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Daughter of Darkness

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:37 pm
by Stitches
From the moment he had laid eyes on her, he had known that it was her. And in that moment, he made a decision. He would protect her. Train her in secret. He wouldn't tell the others about her until she could defend herself. He wouldn't watch her die again.


It has been the same for centuries. Ever since she first rose to power and selected a "council", the covens have been at peace. Their new Chiefs and Chieftesses were strong individuals with incredible magic, and even if they didn't always get along, they always managed to find a non violent solution. She had perfected the Hierarchy, helped establish a detailed training system for the younger witches. She spent years tending to them as their Regent, keeping everything in order.

And then she was murdered by one of those that she had trusted most. The covens almost went to war with each other, since there was no evidence of who had actually killed her, until her partner, the Shifter Regent, stepped in to keep the peace. The coven leaders backed down, though discontent still simmered beneath the surface.

A few decades passed, and to the shock of all, she resurfaced. She looked the same, acted the same, and was as powerful as ever. She only had a vague recollection of her past life, and no clue as to how she had died.

It wasn't long until she was gone again. As hard as the witches tried, they couldn't figure out who was killing her.

And then she was back.

For the last three hundred years, the council members have stood by and watched as their leader and friend was repeatedly murdered. They tried everything. They isolated her from each other, cast protection spells on her, and still she would be killed.

And so the cycle continues.

Hierarchy: Witches are, predominantly, a female run government. Their ranks are based on power/age/potential. Witches/Warlocks receive a "coloured" title upon completion of their training, both identifying their coven and their main strength. Those with True Power- power that they were born with- tend to command the covens. Rogues do not adhere to any coven leader, and are only loyal to their Regent or their Chieftain.

Regent: A witch of extreme, incontestable power upon realization of their full potential. They can reign in and subdue any of their own. There is only one at any given time, though the spot has a tendency to remain vacant for long periods of time...

Chieftain/Matriarch: A witch of nearly incontestable power who can command a large number of covens at once. There is one for North America, South America, Europe/Australia, Asia, and Africa. The North American and European leaders tend to hold the most power.

Chieftess/Chief: A commander of a single coven, which consists of hundreds, even thousands, of witches and warlocks. This position is typically held by one of the witches who train others in the magic their particular coven practices.

Apprentice: Witches/Warlocks in training to inherit their coven. Fully trained and loyal firstly to their coven, secondly to their Regent/Chieftain/Matriarch.

Prime: The original witches/warlocks. They exist outside of the Hierarchy, those that are still living.

Shifter: A special sect of warlocks who study the Old Ways, in which they adopt a spirit animal and connect to the Earth through it. Their animals are their closest companions, and they have the ability to see through their eyes. They are warriors, and almost gender specifically male. They do not adhere to the witches' authority, and instead elect their own Regent, who is the only Shifter who deals directly with the witches.

The Diamond, White, and Black witches are special titles given to War Commanders, who in times of war, reserve the power to usurp an incompetent Regent. The titles are currently held by the North American Chieftain, the European Matriarch, and the Shifter Regent.

Enchantress vs. Witch: A witch specifically studies only a single path, while Enchantresses study all magic.

Covens: The most powerful covens are the Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx, and Opal.

Ruby Coven: The coven of the Enchantresses. They spend centuries as Apprentices to their Chieftess.

Amethyst Coven: The Conjurers, the summoners of illusions, the voice manipulators, the masters of disguise.

Sapphire Coven: Seers. They have abilities that fall in the realm of scrying, fortune reading, and visions. Can occasionally be trained in the art of mind reading.

Emerald Coven: The Healers of the witching world, they can specialize in either physical, mental, and emotional damage.

Onyx Coven: While powerful, the Onyx witches are defense practitioners and considered nearly powerless due to their peaceful nature.

Opal Coven: The Opal witches are practitioners of the darkest magics and are mostly warriors. They are the Onyx witches' direct counterpart.

Thorn and Blood: These two rouges function as the covens' historian and the seeker of unknown witches.

