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Re: [CS] Shards of Memory

Post by Fang » Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:00 pm

General Information:
  • Name: Shinzu Ryushiha
  • Username: Ryuzu
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Shinzu has been studying game design in a prestigious school for four years after being accepted at the age of sixteen. These studies are only a cover for his true career, however. In truth, though he does have great talent when it comes to virtual creation, Shinzu is under the employ of a little known government agency responsible for testing and evaluating VR games while they are in development and after they are released.
  • Biography:
    The only child of a middle class electrician and a simple housewife, Shinzu's potential was recognized early in in his life when his day care teacher noticed how quickly he learned. Already speaking clearly at the age of one and one half, he was a withdrawn child who would not play with the other children, but displayed incredible intelligence by first solving all of the puzzles that were often an infants bane, and soon after taking apart and reassembling more complicated toys. Being that there was no way for him to be tested at such an early age he spent the first three years of his life with only an acknowledgement as an intelligent child.

    However, whenever he taught himself to read at the age of three people began to take notice. He was immediately tested and it was found that his IQ was off of the charts, literally too high with a score of 198 for the test to be considered accurate. Despite his social ineptitudes he was rushed into elementary school, and on top of beginning two years earlier than most children he was advanced to the first grade within two months in kindergarten.

    He completed the school year in that grade, and on his fourth birthday he was given a calculator and a simple desktop computer, with the hopes that he could learn to use the device within the next few years and begin taking even more advanced courses.

    The astonishment from his parents and teachers was deep when he was proficient in using the machine within the year. He was pushed through to the third grade at the age of five, and at this time he was also enrolled in martial arts classes in an attempt to steer his mind away from its lightning fast procession by his father. Again he excelled, slowing little in his academic courses and breezing through the martial arts courses as if they were child's play.

    At the age of seven Shinzu was featured in a magazine article about child prodigies where he was said to be, "The next great mind in the history of humanity." Despite the exposure he was able to remain relatively unnoticed until he became the youngest person to ever enroll in college three years later.
    It was at that university where he was first arrested for hacking a secure server, the university finding that he had changed the grades of several athletes who, it was later found, had been given better grades so that they could maintain their scholarships. Several weeks later he was arrested again for hacking the city, changing all of the streetlights to blink, "Happy Birthday , Dad," in Morse Code. He spent several weeks in jail before his father could provide the money for his release, but by that time he had been so badly beaten by the larger boys that he became even more withdrawn. When his father asked why he dis not fight back Shinzu replied, "It wouldn't have been fair."

    At the age of twelve Shinzu had hacked government satellites, for no apparent reason, and was visited by Agent Corners. Instead of being carted off to jail he was given the opportunity to use his genius to help, and offered all of the resources that the government had to offer. His task: Investigate every aspect of the new virtual reality games that were on the market.

    The first VRMMORPG had been released just two years previously, and there had been two deaths in which only one thing was common; both victims were players of Grim Jager. It was work that Shinzu was able to devote himself to completely, and in a matter of months he had discovered that a serial burglar and murderer had been hacking the accounts of players and using their information to stage elaborate deaths, all with the premise that the game was actually killing them. The murderer had burned his first victim at the same time that they were attacked with a fire spell in the game, and brutally stabbed the second while they were fighting with another player. Though the police never reported that Shinzu had been the one to find the man, they did make the arrest before he could kill his third victim.

    Strangely enough that was not the only incident within GJ. Several times malware was designed to injure or kill players by programming students and, once, a CEO of a large corporation. Each time Shinzu was put on the case, and each time he caught the perpetrator before anyone could be seriously injured.

    Shinzu became the secret weapon against cyber crime for the next four years, both in VRMMORPGs and without. He designed an interface system that allowed him to "dive" into the internet and access it via his REM-Pod as if it were a game itself, and his ability to see patterns that escaped even the most talented analysts was so prodigious that his codename became "Wire Angel."
    When the next VRMMORPG was released the programmers specifically interacted with the now sixteen year old Shinzu without knowing who he really was. Within the game Shinzu had arranged for a sub-code of his own design to be written, one which he intended to make a more secure place for players to interact. It was designed to flawlessly protect a user's information and actively seek out malware, as well as shut down the game should any injury occur to the users body.
    The code seemed to do its job well for the next three years, no users were hurt and no personal information was leaked during that time, until the day after the newest innovation in VR technology was released: The Nuevo-Link.

