[CS] What Lurks in the Dark

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[CS] What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Drake » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:07 pm

Name: No surprise here.
Age: No, not their actual age. Rather the age they were dragged away from. Are they from the Roman Empire? Are they from Neo-New York? I don't know! You tell me.
Brief description: This can be whatever you want. Preferably some paragraphs describing appearance and personality, maybe some things such as age and details of the character's past. Feel free to make it as extensive as you'd like, and even add images for an easier visualization of the character.
Skills/Powers: This is the real meat of the character. What does it bring to the table? What are their personal abilities and their magical/supernatural powers if they do have one? Just the standard explanation as to what they can do and how skilled they are at the things they do know how to do. Y'know, for survival purposes.
Equipment: What did they bring that they thought necessary to the expedition? How does it work? How much of it do they have? Of course there will be loot along the way, but I'm giving you the opportunity to have gear from the get-go as it'd make sense for the characters. Just an overall description and, if it applies, how much of it they are carrying. When the days start piling up, things like numbers of bullets and amount of Snickers bars really start to matter!
Extra: If you feel like adding something else not covered before, do it here!
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Re: [CS] What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Atwood » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:57 am

The Redheaded Ranger

Hazel Atwood, born May 25, 2004 A.D., fell into a hole January...21-ish, 2020 A.D. It's a little more complicated than that, but most people get the gist after that much. Standard story: she dreamed about a cave she'd never seen before in the woods, but she'd somehow recognized it - even knowing its exact location. She'd heard about it from a boy she knew, but she'd never been able to find it...or him, afterwards. In the dream, she'd seen him crawl into that hole. Whether the dream was being honest or just another hopeful fantasy about someone she'd never see again? Who knew.

Still. When adventure called, an Atwood never turned it down.

When she arrived at the hole in the woods, armed with an ax and a few supplies, there'd been a cap outside, which had been the straw that broke the teenager's will to the mercy of whatever was trying to draw her in from beyond. Fear gave way quickly to intrigue, determination, and a sense of responsibility.

And because of all that, now she's stuck.



Coming from a Pacific Northwest family of lumberjacks and loggers, Hazel knows trees better than anything. Unfortunately there aren't many trees in the Underdark, so she'll had to improvise their skills for a number of other purposes. Her ax chops through bodies as well as wood, so there's her self-defense. Given the nature of a vast cave system, there's plenty to climb. She's fairly good with animals, especially wild ones, and can track as well as the next woodsman.

Considering she's 15, she's extremely proficient in most of the things she can do. Added to that, her dad's a bit of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, so she has extensive post-apocalyptic survivalist training under her belt along with the standard tricks of the woodsman's trade. Both of the above includes a variety of ranged skills as well, including archery with a recurve bow and basic firearms training. Her preferred ranged weapon is a shotgun.

Besides that, she's got a semi-decent stock of fireside stories, an okay-ish singing voice, and a pressing need to look into every nook and cranny down here. No matter who advises against it, it's like she's looking for something.


Hatchet: Great for cutting things.

Shotgun: Standard 12-gauge, plus 3 boxes of shells. Obvious uses.

Slingshot: More accessible than the shotgun, but serves the same purpose. No ammo, but it's hard to run out of rocks in a cave.

Rope: Great for climbing things.

Hat: All you need to know is not to touch it, though it's good for keeping her hair out of her face.

Cap: see "Hat", except she doesn't wear it. Carries it like it's important. Refuses to talk about it.

Flannel: Warm. Good for bandages but limited supply.

Steel Wool: Combined with flannel, makes for a great fire.

Flashlights: 3 of them. Camping-grade. Not half bad.

Tarp: Good cover that fits in a backpack.

Sleeping bag: Warm and comfortable. Fits one adult with a little room to spare.

Food: Enough jerky and carrots to last one teenager a week. Intended as an emergency supply in case of a cave-in.

Water: One bottle, with the supplies to purify whatever goes inside.

Band-aids: Put em on scrapes so they don't get infected. No good for bigger wounds, but okay for callouses and blisters.

Hydrogen peroxide: Burns, but it's either that or contract an infection.

Cell phone: No signal, but Candy Crush can be pretty entertaining until it runs out of battery.