Wands: The most powerful witches require a channeling device in order to make their magic function properly. Many turn to a well known and common accessory, usually made of wood or metal and decorated in jewels, studs, and other ornaments. By no means is a wand the only channeling device. Many more modern witches forge their own in the shape of bracelets, gauntlets, and various other items. One particularly well known one is the dowsing rod belonging to the Sapphire Coven's Chieftess.

Charms: All witches, fully trained or not, have a charm or an amulet that contains their essence and is rarely removed from their person. Each one is unique and helps to focus their magic. It calls to them at a young age, and the witch it attaches itself to will do anything to get their hands on it. These can be stolen by other witches, but most would never consider doing such a thing, as prolonged use of a stolen amulet leads to the death of it's owner.

Members of a Coven are naturally drawn toward the colour of their coven. They have a tendency to dress in the colours that match it, to decorate the entire manor that serves as "city hall" in it's colour.

The Covens are given these colour names because the colour of their magic changes depending on how much of a certain kind of magic they use. A witch will start with a glittering rainbow of colour in their magic, and it will gradually darken to the colour of the Coven they have chosen.

Rogues have the same rainbow colouring as a new Witch, as do the Primes. They have no formal training, and have not been exposed repetitiously to the colours of the Coven.

Roles Needed:

Regent Enchantress, The Red Witch, Ruby Coven Chieftess- "Aradia" (Stitches)

Regent Shifter, The Diamond Witch, Pedagogue to the Regent Enchantress- "Azazel" (Stitches)

Asian Matriarch, The Cerulean Witch, Sapphire Coven Chieftess: "Selena" (Annasiel)

South American Matriarch , The _____ Witch, Emerald Coven Chieftess:

African Matriarch Chieftain, The _____ Warlock, Amethyst Coven Chief:

European Matriarch, The Black Witch, Onyx Coven Chieftess: "Astrid" (UmbraSight)

North American Chieftain, The _____ Warlock, Opal Coven Chief:

(You will need to choose a color to add to their title. A shade of purple for Amethyst, a shade of black for Onyx.)

Name and Titles:

Age: (Age cap is 1000. Even the powerful ones eventually die. The cycle of death began shortly after the Regent turned 100, so it's been going for roughly 400 years. The absolute youngest your character would be at this point is 350.)



Powers: (Be descriptive. The magic is open for interpretation. Make it emotion based, gesture activated, verbal, nonverbal, whatever you want. Make it make SENSE. Offensive is more likely to be verbal or gesture, while Healing is likely to be nonverbal, touch and emotion activated.)


Appearance: (Please, try to keep it high realistic in nature. I'm even willing to help you!)

-While everything above must be present, feel free to customize it how you see fit. Add quotes, throw pictures all over the cs. Make it special-

Re: Daughter of Darkness

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:41 pm
by Annasiel
Name: Selena Karaul (Селена караул)

Titles: The Cerulean Witch, Matriarch of Asia and Chieftess of the Sapphire Coven

Age: 354 (b. December 1st, 1663, on the Commemoration of the Holy Prophet Nahum)

Gender: Female


Perhaps a product of her lowly upbringing, or maybe just of her impassive attitude, Sel harbors a resentment for pomp and luxury. To her, anything of a flashy or extravagant nature is a highly unnecessary waste. This distaste for flashiness extends even to the realm of magic. Sel views the misdirecting mystics and vague mediums as insults to the arcane arts, frauds in their own name that promise power far above what they actually hold. The true caster is direct in their abilities, open in their words, and honest in the extent of their actions. She has little time or care for convoluted prophecies, and will always provide a straightforward answer about the information she is able to glean. However, this does not mean she won't withhold certain aspects of what she knows if she deems them unripe to share or useless to the greater good. To her peers and superiors, she has an irritating habit of passing quiet judgement, determining the worth of things internally and only telling what has passed her scrutiny. She isn't particularly fond of people, especially groups of them, and she will avoid interacting with them unless there's no other choice.


