[Reserved] Spire Charlie

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[Reserved] Spire Charlie

Post by Authorlord » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:18 pm

Name: Jasmine (Jay) Donnavitch

Age: 19 (born June 2, 2132)

Gender: Female

Personality: Ice Queen would be an understatement to how cold she is to other people in her school. In fact, she sometimes gives the shoulder to even her teachers. Jasmine Donnavitch both thinks and knows she is better than the other students in her school. Her grades are perfect in every subject, and while not the most athletic, she doesn't struggle in fitness either. She is the kind of personal to pedestal over others. The only person she considers better than her is her father, to whom she completely 180's her personality and becomes very loving. Daddy's Girl and Bitch both have a picture of her in the dictionary.

Database: Jasmine Donnavitch, age 19, born in district 3, daughter of Alex and Heather Donnavitch. She is 5'7 and weighs 125 pounds. On April 30th, 2132, she and her mother were involved in a horrific car accident--her mother didn't make it. As unfortunate as the death of her mother is, Jasmine suffered only minor injuries and was medically cared for by her father's top facilities, leaving her virtually without a scratch on her body. Details of the accident incl--file error 15379--

Since the death of Heather Donnavitch, Jasmine and her father moved to district one, the highest class of all eight districts. In the latest years of her age, Jasmine has attended Spire Primus, the leading school of district one and of all others. There she has studied and progressed her knowledge for nearly four years. She is in her senior year and has already proven the abilities to take on advanced college level courses, but remains in high school for personal reasons. She is top of her class and proves to be the number one student in the school.

Bio: Jasmine hardly remembers her mother--even the recollection of the woman's face is impossible. Oddly enough, Jasmine also can't find a single photograph of her either. She feels like she was really close to her mother as well. She grew up becoming very close to her father, who always called her Jay, as a nickname, and showed signs of being a prodigy in the educational fields at an early age. Whatever he told her, she seemed to absorb it like a dry sponge. Aside from coworkers of top clearance level, Jasmine is also the only person fully aware of her father's developments. She knows every detail of his research down to the last wire and bolt.

Her father claims she was once a very optimistic person who got along with everyone and would play with all the kinds, but has since noticed her antisocial habits in school. To her, he claims it all started after the crash, and has yet to discover any medical concerns that may have altered or limited her behavior in the process. That being said, Jasmine doesn't feel anything is wrong with her and continues to tower herself over others.

Jasmine, however, is a passive fatalist. She believes to a degree that all events are a doctrine of some divine force that has life set in a certain motion--if only to a degree. She also believes one can do anything they set their mind to, including deciding their own fate if they so decide to.

She's a sucker for strawberries.

Appearance: Jasmine is 5'7 and 125 pounds. She as long, jet black hair and bright blue eyes. She hardly looks like her father, with brown hair and green eyes, so she assumes the image of what she expects her mother to have looked like. She isn't petite, but her frame is small. Her skin is a fair toned beige. Jasmine can usually be found wearing the ring given to her by her father that once belonged to her mother. It is a simple silver band with emerald embedded within.

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Re: [Reserved] Spire Charlie

Post by UmbraSight » Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:54 pm

Lind Keeper



Lind is, for the most part, tightly wound with a dark mood. She expects the worst to happen in life, and is poor at looking at the bright side of any situation. Trust is something she is slow to offer, and even to those she does trust she holds her cards close to her chest. Lind tends to be quiet, not the shy sort of silence, but the one which simply wishes to be left to her own devices. She is wary, the sort of distrust which has been learned through experience and heartache.


“And in return, should I ask a favor of you, you cannot decline.”

Laura stared down at the pen in her hand, at the paper on the table, her eyes not quite seeing either. Could her foibles really come to an end so easily? No. It would not be easily. She would owe him as single favor, and there was no way he would call it in on something trite. Would the future trouble be worth the reprieve in the now? She was no fool, she was no grand optimist.

“Well, isn't it everything you wanted?”

She didn't look up as he spoke again. It wasn't everything she wanted on the earth. It wasn't parents, or protection, or absolution of sin. It was a new name and a handful of documents. Her past would still exist, she would simply be choosing to ignore it. And that didn't truly make it go away, it just meant she was pretending it wasn't there. Still, wouldn't it be worth it? A looming favor over her head until the man finally used it, and then she would be free. Truly free.

Laura lifted the pen, and pressed the point down onto the marked line. Her signature was fast and neat, almost as soon as she placed pen to paper she had scrawled the final letter. She placed the pen aside with a definite click, as the man reached across the table and scooped the paper up. He nodded. He smiled, not cruelly, but in a way that seemed to possess no warmth.

“This is the last of Laura Ridgewall.” He said, the paper vanishing into an envelope. “Pack tonight, and someone will come for you tomorrow morning. Understand?”

Lind nodded, slowly.

“And don't look so dower, from here on now, your life is your own.”

“Other than one favor.” Lind said. And the man smiled, coldly.

Lind stands at 5’8”, and weighs 143 pounds. Her hair, usually pulled back into a ponytail, is dirty blond and reaches just past her shoulder blades, and her eyes are a sharp green with a wariness to them, like a distrustful animal watching for any sudden movement. Her facial features are generally soft and smooth, and her skin a milky-white.

Her body has a more athletic build, the muscles of her arms and long legs well toned, her waist smooth leading to the curve of rounded hips. Her shoulders sharp, and her bust is heavier than average. She has a thin scar running along the back of her neck, shaped vaguely like bolt of lightning.

Lind tends to wear a simple blouse and plaid skirt.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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