[ONE - RESERVED] The Price to Pay [CS]

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[ONE - RESERVED] The Price to Pay [CS]

Post by Maxx » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:59 am

Cynthia Burnham

Basic Info
Nickname: Cyn (sounds like Sin)
Age: 22
Birthday: 28 October
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Head Chef

Height: 5'4"
Build: Slim
Eyes: Greeny-Blue
Hair: Dyed Green
Complexion: Caucasian
Outfit/Style: Blue or purple hoodie; Dark colored tee shirt; Black or dark blue jeans; Boots
Other: Double pierced ears; Small scar on right cheek from a cat scratch

- Being a bitch
- Pissing people off
- Cooking

Cynthia can be quite, well... It seems she pisses people off quite easily. In many situations, she is extremely sarcastic. But people can deal with that. That's not what really pisses people off. What does piss people off is this: She is a Grade A Bitch. You know those girls from school, the ones who were your friend one day, and a total jerk the next? Yep, Cyn is one of those girls. First meeting her, people thinks she's quite nice, apart from the sarcasm, and tend to not believe a single bad word said against her. They grow attached to her, protective of her, defending her against those they feel are mean to her. And Cyn happily keeps up the charade of friendliness and innocence. Until she feels the person has wronged her. Then she turns into a bitch. The sarcasm increases tenfold. Rumors start. That's the sort of person Cyn is. That's how she pisses people off. That's why she has a hella lot of enemies. Although... Cyn isn't all bad. Especially if she becomes attached to - or obsessed with - someone or something. Then she'll literally do anything for that person or thing.

Cynthia's father abandoned her and her mother when Cyn was very young. Although Cyn was the only child, she didn't grow up around that much money because her mothers job didn't pay very much.
As a result of this lack of money, Cyn was bullied all through primary school. Back then, she was quite a sweet, friendly little girl. No matter how bad the bullies were, she didn't let it bother her. Well, she didn't show that it bothered her.
By the time Cyn reached secondary school, she had had enough. Enough of the bullies. Enough of being pushed around. So she created a persona for herself. She convinced her mother to buy her an expensive-looking bag, an expensive-looking jacket, an expensive-looking phone... You get the picture. With all this expensive looking stuff, she fit in with all the other 'cool' girls. At school, she went from sweet little Cynthia to badass, sarcastic Cyn.
Over time, Cyn's attitude got worse and worse. Her small amount of sarcasm towards other students became large amounts towards even her teachers. Her slight digs at people she didn't like became full blown bullying. It even spread to home. Cyn became increasingly rude to her mother and her mother's boyfriends. Even though no one would probably say it out loud, Cyn was the reason her mother couldn't seem to keep a boyfriend for more than one and a half months. By the age of 15, the Cyn-persona had become her real personality. Because of this, Cyn didn't really have many friends at all by the time she left school, even though she had loads when she started.
Cyn got into cooking when she was 14. Her mother's then-boyfriend taught her. They would spend hours in the kitchen, cooking all sorts of things. That boyfriend had to go when he had tried to be... inappropriate... with Cyn - that could probably be the reason Cyn didn't like any man her mother brought home - but her love of cooking didn't go. Cyn taught herself more and more recipes, and even came up with a few of her own. In college, she took a 3 year Hospitality and Catering course, and passed with top marks. Because of her results, she got accepted almost immediately when she applied for a job as sous chef at the restaurant she works at. That was when she 20. In her two years at the restaurant, she showed her skill and quickly moved up the food chain, no pun intended. When the previous head chef retired, Cyn was offered the spot immediately, and she accepted. Adding some of her own recipes to the menu, many of the staff begrudgingly agree that she is by far the best head chef they've had there.
When Cyn heard about the woman, she immediately started seeking her out. She knew exactly who she wanted revenge against. Her mother's former boyfriend. You can guess the one I'm talking about. What he had tried doing had really gotten to Cyn's mother. It affected her mental health, and she blamed herself, no matter how many times Cyn told her that it wasn't her fault. Anyways, scrolling through various websites one night, Cyn finally found it. A website where she could contact the woman. It took her no time at all to decide to contact her. Her request? For the former boyfriend to be killed. That was simply it. It didn't matter how he would end up being killed, just as long as the piece of crap died.

Other Notes
Cyn actually keeps a small notebook in which she has listed every single event where someone has wronged her. That includes date, time, person, and details of the event. Just so she can use it against them at a later date.
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Re: [ONE - RESERVED] The Price to Pay [CS]

Post by Mystress Nyx » Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:55 pm

??? (Nox)

Basic Info
Nickname: Nox
Age: Appears 25-35
Birthday: ???
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: ???
Occupation: Hitman; day occupation unknown

Height: 5'10"
Build: Medium build with a small waist and ample bust
Eyes: Deep, ocean blue
Hair: Black, long, and straight, often covered by a veil
Complexion: Shockingly pale, like a sheet of paper
Outfit/Style: Dressed in long black dresses and shrouded veils, Nox is a sight to see. Her bright red lipstick contrasts the shadows, outlining any type of smile that creeps upon her lips. Adorning her are gloves and silver jewelry as the sound of her heels clicking on the ground is the only notice of her presence. Along with this, Nox carries two pistols, a retractable blade, a butterfly knife, and two switch blades hidden on various parts of her body should anything go not according to plan.
Other: Nox's appearance is heavily altered from the veiled wig and high heels to contouring makeup and contacts to gloves and a waist cincher, Nox is nigh unrecognizable from her daytime persona. Matching this change, her voice is silky and alluring, alto in tone, and deceiving in nature. Even her laugh is low and controlled.

- Close combat
- Knife technique
- Firearm use
- Tactical intelligence
- Deception
- Social manipulation
- Psychological trauma
- Information collection
- Assassination

Very few can discern Nox's personality. At most, she seems cruel and cold to many, but to others, she is the definition of a killer. She is not easily fazed or surprised, her composure like a stone wall. Little emotion is shown other than a slight pause or a smile upon her lips, and for good reason seeing as she is walking death. One thing is certain though. Nox cannot be trusted. While she will carry out near any request after payment, she is also more than willing to kill her requestors at the slightest hint of betrayal.


Other Notes
No one really knows why Nox requests payment in the form she does, but it's best to follow through lest you find her knife at your throat.
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