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[CS] Superstition

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:24 pm
by Ghostly
Character Sheet

(Character Image)

Name: (Something that fits your character in some sense.)

Age: (Gods and other higher beings, just put down 'Ageless')

Gender: (Not that hard)

Class: (Something from the above.)

Skills: (This is where you write what kind of magic you use, if you're a magic-user. Utilize this to make your character unique. I don't need a bunch of John Rambo's and Sebastian's here.)

Equipment: (Any guns, armor, or other useful things.)

Direction in Life: (Please don't just say women and money. Everyone has a dream, even monsters.)

Psychology: (Your personality. Creativity is key.)

Appearance: (A bit more in depth, what color of eyes do they have, how tall are they, skin tone, muscule structure, etc.)

Backstory: (It doesn't have to be a novel, but it should be at least 2 paragraphs, but I would like to see more.)

Scene: (This will give me a good idea for what your character is really like. Just a quick piece of writing that stars your character.)

Character Theme: (Music for the soul.)

Re: [CS] Superstition

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:11 pm
by God Of The North
Character Sheet

Name: Solomon Vaelor

Age: He was born twenty four years before the return of magic, and he's been physically 24 since then

Gender: Male

Class: Elf

Skills: Universal Magic

Equipment: Solomon has a staff, which has a magical focus embedded in it. He also has 10 rings, one on each finger, each of which drains his magical energy, and stores it, acting as a limiter for the majority of the time, but he can draw from the energy within the rings as well, if he needs

Direction in Life: Solomon desires to learn all that there is to learn in the universe. He also desires to meet with and learn from the various Gods of knowledge

Psychology: Solomon is driven by a thirst for knowledge, which drives many of his actions, and is the drive behind him getting up in the morning. Solomon's thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, but it does not control his every action. Solomon WOULD do a wide variety of things in the pursuit of knowledge, but there are certain things that he just will not do. Solomon has read many ancient texts, including those of ancient philosophers, and certain quotes from those texts resonate with him. Some of these quotes are, "The needs of the group overall the needs of the individual" and "If a man has everything he thought he wanted, but has sacrificed his bonds to achieve it then he truly has nothing." These quotes have instilled in him a loyalty to those he calls his friends, and his allies. If they need something, Solomon will more than likely do everything he can to help them get it.

Appearance: Solomon stands around 6'2, and he is rather lean, with a skin tone that is slightly darker than peach coloured skin. His eyes are a warm golden colour, and his hair is a golden blonde colour. He isn't the most muscular, as he doesn't really need to be good at close quarters physical combat, but he does have a similar muscular appearance to a swimmer.

Backstory: Solomon doesn't like to talk about his past too much, at least when it comes to his past BEFORE the return of magic. If he's ever asked abut it, he will either wave the question off, refusing to answer, or he will merely say, "It wasn't a pleasant time for me. I had very little true power, and I had even less real, solid knowledge. Solomon believes, on some level, that it was that part of his past that caused him to get the Universal Magic when magic returned, and that part of his past is what fuels his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Solomon is far more willing to talk about his past, or at least the part of his past that took place AFTER the part he doesn't like to talk about. In that part of his past, he had become a wanderer, who traveled the world, learning all that he could, and meeting new people, of all groups, and species. Solomon spent some months with some demons, some of whom were demons of wrath, while some others were demons of lust. Solomon enjoyed his time with them, regardless of the fact that they would commonly try to control him. He had used his powers to make himself immune to them, so he was in no danger, and he found the challenges exciting. He eventually left them though, and traveled the world some more.

He spent years with vampires, he met some lycans, although he never really met any lycans that he really liked. He met some Hosts, and questioned them about the Gods of Knowledge, such as Thoth, but none of them were really too keen on revealing stuff like that, and he understood, so he didn't press them,

Eventually, he did find someone whom he had an interest in. He met a man with black hair, and red eyes, whom he soon learned was a dragon. He tried to question the dragon, to find out the things it knew about the world, but the ancient creature had little interest in revealing anything it knew to Solomon. Solomon was persistent though, and eventually, he and the dragon became friends, with the dragon sharing the knowledge it had gathered over its very long life. As thanks to the dragon he had befriended, Solomon used his magic to cast spells, giving the dragon back its old, true body, while still allowing it to assume the human form it had met Solomon in. The effort of bringing back a body that had been destroyed over five hundred years ago was tremendous though, and it drained Solomon of all of the magic his rings had collected, over a hundred and fifty years' worth of magical energy, and even THEN, it drained Solomon so much he fell into a coma for a week. the dragon, grateful beyond words to Solomon, stayed by Solomon's side as he recovered, and eventually, once Solomon woke back up, the two became even better friends, becoming as close as brothers to one another.

