(REQ) Tournament of Might

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(REQ) Tournament of Might

Post by CrashJr » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:20 am

A large brightly lit room came into focus, in the room was a single table with five strange beings sitting around it. The five silently sit and watch small screens that hover just in front of them.

"Argh...I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" The smallest of the five, a red skinned imp looking being, slams his small fist on the table causing the screens to disappear from sight. "The ever since Ashael purified Tau it's been so boring just watching these screens" He's gravelly voice bellows out as he leans back and crosses his arms.

"Yes, but that is what we are to do, Helco. We watch and do not interfere with the mortals" A tall thin blue being replies from his place across from the imp.

"Easy for you to say, Wigu, you leave and interact with the beings from your Multiverse. All the while the rest of us sit up here growing bored" Helco retort's grumpily.

"Brothers, don't fight...it's unappealing" the only female being at the table, a pink phantom like being, smiles leaning onto the table looking between the others. "And it's not all that bad here, Helco, I've seen you spending a lot of time of Titan interacting with the training ones" Her smile and dreamy eyes flicker to the shorter of the two.

"I spend time there because Ashael has been lacking in her duties to train those brought her...no she's busy training her spawn strictly"

"Well she and Jaklin are mothers and want to see their children know the difference between corrupt power and pure power" Wigu interjects with a nod.

"Oh will you lot, silence, Ashael has done the job we gave of her to do and because of her we have our brother Tau back" the largest of the group, a beastly green skinned being, nods to the final member of the table. A young, child like, golden figure watches the other four silently and with curious eyes. "But, Helco, if you want something to do then you are welcomed to challenge me to a fight" the large being smirks.

Helco glares up at him and begins to float from his seat, but he's stopped by the female being. "Hold on...that could be fun. A fight...although I'm tired of watching you two...no how about the training one's hand picked by us vs a team of mortal's picked by Ashael" the other four look at the female for a moment in a bit of surprise. It was surely the first interesting idea the being had ever said.

The large green being laughs heartily, "you know, Shaga, that is by far the best idea I believe you've ever made" he nods and looks to Helco and Wigu.

"Interesting indeed, however, I say we make it more interest then that. We each pick being's from our Multiverses while Ashael picks from those on Titan. However, we mustn't just rely on strength, Theta" Wigu nods calmly looking to the beastly giant. He receives a grin in return.

"What about Tau...he doesn't have a Multiverse to speak of" Helco questions looking at the child.

"I...um..." Tau just looks down nervously.

"Meh...let the young one sit out...it'll be good for him to watch and understand so as not to hint at corruption" Theta nods in defense oh the young Tau.

"Fine...so it'll be five teams fighting for bragging rights?" Helco questions.

The room grows silent for a moment as the five think, but the interjection of a female voice rings out cutting through the silence and forcing the five to turn to her. Standing just inside the door with crossed arms and a proud smirk stands a woman that looks to be no older then 17, however, her eyes show that she is far older then she seems. ""Bragging rights? Helco, come on, you can do better. I say we grant the winning team a wish." the woman says walking over.

"Ashael, it is wonderful to see you" Wigu goes to stand to greet her, however, he's beaten to the punch by Shaga, whom proceeds to fly at the young looking woman and wrapping her in a hug. "How is training going" the tall being smiles.

"Sha....come on I have a wife" Ashael laughs at her friends clinginess as she attempts to push her away, "and training is good Asher is a little stronger then Jaklin now, Jazi...she's got a bit of catch up to do but she's...got some good abilities." She finishes finally managing to pry off the phantom being, whom giggles slightly before hovering back to the table. "So a tournament? We haven't had one in..." she pauses to think before glancing to Tau. "Since I purified you, kiddo" she grins and gives the child a hug.

"Yes, 7 eon cycles ago" Wigu corrects her.

"Oh...wow, time flies when you're immortal" she chuckles and brushes back her long black hair. "Well I'm done for this tournament...say teams of five?"

"No...nonononononono...No way because you're just going to have Alexander, Jazi, Asher, Jaklin, and yourself...how would that be fair?" Helco questions in anger.

Wigu sighs and nods in agreement, "I agree, in that you are to choose a team...not fight in it. If you wish for Alexander and the rest to be on said team then so be it" he calmly finishes.

"Fine..I'll pick different people, but I do think that it would be fun to give the winning team a wish" she nods and after looking around at the others they seem to be in agreement with the idea.


So this is from a previous rp I did a long, long, long time ago. Basically it's a Tournament of Power kind of deal. where the fighters that will be the characters we'd play as would be from Wigu's Multiverse. I'll post a CS as well as give more details once a few people begin to show interest.

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