    Unlike several other attempts at a headset with the same premise as the REM-Pod, Shinzu had not been consulted in the slightest manner. Though he had designed a similar apparatus from the failed attempts that had been brought to him and used it for the past year, Shinzu knew nothing of the actual Nuevo-Link device's capabilities until it was released. Despite his insistence that the task force to which he was assigned purchase one of the new headsets for him to look at he did not receive one until the first attack, and by then a life was lost.

    The media did not connect the the murder to the Nuevo-Link, but Shinzu, having been linked to the police network for some time, noticed the connection right away. He concocted a convoluted plan to catch the murderer, and though it took him a year to enact the plan it worked without fail. The game Gravity became a prison for the murderous hacker, as the game was actually designed by Shinzu himself for that very purpose. The ever evolving updates served as insurance that the man would be imprisoned no matter what, and drew him in like a moth to the flame.

    It was after this impressive defeat of yet another hacker that Shinzu was given new respect as the preeminent defense against any cyber threat, and granted a budget to match his importance.
    In all he stopped or prevented seven more threats within the next two years until the release of the Nuevo-Link COS, again without any consult with Shinzu. Though it irked him to once again not be included in the development of the new interface system that would be used by the public, Shinzu had prepared for such a move accordingly. When he received his own COS he immediately uploaded his own software into it, both the interface with the internet as a whole and the safety precautions that he always kept in case the worst should happen.

    When Shards of Memory was released Shinzu had little worry. He had been at this for so long that he felt sure that nothing could get past his code. He immediately took up the game as he did all previous games, and delved into with a vigor as he realized how much he enjoyed being in the world provided. The moment his defenses were swept away, however, Shinzu knew an emotion he had not felt since his first stint in Juvenile Detention: Fear. No matter what he tried the code that trapped him seemed to evolve around his own, tightening its hold on him with iron shackles. His only relief came from the knowledge that his physical body was well guarded and well taken care of by the Cyber Division that assisted him. How long would he be able to hold out without the advantage of his code, though?

    Physical Information:
    • Height: 5' 11"
    • Weight: 175 lbs
    • Eye Color: Depending on how the light strikes Shinzu eyes they can appear to be a multiple colors due to their hazel nature. Golden brown, deep green, and a fathomless blue are all possible depending upon mood and location.
    • Hair Color and Style: Shinzu has dark brown hair thicker than a lion's mane, though perhaps more manageable. In his real life he keeps it pulled back into an unruly ponytail that flares out immediately following the tie he uses. The ends are bleached to a stark white, which offsets the darker natural color dramatically.
      When creating characters for VR games he tends toward shorter hair, though the color palette is the same. However, for the first time in his career, his usual character preferences have become irrelevant.
    • Physical Appearance:
      A striking figure with broad shoulders, a thick chest and more narrow waist and abdomen, he is in the best physical condition possible for a man of his size. With sixteen inch biceps, a forty inch chest and thirty two inch waist he is chiseled muscle throughout. A strong jawline and high cheekbones frame deep set eyes, an arrow at right nose, and surprisingly soft pink lips.
      His choice of clothing varies little, tending toward dark or earth tones with white occasionally thrown in for a change. While his pants are usually roomy and possess many pockets, his shirts are generally tight in order to better accentuate his form. Though not possessed by vanity he does his best to dress well, layering his clothing in colder climes in an order that allows him to seem both comfortable and debonair.
    • Personality: Those interested in Shinzu find themselves facing a cold steel wall of reservation and single-minded focus. He is not a man to seek out friendship, and though he is not rude he has a tendency to brush off people who cannot help him achieve whatever goal he has his sights on. His words are sparing, his smile even more reserved, and when first meeting him most people assume him to be stuck up and self serving.

