Mysterious Characters!

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Mysterious Characters!

Post by Fang » Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:40 pm

Character Sheet Template

Name: This should be pretty self-explanatory.

Age: This should also be easy to figure out. Within normal human means. Keep in mind you may not want to throw an eight-six year old granny in. Then again, you may.

Sex: Yeah, typically this is “male” or “female,” but this is 2020 and I can’t very well make a demand for such a clear cut answer.

Nationality: This is actually of some import to the rp. I’m not asking for their race, but their citizenship. Where do they live?

Appearance: This is where you can describe how they look, which I suppose includes their ethnicity.

Oh, you thought that was it? The next section doesn’t actually have a section for the sheet. What I would like for you to do, instead of trying to give me a rundown on their entire lives, is write the events leading up to the broadcast and the appearance of your character’s Mark.

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Re: Mysterious Characters!

Post by UmbraSight » Sat Oct 03, 2020 6:50 pm

Shizue Asami




Shizue’s features have a sharp feminine edge to them, a strong jawline with smooth fringes, soft lips, and a thinner nose. Her eyes are a striking color of gray, her brow often tilted in a way that always makes her seem like she is sternly assessing you. In many ways she looks like she would be a very serious person, someone who would be sharp to deal with, save for the times she spares a smile or a laugh. She keeps her hair long, often down to her shoulder blades, and well trimmed. Often her hair is pulled into a braided tail, but she has been known to explore other styles when the mood strikes.

She is in good physical health, though she doesn’t exercise as regularly as she did when she was a teen, Shizue watches what she eats and tries to take the stairs when she can. While she doesn’t often tower over others, Shizue is tall with longer legs and a curve to her torso. Her fingernails are often painted in one color or another that is striking her fancy that particular week.

”...despite increased pressure for registration Diet member Ito has…

Shizue’s fingers raced across her keyboard, a frown bowing her lips as she worked. Twice now through the document, and twice now the numbers didn’t add up as they should. With a long sigh Shizue leaned back in her chair and rested her chin in the crook of her thumb. An error? It was a fair chunk of Yen for it to be a rounding error. Someone overspending on the company dime? There would be a lot of mini-wine bottles and chocolate bars unaccounted for then.

She raised her arms up over her head as she stretched her back, her gaze finding a spot on her ceiling.

It was clear enough why she had been asked to look at the expense report, but that left the question of what she should do about it. No use taking it back to the person who had dropped her a line, they already knew. Push it up the chain to middle management? Not like any of them wanted this particular brand of fallout.

Just take it directly to the boss? How would that even go?

“Hello, yes, according to these reports your son is stealing from you.”

Shizue’s words momentarily filled the empty room. She blinked, her eyes dropping down to her radio as it emitted white noise, how long had it been—? Her eyes darted back to her laptop and she felt something in her stomach drop. Static filled the screen like some old television flipped to an empty channel. Shizue cursed under her breath as she tipped forward in her seat to catch a glimpse of the cubicles through her office window. The lights were still dimmed, and nothing moved as it always didn’t this late at night. Still, had someone caught on that she was looking at these documents? Her heart found a quickened rhythm.

”Greetings to all who call this planet home…

Shizue half-jumped out of her seat as a voice spoke into her ear, and for a moment she was frozen in place. A hooded figure on her laptop, a foreign voice from her radio. Swallowing hard Shizue sunk back down into her chair.

What the fuck.

Overhead, the lights snapped off, and somewhere between awe and horror Shizue listened as the man spoke. Challenges, marks, heroes, a world in the balance, was this some joke? A radio hijacking? No, he was on her laptop.

“Hell, is this real?” She asked the room, and seemingly in response she felt a twinge on the side of her neck.

A twinge that, she didn’t learn until an hour later in a bathroom mirror, was due to a mark on the side of her neck.
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Re: Mysterious Characters!

Post by illirica » Sun Oct 04, 2020 11:02 pm

Adrienne Escane



Canada (Quebec)

Brown eyes, medium brown skin and very curly/frizzy hair, which is usually somewhat contained in a couple of poofy tails, although tends to be a bit... everywhere. Especially in her eyes. It is always in her eyes.

Adrienne is in great shape, since she spends a lot of time running, usually with dogs. She adores dogs. She’s tall and lanky and runs marathons every month or so. Other than running, though, she’s not all that proficient at sports. Don’t ask her if she plays basketball - she hates basketball.