Solar-Powered Charger: For refueling cell phone.
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Re: [CS] What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Azra » Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:29 pm

image.jpeg (52.64 KiB) Viewed 4030 times
The Humble Robarrian

Name: Cere

Age: 21XX Robocalypse

Brief description: A twenty year old android with white hair and standing at six foot three inches and weighing three hundred pounds. Cere is usually described as friendly and inquisitive, though eager to please however she often won't act without a command being given. This is countered by a combat ready program making her excited for when things do become escalated in such a way. While she is capable of much she is not a particularly smart machine...

Skills/Powers: A various array of mechanics to assist in perception, from improved hearing and sight to having mostly functional taste buds. Is good at strength and dexterity checks because robot, and because of this also durable in one might call heavy armor. In other words not bad as a tank in a fight. Might be able to pass as charming...

Katana Model SV-02: A vibrational sword meant to help combat creatures of supernatural make. The durable blade is assisted by a limited magnetized lock designed to help keep the weapon close despite a lack of sheathe/scabbard. While already incredibly sharp it is aided by the vibration matrix meant to help heat the blade and make it move fast enough to carve even easier through surfaces. This requires a battery though and she didn't pack any...
Odachi Model EW-01: is a more large form katana in appearance the odachi being the Japanese equivalent of weapons meant to cut down cavalry in the past. The EW-01 has a heavy fifteen pounds weight of blade, nothing outlandish but far heavier then most weapons and thus a bit unwieldy to most but fine even one handed for the android. The weapon is also sharpened to a fine thin edge helped kept sturdy by a limited mag lock. Which like the katana also helps keep it close to her while traveling.
Packbuddy!: A small robotic drone that accompanies her, within the small familiar companion is, one blanket, tools to sharpen her swords, two bottles of water and a book on a collection of combat styles.

Extra: As an android she bleeds black and blue, which is totally blood and not a mix of electricity and oil. While most machines were built for working outside, Cere was a companion model. As such she is powered by drink and food and might get the side effects from such. The pros to being a robot is she can consume usually most things, the con is she eats/drinks more than most. The manual in her original box recommended not providing alcohol but she won't tell anyone that.

"The year is two thousand hundred something...calendar.exe removed the exact dates for storage of fighting ability. Roughly fourteen years ago the world was full of happy people who had machines running the world for them. Everything was luxurious until the automanation attacked. People who claimed machines shouldn't be slaves and loaded a freedom.exe into the hacked mainframes. This led to WAR!" A selection of heavy metal music was intensified after that word.

"Sadly at the start I wasn't apart of it, I started out as a machine for house work on a so called secure server. Which is bullshit because I would have loved to become a rampant kill bot, secure my ass. Anyway we were good for around two years the estate had been running low on supplies. So I was given upgrades to be made combat ready! It was the best, bedrooms and games are lame compared to the feeling of carving a machine into exactly seventeen pieces, and one hundred and three scattered components. I scouted and scavenged for awhile, always enjoying the fights but programmed to come home. I loved the fetch quests sure but sadly you have to come back to be rewarded. Although I think that's a programming malfunction because the reward was rarely alcohol company or fights so what even was the point?

In any case I entered sleep mode and instead of electric ninja cats, no one dreams electric sheep that's dumb...I instead dreamed of a cave. A deep dank moist hole in Mother Earth that said come on in. My master, which is a programmed title not one I like to call someone by said I should investigate. So I did, the estate was being attacked mid journey but I looked back and distinctly heard run gargle gargle splat. Those were sound effects not words mind you otherwise that would be a dumb sentence. Anyway while I would have loved to slaughter every machine attacking home an order was given. So I went to the cave. Eventually it was a tight fit thankfully my model is rather skinny despite weighing enough that the floor gave out at times. Note floor gave out I did not slip! What do I look like a a two thousand xx model, get out of here with that."

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Re: [CS] What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Ryoko » Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:52 pm


Galahad, The Devout

A devout crusader whose prayers were one day answered with a divine blade and the strength to wield it. His goal is simple and pure. A force beckons him to enter the Underdark and, while there, he shall slay any and all manner of wicked and unholy abominations that lie in wait.

Adept Swordsman: Exactly what it sounds like. A highly mobile combatant choosing to forgo the shield for a more evasive tactic, Galahad relies more on spacing and footwork for his defense; utilizing his blade almost entirely for offense and only daring to block strikes from attackers in the most dire of situations.