The centerfold of the Sapphire Coven is the art of Divination. This ancient magic comes in many forms, from the bird-watching auguries to the sacrificing haruspices, from the watchful scriers to the heaven-fixed astrologists, all finding their own best ways to gaze past the curtain of the future. That is an important aspect of the coven, individuality, seeing as how prevalent a role intuition plays in their abilities. After all, each perception is a different beast, and the tools or rituals one may find useful might seem pointless and blank to another. At the heart of every seer, though, is a lust for the truth, a desire for answers, a need to seek what normally cannot be found. Curiosity is a central trait, as is an honesty with both yourself and others.

Below is a list of powers Sel herself holds. The abilities of the Sapphire Coven extend beyond this simple list, though many of the basic principles carry over. This is merely Selena's personal style.

Clairvoyance - A common skill among seers. This is the gift of true-sight, the ability to see beyond obfuscation and lies. A clairvoyant cannot be easily dissuaded by illusions, and objects they seek seem to leap to sight. Patterns, signs, and truths are made obvious, no matter what might conceal them. Note that this gift does not strengthen eyesight, and that things blocked by natural means like distance or opacity may still remain hidden. This merely dispels any magical or mental fogs, and makes what is laid before the caster plain.

Prophecy - Another common skill, though it manifests in many different forms. This is the guiding intuition that drives every seer, the ability to predict the unfoldings of future events. While many only gain simple nudges and premonitions, some, like Sel herself, have full-fledged visions. Through meditation, dreams, and scrying, she is able to experience flashes of what is to come. Be wary, though, that the truths revealed through prophecy are often not meant to be taken literally. While they always hold an element of veracity, it is sometimes held in layers of symbols, and must be interpreted by the seer correctly for it to be useful at all.

Transmission - This is a very rare trait, and for good reason. Transmission is the ability to survey the thoughts of others, pulling facts, ponderings, and memories forcibly from their mind. It generally requires some form of closeness, whether it be emotional, visual, or physical, and can be resisted through will and shock. Sel is quite adept at this, able to pull most superficial things from her victim's minds. If they are unwary, it is easier, but blanked and steeled minds prove a bit of a challenge. With enough probing, deeper feelings and secrets can be ascertained, but this needs time and effort to accomplish.

Telesthesia - This is the perception of distant events without actually being present. Natural telesthesiests, able to use their skill through meditation without the aid of any outside tools, are few and far between. Sel herself is not one of them, and she is unable to access this ability at all if she cannot use a scrying surface. However, if she has access to a mirror, pool, crystal ball, or other reflective surface, she can with some difficulty view far away happenings. The more familiar she is with the location, the less energy she needs to expend to establish a link. For places she has never visited, she may gain a few seconds glimpse before breaking focus, while places she knows intimately can be observed for indefinite lengths of time.

Projection - Similar to telesthesia, but in reverse; While the former is the bringing of distant perceptions to yourself, this is the placement of yourself in distant positions. It is a sort of out-of-body effect, a transferal of the mind's eye to another locale, and (like the last two listed powers) is hard to find in natural talent. Again in kinship to telesthesia, Sel is able to make use of this skill with the aid of scrying glasses. She needs two reflective surfaces, one in the place she wishes to appear and one in the place she is. With this set-up, she can send an image of herself and her surroundings to the distant place, which acts as a conduit of her own personal sensing. While in this state, her body remains incredibly vulnerable, and any damage to either surface might cause mental harm.

Dowsing - This is the use of tools, or even limbs, to seek the location of hidden or distant objects. When dowsing, the conduit acts as a compass, pointing in the relative direction of that which is desired. It is not exact, but triangulation and concentration can help narrow down the field dowsing creates.

Sel's rowan dowsing wand, notable in its relatively plain appearance.


Excerpt from the journals of Selena Karaul.

I don't remember much of my early life.

There was much cold, and much pain, two things many in this world experience. I was alive, though, and that was enough to keep my history from tragic. Isn't it interesting how people like to dwell on the nature of calamity? As if comparing woes makes their life any better, or somehow gives them rankings to laud over others. Since the rise of man, billions upon trillions have lived sordid lives. Struggles are nothing special, nothing to be proud of, and certainly nothing to be seen as a badge of merit.