Name: Azazel Apep

Age: Azazel, like all dragons, is immortal, but he was born thousands of years ago, around three hundred years before ancient Egypt was united.

Gender: Male

Skills: Azazel is excellent at combat. He can shift his hands so his fingers become long, wickedly sharp claws, capable of cutting through flesh, and armour, like a knife through soft butter. He can breathe fire up to fifteen feet while in his human form, and his skin is naturally very tough. If need be, be can shift his skin into scales, which are tougher than just about any armour. He can also transform into his true form, a massive dragon, and in that form, all of the previously mentioned skills are multiplied numerous times, although he is a much larger target.

Equipment: He doesn't use any equipment, and prefers to use only his natural weapons and armour.

Direction in Life: Azazel honestly doesn't know for certain what his desire in life is. AT one point, it was to regain his physical body, and recreate his horde of wealth, but he now has his body back, and his time with Solomon has changed him, to the point that he isn't certain about what he wants in the future.

Psychology: Azazel was once very uncaring, and looked at humans, and other species, as if they didn't really matter. He preferred to be left alone, and he wanted to be allowed to do what he wanted, without caring about what humans or the other species cared about. He saw them as mere pests, and annoyances. Like a large alligator, sunning itself on a river bed, if you left him alone, he would likely leave you alone, unless he was hungry.

After his soul returned, he was highly bitter, and he ignored humans and "lower species" simply because he felt they were below him in levels of importance, and as such, he didn't think he should have to deal with them. If you sufficiently annoyed him, he would more than likely annihilate you. He was greatly changed by his time with Solomon, and he's become more patient, and he is far more willing to have conversations with creatures that he once thought as "lower creatures"

Appearance: In his human form, Azazel is 6 feet and 7 inches in height, with pitch black hair, and blood red eyes, which glow when he is angry. Azazel's skin is rather pale, and it causes him to stand out, especially when combined with his height. Azazel's muscles are tight under his skin, with scars littering his torso, which are hard to notice, due to the fact that they blend in with his pale skin. Azazel's teeth are longer than a human's, and are harp, designed to tear through meat, or anything else he bites, even when he is in his human form.

When he transforms into his true form, he is a very large dragon. He is around the size of a Boeing 737, a hundred and fourty feet in length, with a wingspan of a hundred and sixty feet. The top if his head is around fourty feet high when he is in his true form, standing in the ground. His eyes constantly glow blood red, and his scales are so black they look like someone tore them from the night sky.

Backstory: Azazel hatched thousands of years ago, when man was nowhere near as advanced as he would become. Azazel was a black dragon, and, at the time, a black dragon was seen as a creature of chaos, and misfortune, so he was abandoned by the ones who hatched him. One would imagine a young dragon, abandoned, all on his own in the world wouldn't last long, and they would normally be right, but not here. Not in this instance. Azazel fought, fang and claw, to survive, and he grew older, and stronger, and larger, until he could pose a threat to any other dragon.

The ancient Egyptians looked upon him as he flew over one of their cities, and they believed him to be a demon, and so they attacked him, shooting arrows, one of which managed to pierce the membrane of his wings. Azazel, enraged by the fact that they had attacked him and managed to actually HURT him, landed, and attacked their city. He destroyed almost all of it, burning, smashing, and crushing buildings left and right, causing the people to flee for their lives. Azazel then flew away, and as he did, the ancient Egyptians decided that he had to have been a demon, an agent of chaos, and they deemed him "Apep" the flying serpent, destined to destroy the world by swallowing the sun.

Azazel continued to live, gathering wealth, eventually mating with a female dragon, and creating offspring of his own. Azazel, one day had been hunting, and when he returned to the mountain top that he and his mate called their home, he found that his mate had been killed, and the eggs that held his offspring had been crushed, killing his unborn offspring. Azazel was enraged, beyond anything he had ever experienced before, and he flew from the mountain top, fire spewing from his mouth, his wings beating the air, roaring with rage against the world. The people of ancient Israel, seeing the great black dragon flying, breathing fire, and roaring with rage deemed him "Azazel", a demon. Soon after they saw Azazel, ancient Israel began its downfall, and they wrote into the book of the apocalypse that there was a "Great Black Dragon who would return, signaling the beginning of the apocalypse"

Azazel would eventually be killed discovered again, near the end of the Medieval Age, in a mountain range. Azazel didn't realize he had been found, and as such, he was caught off guard when he was attacked in his cave. He managed to kill most of the people attacking him, but he was overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and their weapons tore his soul from his body. He would eventually return when magic returned, and his soul found a host, in which he stayed, until he met Solomon, and he finally regained his ability to shift back to his real body, although he often stays in his human form, to keep things simple.

