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Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:11 pm
by Ramjammer
Heyo! I'm trying to dust off the old writing chops and get back into things. It's been a couple of years and man this story has changed a lot. Right now I'm looking for a partner for my trashy original rp. Take a read and see if anything interests you!

EDIT: Posting links to the old character boards and my previous run at this RP to give people a better understanding of the direction/tone of this story. Nothing particularly spoilery is posted in terms of story. Since my previous partner and I had just started so read away!

IC Board:

Character Sheets:

They had existed for as long as the Universe itself. Flitting through shadows and keeping themselves just at the edge of Human comprehension. Daemons. Creatures of great power that had always observed Mortals but very rarely did they make their presence known. They kept to themselves, donning disguises only when they were required to cross the line between our world and theirs. The Reality of Daemons, called The Void ran parallel to that of Humans, but never did they intersect. Never did they interact.

Until recently.

For reasons, unknown Daemons began to breach the boundary between worlds and making pacts with Humans. Some of the Daemons seek companionship and an opportunity to experience a world not their own. Some of the Humans seek a power that can only be afforded by a Daemon.

And some seek to leave both worlds in complete shambles.....

Rasteva had never liked Humans, this much was true. They made no secret of their dislike and mistrust of them, but their feelings never extended beyond general disdain. They were small. They were weak. They were foolish. To even consider interacting with such creatures, to GRACE them with the presence of a Daemon was something that defied all logic. Humanity was not worthy of the power that Daemons held. They had never been, and never would they be.

But this did not stop Rasteva's kin from meddling in their affairs all the same.

It started innocently enough. A wish granted here, a small gift of power there. Those Humans who were deemed worthy(wrongfully so in Rasteva's opinion) were quick to use their gifts to achieve what their kin never could.

Sometimes even for good.

But more often, for evil.

Rasteva did not care. It was not THEIR problem. The Humans could wipe themselves from existence and Rasteva would not care any more than they already did.

But the behavior of their kin began to bother the Daemon.

Some of them felt that tossing a rare few Humans a piece of power was thinking too small. Some saw Humanity's eagerness to destroy for the sake of power amusing and wished to test the depths of that eagerness. Others still saw a tool begging to be put to use. The realm that Daemons dwelt within was not interesting. A featureless void stretching off into infinity. But Humans never stopped filling the space that they existed in, and for as long as they'd existed the fledgling race desired to expand their territory even beyond the stars. A few Daemons saw in Humanity a potential that needed to be cultivated. The Humans would answer to the power of Daemons. They always had. With their guiding hand, the Mortal race might rise beyond the limitations of their nature, and subsequently, they would bend the knee to the masters that had bestowed it upon them.

Rasteva could not let this stand.

They had no love for Humans, but already they could see the effects that the Mortal race had upon their kind. Daemons turned on one another, each one vying to be seen as a God among nothing more than ants. They had become beings of chaos, completely illogical. Rasteva saw what the future of their kind held, and it was nothing more than each of them turning on themselves until nothing but dust remained. Rasteva was counted among the oldest of their kind. One of the most powerful. If the others would not restore order, then they took it upon themselves to do so.

And once they had, Humanity would be stricken from existence for daring to cause such disarray among the Daemons in the first place.

They had not expected backlash from their kin, but it came anyhow. Thousands upon thousands of dissident voices all silenced in on fell swoop. Rasteva would not be stopped, they could not be stopped. They cut down countless Daemons, all in the name of restoring order.

And still more rose in their place.

Rasteva became overwhelmed, and amidst the roiling storm of supernatural power did a voice speak.

"Rend them asunder."

Rasteva felt their form being pulled in every direction, supernatural energies older than stars leaking from their form. Countless Daemons sprung forward to snap it up hungrily, eager to add their Elder's power to their own. Rasteva's strength waned, every drop of it consumed by their greedy brethren. Some gained more power than others, but all that partook became more powerful than they had ever dreamed. They gorged themselves on Rasteva's energy, and even when it was almost gone, they still hungered. They still wanted more.

And so they turned on each other.

The Void rocked violently in the battle, each and every Daemon struggling against one another to gain the upper hand, to consume their own kind in the name of becoming stronger still. In the chaos, Rasteva slipped away. As they made their escape, they sensed several powerful forms breaking away from the pack and breach the boundaries of the Void. The storm of energy still raged, and Rasteva knew that it would only grow and spread. This was the true curse of Humanity, spread to Daemonkind like a sickness. A desire to consume, to grow.

A desire to become more than what they were.

This could not stand. Rasteva would never allow it to stand.

And so the Daemon, now only a faint shadow of their former glory launched themselves from the Void with their remaining energy, seeking the very same creatures that had so enamored their kin.

Rasteva was not above using whatever tools were left at their disposal.

Rasteva is a Daemon stripped almost completely of their power and is seeking to reclaim it. In order to do so, the proud Daemon will require help from a Human to not only navigate the world they've found themselves in but to aid the Daemon in dispatching their foes. Daemonkind has recently become addicted to the power gained from consuming their own kind and a select few have found specific Humans that would help them in this endeavor in exchange for a portion of this power. The Rich and influential, Government officials, and a few notable criminal masterminds have allied with the most powerful of Daemons, and each of them is vying to overthrow any competition that would stand between them and complete domination.

Yet despite the storm brewing on Earth, the one in the Void grows ever larger and threatens to break the seams of the Daemon's reality. If left unchecked, Daemons will not stop at consuming each other. Their hunger for power will grow exponentially and they could potentially seek to undo all of creation.