In fact, I can safely say I did not struggle myself, as I had an edge that the poor fools around me did not. I had my talents. From a young age, I had notions of what was to come, and benefited greatly from it. I knew where to hide after stealing from the baker. I knew what to say when the soldiers came marching by. I knew how to act to stay alive in the unforgiving wastes. Perhaps even more, I knew what others knew as well. Their thoughts seeped into my mind in random snatches of static, giving me a lead I began to take for granted. I never really needed, certainly never needed to sell the few possessions I had. A thick woolen cloak around my shoulders. A pair of buttons carved from ivory. A silver ring inset with an azure stone. I don't recall why they were so important to me, or even where they came from. I think they were heirlooms of a sort, but it's all a haze.

That was how my life went for ten years, maybe more, maybe less. For all my clarity, I cannot recall my long-dead parents' faces, or even my family's names. All I remember is them. The couple. The dark man and cheerful woman, from somewhere far away, going somewhere far away. They were strangers in my town, and I felt myself naturally drawn to them. They were whispering snatches of conversation, and while I didn't understand their foreign tongue, I knew the thoughts that flitted through their minds. The woman wanted to take me, out of sympathy or pity. The man was reluctant, but he often bent to her will. They were very close, and had been together for a long time, longer than they both seemed they should have been alive for.

"It's a long way from France," I said to them, and they both stopped talking. I don't know why I said what I said, but it felt right.

"From France? Why would we be in France?" the woman replied in flawless Russian.

"Were you not there yet?" I said. For whatever reason, for whatever purpose, I knew that distant land was important to the two. I knew it.

"I... no," she murmured. "We weren't."

"Oh... then you will be," I stated curtly, extremely sure of myself. The two exchanged glaces, and returned their gaze to me.

"Want to come with us?"

I knew the right answer was yes before the question had even left her lips. This was my purpose in life. This was my destiny.


Sel Karaul, lauded as the greatest seer of the present millennium. Her owl, Pravda (правда), is perched upon her forearm.

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Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:14 pm
by Stitches
Name and Titles: Aradia Gates, Regent Enchantress, Ruby Coven Chieftess.


Age: Currently, 25

Gender: Feminine

Personality: A tad shy, a bit quiet. She's generally upbeat and hyped, always a whirlwind of energy, but her manic energy can quickly transform into a fiery anger. She's not the type to hold grudges, however, and is quick to forgive her friends, and even her enemies. She has a positive outlook on life, always pointing out how things could be worse.

Quite a bit of this is a mask.
At her core, Ara is depressed and lonely. She has an unfulfillable need to make everyone happy, to suppress her own unhappiness. She has always felt out of place and out of time, as though she doesn't belong where she has found herself to be.

Since meeting Az in her newest life, some of her has healed. More of the positivity is real, and she seems calmer to those around her. The slow transformation into the woman she was before her first death has begun.

Powers: Ara, though a powerful Enchantress, has barely scratched the surface of her powers. She's only had a few months of training with Az to prepare her, and even though she grows in power every day, there is no guarantee she will survive

Illusions- Ara can create vivid hallucinations that cloud reality for those they are inflicted on with just a few words.

Touch of Clarity- by channeling her piwer into her touch, she can help clear a person's mind of pain and other troubling clouds. It leaves a soothing feeling and an ease of thought. For those who suffer insanity, it allows a few moments of sane clarity.

Diamond Shield- A quick, gesture activated spell that casts a field around her and those with her to protect them from harm. It can hold as long as she can and is as hard as diamonds.

Blast of Light- Her only offensive spell, currently, creates a tornado of blinding light that surrounds the opponent. It's extensively gesture activated spell that requires signing runes and throwing them.

As she's still being trained, her powers will expand. She will slowly become adept at more magics, just as she was before.


