Legacy: Chapter One (Open!)

With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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Re: Legacy: Chapter One (Open!)

Post by Vladmirk » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:33 pm

I'm still interested in doing this as well
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Re: Legacy: Chapter One (Open!)

Post by Matvey » Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:24 am


Full Name:
Aarne Halla




Eura, a small mining colony at the far edges of human reach. Originally a part of the Independent Planets of Multia, Eura is now under Republian control. It is a cold, mountainous planet, on which the snow falls all year round.

6'1", 185lbs
Aarne is a man of average height and sturdy build, with broad shoulders and a deep chest, and a complexion as white as the frozen landscapes of his homeworld. His skin is pale as snow, tinged with ruddy red on his cheeks and around his slightly bulbous nose, with matching straw blond hair. Aarne's eyes are icy blue, and downturned at the outside edges, giving him a faintly crestfallen appearance.

The mercenary carries on his person a Beretta 92 pistol, mostly for protection. He is not particularly proficient with or interested in firearms, though it is not unknown for him to visit the shooting range from time to time.

  • Republlia, where Aarne has a status of permanent residency.
  • Titan Defence Services, a private military company operating from and within Republia. Aarne makes a living taking on short-term contracts from Titan.
For as long as he can remember, Aarne has been exposed to mecha. With a lifetime's experience in operating and maintaining analogue AMP systems, Aarne is both a handy mechanic and masterful pilot. It is this, combined with a hardy resolve, tactical mind, and a little luck, that have led to a successful career as a gun for hire. During his short time with the Multian Ground Forces, Aarne boxed and wrestled with his battalion's respective clubs, though he was not exceptional in either sport.

Aarne is a person of friendly disposition, and in good company is quick to laugh and smile. Although he tries not to take life too seriously, there is a jaded tiredness in his demeanour that at first meeting can make him seem apathetic and uninterested. On account of his experiences on Eura, Aarne expresses a hatred of aliens, and harbours deep contempt for cowards, criminals and underachievers. Aarne believes that a steadfast, unified effort from all humans is the only way to achieve security in this hostile galaxy, and views those that do not do their part as no better than traitors.

Upon their invention 24 years ago, AMPs proliferated throughout every aspect of society, transforming both militaries and civilian industry alike. Miners, particularly those with access to cheap, mass produced Soviet mecha, made extensive use of AMPs, the availability of which enabled the settling of mining colonies far into deep space. Among those pioneers seeking fortunes on distant stars were Aarne's family, one of the first to expand the grasp of Multia and settle a small, snowy planet that would come to be known as Eura. Since young childhood, Aarne was highly engaged in family affairs, spending long hours in the workshop where his father would maintain his mech. Aged fifteen, Aarne became himself an AMP operator, working alongside his father for the state mining firm. The work grew boring, however, and he yearned for excitement, resolving to enlist in the army as soon as he was able.

Following his 18th birthday, Aarne joined the Multian Ground Forces, and on account of his previous experience was assigned to the 5th Motor Rifle Division to pilot AMPs. Despite going in with an eager attitude, basic training proved to be both unpleasant and, in his eyes, useless, almost making him regret his decision to sign up. The piloting training that followed, however, would more than make up for the initial disappointment. Aarne had found his calling piloting military mecha: a world apart from disarmed mining robots, they were fast, extremely responsive, and a downright thrill to drive. He passed the course with flying colours, became stationed with his region's garrison, and returned proudly home with an impressive salary.

Just one year into Aarne's professional service, Eura came under vicious attack by neighbouring aliens. Devastated by a massive initial strike, the Ground Forces struggled desperately to survive. The alien incursion was not limited to Eura, and pushed deep into Multian space, quickly overwhelming the small nation. Somehow able to resist the invasion, Eura was laid to siege by way of heavy orbital bombartment, obliterating surface infrastructure and forcing the population to retreat into its many mines. The aliens launched a number of minor offensives during this time, which the army was miraculously able to repel, resupplying with equipment manufactured in improvised workshops and eating whatever food they could grow underground. The siege stretched on for six months, and it looked as though the fighting would never end. Aarne had resigned himself to a life of misery.

When relief eventually arrived, it was from Republia. Motivated primarily by the opportunity to seize control of valuable mineral resources, Republia mounted an offensive to reclaim the lost colonies. Victory came swiftly, and the Republian military had assumed total control of the planet within weeks. Aarne and his family were granted full residency by the Republian government, and in addition a small amount of financial aid, inspiring in him a grateful patriotism towards the nation.

Aarne's life had been destroyed. His home devastated, and many of those he had known killed in the fighting, there was nothing left for him on Eura. Aarne relocated with his family to the safety of the inner ring of Republian space, hopeful to start anew. His conscience would not allow him, however, to seek civilian work; life had taught him that peace could only be maintained through vigilance and military might, for which AMP pilots were required more than anything. The Republian Army was not a good fit: their usage of highly computerised AMPs, with digital control systems, required a completely different set of skills to his own. As a veteran of a conflict as intense as the war for Eura, it was easy for him to find work with one of Republia's many private military companies, within which he could use equipment of his choice. Aarne has worked with Titan Defence Services as a mercenary for several years now, and recently attended an interview - with one Serah Ohara - for a particularly well paid special operations assignment.

Aarne takes an interest in Earth history, and particularly in ancient folklore and mythology.

Character Theme:
Giriu Dvasios - Tureja Liepa

Image Mech Name:
Odin, after the Norse deity.

Mech Specialty:
Odin is a main battle mech, performing the role of maneuverable armour-protected direct fire that makes up the bulwark of most armies in the Asterian Galaxy. Although a highly capable AMP in its own right, it lacks the sheer strength and toughness of the more colossal machines, as well as being inferior in offensive capability to those mecha with elite computer systems, making it best suited to a support role.

Aarne's mech is a large but sleek machine, closely humanoid in shape. Its armour and weapons are both painted in their original army green, having been purchased primarily from the Republian military.

Odin is equipped with a railgun cannon, capable of switching to automatic bullet fire and acting as a light machine gun; two shielded thrusters, capable of acting independently as additional shielding for any part of the mech's body; a twin laser-guided rocket system armed with both anti-air and anti-armour missiles; and a pulse rifle, designed to release electromagnetic pulse attacks that disable the computerised control and targeting systems most mecha so heavily rely on.

Special Attributes:
The main body and primary framework of Odin is that of the Warrior, a now dated Soviet build which marked the last in its series of mass produced, analogue controlled mecha. An almost completely analogue mech, it relies on direct signals between cockpit controls and the AMP's driving mechanisms. Over the past decade, analogue mecha have been almost totally phased out, replaced by computerised systems which are easier to learn to pilot, far more forgiving of pilot errors, and generally more accurate with their weapons. To their advantage, analogue mecha are hardy and robust, capable of operating effectively in almost any conditions, and much simpler to repair and maintain. Soviet equipment of this kind is strewn all over the galaxy, making finding replacement parts cheap and easy. In order to make up for his platform's age, Aarne has retrofitted the Warrior with the latest Republian weaponry.

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