Scene: Solomon and Azazel stood side by side, one standing almost half a foot taller than the other. The two had been together for decades by now, and they knew each other extremely well. The shorter man glanced up at his taller companion, and he spoke simply, "How are you feeling about this?" The two had rather grown tired of wandering the world. Everyone, to some extent, wanted a place to stay, and call home, at least for a time. Neither of them had had a home like that in quite a while, and as such, they were both yearning for exactly that. Neither of them were exactly normal though, and they both knew that they had to use their skills to help people, at least for a time. Where could they do that though? They had heard about the Department of Extramundane Analysis and Defense. Supernatural creatures being used to investigate other supernatural creatures in New Heaven City? THAT sounded like it could be fun The only question left now was simple. Where did they sign up?

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Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:41 am
by Ghostly
(Reserved for CS.)

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Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:51 pm
by AllThatAngst
Character Sheet
psychic engineer.jpg
psychic engineer.jpg (50.35 KiB) Viewed 1984 times ... a016e9.jpg

Name: Wyatt Abigail Graham

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Class: Psychic

Apportation: ability to undergo materialization, disappearance,or teleportation of an object.
Astral Projection: ability to project the astral being, astral body becomes separate from physical body.
Aerokinesis: ability to create and control air.
Eidetic Memory: photographic memory. (These usually come in short spurts and require a small amount of concentration or focus.)
Electrokinesis: ability to control lightning and electricity.
Intuition: The ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired, but instead having direct access to unconscious knowledge, unconscious cognition, inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Levitation or transvection – The ability to undergo bodily uplift or fly by mystical means.
Psychokinesis or telekinesis – The ability to manipulate objects by way of extrasensory perception.
Psychometry or psychoscopy – The ability to obtain information about a person or object, usually by touch.
Remote viewing, telesthesia or remote sensing – The ability to see a distant and unseen target using extrasensory perception.
Technopathy – The ability to undergo a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device.

Despite being a psychic, Wyatt rarely uses her mental abilities in a fight, she resorts to using weapons, guns specifically. She has also not trained herself to use her abilities in a battle. The only person she trusts herself with using her abilities on is herself because if anything goes wrong, it will only directly affect her well-being. Wyatt has however had many accidents with not being in control of her powers, these issues were more prominent when she was younger but now she is mostly surrounded by technology instead of people. These skills really come in handy when she is engineering or repairing, which is all she really uses them for. Although being able to manipulate air is helpful when a projectile is coming your way. Reminder: These abilities are rarely used in a battle, she uses them for engineering.

Equipment: Wyatt is a large fan of pistols. She finds them to be extremely accessible and reliable for quick combat. Of course she adds her own flares to all of the weapons she carries or creates, and with the help of her alchemist friend, she adds a twist of magic, her newest obsession. Her least dangerous weapon is her .44 Magnum with electrical bullets made to send an electric jolt into the target, similar to a taser with a higher voltage. The first gun she is prepared to pull out is usually her Glock, while her favorite is the first revolver gun she ever crafted with especially made bullets to incapacitate and even kill, the strongest of monsters will elements borrowed from a Reaper's blade. If she is feeling saucy then she will bring and whip out her semi automatic rifle and paint the town. Although she is trained in using all sorts of firearms and military weaponry, she usually stays away from explosives. They are too messy for her.

Depending on the mission or day, Wyatt wears holsters on her shoulders, hips, and legs. She always at least has two. Due to her main choice in weapon she also can always be found carrying ammo, even when not out on the job. They are everywhere. Now, for her engineer equipment she carries a gun repair kit but is known for using weird odds and ends to upgrade or fix a weapon on the spot. She has this weird attachment to this particular purple screwdriver that she never departs from. She also always carries this little (but mighty) folding hunting knife and flashlight taser her father gave to her when she was in middle school. Lastly, Wyatt's uniform consists of Spectra fiber and Shear-Thickening Fluid which is flexible, comfortable, and safe, especially for her line of business.

Direction in Life: Wyatt absolutely adores the science of technology. She enjoys figuring out the ins and outs then using that knowledge to create something new, and better, something never before seen. Revolutionizing military weapons is her aspiration in life. She wants to be the first innovator to combine the world's newfound magic and human weapons efficiently. With her main focus for her future on her career, Wyatt also wants to be recognized as the first successful psychic engineer.