      He generally seems to care little about anything other than gaming and training, with the exception of the occasional fight against people who manage to upset him. Most of his interaction with other people consists of silence and the occasional agreement to satisfy their seemingly irritating requests.
      Despite this facade Shinzu is a still lake of magnanimity. He places others needs above his own, and his goals usually reflect that in an indirect manner. A persistent person can easily break through his walls and find themselves under the most stalwart protection he can provide. He takes his losses in silence, though inside they fuel a fire that cannot be quenched even in later victory. Calculating and intelligent, he is a calming force in chaos through his generally blasé demeanor.
    • Likes: Shinzu's two most obvious passions are martial arts and gaming, and usually these intersect. With his metabolism he relishes eating, though he does so with remarkable swiftness that would cause one to question whether he actually tastes his food. He has a soft spot for women, particularly the beautiful kind, but can occasionally seem cold to them as he is a surprisingly shy young man. Surprisingly Shinzu is possessed of a lust for learning that manifests itself in his private life. Despite his love if gaming Shinzu prefers paper bound volumes for his studies. His entire apartment is filled with shelf upon shelf of various books.
    • Dislikes: Shinzu severely dislikes being touched, though he will make exceptions for those he grows fond of. He will react angrily, and usually violently, if you attempt to take any portion of his meal. He is a stickler for manners, and when faced with someone who possesses little to no manners themselves he will first attempt to teach them and, should that fail, rectify their mistakes with his fists.

      Mistreating anyone, especially a female, is a sure way to evoke Shinzu's ire. He has a strong sense of justice and cannot stand to see the rights of another stepped upon by those who consider them weaker. He becomes irate with people who look down upon their selves, as well, and will oft times berate them despite the fact that he does so with his heart in a good place.
    • Dreams:

      Shinzu is not a man to waste his time with lofty dreams of something better than what he already has. He once dreamed of being a hero, then dreamed of falling in love, but once those dreams were achieved and the reality of them were realized he made a vow to live his life in the present and to never set his goals without reality in mind.
      Game Information:
    • Weapon Family: Martial Arts
    • Preferred Armor Types: At best Shinzu will wear light armors that cover only the most vital points, though he prefers his mobility to provide him with protection. He currently possesses the Traveler's Boots and the Blessed Metal Bars (x2) from his time in the Alpha test and the Traveler's Sash and the Autumn Dew (unused) from the Beta.
    • Preferred Playstyle: Shinzu prefers to play solo, though against the most powerful bosses he will join a party and serve whatever role they wish of him. He is best suited for roles that utilize his speed and strength, but his familiarity with gaming and ability to see things that others might not make him too valuable to simply be a body thrown into the fray.
    • Combat Style:
      When playing solo he uses his speed to avoid damage for as long as possible while meticulously throwing attacks at possible weak points until he find where the enemy is most vulnerable. Once he gains this information he slips past most attacks and strikes the point repeatedly.
      Before facing any boss or string opponent he trains as diligently as he does in the real world, gaining experience and usually seeking to be at least three levels higher than the enemy. He has a tendency to collect items and either sell only what he cannot use or trade it for services from other players when his abilities are lacking.

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Re: [CS] Shards of Memory

Post by HighVoltage » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:53 am

General Information:

Name: Shiroe Nakamura
Username: Spryler
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Job: Shiroe is a first-year college student and employee at the local bookstore.
Biography: Shiroe had a pretty normal childhood. He didn't want for much, and while he didn't want for naught, his family had enough to keep themselves happy and healthy. Shiroe was smart as a whip, excelling in his classes at school. The only problem was that he had trouble talking to people. It was just strangers whom it had the effect. Shiroe could talk to his family and close friends, which he had few of, no problem. But when it came to others, he stuttered badly and couldn't find ways to start the conversation.

His refuge was books and video games. Shiroe was fascinated with the multitude of worlds that were created through literature and games, especially the fantasy worlds. He read all he could get his hands on, and applied for the job at his local bookstore as soon as he found out they were hiring it. He was 15 at the time. Once Shiroe heard about SoM, he tried his hardest to get into the Alpha. By some miracle, he managed to get in, so Shiroe rushed out to buy a NeuvoLink. The first time he logged into Shards of Memory, Shiroe was addicted. The world was so vivid, so clear, and he loved it. He found that he could talk to people easier, and joined several parties before the Alpha was over. He failed to get into the Beta, however, but managed to snag a copy just before launch.

Physical Information:

Height: Leo is approximately 6 feet tall.
Weight: About 200 pounds
Eye Color: Green with threads of gold and brown shot through it.

Hair Color and Style: Brown hair that appears black in certain light that just brushes the top of his ears. Sometimes, he has to tuck individual strands behind his ears, but his hair never covers his ears.