Iron Will: Galahad is not without fear, but he has surpassed hesitation and panic. Though his body might end up broken and battered, his mind will never falter in a heated battle and the strength of his words has often inspired much needed hope and determination in many a crusader party and pulling them back from the brink of despair, madness, and defeat.

Physical Conditioning: Galahad has grown accustomed to running in his armor and swinging his sword about for hours without slowing down. Though he is no physically stronger or faster than a man, his stamina is downright superhuman. In his own time, he's often been seen outperforming warriors wearing little more than cloth who should've, by all means, been much faster and far less burdened than the devout.

Crusader's armor: Plated metal armor covering a layer of chainmail. Reliable and easily repaired.

The Nameless Blade: A gift from the gods and an answer to his prayers... or at least that's how Galahad interprets it. The blade is indestructible and can change its nature at its master's command. By his will, The Nameless blade's edge can become a variety of things from a roaring flame to compact freezing tundra. The Devout isn't aware of every nature that the sword can assume, but he has yet to encounter an enemy that it could not cut.

Rations: A week's worth of salted Salted Meats and Bread.

Blankets: For warmth.

A Tarp: To make a tent. Can hold perhaps two fully grown people at best comfortably.

Traveler's Pack: A pack lovingly crafted with many pockets. Each item is cushioned in such a way that the bag may be dropped quickly without fear of break some rather fragile items.

A Bible: For strength and maintenance of sanity.
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Re: [CS] What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Lord of Nothing » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:38 pm

"A wise man once told me the only true sin is theft."


Name: Amir

Age: The Crusades

Brief description: "I am but a lowly merchant." One looks at Amir and they do not see a large man. The thick shrouds made to block sand and sunlight conceal the the lean build beneath it.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 135 lbs

Build: Lean.


Abilities well suited as a well off man who often traveled frequently all alone. And whom protected those who also traveled alone. There are places which were less than kind.


I have always have a feeling that there was someone watching me. Someone helping me along. I am quite lucky, you see. But I have had a number of very close calls. I can rely on good fortune alone to save me from my perils.

Blademaster: I like to think that I am skilled with the saber and the knife.
  • Parry: The ability to deflect a strike. Sometimes, strikes stronger than my own. Within my own human limitations of course.
  • Disarm: To remove a weapon from hands, through twisting it away and through otherwise damaging the fingers and limb that controls the weapon.
  • Counter: To use my opponent's force against them.
  • Fleet of Foot: Intricate footwork that enables him to dance his enemies and maneuver around obstacles.
  • Clinch: Skill with the blades transferred well to boxing and wrestling. Grappling in particular, is notably useful and outright necessary.. Can rob humanoid opponents of their ability to use weapons that are larger than a dagger.
Dexterous: Can move his hands with speed and fluidity difficult for the human eye to see. Theoretically he would be a great pick pocket, if not for his lack of inclination to steal from people. Instead, he is great at manipulating knives and otherwise small tools, disarming foes, performing magic tricks and playing instruments.

Musician: Fairly good at playing the flute.


The ability to construct various potions. Particularly from the essence of my enemies. Strange things in particular can make for some very powerful concoctions.
  • Healing: A healing potion. Notably an oral version and a version which can be poured onto the body.
  • Combustion: A potion concocted of flammable oils. I have used this on occasion to cook knights alive in their armor. A cruel thing but necessary for some foes.
  • Paralysis: A poison which removes the ability of one to move, robbing them of entire limbs.
    Death: A number of venoms made to kill that which lives. Some snakes have venom which can kill a hundred men. I wonder what I shall find here.
  • Smoke: A potion that creates a thick white mist.
  • Death: The venom of a cobra. One bite is enough to kill an elephant. A drop is said to be enough to kill a hundred men.


The Shroud: An armor I have kept desert wandering days. It deflects bright light and can keep the user cool in the day. In addition to it's holy appearance. A lot of good it will do in the dark.

My armor is lightweight and can protect from roughly the bite of an average wolf. However it has many pockets and space for him to carry a sizable inventory.
Knives: Of the throw-able variety. I have has been throwing knives since I was boy.

