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(Character Sheet) The Magical Dimensions

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:41 am
by elitelenny223
Rules of this sheet are simple:

Follow this format!



Birthday / Age:



Eye color:


Body Shape:




Intrinsic Ability (optional):

Bio (Recommended):

And you can also add additional rows if your characters have other properties. A Bio row is recommended to be added, but their development can also be seen as the RP goes on.

The Magical Dimensions is an all-purpose RP to which there are different dimensions depending on the updates given to the topic's description. And when there are different dimensions, there are also different varieties of characters to be made. The RP itself is centered around rift travelers. One of such is a magical girl named Janeth Maria Ferrano. She stays 14 years old in her appearance for a long time. She is ruthless, destructive, and somehow efficient.

Other rift travelers at this sheet are welcome! :)

Main RP can be found here:

Re: (Character Sheet) Magical Dimensions

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:02 am
by elitelenny223
"Earthquake Demigoddess"


Age: More than 250 years (Though appears to be a good conditioned late 30’s woman)

Height: 6’6”

Hair: Black (and could have varying hairstyles)

Eye color: Black

Skin: Fair

Body Shape: Athletic and Toned

Race: Half-Olympian Human Demigoddess

Nationality/Accent: Scottish

Weapons: Can vary from blades and cannons, but she usually uses her Crumble-Whammer serving as an extension of her Earthquake making abilities.


Big Georgia herself was never a fan of concubinage. When she found out she was a child from Zeus, she just said... "TO HELL WITH IT. I will not be a concubine's child, and most certainly won't I be a concubine of his. Yer dick can be stuck in another mate, just not in me, you big bastard." The last sentence was being focused on Zeus. From then on, her disgraceful attitude was kept watch from Olympus. Though she chose a life of seclusion from the God of Thunder himself, she was irritated that she was still being stalked upon by his spies. The immediately settle this, she orders a Rite of Separation be done. Zeus didn't like this, but if she were to split ties from Olympus, she would be on her own. And from then on she was just by herself making friends with Earth-people.

Though she was separated, she was a wise woman to most, giving knowledge about what a planet's resources are and how they can be used. Some can even call her Mother Nature herself that cities and towns thrive correctly with proper usage of resources based on their surroundings. But the foolish rumor of her controlling the Earth and its natural ecosystem isn't true. She can influence strong tectonic activity, making her the main influence factor for sudden Earthquakes made at her will.

And to cross her is futile. She has Super Strength that can allow her to even lift over 500000 tonnes worth of weight, though less when it's used for attack means since it's not her main line. Don't be fooled though. She is a hard hitter and can crush skulls. She wasn't new to violence since she left Zeus for good.

Loyalty to the Kitsune

Something however changed a part of her when she visited the Shrine. While looking for other deities in her adventures, she comes across a shrine in the mountains, and one that cannot usually be found by just anyone. After finding it, she sees a rare sight... finding a fox deity having their own three-way affairs. She eventually came and introduced herself to him and he seemed to take an interest of her. This also piques her interest as no one was interested in her. Perhaps that shrine would be a second home to her? She needed to be sure, so she visited a few times to keep him company.

As she noticed that she was seeing this Shrine improved, she was impressed. After having thought of him of being lazy the whole time, she never figured he had a trait of being responsible. He worships Inari Okami. That brought him to improve the temple. Perhaps there was more to the temple? And because of this, she took great interest in the Shrine, even wishing herself to be of great service to the Kitsune. She not only needed a home, but she needed... him. It changed a few things from her, seeing she wanted to be done with the past and start anew...

And it brought her far. Kai not only showed her a new home and she was welcome in it. She also gave her a new purpose: To have a good nature while serving him. While her agendas are generally for the improvement of the Shrine and its security, and she also aims to raise a child. It happened when the two of them crossed eyes on the hot springs. He was drunk, but somehow, she accepted him for who he is while she dipped into the warm waters. He acknowledged her presence there and approached her with an intent that is obvious. She welcomed him, and he acknowledge by helping himself. Soon after, the two had gotten to see each others' bodies better and she finally got her first with him. Though it only took a few minutes, it was the best few minutes she had with him. She never wanted him to leave her, making that decision to be ready with a pregnancy, and he never pulled out for that. Soon, she was given his seed and will be the mother of his children, while also getting the brand. This signaled that she belonged to him.

The brand can be located on Georgia's left shoulder.

Other Pictures:


Image Basic appearance of her weapon

Re: (Character Sheet) The Magical Dimensions

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:16 pm
by Crazy insane
Age: 27
Race: human
Height: 6 ft
Hair: gray
Eye color: blue
Skin: tanned
Nationality: western
Affiliation:paladin of hadiez (god of death, might be spelling his name wrong)
Weapon: unholy blade of woe (a dagger blessed by his god)
Intristic ability: just like death, jack can seduce and convince with his calming words. Officially called "tongue of the devil"
Bio: at the young age of eight jack heard calming wispering in his head, saying nothing but comfort and lies. At the age of ten he saw a deer dying in the woods and thought it was pretty. At the age of twelve he realized he loved death and killing. At the age of 15 he was recruited into a cult worshiping hadiz, he trained in deaths name until he was named champion when he was 25, now he wishes to spread his gods divine message, death

Re: (Character Sheet) The Magical Dimensions

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:06 pm
by Taiska
Crazy, I am deeply sorry, but this character sheet does not meet advanced standards. You will need to revise it heavily and extend it for it to be suitable. I would suggest going and reading the Advanced Section rules before posting again. Please don't let this discourage you though, if you are willing to revise your CS, maybe do a little research on Hades. Thank you very much for your cooperation, and if you will message me when you are done revising, I will be glad to look it over again.

Re: (Character Sheet) The Magical Dimensions

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:38 am
by ace100
Race: artificial human

Birthday / Age: 100 ( spent most years in a tube being made so technically 17 )

Height: 6'4

Hair: jet black hair with white highlights long almost touching the middle of his back

Eye color: on the left black with a scar over which he keep shut having a eyepatch the right is a deep purple with the pupil being black

Skin: slight red white tan

Body Shape: athletic ( black wings that he can hidden from sight )


Weapons: he can use his claws making them sharp and long but use a long slender sword and two pistols with special bullets

Intrinsic Ability (optional): copy abilities for a certain time with a limit having to understand the ability and having to touch the person or get hit with it. Being made with darkness he have a form that he don't like to use unless necessary when in form he have multiple abilities but barely control over them

Bio : he was made with darkness being a test experiment made from a test tube he was kept in secret never leaving the lab as time pass he had a desire to go outside sharing this dream with a woman he grown close with the women help him get outside through any means necessary they was chased down to the outside the woman hide him sacrificing herself they shot her down while he watch before her dying breath she peck him on the check telling him to always be good and giving him instructions which he followed them finding a friend she knew that trained him while teaching him things being his parent when it came time he left traveling the world searching for a home