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[CS] Esmora: The Blade of the Rose (1x1)

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:49 pm
by Xylohem
Character Letters:

(Your character has a choice, as seen in the CS, to either be a Lord/Prince of one of the three outer kingdoms, a Spy for the outer kingdom of your choice, or to become a Rose Guard in service to Trivel and the Rose Queen. The letters for your character are different for which "role" you choose. The letter will be written with the starter at the beginning of the Roleplay. If you have an idea for how you want the letter to sound then PM me your idea.)

Character Sheet: (Huzzah! You finally got here!!)

Powers/Magic: (Please be descriptive, and if you add something that is TOO powerful I will have you remove it or edit it.)
Role: (Rose Guard Initiate, Lord/Prince, Spy)
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: (Adding a photo would be useful but it is not required.)
Biography: (Please be descriptive and include maybe how or why your character has the role you chose for your character.)
Appearance: (You can just describe your character but an image is also very helpful.)

-Also, be creative!! Make your character special! It's more fun that way.-

Re: [CS] Esmora: The Blade of the Rose (1x1)

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:50 pm
by Xylohem
Character Sheet:

Name: The Rose Queen (Her true name is kept secret for her protection. -Anaslyn Xyrleth-)

Age: 326 (Looks 25)

Race: Wood Elf


Elven Life: All Elves have been blessed with long lives with the oldest among them living upwards of ten thousand years, but their long life does not make them invulnerable to diseases and the cutting slice of the sword.

Field of Thorns: With an ability to make whips of thorns in a matter of moments, The Rose Queen and turn a select area into a large patch of thorny vines. While this covers a large distance, nearly thirty meters wide and thirty meters long, it doesn't always do much other than making moving toward her very painful and difficult.

Sea of Petals: If she finds herself in a concerning situation that threatens her life, the Rose Queen can turn her form into rose petals that then quickly begin to float away in the breeze. This is just a minor form of teleportation that can transport her up to fifty meters away. Though if every petal is caught, her teleportation can be directed to a specific place where the petals land.

Wings of the Faerie Queen: After many years of learning and talking with a few Faeries on the continent of Kaleth, the Rose Queen was granted a blessing by the Queen of the Faeries. This ability allows her to grow wings similar to fragile Faerie wings, and they last for a limited number of hours before she must rest to use them again.


Current - Trivel
Past - Vellidor

Role: The Rose Queen, Head of the Rose Guard


(The green color is replaced with red.)

(Tattoo's placement is on the outer part of her right thigh.)

Scar: She has a scar that runs from the left side of her temple down past her left eye down past her lip to the tip of her chin.

Likes: She enjoys nature, archery, sword training, books, music, and helping her people.

Dislikes: Emperors and rulers that do not put value in the people they rule, liars, cheats, and being a ruler.

Personality: While she is very secretive, this allows her to do what she enjoys, helping her people when she doesn't need to be a Queen. Often during her rule, the Rose Queen has opposed her position as the singular leading figure in the kingdom of Trivel, though she puts up with the situation due to the fact the people of Trivel adore her and continue to ask her to remain as their queen. She is respectful and kind, but just because she is peaceful doesn't mean she had forgotten how to be violent. When provoked to a combat situation she is the first to charge and kill her opponents. She is incredibly lethal on the battlefield as proven in the war for Kaleth.


Anaslyn was born to a family who prided themselves in their combat prowess. With this push to become a powerful warrior, Anaslyn spent her early year's training and preparing for combat. Often she would adventure far from her home against the wishes of her father and return with a trophy from a powerful beast. Though, being so versed in battle was not Anaslyn's greatest wish. What she wanted to be was a musician, and often when she left home on her little adventures she would write and experiment with musical instruments. She would never dare show her parents, especially her father, that she was musically inclined. Apparently, the world had other intentions as eventually her father and mother were told about her musical habits.

Her mother was curious and slightly proud that her daughter was smart enough to be a lethal weapon in battle and while playing the lute. This curiosity from her mother helped nullify her father's frustrated rage as Anaslyn began to learn how to be a courtesan. While the court of Vellidor was too far from her reach, one of the nearer Lord's had prepared a court in hopes to find a suitable wife and advisors. Anaslyn's mother saw this as an opportunity to raise her family and teach her daughter how to be cunning when it came to men. Thus the new training began and eventually Anaslyn earned the favor of the Lord.

Though she had little interest in the Lord and bearing his children, she prepared a clever ruse to keep what her mother so desired. After a couple years of clever manipulation, the Lord was cut down and reprimanded by the court of Vellidor for conspiring with another kingdom. This act of treachery was conveniently found by Anaslyn's mother after the Lord had prepared for a far away vacation with his new wife. As recompense, the now-widowed Lady Anaslyn committed herself to the court of Vellidor and her service was accepted. Many years passed as her proud mother and father cherished their positions as both a Lord and Lady due to their daughters cunning. Nearly fifty years later the world shook and the kingdoms became interested in personal preservation.

With the rise of Kaleth, and the new coming war, Anaslyn was seen as a valuable resouce in the new world. To keep the soldiers in line, and keep the kingdom aware of enemy movement. Anaslyn was deemed, the Lady of War and commanded to watch over the battles. In a desperate offensive, Anaslyn and her elite troops were commanded to attack a seemingly insignificant area of Kaleth. Little did she know she was being cast into a suicide mission. Back home, Anaslyn's mother had disclosed the truth of what her daughter had done in hopes to increase her station among the nobles of the Vellidor court. While she did receive a higher station in the court, her daughter was sentenced to death.

As Anaslyn and her troops desperately fought off a horde of troops from the Adrivia Empire a few of her own troops turned against her. It was at this point she realized that her home demanded her blood and death. So she gave it to them. Coaxing the troops of the Adrivia Empire into saving her, she earned their trust and confided in them and the remaining soldiers of her elite troop who were still loyal to her above all. This was the point when Anaslyn died, and the Rose Queen was born. Though at the time her new name was the Rose Warrior.


(The Rose Queen wears one of two masks, one is in this picture with her pet Faerie Dragon Damaris. Also, the dress she is wearing here is what she wears when she doesn't need to be incredibly fancy.)

(This is the mask she wears more often.)

(The dress here is her more fancy dress, though she is able to fight in this dress if she needs.)

(If she is prepared for a battle, this is what she wears with the golden mask. She rarely fights without her mask. When she is not in combat she will wear the same thing in her kingdom when she wants to help people, in which case she won't wear a mask.)