Psychology: Despite being a prodigy in engineering, Wyatt has always remained humble and open to critique or praise. She will still stick up for her idea with facts and experiments and if proven wrong she accepts that new information and uses it for her new prototype. She does not react to senseless compliments from people who do not have a true understanding of the subject and are just amazed, she will be polite and thank them but truly does not care for it. She appreciates real feedback. Wyatt is extremely determined, obsessive, and compulsive when it comes to perfecting a prototype or research. She is devoted to her studies and career, often putting it above her health. With being so curious and observant, she easily becomes distracted, her powerful mind similar to a computer, comparing the amount of information being shifted through. She may be playful but she can often be dorkish. The spunky engineer is simply a quirky, nerdy, tomboyish sass-master. While being compassionate about her career and studies, Wyatt also knows that to be a person in her study, that she must never devalue humans. She was raised to be earnest, dependable, and responsible, in order to ensure that she would never stray down a dark path. In her own way she is charismatic and confident, however has a habit of being blunt and strong-minded. Wyatt does not allow people to manipulate her or mistake her goodness for weakness. Despite her patience and uncomplaining attitude, she can still snap and remind someone that she does not fall for their games.

Wyatt likes puzzles and mindgames, she believes that fitness for the mind is just as important, and possibly even more important, than the fitness of the body. She welcomes challenges and refuses to give up unless it is logically possible. She will laugh at corny dad jokes, believing that humor is everywhere. And she is usually always up for a joke, even when in the middle of being in deep thought. Unless it is a moral joke or a joke about some sort abuse, then Wyatt is fairly light-hearted, she likes everyone else has boundaries. Speaking of which, Wyatt is not emotionally bothered. She is fairly practical and does not rush to react emotionally. Although just because she does not express extreme emotions often, this does not mean that she is emotionless or monotone. She is a very bright and colorful person. Wyatt likes competition and challenges, and is willing to throw a couple elbows to win, however she would never resort to cheating. An old soul, she likes 50's music and blares it through her garage/workshop when at work. When she was younger, there was a time when she wanted to be a classic pop singer, R&B singer, and jazz singer--unable to just pick one. On the opposite spectrum of knowing the mechanic of cars, Wyatt also quickly grew to love dancing, a skill she never shows. Wyatt of course is not always a happy-go-lucky girl. She hates when people bring her gender or race into things. Being judged by any aspect that makes her her, is infuriating, so one better prepare for a rant. Wyatt has a small amount of self-disgust or hatred with herself because, unable to help herself, she has a strong prejudice towards werewolves due to an incident from her past... As previously stated that she is serious about her work, Wyatt hates having her integrity called into question. Due to the fact that she always gives above 100%, and strives for perfection, she finds it deeply discouraging when people doubt or ridicule her, especially when they have a higher education on the subject, similar to her. Wyatt has a habit of chewing gum and snacking while working. But also has a bad habit of biting or nibbling on writing utensils. She is also fairly antsy, and will express her need to move by drumming her fingers on a surface or eating/chewing.

Appearance: Standing at 5 feet and 10 and a 1/2 inches, Wyatt is certainly healthy with her hourglass figure, her body a pleasant mixture of fat and muscle. With a figure she can thank her mother for, Wyatt is ironically feminine despite her random spurts of effort to lose the curves for muscle. Her long limbs are passed down from her father, which she can thank her long legs for. A sizable bust and wide hips, she tends to gain unwanted attention which often conflicts with her aspirations in life. Her diamond shaped face is sprinkled with tan freckles, a trait of her father's, and the freckles tend to gather the most around her nose and cheekbones, accenting their height. Her full lips naturally have a plump pout and are a soft pink when she does not wear lipstick, her usual being a sun-dried red. Wyatt's upturn eyes are an amazing gold color, but can switch to a gold outer ring and green towards the pupil, this usually occurs when it is cold. Abnormally, Wyatt has a light ash blonde hair which falls in natural waves to the top of her chest. She either leaves it down or throws on a hat and ties her hair messily into a quick ponytail. If her goal is to not get her hair caught in some mechanical device then she does her tight but efficient ballerina bun atop her head. Although Wyatt does not care for appearances, she usually decorates her eyes with a single color of eyeshadow to match her lip color. Her hands are calloused from vigorous working and are decorated with random but small scars from accidents. She has an old scar on the back of her left shoulder blade from an incident with fire, it is the size of a softball. Neither of her ears are pierced but she wears an old Vintage dog tag of an officer named Harrison Pierce, with a real, pea-sized diamond accent. She is usually never found out of her work uniform and always faintly smells of gasoline.

Backstory: For she is an outlier who fought her way to earn a spot at the top. Being the daughter of a college physics professor, whom also won a Nobel Prize in physics, Wyatt A. Graham was destined to do great things. But it did not come as easily as most would perceive, growing up in the shadow of her mother put eternal strains on Wyatt. While trying to balance the influence she felt from her mother, the young girl had to ensure that she appreciated her father as well, who was only a humble car mechanic. Still, like a sponge she seemed to soak up knowledge easily and understood things adults could not. She showed excellent promise as a child, leaning away from TV and stuffed animals, and more towards building blocks and read-aloud books. Wyatt accelerated in school at a faster rate than the other kids in school, easily she was ushered into classes for the "gifted" and expected to continue to progress at amazing rates. Wyatt was always found with her head in a book, her other hand scribbling away furiously as she recorded notes. She took several visits to the library with her parents, and learned to read and write earlier than other children. Although Wyatt bonded fiercely with her mother, a memorable instance being the frequent airplane trips to other countries to give speeches, she also caught an extreme interest in mechanics, like her father. If her head was not stuck in a book then she was in her father's shop, wearing faded yellow overalls which were stained brown from numerous accounts with oils, underneath a car with him as he explained everything he was doing and the clues on how to recognize problems. As anyone would guess, her superior intelligence created a distance between her and other kids. But, aha!-- little Wyatt and her parents knew exactly how to stop that. They were sure to teach her proper morals and healthy social habits, so she would not fiercely depend on science.

