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[CS]Shonen Stars: Gouki Destroyers!

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:25 am
by ShadFlow
Predetermined Relationships:

Gimmick:[This is your heart, your engine. Everything ties into this. Your entire archetype of abilities will be identified based on this. From something simple as "Potential" or something super complex with a deeper meaning. A persons Gimmick develops with them.]
1-Star Ability:[When you learn to unlock your Shonen Power, this will be the very first Star Ability. From here your abilities will get stronger as you further develop your Gimmick.]
Special Skill:[A side skill, that you have. A mean cook? Maybe your fingers are the sleight-iest in the West? Something else that you share with your identity.]
Short-Comings:[Surely you have something holding you back. A fear? An inability? We all have something to overcome, no matter how strong we get, there's something!]

Appearance:[Dis be anime inspired nerd]

Re: [CS]Shonen Stars: Gouki Destroyers!

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:21 am
by UmbraSight
Yuuki Sakanaka




Yuuki is well versed in the culinary arts. Give her some scraps of food and she can meld it together into something tasty nine point five times out of ten. And that remaining point five percent? Well, most are too frightened to tell her that it wasn't all that tasty.

She actually enjoys track and field, she's only a bit better than average however. Most people just assume she is holding back to give others a fair shot.

Predetermined Relationships:

Yuuki is calm and levelheaded. It takes an effort to frazzle her, or even to bring fear to her heart. Though, she is no more brave than your average fifteen year old, rather Yuuki understands that she has an image to uphold, and not one of those “in the end one's image is all they have” sorts of deals, but, her reputation is what keeps her in one piece. So, she understands that she must protect that reputation at all costs short of her life.

Yuuki does however have a personal code of honor. If lives are in danger then she will step in to help out however she can. She might simply wish to be left alone, but she is not willing to let others be harmed to be left alone.

Yuuki is frightening, she’s got a stare that can send shivers down your spine, and a laugh that will leave you terrified. She is, quite frankly, spooky. Even if she hasn’t done anything to bring about fear, or has particularly down something threatening, the mind will bend itself backwards to attribute malice, and a deep rooted feeling of inferiority towards her.

Better to win a fight without having to throw a punch.

1-Star Ability:

Force of Will: Being in Yuuki’s presence tends to make one feel small, unimpressive, lesser. Like you are weak, and unable to match up against the person who stands before you. You will feel as if it is better to submit than to face her, that nothing you could do would ever have any chance to touch her, so why bother? Why try? She is better than you are, and it would be wrong of you to make her prove it.

Having no practical combat abilities is a pretty big one really. Her powers harm nothing, she is as strong as any average fifteen year old girl, if she can’t bluff her way out of a situation, then she’s likely going to get hurt, bad. The worst thing that can happen to her is meeting someone who is able to draw up enough courage to call her out, but she’s lucky in that few of those exist. Very few. Even teachers have a tendency to give her a wide berth.

Character History:
All her life, people always seemed wary of her. Perhaps not quite frightened, but unwilling to draw her ire, unwilling to give her a reason to be angry. Schoolyard bullies gave her space, backed away from their targets if she called them out on what they were doing. When she was younger, people simply said that it was due to her eyes. She had the hard stare of someone it was smart to not anger, and conscious of it or not, people did their best to keep on her good side. Sure she was easily a foot shorter than most in middle school, and scrawny in elementary school, but she moved like someone who could cause mountains to recede.

She never really had many friendships, or what she would consider a full friendship to be. She got along with people, sure, but it always felt somewhat strained, so Yuuki always cherished what few easy friendships she did have with people who did not seem like they were trying to keep her happy. Even children can pick up on a false pretense behind a smile.

The town she was born to was small, an insignificant speck which was lucky to make it onto any maps, her athletic teams lucky to get to semi-state, but their community close-knit. Her family ran a grocery store which sold goods produced from nearby farms, so she picked up a few standards which she tries to hold to when cooking. Not to say she hasn't broken down and used processed foods before, simply that she attempts not to use them when she can, as she knows that would distress her mother to know she was eating poorly. Not that it ever deterred her brother any. But that's a different story for another time.

It was a chance encounter that she ran into the person who would eventually choose to sponsor her, she was spending some time away from the family store with friends when they passed one another on the street. The man was simply passing through on his way to somewhere more important when he caught her eye and saw… potential.

A chance to see the world beyond her little town? Yuuki jumped at the chance!

After some minor prodding by her parents.


She likes scarves, and she is always cold. Touch her skin in the middle of summer? She still feels cold.

Re: [CS]Shonen Stars: Gouki Destroyers!

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:28 am
by Kurusu
Name: Malinee Chulairat, Mary
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Gimmick: Under Pressure

Allows Mary to manipulate "pressure" in both physical and mental sense. The pressure that burns a building down, and the pressure that splits family in two.

1-Star Ability: Pushing down on me, pushing down on you.

Mary can increase or decrease any pressure applied on, and by, her body. Although the effect is limited, it is powerful enough that a sharp blade would not cut her, and her punch becomes a drill.

She often uses her finger to cut ingredients while cooking, and it makes a cleaner cut than a kitchen knife. Not that she can cook very well though.

Special Skill: Talented Athelete

That abs isn't just for show. Mary is very talented in anything involving physical exertion. Her body recovers fast, and her muscle seems to remember all the correct movement for any particular sports or martial arts. She could very easily unlearn a wrong muscle memory too.

Coupled with her short hair and tanned skin, she's the cutest tomboi.

Short-Comings: Lack of Independence

Mary is used to following rules and being coached. Although she's very good at doing so, her ability to think for herself is very limited. If no one told her what to do, she would easily find herself with cold feet, and the pressure pushing down on her makes her turn away from it all like a blind man.

Biography: Malinee, also known as Mary by her friends in the overseas, spent all of her childhood practicing all kind of sports. She was good at it, and she enjoyed it. It was ridiculous how she was a part of more than half of her middle school's sport team, and managed to be the main player in all of them. One day she was dunking half of their team's score, another she was shooting goals through three defenders, the next day she knocked her coach off his feet during punching pads training. Her grades sucked, but nobody cared.

By the time she realized, she won some sort of scholarship for those talented in sports. The scholarship agency put her through a medical checkup, and found that they could not take her blood sample. Her gimmick was discovered, and so her family decided to send her to Shounen Stars. The scholarship did not cover this, but it was not a problem for her family; they thought it was a great honor, and they had money to spare.

Mary had no say in this. She didn't mind, the academy was probably physical education heavy, right?

Extra: From Thailand. Studied internationally so language isn't a problem.