Physical Appearance: I have a mod working on helping me with this. Will update when it is made.

Personality: Shiroe appears to have two personalities, and indeed he can seem like two different people. He has his IRL personality, and his SoM personality. In real life, Shiroe is a shy, smart kid, who loves books and games. He likes word problems and will keep working on a problem until it is solved. He isn't a showoff and prefers to blend into the background. However, in SoM, his personality becomes nearly unrecognizable.
His quirks are still there, such as his love for books and games and word problems and the like, but his attitude changes. He is still quite practical, preferring to end his enemies quickly instead of being flashy and elegant. But Shiroe becomes more open. He freely talks to people, even making jokes and laughing along. He can be loud and rude, but he still has his wits about him. Shiroe will obey the people above him, but won't risk anybody else's life. He doesn't try to put himself in harm's way, but instead makes calculated risks.

Likes: Shiroe likes books, games, good food, useless facts, and warm things.

Dislikes: Physical contact by people he doesn't know, he hates loud and annoying people, and Shiroe severely dislikes bullies. And the dark. Don't bring that up.

Dreams: Shiroe dreams to either one day run his own bookstore/cafe or to become a published author. He also wants to find someone and settle down, eventually having a child.

Game Play
Primary Weapon Family: Western Family
Preferred Armor Types: Shiroe prefers full plate armor, as befits his role as a tank. He likes to have as much and as strong as possible armor between him and the enemy.
Preferred Play Style: Shiroe's playstyle is that of a typical tank: Shiroe gets the enemies to focus on him, allowing his allies to recover and get some easier shots in, while allowing Shiroe some hits as well. As a tank, he is pretty standard, but he loves his role. He gets to draw enemies off of his allies while simultaneously thinning their ranks.
Combat Style: Shiroe prefers not to use elegance in combat, instead simply slashing at the enemy. However, each strike is calculated. There are no crude impulsive attacks from him. Shiroe wields a bastard sword, which he uses either one-handed with his shield, or two-handed by itself. He wears a full set of Sentinel gear due to him completing the Alpha.

Currently Equipped Skills:
Western Family

STR: 4 (7 with Sentinel's Cape)
AGI: 1
END: 3 (7 with Sentinel Set)
DEX: 2
INT: 1
LCK: 1

This is a WIP as I can't find the skills and I'm working on getting the picture.

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Re: [CS] Shards of Memory

Post by Myrn » Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:14 pm

General Information

Name: Moriko Kono
Username: Koriko
Age: 22
Gender: female
Job: student
Biography: “Oh! You’re Hideki’s cute little sister.”
Anyone who knew her older brother knew of his cute little sister. They don’t know her as anything else aside from that. She held no awards for academics, nor a trophy for athleticism. No prized fine arts, nothing noteworthy at all. Blander than the average joe who had yet to achieve anything praiseworthy, at least by normal standards, it would seem the only thing Moriko is known for is being Hideki’s sister. Her physical appearance, which doesn’t make her stand out that much, is just noticeable enough to be seen as cute. Another face in the crowd so to speak. She is average through and through but her heart shines a bright gold. Her kindness knows no boundaries, which can be troublesome. Because of this, an unwavering helping hand alongside her trusting nature doubled with her charitable kindness has lead to some trouble several times. And for those who do know and care about Moriko, can easily enough tell you about all of their unintended misadventures with her. Some of those times only ever happening by her being taken advantage of, and quite ruthlessly too.

Physical Information

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 143 lbs
Eye Color: dull soft blue
Hair Color and Style: brown layered in loose waves that can reach the small of her back
Physical Appearance: Moriko still has a bit of her baby fat still giving her a young and rounder face. Large droopy eyes stare at nothing in particular with either a look of confusion or is it sleepiness? A tiny nose befitting of her rather small mouth decked with soft lips. Her figure is on the fuller side with a bit of extra meat over her bones. Definitely on the plush side of the chubbiness.