Biography: Once, a long time ago, there was a girl. She was born in Greece in the early 1600s, during the rise of the Ottoman empire. Her father's postion as a tax collector kept her family in a privileged life. And beyond that, nothing.

There was absolutely nothing special avout her life. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful, nor was she highly gifted in any of the arts. She was, quite simply an ordinary girl who stumbled into something extraordinary when her family took a trip. They traveled to Britain for her father's job promotion, and during this trip, they went to a passing faire. This particular one was well known for its animal trainer, a man that people claimed could speak directly to the animals and get them to do anything.

His show was just as they were told it would be: phenomenal. The man had tigers and lions leaping through rings and elephants balancing on top of one another on lamp post sized poles. He rarely spoke, and when he did, ot was to tell his animals good work before moving onto the next trick. But while her family was enthralled by the performance, the girl herself was enchanted by the man commanding them. There was something about him, a pull that dragged her in.

After the show, she became sepearted from her parents and younger siblings in the small market. In her attempts to find them, she came across a small both selling a very special necklace.


But that's all ancient history.

The fact that this girl later married the animal tamer, who turned out to be an extremely powerful Shifter, is not important. Nor is the story of how the two began to teavel, and how they adopted a young witch from Siberia. How they met all of their friends and helped establish a Hierarchy for their people is not currently important.

This woman collected the most powerful of witches and placed them at the head if the largest covens to help guide them and keep them in line. She established a small castle in France in the early 1700s and kept council there alongside her husband. She was a powerful, wise woman who changed the lives of her people for the better. With her help, the witches flourished and grew. They were able to save young girls from being burned alive, they were able to keep small towns hidden for entire covens to live in solely due to her brilliance and leadership.

And she is not the woman this story is about, even though she is.

Because after her death, she became a hundred different people, until she finally became the young woman she is today. And although she is the same, she is not. That doesn't mean she will stay this way for long, though.


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Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:12 pm
by UmbraSight
Name and Titles:
Astrid Yvonne Dufort

La Sorcière Noire, “The black witch”
European Matriarch, Chieftess of the Onyx Coven

875 years old, born October 22nd, 1142.


Guarded would be a good way to describe her, she is slow to trust, and rarely even fully divulges herself when among friends. More than once or twice she has been known to hold onto important information rather than informing the other Matriarchs or Chieftains unless specifically asked by the Regent to tell all that she knows on a particular subject. In a similar vein, other than those she trusts with positions of power within her own coven or a select number of close friends or allies, Astrid often does not trust others to accomplish tasks which she could easily handle herself. Because of this, Astrid often finds her attention divided awkwardly between the macro and the micro, yet she never seems to have much problem with juggling the two. She has, after all, had many years to hone her craft.

At first glance she does not seem the most passive of Onyx witches, but the devil remains in the details. She has lived long enough, as seen enough of human conflict to know that diplomacy is not a perfect solution, that sometimes blood must seep into the ground before peace can return. So, better to work to end a war as quickly as possible, than waste energies attempting to avoid the inevitable.


The witches of the Onyx coven might be peaceful by nature, but the lands they often inhabit are not. Europe has always been a land of conflict, of constant wars between kings, queens, and ever vying nobility wishing to prove their worth and expand their influence. It should, in many ways be of no great surprise that the coven to grow from such a violent land would desire above else, peace. And, it should also be of no surprise to any that the Chieftess of such a coven would be well versed in ways to bring wars to sudden, violent ends.

The witches of her illustrious coven

the Iron Oath
Do you desire power? Have some burning wish you must see completed? Do you want to drive a foreign power from your lands, make a wicked king kneel, or keep your home safe in trying times of avarice and strife? There are ways in which such powers could be gained, so long as you are willing to accept the price. If you wish for Astrid to become your shield, then you must be willing to become her sword. The price is simple enough, first, have the strength of will to see their task to completion, and second, once their talk is finished then they will be at Astrid’s beck and call.

If she calls for their support, then they must respond.

