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Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:39 pm
by Annasiel

Re: [REQ] BLACKOUT(Open; 2 More Needed)

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:51 pm
by Kenji
If you're willing to take in an absolute newbie to the forum...

Name: Matthias Teren

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Personality: Taciturn, cold, blunt. Matthias is a man who always prepares for everything and leaves as little to chance as possible. He keeps a stoic front to prevent people from reading him well, and is not the biggest fan of small talk. His mind revolves all around any goals he has and how to prepare for them, to the point where he doesn't even rest - if he isn't working on a project, he's busy studying layouts and his surroundings, or delving into more military strategy. Not an easy man to approach. That being said, he isn't without kindness or humanity - those who call him a friend or ally find him honorable and loyal, as well as generous (to a degree, of course). But those he considers enemies or are his target best be wary.

Description: Matthias stands at a good 5' 11", with a lean yet muscular build. His appearance is mixed, though even he's not quite sure what mix he is. His body is lined with scars from his many missions. His most striking features, however, is his albinism - his skin is pale to the point where it's almost completely white, as is his short-cropped hair. His irises are blood-red as well, giving him a rather intimidating appearance - one he tries to cultivate. He's often a bit dirty as he doesn't particularly have much time for self-care, and his expression is often stern and unyielding.

In terms of clothes, he often wears ragged clothing to disguise the body armor he wears underneath. It's a deliberate choice to help him disappear and/or blend in to the seedy underbelly as necessary. At home, he wears a more casual t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. He doesn't really bother with disguises - his albinism makes him incredibly obvious, and so he doesn't go out in the open that much.

Equipment: Typically he wears his body armor, armed with a laser pistol at his side and a railgun rifle on his back. They are all concealed with a layer of dirty rags and clothes he wears over it, with a hood and scarf to cover his head and face. He also has rations and medical supplies as necessary as well.


Terminal may have once been a utopia, but even during its prime there were still the slums. Matthias was born in said slums, white as a ghost. His parents had mistaken him as an omen of death, and sold him to one of the companies, hoping they could at least get some profit from him. The Ghast Corporation gladly took him... and shot both his parents on the spot. He wasn't any more than an infant when this happened, yet even as a baby, he would remember for the rest of his life.

Taking him in, they did what they could to indoctrinate Matthias, teaching him, training him, arming him. Matthias excelled in many fields, particularly engineering, marksmanship, and martial arts. He was to be part of the company's little private army to establish control. Yet Matthias was the type that knew much and spoke little. Through his education and field knowledge, he gained experience and insight into the workings of both Terminal and the Ghast Corporation. Unlike his fellows, the indoctrination always fell short on Matthias - how could he follow the ones who murdered his parents, and had seen them do so countless times? So he bided his time, taking full advantage of their resources. He was their soldier, then their arms master, then their engineer. Each area he excelled in, gaining more and more knowledge.

Then, it happened - a blackout. They were getting more frequent, and Matthias had made his preparations accordingly. During a blackout, he rapidly disabled any trackers on his armor, weapons, and body, and deserted. The Ghast Corporation spared little expense to find him, but to no avail. Matthias scratched off any traces of the Ghast Corporation on his armor, even making some modifications to the designs so it wouldn't be obvious. In hiding, he began his plans - during each blackout, and even times where there weren't any, he would venture out, steal any energy producing technology, particularly ones that were starting to break down, and attempt to reverse engineer it. He had heard and admired the scientists that gave Terminal life, yet also was quietly disgusted they had not turned outwards to address the issues of their own city. He had seen the people's suffering, and unwillingly had also inflicted it on the populace.

So if the scientists weren't going to do anything about it, then he would. He would restore power, giving everyone light once more. He would find those scientists and drag them out, for only they could truly restore peace. And when his work was done... perhaps he could finally rest.


Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:48 pm
by Annasiel
I'm sorry, I apparently forgot to change the thread title! I've already filled all the spots I was looking to fill for this, but I'll let you know if one opens!