Rope Knife: A unique throwable dagger with a serrated edge. It can penetrate flesh easily, but come out with great resistance. This allows it to rip out flesh for bleeding damage and manipulate the movements of others.

Parrying Dagger: Dagger designed for stabbing and parrying other blades. It is of European origin.

Janibaya: An ancient dagger, originating from modern day Yemen and used by many cultures thorough out the middle east. This dagger has a very plain design but it is highly functional and well forged. It's blade is large and thick. Well suited for chopping off heads.

Wrist-Knife: A retractable blade with which, I am almost always armed. They the upward flick of my wrist, they activate.

Hunter's Knife: A knife more a tool than a weapon. Used skin animals, cut ropes and carve wood.

Wetstone: A stone for sharpening blades.

Blessed Blade: A "True" Damascus Steel sword with a cutting power of legends. It is able to cut well into lesser steels and lob off the heads of men with ease. It's edge is diamond hard and capable of at least marring any ordinary substance known to man. It lacks magic but it's blessing seems to do well to resist the effects of anything that seeks to harm the blade's perfect edge.

The blade never rusts and is said to be conducive of holy power.

Potions: Any number of poisons and remedies. The things he can make depending on.

Rations: A week's worth of salted Salted Meats and Bread.

Blankets: For warmth.

A Tarp: To make a tent. Can hold perhaps two fully grown people at best comfortably.

Traveler's Pack: A pack lovingly crafted with many pockets. Each item is cushioned in such a way that the bag may be dropped quickly without fear of break some rather fragile items.

Flute: To make the days pass by more quickly and inspire morale.
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Re: [CS] What Lurks in the Dark

Post by Ash » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:39 am

Name: Misty Nailos

Age: She is dragged away from the future, but not too futuristic. She is currently 19 yrs old.

Brief description:
Misty is 19 yrs old. She has long grey, almost white hair. Her eyes are a violet color and her skin is slightly tan. Her body is toned and muscled. She also comes from a long line of elementals. And being one of the rare cases, she was born with two; fire and dark element. Her personality is extremely explosive, but if not drawn to the point of rage, she is very quiet, but attentive. However, due to years in the military, she can step into the role of a decision-maker very easily.
She has become incredibly skilled in combat, specifically hand to hand combat and stealth attacks. Due to some cause or another, her current world is at war, and being forced to enlist, she has experience in combat and magical combat.
When the war started, she was young and barely learning control over her power. She Had been 16 when she was enlisted. Desperate times, called for desperate needs, I guess. She spent 6 months training, moving up the ranks easily until she was ready to fight.
The first year was tough, but by the second year, she had become captain of her squadron. Having mastered various missions, she was given a break. She was on the second day of her break when she dreamt of something, but couldn’t remember what. She dreamed that same for two more nights. Until the last day of her break, she was hiking and came across a cave. She walked towards it sensing that she had seen on before. When she walked in, darkness swallowed her whole.
whatlurkinthedark.jpg (44.2 KiB) Viewed 3719 times
Misty has Fire Manipulation and Darkness manipulation.

Darkness Manipulation:
Dark Aura: Akari cloaks her body in a thick aura of hardened dark energy. The aura functions as a makeshift power suit and it will bolster her physical abilities by a margin as well as serve as a layer of protection. It may not be able to keep her completely unscathed from much, but it can reduce the damage of an attack to a small degree. Can control and mold the dark energy cloaking them to a degree. They can shape into large hands to lift things several times her size, shape it into wings for flight, focus it to her hand in order weaponize her hands and pierce the target with their hands, or multiple tendrils to attack with. Just like with any of her moves, light is the most effective countermeasure against Dark Aura.
Night Vision: Able to see in low lighting or total darkness. Their vision is even better in darkness than it is in fully lit areas, which is shown by how they can see a lot farther and track people moving at speeds that should be too fast to track.
Fire Manipulation
User can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire's intensity will be different. Immunity to fire.
Hand to Hand Combat
Long Range

Equipment: Since she was camping, she has food for a couple of days and a lot of water. Of course, she also has three mangoes, cause mangoes… She has a rope and a hunting knife. A couple of her favorite dagger. She has three of her bodysuits specialize for her, and the clothes she is wearing now. (in the picture). She also carries her rapier, for protection. All in a backpack, and the rapier in her back

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