Transferring ownership of RPF to Annasiel

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Summer Blair
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Re: Transferring ownership of RPF to Annasiel

Post by Summer Blair » Fri Oct 09, 2020 4:44 am

How do I overcome anxiety and become mentally strong?

Overtime, I realized, anxiety is a matter of choice. Specifically, it’s a matter of choice.

The reason why I’m emphasizing this is because sometimes, you can’t think your way out of anxiety in one single thought.

But we do have to keep in mind that one choice of thought always counts. What matters is that we keep on choosing to think of good things out of bad situations.

Bad situations do happen and the ones who can go through them or find their way out of them only succeed because their way of thinking. Sometimes, there are situations you can change so we need the best possible action when this happens. And sometimes, there are situations we can’t change. We need the best perspective when this happens.

The perspective matters because if you think differently of a situation, your reaction to it, your emotions and you moving on from it is a big step forward.

I used to be anxious about a lot of things - school, life, romance, etc. I used to be a sad person who kept on thinking about things to turn out very bad. I used to be a person who think that nothing will ever change throughout my life. I used to be a person who think that I have no capability nor have the possibility of ever doing anything significant in life. And I also used to think that people who did change from usually anxious to becoming usually happy were almost or next to impossible.

That all changed when I made it a habit to think differently. When faced with a pressuring situation, I keep in mind that I should control my emotions. To control my emotions, I keep watch on what I think, what pictures I imagine of future prospects, or what sentences I think of in mind.

People will go through the same tough situations but only the ones who think there’s always a way out, whether externally or internally, that really makes a breakthrough.

Think of yourself as a strong person and you will become strong. In the past, I thought of myself as a stupid, weak and talentless person and I believed what I thought and so I performed as bad as how I thought of my self.

Turns out the right self-thinking actually plays the biggest role in your daily life.

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Re: Transferring ownership of RPF to Annasiel

Post by Snowskeeper » Tue Dec 08, 2020 4:41 am

Poetic Edda wrote:Thought and Memory, my ravens, fly every day the whole world over.
Each day I fear that Thought might not return, but I fear more for Memory.

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Re: Transferring ownership of RPF to Annasiel

Post by Boilloiled » Wed Jan 06, 2021 4:45 am


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