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Discussions Legacy

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:56 pm
by bastecklein
So for the past year or so, I have been using and to test out the new forum software that will eventually someday replace phpBB for RP Forums. Today marks another small step in that direction (I am essentially crawling towards it) with the re-release of the classic Discussions Legacy app for Android.

The purpose of the app is to test out how the new forum software will interface with the "Legacy" wrapper, which powers the current Android RP Forums Legacy app that many of you are familiar with. Since I am developing both the website and the Legacy wrapper, the integration between the two will be able to be quite a bit tighter than the current RP Forums Legacy app allows.

So anyway, if you want to help move the ball along, feel free to download and test the new Legacy code out from the Ape Market, using the link I posted above. Please leave comments and suggestions either here, or preferably at the Discussions site. I also updated the app on Google Play, as it hadn't been updated since 2013, although it has to go through Google approval first, so I am not sure if it will ever be live on there again.

I don't expect anyone to use Discussions except for testing the new forums software, but if people want me to bring it back at some point, I can always add a few legit sections to it.