The contract itself allows Astrid to implant a portion of her magic into the recipient, once imparted the magic is no longer fully part of Astrid nor requires for constant attention to upkeep. Instead, the spell intertwines with the soul of the recipient, and it is their willpower which maintains the power. So long as they are focused and driven, then they will remain under her protection. Stray from the path and the contract will be broken, and the recipient will be left to the wolves.

And all that is required to make such a pact, is to sign one's true name upon the line of blood and ink.

Serendipity’s Grace
Often the greatest defense against a lethal blow isn't a foot of stone or a layer of steel, but never having a blade test your defenses to begin with. This spell twists fortune’s favor, shifts variables in such a way that a weapon is never able to puncture skin or crack bone. The round of a gun or the bolt of a crossbow would find their paths different from what the shooter intended, swords might find their angles awkward or just a moment late to carve into flesh. When granted to a singular person, they will seem untouchable, and when spread across an army of men then none are specifically granted this grace, but all are given the same chance to be the one not be struck.

Silver’d Words
Few are naturally graced with the ability to rally the disheartened, to turn a gathering of people into a chanting mass ready to face the next hardship with vigor. It is a rare gift to have but truly invaluable in times of hardship and strife. Be it to raise the moral of weary soldiers or used to avoid a boiling conflict, charisma is a useful tool. Astrid can grace others with this silver tongue, give them the ability to rally others to their cause, and convince even the most concluded mind.

Stalwart Guardian
When all else fails and blood must be drawn, then it is prudent to wear armor of some kind. Those blessed by this spell will be all but invulnerable to direct attacks, their skin will not break, their flesh will not cut, and any armors given shape through the workings of man will not bend.
If you cannot avoid a fight, then best be certain you can survive the blows which are coming your way. The magic isn’t perfect, and a lethal blow which has been blocked still drains one’s spirit, leaving them more susceptible to the next attack.

Song of Tranquility
When Astrid sings, the will of those around her to continue fighting is slowly sapped. Reasons fie strife and discord which has seemed so meaningful enough to guide a violent hand suddenly seen silly and insignificant. The song calls to those who desire peace, and undermines the resolve of those who clamor for war.

Astrid’s wand is a simple quill pen. The feather is a pure white and the writing nub beautifully crafted. While she can cast most magics normally, by using the pen she can impart her magic onto another and tie it to their will.


Excerpts taken from an old journal

She is an impressive girl.

Young, impossibly so, but with a certain sense of self in her eyes. An understanding of who she was and what it is she must be doing. Such a feeling of purpose in one so young, I would not scarcely thought it possible if she had not stood in front of me, and met my gaze unyielding. But, above all else, her request had been so very pure.

Grant me the strength to free my home.

No ill will, no hidden intentions or desires. All that she wanted in a single statement.

The others in my coven questioned my decision, saw it as a betrayal of the highest sort. Yet, who would I have been to deny that girl? As distasteful as it might be, we cannot force the continent to accept peace and remaining idle will leave us vulnerable, at the mercy of fickle kings and power hungry nobles.

Though, if the counsel truly disagreed with me, then they would have maneuvered against me, not simply voiced disapproval at my tactics. Deep down they too understand the necessity of action.

I will let them worry about what is prudent and what is not, in the meantime, I see an opportunity to bring this chapter of war to a close and a chance to allow peace to assert.

For now, at least.

The French and English will find another reason to be at one another's throats in time.

Though, I would be a fool not to admit that I harbor doubts. I am stepping into territory my coven dares not touch, active influence over a human conflict. Those within the counseling body might only be grumbling about me now, but if this doesn't play out as I believe it shall, I doubt I will remain long within Onyx. I am gambling my place in this world on the abilities of a seventeen year old peasant girl.

But, these wars have been ongoing events for decades now. If the humans will not chose the path of peace, then I will find ways to bring their wars to a swift end.


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Aiiiiiyyyyyeeeee, it's Astrid! Accepted.

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by UmbraSight

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And now we wait. O^O

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<Pokes it lightly with a stick, prodding the kindling to continue burning, while impatiently inviting NYX TO HURRY HIS ASS UP AND GET ON HERE>

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by Annasiel

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