A factor about her life that cannot be ignored is her older sister, Ali'ikai Kala Graham-- obviously the one who took the more cultural side, a choice made by her mother since she was the first-born. Ali was the opposite of Wyatt. She was artistic and normal, yes she was brighter than other students but nothing phenomenal. She was very helpful and a good influence to little Wyatt. She also never became jealous of her little sister's success, always urging her on even when her sister surpassed her. The year difference was only three and nothing ever came in-between them. Around the time of when the large ball of fire brought magic to Earth, the girls were teens. Wyatt's tomboyish nature was very obvious now, which conflicted with her body reacting to puberty in favor of the opinion of most boys. Meanwhile Ali was the popular, girly-girl. Still, this did not break their bond or cause conflict. One day, Ali was going to a party per usual, which was allowed due to the trusting relationship the parents had with their kids. And that faithful night Ali was murdered, by a teen werewolf who could not control his rage during the full moon. This tragic event was extremely heart breaking to the family, and hurt Wyatt the most. Though to this day she may seem unaffected, the truth is that she lost part of herself and now carries a prejudice against werewolves, her first gun engineered had silver bullets. Wyatt used this sadness to further burrow herself into her work, her dream ushered forward by this passing. Wyatt quickly recovered in highschool and graduated two years early. She has specializations and majors in many subjects, bringing a lot to her 23-year-old plate. With all of her skills it was obvious that SIN would request her services and expertise. She was at first simply doing repairs on general mechanics, then became part of the weaponry division for engineering, and recently she proposed her technomagical weaponry idea and now has her own personal research group. She devotes her life to this now.

Scene: Somewhere in a large compound, within a dark and junk-filled room, sat a tall, young woman with a screwdriver in hand and an old cap on her head, casting a shadow on her face. Her environment was dark, and the mechanical materials shrunk the initial large size of the room. Nothing hung from the high ceilings but instead, the entire ceiling's surface produced light. Though the woman kept the illumination low when her eyes strained from hours upon hours of work, the ceiling was capable of truly filling the space with bright light. Her shoulders were tense but her fingers were nimble, a small screwdriver in hand as she adjusted the configuration. Sweat clung to the top of her brow and the gum in her mouth was now flavorless from constant chewing. Within the darkness blanketed onto her face were a pair of narrowed gold eyes, focused and stern. The rose gold flecks swam within her irises, their fierceness swallowed by the large pupil, eager to seek light while stuck in the shadows. Among the deep humming of machines that surrounded her and loud vibrations from other metal knick-knacks, there was a distant thumping noise, soothing but unique from the rest...

Suddenly she sat up from her rolling stool, and whipped her hat off of her head, allowing waves upon waves to be freed from the dirty cap. Using the back of her hand she rubbed an itching spot on her forehead, leaning a smudge of black oil in its wake. Quiet humming left in mumbles from her lips but quickly became a serenade. Her shoulders shook and her head bobbed right and left, then soon her hips were following in rhythm. Holding the butt of the screwdriver below her mouth and close to her chest, she extended her left arm and pushed it outwards. "There's goes my baby," she sang loudly, the earbuds stuck beneath her pale, blonde locks blasting the music, nearly making her tone deaf. "Movin' on, down the line..." she continued, nodding along with the beat as she moved her left hand from left to right as if her 'baby' was actually leaving. Eyes closed, she put her heart and soul into the lyrics. "Wonder where, wonder where, wonder where, she is bound?" Her hand then moved above her head, as if singing to some sort of Heaven. "I broke her heart. It made her cry. Now I'm alone. So all alone. What can I do? What can I do?" She shook her head at the end of each question, a faux expression of sadness taking over her features. Although she was lost in the song, her mind was still at work. Hundreds of calculations and facts were spinning and weaving around in her head even when her body was caught in a trance. Flexing her knees she used a metal cabinet to push herself across the lab, her hair flinging onto her other shoulder from the motion. As the chorus sang, she threw her screwdriver into the air and caught it, snatching the pliers from a tray and pushing herself across the room again. "O-oo-o-oo-oh!" As she neared the mechanical arms holding the giant military machine gun, she slid off of her seat and hopped onto her feet. Rhythmically her hips shook back and forth, a vigorous fever dancing up her spine from the entrancing music slinking through her ears. "O-oo-o-oo-ah!"

