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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:43 pm
by Slem
Recently some humans have been born with special gifts that start to show during puberty. People with said gift are deemed by the government as a danger and should not lead a normal life. If anything, they have to pretend to not exist. The government makes sure this happens. Once they are identified, they are taken to a special 'school’. More military camp where they horn their powers to use them for the sake of the military.
I shan't impose your character dear reader and potential rp partner nor what genre this rp shall be, however I'll input my character if you are one to create characters to match your partner's.

Name: Jobu Rinnard
Age: 19
Powers: a great amount of intelligence that allows him to predict people's actions, he can easily manipulate his foes and use their attacks against them by analysing their bodies and personalities,though he prefers finding a way to avoid engaging in combat.
His great intelligence also allowed him to use psychic powers like telepathy, telekinesis and teleport, however he prefers not to use them as they cause a throbbing headache and nausea. He is also unable to focus for a long time so his strategy is to end any event as fast as he can, and after each usage of his psychic abilities he needs half a day to recover, 1/3 of it if he slept.
Military name: polar bear
Background: before getting his powers he was always a kind and loving child, he usually tries to strike a conversation with anyone sitting alone and would help anyone for no reason even if he was harmed in the process, he'd just smile in the face of pain and say "It's long as I made someone's day". But his kindness was not appreciated as he was always targeted by bullies, used by cunning girls and was looked down upon by society who saw his kind self as "naïf and needs to change"
Personality: Jobu grew up to despise relationships after being betrayed and abandoned by people who claimed they were his friends then used him only to dispose of him later, he was never in a romantic relationship though. He distanced himself from the world and started doing everything solo, even if it required two or more people. He knew he've reached a point where he can never be in a relationship whether it's romantic or not, so when he realised he have obtained superpowers he immediately applied for the military, wishing to finally go in a war where he'll die and find true peace, not that he cared about his country anyway.
Appearance: best described as plain; plain dark hair, plain face empty of expressions (though some people see it as an intense almost glaring face) black big eyes confined within blue glasses that he likes to adjust everytime he start thinking seriously. He weight 149.9 lbs and 5.67 feet, his skin is quite tanned and his physic is somewhere between thin and fit.

Yours truly

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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:53 pm
by Fang

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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:05 pm
by illirica
(Toasty Ghost)
Name: Diara Anisele
Age: 17
Powers: Pyrokinetic

Background: Diara was not the first in her family to develop superpowers - that dubious honor went to her older sister Myne, who manifested a strange variation of a transference ability at the age of 12. As her ability was not particularly flashy, she was able to fly under the radar for a couple years - long enough to be experimenting with the closest available test subject - her little sister Diara. At some point, Myne's ability manifested itself enough to attract attention, and like other special children, she was quietly whisked away. Diara remained behind, to grow up as best she could.

Whether because of her sister's meddling or for other reasons entirely, Diara grew up with the label of "developmentally delayed." Her own powers manifested at the age of 14, when she burned down the house and half the neighborhood. Needless to say, this did not go unnoticed. Diara maintains that it was an accident, but doesn't seem to think much about the event, if at all.

The military gave her the moniker "Firestorm," but Diara calls herself "Toasty Ghost." She claims the "ghost" part is in reference to the dragon, which is dead, which is where she gets her powers, and that her sister put it there when she was little. There is no evidence to support this claim.

Personality: A mixture of naive and impulsive, Diara often doesn't realize that the things that she can do have the potential to be harmful, or the potential to be permanent, nor does she fully understand the idea of death. She's very sweet and kind, but doesn't always understand that setting people on fire isn't a kindness. She does what she's told, because it makes people happy, and she wants to make people happy.

Appearance: Light brown hair, usually worn in two braids. Diara is immune to her own fire, which is probably the only reason she still has hair at all. Her eyes are an unremarkable brown, and she stands a petite 5'2", with a slight build that tends to make her look younger than she is. Coupled with her developmental delays, most people assume Diara is much younger. She prefers to dress in uncomplicated clothes, usually a short dress over leggings. Given her small build, she can still wear dresses from the children's clothing sections, and frequently does.

Other: Diara is a bit obsessed with cupcakes.

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Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:49 am
by Southern Sun
Hello Slem,

I noticed that this story had already begun - are you at all interested in additional players? I have an idea that I can write up tonight or tomorrow.

Kind regards,

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:45 am
by illirica
I'm not him, but I think it'd be great to have some more people involved.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:24 pm
by Azra
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Name: Cadence Kotone
Age: 18
Sound Manipulation/Physiology: Sound being not just something she is intune to but partially composed of. Able to move and function as fast as sound. As well as doesn't so much as breath air so much as is able to function so long as sound can be made. Most predominantly though is not speed or strange functionality so much as the simple control on sound. Being able to be absolutely silent or destructive through a manipulation of decibels. With this also comes a slight ability to influence emotions through what sounds are used.

Other: Cadence is known for a love of the color purple.

Personality: Cadence is a lively energetic woman known for a love of music and martial arts. At arguably a slight expense of grades and worldly awareness. If it wasn't studying the rhythm of the body or sound it didn't mean much to her. Most knowing her for usually being honorable and outgoing but not exactly bright or always patient.

Appearance: Violet hair and eyes with unsurprisingly often wearing purple colors. Fairly tall and athletic the Japanese-American born woman is rarely found without either an instrument or music player. Often as well carrying with her a portable speaker, she's always wanted a katana but running around with swords would probably seem weird she figures.

Background: Cadence spent most of her life just joining anything that taught music or martial arts if they didn't do one or the other she hardly cared. Thanks to this she doesn't have much of a criminal record of any kind or history of trouble but that was about as far as it goes. School was indifferent to, only improved on to continue to socialize or continue studying what she loved. Until recently when her powers were picked up on and the military came to take her in. She seemed perfect for spy work and assassination if they could train her right.
Figured I'd just draft up a cs if it is open to more

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Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:04 pm
by Fang
Well... my boop may have been scooped