The Second Rat: Characters [OPEN]

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The Second Rat: Characters [OPEN]

Post by Lev » Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:33 pm

If you're viewing this without having read the general plot summary, please visit this thread first:

If you have read the summary and are still interested.. please don't hesitate to post your CS for consideration. If you have any question regarding character content, please PM me or post in the OC chat found here:

Here is the general CS template:

Name: (If you're going by a gang name or alias, provide both here.)

Age: (Avg. age in The Aerie is between 8-17. If older, your bio must explain why you'd like it this way.)

Height: (Self-explanatory)

General Appearance: (If submitting a photo, no anime styles permitted.)

Special: (Defining marks, birthmarks, scars, deformities, or traits worth mentioning.)

Belongings: (Things used daily, such as weaponry or toys. Maybe something hoarded in The Aerie, like an expensive trinket, etc.)


Parents, Alive or Dead?: (Further explanation can be provided in bio.)

Existing Family: (If applicable)

Personal History: (Go nuts. What's your story?)

How You Joined The Macliar Rats/ The Aerie: (Brief or detailed explanation. Simply need to know who recruited you, or how you got in.)

If you want to add more public information to your character, feel free. Just be sure to note which information is public knowledge in the RP, and which is simply meant for character reference out of RP.


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