Unknown to her, a figure lurked in the hallway that fed into her lab. Darkened by shadows, it stood there but watched. It noticed her feverish dancing and modulated voice. It was quite the sight: the genius who usually spouted nonsense letting it loose in her lab. It actually made her more appealing, if one replaced her rambles with dancing. She certainly had the body for it. The figure decided it was creepy to stare and watch--even though they had been there fore a while, but for their thoughts to travel there... They had to start trying to get her attention again, so they stepped out of the darkness and called out to her, "Ms. Wyatt!"

Their shout finally reached her ears somehow and the young woman known as Wyatt stopped singing and prodding at the giant gun. Perking up to the sound of being beckoned, she tilted her head at the Intern and looked at them expectantly. Quickly her brain registered the given situation, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" She eagerly turned her music down and pulled out her earbuds. A large grin spread onto her face and a light blush dusted her tan cheeks, her embarrassment evident. "You have them?" Her eyes lit up at the intern held up the shiny blue bag of Keebler's frosted animal crackers. A squeal escaped her lips and she quickly extended her long legs towards the intern, reaching him within a few strides. Taking the bag she mumbled a 'thank you' and ran her fingers through her hair. Ripping off the seal to the bag she wrapped it around her gum and used levitation to throw it into the trash. Wyatt gushed, "I just love these little rascals. They provide me with just enough energy to get this brain going-- and yes I know that that is not exactly how it works. I am just referring to carbohydrates and their short term energy usage. Speaking of short-term, did you hear about the woman with short-term memory loss who was healed by gaining psychic abilities? Amazing huh? Just imagine the medical advancements from this phenomenon. Too bad I am not in biological sciences, then again I was never bewitched by biology. I was more interested in how technology made things easier for humans. People like to believe that technology has to be electrical or made of metal but truthfully is just has to be man-made and solve a problem. Isn't that beautifully simple?" The poor intern stuck a forced half-smile onto his face and robotically nodded to her nonsense. No wonder no one ever liked coming in here, he thought. As he scrambled for an excuse to explain his reasoning for his departure, Wyatt popped a frosted cookie in her mouth and brought up her hand, pointer finger extended. "Oh wait, please listen to my new joke!" she pleaded, finishing in her chewing and licking her lips as she grinned wildly, running a hand through her hair to move it to her other shoulder. It was then that he noticed the oil smudged on her forehead. For some reason she seemed to have forgotten her gloves. Her excitement was rather obvious, she kept shifting her weight and her fingers were restless, her bright eyes seemed even brighter as she raised the intensity of the light in the room, realizing how dark it was. She flinched from the intensity but quickly recovered. "Why did the psychic never talk to anyone?" The intern certainly had his own opinion but kept it to himself and simply asked her, why? Her painted lips then parted to reveal perfectly straight and white teeth. "Because she was a shy chick." Wyatt then could not contain herself and fell into a fit of giggles, the sound may have been melodic but the intern was too bitter about the crappy joke. Curtly ending the conversation he exited her lab without anymore hesitation. The tall blonde simply tilted her head, no longer laughing, and pursed her lips. Staring at the door at the end of the hallway, she lost herself in her thoughts. This did not last long because there were too many and the past situation was not important enough. Popping an animal cracker in her mouth, she swiveled away and went back to work. Not dependent upon her powers, she pulled back a heavy metal door, revealing a large target. Going back to the weapon she was working on earlier, Wyatt returned to the back of the machine and pulled the long string, sending off a loud boom, it made the room shake and the target was nothing but a blast mark on the wall behind where it used to be. "Fixed," she chirped, patting the large military weapon approvingly.

Character Theme: The Great Pretender by The Platters, All I Have To Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers, Let The Good Times Roll by Shirley & Lee.

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Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:02 pm
by SixxSage
Character Sheet


Name: Samuel Westchinster

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Class: Wizard

Ritual Magic - when all the stuff from fantasy crawled its way into the real world Samuel knew he had to fight magic with magic. Although he can’t spontaneously cast magic if he can get the right materials together and draw the correct circles he can lay on a world of hurt.

Rune Magic - no regular Human body is strong enough to survive the effects of rune magic. However, in a pinch, modified weapons can be just as useful. Using runes he can modify bullets and other weapons to add elemental damage to them or to entrap certain creatures. Again, a certain amount of prep time is necessary but he is sure to keep a few enchanted bullets and daggers around just in case.

Crack Shot - when you're combatting evil in an age of guns it’s important to be familiar with the tools of your time. Samuel, as it turns out, is simply better than others when it comes to firearms.

