With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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Post by Zaediir » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:41 am


You wake up next to a campfire in the woods, groggy and scratched up ,but otherwise fine. How did this fire get here? The question flicks through your mind, but your thought is interrupted as you notice three others all lying around the fire, asleep, as you were. You remember entering the woods, losing your bearings, and finally deciding to take a rest nearby. You hear the sound of breathing nearby. Heavy breathing from an unknown party. You see the glint of steel from the things machete, you can only describe it as a thing because there's no way it could be human. The smell hits you and you realize the others are not sleeping as you thought, but are dead. Heads split, with grey pieces of brain spilling out. Intestines cover the floor and you realize you're, for lack of a better term, totally fucked. The seven foot tall behemoth approaches you, on its head is a mask of scrap metal, with pieces of long sticks, knives, and what seems to be meat hooks sticking out of it broad shoulders. Its too late to run. With one lift of his hand the last thought through your head is "fuck me" before everything goes black. You wake in the same spot as before, next to the campfire. The others are still alive. A large british man, who appears to have had a lifetime of roughing people up, or being roughed up approaches you from the spot the three of them sit around the fire. He introducing himself as David, then turns to the others and says "looks like theres a new one" you hear the breathing again, and you sprint into the forest.



(This CS is short, but be detailed. Describe your survivor with plenty of imagery so we can get a good idea of what they look like, make sure to explain their backstory, as it will help you survive. Star of the track team? You can run longer distances from the killer. Herbalist? Maybe theres some things that can patch you up if you take a nasty hit!)

Where am I?

You have entered the Entitys realm. A lovecraftian god who thrives off of humans suffering. You have been placed in this forest, neighborhood, wherever the merciless god decided this time, with a killer and three other survivors. Your goal is to escape back to a campfire, where the light from the fire will ward off the killer. (for the astute of you this is clearly based on the game Dead by Daylight by Behaviour Interactive, go check it out, it deserves a lot of love) Your goal is to escape this madhouse with nothing but your wits and your experiences.

But who are you?

I will be controlling the survivor David King, the only survivor from the game that i am allowing, and one of three killers:

The Trapper, a massive seven foot man with a machete, a mask of twisted, grinded up metal, and an arsenal of bear traps to lay down and catch unsuspecting survivors.

The Wraith, a tall, but skinny killer who's skin looks to be ashen. He has no obvious eyes or mouth, instead he has a face painted onto his skin in white paint. He carries a mace made from a human spine and skull in his right hand, and a bell in his left. When he rings the bell he turns mostly invisible, save for a slight shimmer when he walks. He is incorporeal in this form and cannot interact with the survivors.

Finally The Hillbilly, another large man, with a medium build, whos face seems to have been grabbed at the nose and twisted counter-clockwise. His eyes glow and he holds a hammer and a chainsaw. When he spots a survivor he goes into an unbridled rage and sprints full speed at the survivor, chainsaw raised and ready, or he may just bash your skull in, depending on how close he is when he catches you. When sprinting the hillbilly has a hard time turning, but can stop on a dime.

Finally I will also be controlling David King, a 6'4 man built with broad shoulders and large muscles, David had it all. He was born into a wealthy british family, and had a spot lined up for him as the owner of his fathers company, but he never wanted that life. David instead loved to fight, cause mischief, and generally be a right prick. During his college years David joined the Rugby team, and was so good people thought he was a shoe in for the pros. That was stopped short when David broke the refs nose over a supposed bad call. That was fine by him, it gave him more time to do what he loved, pub crawling and picking fights with any poor bastard dumb enough to look at him funny, or say something dumb to him. When he disappeared into the woods, no one was surprised. All of his friends, the few that he had, and family thought he had finally picked a fight with someone bigger, or more well armed than he was. David sports a medium length haircut, shaved at the sides, and a full beard. He dons a black leather jacket with a light blue tee underneath, and a pair of jeans, ripped on the left knee. His ears are in a perpetual state of swollenness and his knuckles are still split from his last brawl, bruised all to hell as well. He doesn't have an issue with any of the survivors in the entitys grasp because as he puts it, "Were all tryin ta get outta 'ere eh? Whats the point of fuckin one of you up when we're prolly about ta take a machete ta the back 'a the skull?"

I look forward to seeing the responses you all put in. its been a good while since I roleplayed anything so forgive me for formatting or poor sentence structure. See you in the forest.
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Re: Hunted

Post by ImaCreepYouOut » Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:02 am

Wow, this is cool! I love the gore aspect. Dm me on discord: redacted or kik: redacted


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Re: Hunted

Post by Annasiel » Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:38 am

ImaCreepYouOut wrote:
Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:02 am
Just wanna give you a heads up, we don't allow sexually explicit RPs or publicly sharing 3rd party contact information.

Here's a link to the forum rules:

Have fun!
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