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[CS] The Nerd Can Sing

Post by Light-Witch » Sat May 06, 2017 2:26 am

Age: (17-18)
Zodiac sign:

How long has the channel been up:
Channel type: (if music, just say "Same as Dakota")
Any other channels: (If yes, list their monikers and the channel type)
Reason for starting the channel(s): (explain why)
Will you turn this into a career: (explain why)
Reference voice:



Appearance description:
Appearance picture:

Theme song(s):

My CS:

Name: Dakota Wagner
Nickname(s): Kota, Wagner, Lakota (Native American heritage, common insult for her), Nerd
Age: 17
Birthday: October 10th, 1999
Zodiac sign: Libra

Moniker: Siren
How long has the channel been up: Will be four years in September
Channel type: Music
Any other channels: No, but she wants to start a gaming channel under the moniker Siren Gaming
Reason for starting the channel(s): It was a distraction from school, which wasn't the best thing for her at the moment. It was actually a way for her to do covers and not receive criticism directly after her mom suggested that she should do that before things happened, and Kota had planned to tell her mom about it before it happened. It's been her therapy as well as her best friend, so when the abuse began, she began to post less. Her fans have been considerate enough, but a few have tried contacting her directly with no avail. She refuses to take the channel down, and has managed to keep it a secret from her father so far. Only time will tell if she will be posting more videos again.
Will you turn this into a career: Dakota would definitely turn ITube into a career, even if it meant dealing with criticism from any haters that may be out there. She loves to sing, and it helps to keep her mother's memory alive. Had her mother not helped to train her voice to be what it is now, she would've been unable to find the passion to keep going that she has now for singing and ITube. While she likes the anonymity that her mask provides her, she knows that she would have to eventually reveal to her fans her real name. Her mask has become a trademark on the channel, and she would even keep it if she were to reveal her real name. The channel won't get taken down without her consent, and she would rather die than let something destroy her budding career.
Reference voice: Amy Lee of Evanescence

Personality: Dakota is a wallflower, one that would prefer to be in the background as much as possible. Rather shy upon meeting someone, she flinches very easily when people move too fast around her. She takes time to warm up to people, finding that trusting too easily will always result in pain rather than happiness. Once Kota warms up to people, she will definitely smile more while being more outgoing, but she will remain guarded at all times. She is always looking for that one person who can take her away from the bullying and her father, but as far as she can tell, it's only a dream. Yet when she's Siren, things are different.

Siren is confident, and while she may seem like she's shy, the ITuber is very outgoing. Many are drawn in for her voice, but others stay because of the way she makes people feel when they listen to her. She has the ability to make people feel whatever she's feeling through the songs she sings, and has been starting to write songs in order to bring in more fans. Siren will always be seen smiling, liking the fact that she doesn't have to physically be in front of a crowd in order to be famous. Other ITubers have commented that she's very guarded when it comes to her past, and nobody so far has been able to reach her. Yet the scars everyone notices on her suggest not only cutting, but abuse as well, and she has refused to comment on the subject of both.
  • ITube
  • Being Siren
  • (Insert name/moniker here)
  • Rock music
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Bullying
  • Abuse
  • Crowds
  • Talking about herself
  • Her father
  • School
  • Showing off
  • Social butterflies
  • Public speaking
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • ITube
  • Writing
  • Playing instruments
  • Music
  • ITube
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments
  • Gaming
  • Writing
  • The abuse becoming known
  • Having to get rid of her channel
  • People finding out she's Siren
  • Losing (insert name here)
Bio: Dakota was the awkward one growing up, but it wasn't just in looks where she fell behind. She had severe social anxiety, finding that talking to anyone besides her parents would send her into the early stages of panic attacks. This caused her to actually go mute for the first five years of school, but Kota received a special kind of therapy from her mom in the meantime. Her therapy was music, and as a part of that therapy, she learned how to sing as well as the different vocal techniques that came with keeping her voice the way it was. Meanwhile, the girl was getting bullied for her muteness, and when she finally broke herself of the inability to talk to anybody, the bullying got worse. Now the kids knew she could speak, and the teachers decided to leave her on her own now that she didn't need someone speaking for her.

Middle school was where Dakota finally started filling out, becoming less gangly than before. Her voice was attracting attention from music producers as well as studios who hoped to sign her, but her mom refused. That was when she was taught how to play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums throughout middle school, and a family friend taught her how to mix and master her own music. It was much better for Kota to do everything herself when it came to music, and yet the girl couldn't write her own music. Soon she became both the Nerd and the music prodigy, but freshman year brought changes. Only one of those changes benefitted her in any way, and that was the channel.

Siren made her debut covering Evanescence's song Everybody's Fool in September of Dakota's freshman year, and she quickly got a quarter of a million views within a week of the posting. Her mom had gotten her a mask for her fourteenth birthday, and she realized that her fans were asking to see what she looked like. Some of her fans were even her bullies, and she gave them that with a cover of This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco, and people knew what to expect from her for music from that point forward. Yet on New Year's Day in 2014, her mom went out for a walk to get something from the store, and somebody decided to pull a drive-by shooting that she died from. The rising ITuber began to post less, and it took less than two months for her father to start abusing her physically. Combine the increased bullying, the death of her mom, and the abuse, and Kota started to cut and post less, her fans actually catching her with crying during an emotional cover of both Lithium and My Immortal as she recorded them with her face present with the mask on.

If things don't get better soon, Dakota and Siren may disappear forever, and her only lifeline left is ITube and (insert moniker here)'s channel for their videos alongside other popular ITubers.

Appearance description: Dakota stands at 5'10", making her taller than average for most girls her age. Her weight is 100 lbs., which means that she's also underweight due to a medical condition. While she is underweight, Kota appears to have a slightly curvy figure that she inherited from her mom. She has scars covering her body due to the abuse, and her left leg appears to stick out to the left as if it was broken multiple times. Her usual style is anything gothic, alternative, or even punk as long as it covers up her arms and legs. She's usually found with an opal and ruby pendant necklace that has it appear to be ying-yang, but it remains hidden unless she wants people to see it since it's the last gift her mother ever gave her before her death.
Appearance picture: Image Dakota/Siren

Image Siren's mask

Theme song(s): To the Ends of the Earth Shell Monster Inside Nightmare Mangled (Acoustic) Salvaged
Other: Dakota has been wanting to get a tattoo for the longest time, and she will most likely do it once she meets (insert name/moniker here).
"It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free." - NateWantsToBattle

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