“Who’s a good boy? Is it you? Yes it is you! You are such a good boy, aren’t you?” Adrienne gave a very enthusiastic ball of fluff another pat on the head - a very large and enthusiastic ball of fluff. Her client was part mastiff and part something else - possibly mastodon. He was, of course, a complete softie and a sucker for belly rubs. Adrienne handed his leash back to his human, who was also appreciative, though not quite so slobbery about it.

“Thanks, Adrienne. I really appreciate it. He needs more exercise than I can give him.”

“Oh, it’s no problem!” Adrienne stood up, wiping the remnants of a doggy kiss off her cheek. She was glad to have the business - she had enough student loans to cover veterinary school and the basics, but if she could pick up a little here and there running dogs around, it was all for the better - and there were plenty of people happy to have someone willing to give their pets some extra exercise.

“Did you hear about the news? That weird broadcast? Do you think it’s real?”

“Not really,” Adrienne said, shrugging. “I mean, it just sounds too crazy. It’s probably a hoax. I’m just waiting to find out what it really was.” Some internet group, more than likely. It seemed like the sort of silly thing someone would come up with, to get everyone in a tizzy. Adrienne was curious how they’d done the whole broadcast in the first place, but she wasn’t a programmer, so whatever explanation ended up coming through would probably be beyond her. She’d read it anyway, and pretend she understood part of it - just like everyone else. “Same time tomorrow?”

“Sounds perfect!” Most people around here seemed to think about the same as Adrienne did about the weird news thing. Like her, they were all just going about their days, and waiting for it to blow over.

Adrienne gave her furry client one more scratch behind the ears and accepted her payment from her non-furry client, heading back down the sidewalk to grab her bike and head off towards the bus stop. She hadn’t gone too far when a sharp twinge in her leg made her wince and wonder if she’d pulled something running. Hopefully not - there was a 5k this weekend that she wanted to do. She frowned, getting off her bike again and leaning it against a wastebin, rolling her pants leg up.

What an odd mark...
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Re: Mysterious Characters!

Post by XSilverx » Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:48 pm

Name: Eui Kangjeon

Age: 23

Nationality: Ukraine

Appearance: With a rather slender, rectangular build, Eui stands at five feet and nine inches. She seems shorter when sitting down due to her torso being shorter than most with the additional help from her slouching. Eui’s skin tone does vary depending on the season but it is normally pale and has a warm honey undertone to it.

Overall, her facial features aren’t extremely defined. They’re rather soft and give her a younger look compared to others her age. Her most notable feature would be her high cheekbones. She has a button shaped nose that lifts upwards and russet brown monolid eyes with a crease that comes and goes. Eui has a sharp bob cut and keeps the top of her raven black hair slicked back.

As for how she presents herself, Eui doesn’t necessarily stick to one look. Some days she’ll wear a singular bold color and stick with it or mix up patterns here and there. Her fashion is almost as playful as her actions. The only consistent look is when she’s at home snuggled up in a generic blanket, shorts, and t-shirt.


“Eui, you really have to go to this event or e—”

“Or else what? My newest book was published a week ago and I’m getting the worst and best feedback I’ve ever gotten in my whole career. This is exactly what you wanted and I delivered. I think people would understand that I want to be off the radar for a bit,” Eui spoke in a nonchalant manner. She could see the vein in her manager’s forehead ready to burst from frustration. She was never the easiest author to work with in this company due to her frivolous behavior.

“You can make a lot of connections at this event. There are distinguished authors who are more than happy to discuss your writing. You completely dropped off the face of this planet for two years after your first bestseller,” her manager urged on in hopes of peaking some interest in Eui. Eui leaned back in her chair and then suddenly sprang up onto her feet.

“I’ll get back to you on that, cutie,” Eui winked, turned on her heels, and strutted out of the manager’s office. The vein must have finally popped due to the burst of incoherent noises fading away behind her as she approached the elevators. The flat screen placed between the two elevators slowly shifted from breaking news to pure static. A dark hooded figure appeared on the screen.

“All right. Everyone behave themselves and show me what you’re made of!”

The figure was replaced with the initial static, which then faded back to the previous program. Eui felt a warmth wash over herself along with an arousal of curiosity. The elevator finally reached her floor and she stepped in. As the doors closed, one end of her lips curled upwards. She looked up at the mirror ceiling of the elevator and noticed a mark on the end of her left eye.

“Looks like fun to me,” she giggled and clasped her hands together tightly.

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