You, the player are forced to ally with Rasteva. Utilizing what power the Daemon has left in them to defeat weaker Daemons and consume their power so they may grow stronger. This will require your character to take part in a variety of combat encounters, but they are not required to have any combat expertise to participate! Your character will be able to draw on what's left of Rasteva's power to make themselves stronger, or to even form a weapon if they so choose and in exchange, you the Player may take some of this power for your own and should you be successful in your quest Rasteva will use their regained power to grant you any wish that you may desire.

Rasteva cannot project a physical form in their weakened state and must possess a vessel of the Player's choosing until they have the energy to discard it.

This does not come without drawbacks, as utilizing Rasteva's power will leave you both strained should you stretch it too far. Humans were also never meant to contain Supernatural energies within their bodies, to begin with, and more reckless users will be left disfigured or kill themselves outright.

You, the Player must not only assist Rasteva in regaining their power but uncover a plot brewing in your own city that threatens the safety of all within it, and even the world itself.

And naturally, you have to juggle all of this while maintaining the image of a perfectly normal life.

Character Hooks. Pick one!

Corporate underling: In search of new employment, your character applies for a job within the Corporation. Security, Lab Assistant, or just a regular desk jockey your options are limitless and none of them pay well! Worse still, their Boss is definitely up to something of the world domination variety, and your character is left wondering who among their coworkers ISN'T in her pocket.

Private Investigator: Billion Dollar companies are rife with all kinds of backdoor dealings, and the CEO of this one is no less exempt from that rule. Unfortunately, she's pretty good at covering her tracks, and your character is tasked with uncovering as much dirt on her as possible.

Conspiracy Theorist: Supernatural Entities are everywhere, your character is sure of it and spends their days chasing threads all around the city. Oddly those same threads almost conclusively lead back the Corporate Headquarters making its home in town and your character knows it's more than a coincidence.

Dueling Companies: As the CEO of their own Multi-Billion Dollar affair, your character has managed to make a name for themselves in the Corporate sector, but their biggest Rival being in town means that business isn't as good as it could be. The appearance of a new, yet very surly friend may give your character the edge they need to kick out the competition. However, the competition isn't going down without a fight and things are going to get ugly, fast.

A few key points and rules

-Your character does not have to be a specific age or gender. They just need to be legally an adult for this story. I'm willing to extend it to kids in high school looking for an unpaid internship, but I'm generally not comfortable with kids getting shot at.

-Rasteva can be quite rude, so please don't be discouraged if he doesn't warm up to your character right out the gate. He, in particular, considers himself superior to everyone else in existence. Having to ask for help will be a huge blow to his ego. I promise that he'll come around, however.

-This RP leans heavily into Horror at times. Blood, gore and body horror will play a part within the story, though not on a constant basis. Expect most injuries to not extend past what you'd see in other media containing violence.

-The 'fantasy' aspect of the story only manifests in the form of Daemons and the powers that they can bestow. Otherwise, all Humans are perfectly normal and possess no supernatural powers unless partnered with a Daemon. The 'sci-fi' aspect of the story stems from the research, containment, and application of Daemons in a military setting. Otherwise, technology is the same as the present day.

-While I enjoy stories having the line between good and evil being abundantly clear, I believe stories where good people must make what we'd consider awful decisions in order to do the right thing to be pretty compelling. Most of the decisions your character will be presented with are generally pretty obvious, but not all of them. Some will require a fair bit of thought, and there's the potential that doing the right thing will backfire on them. I'd like to clear this up as I don't want a potential partner feeling as they've been tricked, or worse PUNISHED for trying to do what's right at the time.

-NPCs are more than welcome! If your character has any friends or family, or if you even want to throw your own villains and heroes into the mix, you can. The more, the merrier!

-Romance is strictly optional and not required. I tend to not favor it, but I'm more than capable of writing romance if that's what you're into it. There's a pretty even split between male and female NPCS for you to romance if that's what you want. I do draw the line at smut though.

-I don't expect that you would post on a constant basis. Once a week is perfectly fine. I work 40 hours a week so I don't have as much time as most. But don't expect me to go more than a few days without a reply. As always you're allowed to PM with any questions or concerns.

-This RP is NOT for amateur writers. I'm not expecting you to churn out an entire volume of Game of Thrones with each post, but I'd like my partner to be on the more experienced side. 2-3 Paragraphs at minimum is perfectly fine. I'd just like to see effort on you

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:19 pm
by mythconceptions
Hi! I’m quite interested in this roleplay, however it has been a long time since I’ve written and I’ve never done anything of this genre. If that doesn’t discourage you I’d be glad to do this with you. :)

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Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:00 am
by Light-Witch
I remember this, and while I can't remember the exact reason I didn't join in the past, I'm interested in this idea. I can flesh out more than advanced at times, and I do enjoy ideas with darker themes to them.

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:32 pm
by Ramjammer
Dusting this board off and giving it a bump! Please check the first post for edits and important info!

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:13 am
by Light-Witch
I just decided to end my mini hiatus, and I already read the previous IC thread to the end. I couldn't find the CS thread, and I think the corporate underling one would make the most sense for seeing how the company really works, even if it has to be on accident.

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:07 am
by Ramjammer
Not sure if you're still watching the board but I sent you a PM!

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:24 pm
by Ramjammer
Guess I'll give this a bump since I haven't found anyone just yet.

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:53 am
by Arkane

I'm not sure if you're still looking for a potential partner for this roleplay, as it's been a while since the last post, but I am really interested in this plot!

I am also new to this forum and the app, so please bear with me.

Re: Looking for partner 1x1 original rp

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:58 pm
by Annasiel
Timothydam wrote:
Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:55 pm
As per above anyone looking to sell an ATPl study kit?

Also can anyone recommend a good place in or around Perth for an IREX Theory course

Thanks in advance

Re: Looking for partner. 1x1 original rp

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 8:44 pm
by big boy

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