Berreta M9 - Possibly Samuel’s favorite weapon. By default, it is chambered with silver bullets enchanted to trap demonic forces.

Dagger - A simple combat knife, it is enchanted in order to send an intense shock whenever someone is harmed with it.

Necklace of Helm - A magical artifact found in recent years. Reportedly it was found in the plains of Ireland. Evoking its name creates a magical shield that protects the user from magical and mundane dangers.

Component Pouch - A simple leather pouch that Samuel always keeps on his person. It is filled with various components for spells such as chalk, blood vials, etc. Without it he is not able to cast his rituals or make runes unless he finds the materials he needs out in the wild.

Direction in Life: Every person wants to do right by his conscience at least once in his life. This is no more true with Samuel. Although he can falter at momente he will always try and do the right thing, even if others don’t see his actions as just.

Psychology: Don’t. Fuck. With. Samuel. Don’t mess with his stuff. Don’t mess with his people. And, if you value your life, don’t mess with his alcohol. You do those things and and you’ll be alright with Sammy. He holds a grudge for longer than an elephant can remember something and God help you if you're in his little black book. Although he can appear to be gruff, strict, and an arse, he does care about those who work and fight with him. He holds no particular love for the new “races” created but does understand that they are indeed people too, just that they are more prone to crime given their sudden appearance and confusion in this world. He is not afraid to put someone down if they even so much as look like they may kill someone and is harsh on his partners that don't do the same.

Samuel prefers to work alone when dealing with supernatural crimes as he believes another person will slow him down. If he must work with a partner he will usually take the lead but expects them to follow his every step, not liking to “babysit” as he puts it. Even still, he will go to great lengths to ensure their safety under him as well as the people around the world he is charged to protect.

Appearance: Samuel stands at a full height of 6’3’’ and is well built for his stature. He has short brown hair with piercing green eyes that, at times, look like they are staring right through you. He takes the time to remain shaven despite his busy schedule as when he neglects it his facial hair will grow in rough and patchy. Even though he is relatively young for someone in his position he has the appearance of someone who is 20 years his senior with graying hair and the odd wrinkle. His attire is entirely ordinary sporting a white dress shirt, blue tie, and a brown trenchcoat that seems to have seen more than a few years of usage. Underneath his attire you may see his gun holster, dagger, and his pouch of various magical components.

Backstory: Samuel was a follower of the occult ever since he was a boy. He always liked to scour the Internet in search of anything relating to the supernatural or to magic. His parents, however, were less than thrilled about his odd obsessions and tried to get him into things like sports, girls, or even video games. Sammy didn’t take to any of these stimuli and instead delved deeper into the acts of the arcane. The young boy couldn’t have known that his acts would eventually change his life. Very soon Samuel thought he could cast real magic by using spells he had found online. The one he was to try was simply to conjure fire within a circle. Fate would also have it that real, dangerous magic would return to Earth. The harmful spell that was to be cast turned out to be a blazing inferno. Samuel passed out and awoke to a dark revelation; his house had burned down along with his two parents.

Two years later he was recruited my DEAD saying that he had a particular skill with magic. Though reluctant at first he joined in order to protect others from misusing this new science that had permeated the world, to stop others from making the same mistake that he did. Up until now the people at DEAD were his family and their base in New Heaven was his home. Ironically, he never felt more alive than with his early years fighting back the supernatural forces of Earth. His skills with runes and rituals proved to be an invaluable asset when combatting unknown threats and he was one of the chief specialists who developed spells to fight back the more obscure threats.

What made Samuel the hardass he is today, you may ask? It all has to do with the death of Juniper Wilde, his partner when going out on the field and the only Elf he's since worked with. Some might have said the two had a certain connection, that was putting it mildly. They were inseparable during Sam’s tenure in London, but one mission changed that entirely. Their task was to find the location of a family of Vampires that were supposedly kidnapping and feeding on living people. Obviously too big of a threat for just two agents to handle they were simply supposed to find their location and call in a team to deal with them. Things got hairy, however, and they were caught before they could send the location successfully.

June was drained in front of Samuel in a matter of seconds. He had never seen a person die so quickly and still have the look of such agony. He couldn’t move, fear took hold of his body. Instead of feeding on him right then and there they knocked him out to save for later. Apparently the family didn’t see him as much of a threat as they left him free to roam around in the basement but did take all of his belongings. As he awoke he could barely see anything but could smell the decaying bodies that were around him. Things looked bleak for the young DEAD agent. In most situations he would dead to rights, but he was resourceful, cunning, and mad as hell.

You don’t mess with Samuel’s people, and especially not the love of his life.