Personality: Moriko may not be the sharpest tool nor the brightest light, however her determination and perseverance makes up for what she lacks, possibly. She’s curious in nature and tends to see the good in people first before the bad. Her optimism keeps the smile on her face every day no matter what challenges she faces. She’s an open book and wears her heart on her sleeve so it’s pretty easy to know if something happened or if she’s hurting. This also make it near impossible to lie, not that she’s incapable of lying, she’s just a really bad liar. Moriko can be socially awkward and not all there as her short attention span makes for keeping a full complete conversation difficult as it is. Some might assume she’s hard of hearing as she rarely seems to catch whatever it was you said even as she stares at you with those wide confused eyes. At least she can follow directions right? That is if they were simple enough in the first place. How did she get here again?

Likes: Adorable, plush and squishy things are her most favorite things. She likes to feel soft fluffy stuff that engulfs her hands. Blankets are nice too, very soft and warm. Naps are good for the body, everyone needs to nap now and then. Anyone who bothers to help her must be a good person, right? Why else would they put up with her?

Dislikes: It’s a bit difficult to find whatever it is she dislikes as she seemingly likes everything, however there are some things Moriko clearly avoids. Needles and doctors are the most terrifying combination in the world. They joke about the pain you will feel and poke you when you least expect it. It’s cruel twisted humor like those that gets to her. At least they still give her cute band-aids at the end. Another thing she dislikes is being lost and alone. Nothing scarier than being somewhere you’re not familiar with all by yourself or surrounded by strangers.

Dreams: Moriko is a bit of an underachiever. She pats herself on the back for the little things she does but somehow manages to procrastinate on other priorities that should be taking much more precedence. With no real true goal, how could she possibly have an attainable dream? But the closest thing to dream Moriko has, is to have a happy life that she can look back on fondly when she’s older. How vaguely sweet.

Game Play

Primary Weapon Family: Hand Axe Family
Preferred Armor Types: Leather or Medium Armor
Preferred Play Style: What is this? Mori does not know how to play style??
Combat Style: Never swung an axe in her life, no idea what she’s doing, if she’s doing it right?

Currently Equipped Skills

Hand Axe Family
Wood Cutting


STR: 3
AGI: 2
END: 3
DEX: 2
INT: 1
LCK: 1
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Re: [CS] Shards of Memory

Post by Myrn » Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:56 am

General Information

Name: Hideki Kono
Username: Kodeki
Age: 26
Gender: male
Job: game developer, tester, and programmer
Biography: Hideki was born into what some would call the average home. A father who works at a large firm company and a stay at home mother. Growing up he was rather well behaved for a child and reluctant to interact with anyone. His younger sister Moriko broke that shell and he seemed to have flourished socially to an extent. School was easy and simple enough for him though he couldn’t say the same for Moriko. While he excelled at whatever he put his mind to, Moriko showed little initiative to achieve anything. That might have been the reason why he had tried to get her into playing games alongside him, games he believed to be much more stimulating for the mind. He knew she played mobile rhythm games and puzzle games casually, and quite well too, but they don’t give the right incentive.

As a game tester, Hideki is able to play new and promising games ahead of their release dates within the comfort of his own home. Some days he would share her some games in an effort for her to find some inspiration or drive that might take her out of her passive state. So far he had been unsuccessful with her ever shortening attention span, and thus an idea had occurred. Why not a fully immersive gaming experience with the upcoming VRMMORPG? Getting a finished copy shouldn’t be too hard, and Moriko could have a chance to experience a rewarding game. And rewarding it was, because not only did they end up playing SoM, they’re both stuck together in the game. Have mercy on Hideki’s patience.

Physical Information

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 178 lbs
Eye Color: Steely Grey
Hair Color and Style: Dark shaggy brown and neck length
Physical Appearance: Hideki shares a similar fair complexion to his sister but that’s about as similar as they get. He is far taller with less fat and more lean muscles over anything. His broad shoulders and slim waistline give the illusion of what some would suggest as an hourglass figure. His height is in thanks to his long legs. Hideki’s face is a bit on the pretty boy side with his thin brows and long lashes. Even though his lips are thin like any average man’s, his nose is a bit small giving him a more effeminate face regardless of a lack in roundedness.



Personality: Hideki can be a bit of a jerk but he means well enough. He isn’t afraid of telling you how he feels about you nor does he hold his tongue. There is no sugarcoating with him, he is as direct as they come. Being a bit unapproachable with a near permanent frown on his face, does little to sway his female classmates from trying to interact with him. He isn’t much of a conversation starter however he can hold and maintain one if interested enough. Otherwise he isn’t one to say much aside from the offhand remark or two.

