by Taiska » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:17 pm

Please read before continuing. Failure to comply will have ensuing consequences.

Welcome to the Advanced Section. Here is where our best and brightest gather to share their immense skill and imagination in the most descriptive and verbose ways imaginable.

Here I will take the time to inform you of the expectations required of our Advanced members. With Shadowfang's blessing I will proceed by not making any drastic changes. For those who have been here before – the rules are all the same. For newcomers – please, and I cannot stress this enough, please do read the rules.

The Requests Thread
Advanced Section Roleplay Request Thread is where you propose your RP idea to the public and potential players.

The Requests section is where you will stop first. Here, you can give a synopsis of your role play idea and garner attention from your fellow members. However; this is not where you ask for Character Sheets, and I typically frown upon requests for ideas. If you do not have an idea for an RP then you don't really have a reason to post, do you?

If you have an idea here I expect it to reflect your ability and the expectations for length and grammar in this section. I typically will not impose here often, but if you demonstrate that you are not fit in the requests thread then your idea will be moved somewhere more appropriate. I will generally give you a chance to expound upon your work. Also, please do not post “Brainstorming” threads here; if you intend to post, you should have a plot already laid out.

Consider this: If you cannot be bothered to write more than a few lines in preparation for your role play, how can you be expected to write longer posts consistently in the world you are trying to create? If your post is riddled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and only a few lines you will mostly be ignored, unless someone wishes to bring your attention to the errors.

I won't get involved with requests unless they're clearly posted in the wrong section, but do consider that you are looking to set an example as first impressions are important.

The OOC Thread
(OOC means Out of Character)
Advanced Section OOC Threads are where specific game's participants discuss topics related to their game play and characters.

Pretty self-explanatory, this is basically the place for you to talk about your role play. Remember, though, that there is already a chat provided, and trying to create another here will result in immediate deletion. Other than that you can relax and feel free to banter and interact as yourselves here.

The only things that I will monitor these threads for are violations of the forum wide rules.

The CS Thread
Advanced Section Character Sheet Thread is meant for posting your CS for a specific RP; keep the CS thread for CSs and for acceptance/negotiation only. Any questions should be via PM or in the OOC.

Character Sheets are basically the most important part of a role play. If your character sheet is disorganized, or does not provide enough information, then the character becomes useless and the role play will die. All players are important, especially in an Advanced RP, and it is up to each member to ensure that their role plays continue to run.

Nothing irks me more than seeing characters that are one dimensional, or characters that are not played to their sheet. What you write here will establish who you are in the role playing threads. Always keep this in mind when creating your character.

I believe that most of our Advanced community shares this view of the character sheet, so I typically am not required to intervene often. I will, however, check these threads as often as I will your role playing threads. Be sure that you are meeting requirements.

An Advanced CS should consist of the typical basic information:
Appearance: (Some users do not request anything more than a picture, but I highly recommend at least a few basic lines in addition. Personally I would prefer to see no picture at all, as this can show how dedicated you are to the character. However, I do not require that you meet my standards unless it is my personal role play.)
Personality: At least a paragraph, not "strong, nice, friendly, evil"
Biography: Detail, detail, detail. In case you did not understand, you must have detail. Must be at least two paragraphs long. This is what determines everything about your character and their interaction. Something along the lines of, " Will be revealed in the RP," will not be tolerated. This is one of my biggest pet peeves.
I will accept less rounded CS sheets for NPC (non-playable characters) brought in by the OP (Original Poster) but NPCs can also infiltrate without a formal CS.

Any other information in the CS thread is at the discretion of the OP. (Height, weight, weapons, star-sign, blood-type... etc.)

RP & One x One Threads
Here we are. This is where the magic happens.

The pinnacle of the forum and the standard to which the community should aspire. I do not insist on perfect spelling (it would be partly discriminatory) but I do ask that members give of their best when posting in the Advanced RP threads.

One x One is simply Advanced standard posts between two members so I will not describe it separately. The following is applicable to both One x One and to the RP thread.

I expect a minimum of two complete paragraphs of, at the very least, six complete sentences (properly spaced- leave a clear line between). I don't expect to see many two-paragraph posts. It should be a rare failure of muse that leads to a shorter post like that.

Writing should be clear & consistent, engaging your reader and featuring an ambitious and lively descriptive vocabulary.

Punctuation should be correct and varied, speech marks should be utilized and a new line should herald a new speaker. I am happy for members to use structural features within posts (bulletins, memos, letters etc.) as this enriches the content.

As always; the forum rules regarding 3rd party ads, erotic RP and discrimination apply.

I am willing to work with users and help (within reason) them strain their goals here. If you have made it this far you should have no troubles. Do not let these rules intimidate you and keep you from trying your hand. The worst that can happen is that you are told that you are not ready yet and role play be moved.

Be proud, and be confident; you are now in the place where legends are made.

Tags have been established for all sections. Please use them in accordance to what they are meant for. These are the specific tags for this section.

[REQ]- Group Requests

[REQ1]- One x One Requests

[OOC]- Out of Character

[ADV]- The Roleplay

[CS]- Character Sheets

[ONE]- One x One

Thank you for your time.
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