Blood, a Human tooth, salt, water, and the knowledge of a particular spell circle. These five things saved Sam’s life that night. Though it hurt like hell he managed to cut his palm with a piece of wood to draw the circle and complete the most essential component of the spell. Though dirty, the sewage water would work for the spell as well. Don’t worry, he still has all of his teeth, one of the corpses happily obliged. The Vamps also had a water softener in the corner that still had a bit of salt in it. What transpired the next couple of hours is a blur in Samuel’s mind now. What he does remember, however, is a rain of lightning destroying the bodies of Juniper’s killers.

Revenge well deserved.

For the next two months he was suspended from DEAD for not trying to take them in alive. He didn’t care, his conscious was clear and the world was free of four serial killers. It seemed that for the next eleven years his superiors agreed with him. For now.

You know the first thing they tell you when you join DEAD? “When the monsters of the night bump, we bump back.” Very inspirational, truly. The young strapping lads hear this creed and get excited to take on their first monster, almost like a hunt to see who can kill the biggest buck. That's where they misstep; this ain't no hunt. The “monsters” aren't animals waiting for the slaughter. They're people, criminals that enjoy the fight, not unlike you and me, who can think and feel. That, my dear reader, is what makes these buggers dangerous. So, you wanna join DEAD? Get ready to kill Ms. Betty down the street, and her dog, Rufus.
-Samuel Westchinster, note left for recruit James Daniels

“Damn you! Damn you all to Hell!” The young man in front of Samuel threw tongues of fire at the concrete barricade he was hiding behind. A week before he had brought in this guy’s sister for, you guessed it, arson. When they brought in Emily Davidson they didn't know her brother also controlled fire. Guess pyromaniacs ran in the family.

“Son, you're just making this harder on yourself! How about you stop trying to burn me and we can talk about this?” The fire didn't stop, suppose he had his answer. Thankfully the streets were clear, Sam didn't want anyone to see him take down a kid who didn't look like he was even old enough to vote.

“Come on, DEAD Head, let me see that ugly face so I can burn it off o’ ya!” The flames seemed to be coming closer and becoming much hotter. Normally he'd invite the warmth on such a cold night but he'd much prefer it to be with a woman under some nice sheets. Oh well, suppose he could settle. The spell Samuel was working on was done. This kid didn't seem to be the punctual type when it comes to getting revenge. Maybe after he was in custody he could tell him he'd be a bad date if he wasn't on time.

“Ras!” The light of the magic circle illuminated underneath Samuel’s feet and a rush of water came from it soaking the immediate area with a torrent of waves. The elemental’s fire stopped just long enough for Samuel to bring his gun up and shoot the kid in the shoulder. He fell, blood soaking from his clothes and making the water around him turn red. “Don't try to move too much. That was a bullet specifically enchanted to suppress your magic so you're probably feeling fire in your veins, no pun intended. Any sudden moves and I'll put one in your knee.” The kid complied probably too much in pain to do much of anything. In minutes a few DEAD agents came to take him away.

Samuel sighed wishing he had a flask of something to treat himself to a job well done. “Maybe Mama Jo’s is still open. Dive bars have the best company.”

Character Theme:

Re: [CS] Superstition

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 4:39 pm
by Ghostly
Interesting character, Sage, but I see a few issues.

S.I.N is a world wide organization dedicated to protecting against supernatural attacks, not seeking out all monsters and eradicating them. D.E.A.D is the sub-project that looks to defend New Heaven. They don't go out and hunt monsters, in actually, they work to improve relations with all supernatual beings, from Angels to Demons, Werewolves to Vampires.

Also, looking at his skills, he seems more like an Alchemist than a Human. Alchemists are basically Humans, but use rune and material magic to cast spells, instead of their bodies.

Re: [CS] Superstition

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:07 pm
by SixxSage
Sorry, I just re-read the stuff as I should've done earlier and will replace SIN with DEAD. Just as clarification he was never sent to hunt these criminals but instead got reports of their illegal activity. In the instance of the Vampires they were killing/eating people. For the elemental he was trying to kill Samuel for locking up his sister and he retaliated in kind. If you want me to change or clarify anything in the backstory can you point to specific events?

And I was debating whether to make him an alchemist or not but since he doesn't transmute or conjure using magic I made him a Human instead, though I will change it if you want.

Re: [CS] Superstition

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:23 pm
by Ghostly
Just replace Human with Wizard and I'll be cool with it.

S.I.N is the big organization, and the Department of Extramundane Analysis and Defense. They aren't an army, just a worldwide police force. They are led by a council of beings from every race. Most supernatural creatures are just trying to survive on Earth, and adapt to Human ways. In actuality, most monsters were just Humans before the magic returned.

Re: [CS] Superstition

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:08 am
by SixxSage
Changes have been made, boo

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Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:09 am
by Ghostly
RIP Dante Blackwater