Likes: Although he would never admit it, he likes cute and small things such as baby animals like kittens and puppies. Anything that appears vulnerable could be considered pitifully cute, to which brings about this desire to protect almost motherly hen-like. Whether he acts on it is entirely up to him.

Dislikes: He rather dislikes “babysitting” people and being forced into situations that could have been avoided. It’s quite known that he doesn’t tolerate unprovoked violence and cruelty of any form. Aside from these, whatever he finds annoying may or may not see him lose composure, disliking it all the more when he does.

Dreams: He doesn’t label it as a dream per se, but more of a life goal he is determined to achieve. And that is to work as a software developer alongside with the most accomplished and well known game developer: Ashido Kobayashi.

Game Play

Primary Weapon Family: Other (Thrown)
Secondary: Two Handed (Eastern)
Preferred Armor Types: Light to Medium depending on play style
Preferred Play Style: Hideki’s play style preference is that of the ranged caster job. However it is evident that SoM is heavily melee based which push your typical player into the DPS or Tank category, because of this forced imbalance, Hideki would like to balance the scale as a support player first as the pseudo healer of the group. When he isn’t in a team though, he’s a self sufficient DPS player.
Combat Style: He prefers to analyze his enemies and learn their patterns and weaknesses ahead of time and apply his knowledge for a secured kill.

Currently Equipped Skills

Thrown Family
Two Handed Family


STR: 3
AGI: 1 (+3 Archeon Mask)
END: 3
DEX: 2 (+5 Traveler’s Sash)
INT: 2 (+3 Archeon Earrings)
LCK: 1 (+5 Traveler’s Ring)


Traveler's Necklace
A silver necklace upon a chain of gold which has the symbol of the Traveler engraved into its surface, a rose which has lost a petal.

The necklace boosts the dodge skill when it activates, making it easier to evade a harmful blow.

Traveler’s Ring
A band of silver metal with a ruby cut like a rose petal as the centerpiece. Around the band, from either side of the centerpiece a stem is etched going around the ring.

While worn the player gains +5 luck.

Traveler’s Sash
A scarlet strip of silken cloth which is tied around the player’s hips. The sash can be used to hold a player’s weapon in place.

While worn the player receives +5 to dexterity.

Archean Cloak:
A ragged black cloak which has a glyph of a circular pattern vaguely resembling a snowflake stitched into the middle of the fabric. The cloak’s frayed hood comes down past the player's eyes and dyed a deep black. The cloak feels thin to the touch, and has been greatly damaged.

The cloak grants a bonus to the hiding skill.

Archean Boots
Soft leather boots dyed black and gray with padded insoles and soft outsoles. The sides of the boots were thin, and reached up to about mid-calf, and is able to bend and flex along with the movements of the player’s foot.

While worn, the boots suppress player sounds, and make it easier to stalk unsuspecting prey.

Archean Gloves
A pair of black leather gloves which cover the hands and wrist. The gloves are thin and soft with a symbol resembling a snowflake on the back of the right hand.

Allows for smooth and quiet weapon draws for light and medium weapons. Halves the charge needed for Eastern iaido skills.

Archean Mask
A white, nearly featureless wooden mask with two slits for the player’s eyes and a faint protrusion for the nose at the middle of the mask. The paint is worn and chipped, and on the left cheek just below the eye slit a flower of some sort is carved.

While worn the mask grants +3 Agility.

Archean Earrings
A pair of golden roughly teardrop shaped which dangle down from a ruby stud.

While worn the earrings grant the player +3 INT.

Set Bonus:
While worn, the set provides a slight bonus to all non-combat oriented skills.


3 Health Potions and a leather pouch which can hold up to 3 Potions for quick use.

A throwing knife pouch which can hold up to fifteen knives or twenty needles.

Crystal of Revitalization
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Re: [CS] Shards of Memory

Post by AnimuGirlVoiceLebi » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:02 am

General Information
-Name:Jennifer Steele
-Job:Repeat 3rd year in High School

In her early years Jennifer enjoyed the company of others and frequently tried to make new friends wherever she went. She also savored every moment she could spend with the only parent she ever knew, her father. She was a well behaved and upbeat girl in those times, but as she grew and the more friends she lost during travel the more she changed.

