[Reserved] Fog of Velli

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[Reserved] Fog of Velli

Post by UmbraSight » Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:55 pm

King Geoffory was coronated on one bitterly cold day in the year of 1546. Unlike his father who had set his sight upon the continent, Geoffory concerned himself with claiming territory within the new world. With his blessing, a charter was drawn and several companies formed, with the promise of five hundred golden eyes as a reward for the first company to establish a sustainable colony within the new world.

Among the first chartered companies was the Risen Sun, and by the end of 1547, their first ship loaded with colonists and supplies took to the sea. The ship arrived on a mild spring day in 1548, and the colony worked fast to establish itself. Ground was cleared and broken for a farm, the ship dismantled and used to construct a town hall, for administrative efforts as well as communal living while homes were being errecred. The long eared natives which boated over from the continent proved to be the friendly sort more than happy to trade with the settlers for much needed supplies in their formative days.

As spring turned to summer, the fledgling colony seemed to have established itself well enough. Early crops came in well, a mixture of seeds brought from the motherland as well as those they had traded for from the natives. By the end of summer as the heat gave in to the mildness of autumn, their surplus of food had only grown. When a mild autumn lead to an equally mild winter, colonists began to murmur that this island they had settled upon, Velli, was truly blessed.

The following three years were good for the colony, it established itself well and became an important refueling port for colony ships from Adalé heading further north to establish settlements of their own in the new word. It was the end of 1551 when the King gave the Rising Sun company its reward for having established the first successful colony.

However, fortunes changed in the fourth year. Rain became scarce, and the land dry, the town of Villstone survived off of its stores of food from the previous year, but it was the natives who helped them survive the bitter cold of the following winter. In the fifth year fortunes continued to sour, the weather remained poor with a fuel your particular haze which seemed to cling to the air, and dense fogs which seemed to roll in with startling regularity.

The governor left that year, to request aid from the crown.

It was the better part of a year before the governor was able to return, a passenger aboard a military ship full of regulars sent to help deal with rising tensions with native populations to the north. Theirs was a small fleet, if one could call it that, for accompanying that military ship was a leaner supply ship come with goods for the colony as well as a second military ship.

The fog was thick when the ships arrived at Velli, and no one answered their bell. A small detachment of soldiers accompanied by the governor rowed to the island to see what was the matter, yet found the town to be quite empty. No signs of a struggle, nor seemingly any hint as to where the settlers might have gone. On request of the governor, or perhaps out of fear of running his vessels aground, the captain, and head of their little expidediton agreed to remain within the area at least until the fogs dissipated, and help to find what had become of the settlers.


Technology is around that of 1700’s Earth, and the natives are not too far behind in this matter.



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Re: [Reserved] Fog of Velli

Post by Authorlord » Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:56 am

Name: Alek Salvador

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Skills: Alek is an excellent naval tactician and won't head into any conflict without a plan, no matter how rusty. Is decent at holding a blade and a better shot. Excellent leader.

Personality: Alek is not a boastful man, but he will admit his victories in a triumpant display if asked. Due to the rough lifestyles as a privateer at a young age, Alek is beyond his years, in the mind, and in the body. He won't often strike a conversation with a stranger but he will lend an ear to those who need it and offer his best advice. In the long run, he's a loyal sea dog and a reasonable captain.

Bio: Alek was reared by his mother to be the man his father never was, nor could ever be. Born inin Madrid, Spain, with a Spanish mother and a white bastard father, Alek lived in the life of poverty into his early teens.

Even at a young age, Alek seemed calm, collected, but much of that was conditioned into him by his mother. Her health was fair at best in his younger years, but it was clear she worsened with age and needed to be taken care of. Alek loved his mother, naturally, and worked through blood and sweat to ear her bread and what little herbs were available. Finally, at the age of 14, Alek kissed his mother goodbye for the last time as she passed in her sleep.

Months later, after hardships lead to no end, a fleet of His Majestys Ships sailed into port. A little more than eager to leave his hard life behind, and longing for a purpose, Alek pleaded with a ship captain and offered his body and heart to the crown in order to serve under the flag and have a chance to work and live a life with only self discipline as a hardship.

The captain agreed finally and took the boy in underunder his wing; welcoming Alek to his ship, the Saber--a lean Frigate right to fight 2 Man O War alone.

More than decade later of labor and working loyally to the ship captain and building trust and rank, Alek was finally handed the reins of the Saber as her old skipper retired to the country.

A year later and Alek Salvador was officially recognized as the prodigee captain turned apprentice of HMS Saber and granted the documented rank of Captain. Several years have passed since and Alek has neglected to ahear to the Royal Navy's request of seeking advancement.

Now his mission is to aid a governor of a small colony in need of the crown's assistance. Except, it's more erie than expected.

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