Around the time of late elementary/early middle school Jennifer's father placed her into various self defense courses so that his precious little girl could protect herself when he was not around. Soon after starting these classes his work began to call him out for longer hours and make them move more and more. In response to this, Jennifer started to become more rebellious. She began slacking off in school, occasionally skipping classes, even picking fights all in an attempt to get attention from her father who seemed to be getting more and more distant. It worked for awhile, but did not last.

Soon after entering high school her attitude and actions started to become more extreme, much to the behest of her father. The growing tension led to a larger and more frequent fights. The start of her 3rd year in high school led to fight between her and some local trouble makers at the new school she had transferred into. This aftermath of the fight caused her to be expelled from the school and deeply upset her father. For the rest of that year they fought many times with each other and tensions were higher then ever, when finally he made a deal with her. If she starts to behave better, works towards better grades in school, and stops fighting entirely, he would in turn make more time for her. She did as she promised in the deal and began to act like a better person and student, it was difficult but she tried her best soon re-entering school while repeating the year she missed.

As a sort of reward Jennifer's father bought a copy of a new game, that was said to be very popular, for her to play in her free time. It was an attempt to distract her and let her vent any frustrations, to ease her transition from what she was to how he wanted her to be. The game he bought was Shards of Memory. At first Jennifer was really against the idea, but after much convincing she finally caved and promised to at least try it when the servers were opened and see what she thought. On the day the servers opened Jennifer had some lessons she had to attend, but soon after their completion she went home and started up the game after much trouble getting things set up. She didn't alter her appearance and wrote in her given name for her character at login. Mere moments after logging in, many people were brought into the large part of the town she awoke in, thus beginning her new life.

Physical Information
-Eye Color:Clear Icy Blue
-Hair Color and Style:Dark orange hair, much like a mid-winter sunset in the country, held in a loose side braid.
-Physical Appearance:Despite her short height/light weight she has a sturdy yet feminine build and ample chest. Most of her weight at a glance seems to be focused on her legs, arms, and chest but upon further inspection one can see she is fairly well proportioned. It is clearly visible her athletic inclination, due to how she carries herself and willingness to take part in various physical tasks.

-Personality:Jennifer is fairly strong willed, sticking to what she says, even against strong opposition. She tends to do as she wills without much thought into what such actions may bring forth. She likes being the center of attention yet also does not like to have attention focused on her. She loves the thrill of combat, and seeks it out when feasible but loves just as much to relax in calm situations and savor the moment. Despite all this she does have a soft spot for fatherly figures and will reluctantly follow their lead, even if she rebels against them from time to time. She is currently struggling to behave, but due to the nature of her new life she reverts to her rebellious and stubborn attitude in times of stress.
-Likes:The thrill of the fight, her father, good tasting/savory food, and long naps in natural locations.
-Dislikes:Those in positions of authority, depending on others, deceit, and being caged(physically and metaphorically).
-Dreams:At the moment she does not know what she wants, she is currently at the point where the future is uncertain. Past dreams are no longer current, and all that is in the mind is living in the present to see what the world has to offer.

Game Play
-Primary Weapon Family:Martial Arts
-Preferred Armor Types:Jennifer prefers to protect her arms and legs with sturdy leather armor while leaving the rest of her body open for freedom of movement. Frequently she is seen in a loose tank top that does not cover the stomach and shorts the barely reach her mid thigh, while her lower legs, knees, feet, hands, and arms are covered in sturdy leather armor. In colder weather she wears a sleeveless shirt and longer shorts, but does not wear many layers unless required for health.
-Preferred Play Style:This is her first game and she does not understand most of the lingo/formations, so she tends to play solo. Even when added to a group of any size she still does her own thing.
-Combat Style:She can be very reckless, often charging first into the battle, without much heed for hidden or not very obvious things such as traps or ambushes. She tends to block, deflect, and absorb attacks coming her way rather then avoid, quickly dishing out punishment to her aggressors in return. When fighting an enemy for the first time she likes to gauge their strength by taking a few hits before starting her attack, and as long as she can take the blow, she is more then willing to take a few hits, to ensure a decisive blow upon her foe(s).

Currently Equipped Skills:
Martial Arts

STR: 3
AGI: 1
END: 3
DEX: 3
INT: 1
LCK: 1

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