[CS] Cradle

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[CS] Cradle

Post by Nyx » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:38 am

Here's a CS to get you started, but feel free to customize!

Basic Character Sheet:
(Feel free to format as you wish.)











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Re: [CS] Cradle

Post by Nyx » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:43 am

  • Name: Elijah Lindon
  • Age: 24
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian American
  • Occupation: Peacekeeper (ARD)
  • Appearance:
    [Castle wearing his ARD (Advanced Reconnaissance Division) gear.]
    • Stands at 5’11”, strong and rugged, not super muscular nor skinny, but built like a distance runner. His eyes are heterochromia, one being gray blue with gold ringing the pupil, the other optic hazel, with splashes of gold and grey blue.

  • Personality: Genial, easygoing, gregarious. He likes to tease and joke around a lot, offering to show card tricks to anyone that wants to see, or the coin tricks he’s picked up along the way. Gambles in his free time. He’s the type of guy to take care of business, and will often volunteer for the dirty jobs. Eli has taken lives during his five years of being a Peacekeeper, but it never keeps a smile from his face, nor keeps him up at night. When asked about his more unusual skill set, he just shrugs, “Get’s the job done, eh?” He’s a little too open and honest at times, speaking his mind with an upfront frankness that you either love or hate. Morally ambiguous at the best of times, but you can count on him to have your back, and offer an odd bit of useless knowledge every now and then.
  • Biography: Grew up during the end of the world, mom dying when he was young of cancer. His father was a drunk, verbally and physically abusive for most of Eli’s life until he could actually defend himself. He spent a lot of time with his friends after the death of his father. Very early on he got swept up by a vicious gang of scavengers, where he learned how to break into places and pickpocket, how to fight, to kill, and most importantly how to survive.

    Barely surviving a run in with the Brotherhood, he found his way to Chelbron Rise and was rescued by a group of survivors and taken to a place called Cradle. Once he recovered from his injuries, he applied for Placement, a sort of test that all of the inhabitants of Cradle went through that determined their job based of their skillsets or inherent abilities. It was that or become a Roughneck and work odd jobs for different people or factions. The Peacekeepers took him in and he went through the training. They were a sort of paramilitary faction in the Cradle that handled jobs like policing and security detail, mostly exactly what the name implied. For once in his life, he felt happy.
  • Strong suits/Talents/Strengths: Tracking, hunting, trapping, lock picking, scouting. Eidetic memory. Weapons familiarity.
  • Handicap/Disability/Weakness: His honesty. His jokes might rub people the wrong way, especially when encountering new groups of people. He’s started fights before. His morally grey nature is a source of contention at times. Despite his easy-going demeanor, he trusts little to no one. He will sometimes do what he thinks is for the better of the group without consulting with them first, especially when it comes to expeditions outside. He's not the most techie person.

Personal items include his dogtag, knife and axe. An old photo of his mom in a leather wallet. He keeps a deck of cards on him and a couple of Old World coins. He shares a living space near the other Peacekeepers. Eli is proficient in CQB with his knife and axe, and as well as most of the firearms and explosives supplied in the armory, as well as basic weapon repair.
  • Image
  • Image
Relations/Family/Friends/etc: He’s friendly with most of the inhabitants of Cradle.
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Re: [REQ] Cradle, a Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Maxx[2.0]ine » Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:51 am

I'm creating two characters, hope that's alright.
<09:29 am>Finally finished creating the two characters:

Joseph 'J' Miller
Caucasian British
Physician (Medic)
He has dark grey eyes and black hair. His hair is shaved on one side, showing a scar that he has no idea how he got, and the rest of it is long enough to reach his chin. He is good looking, in a rough kind of way. He has a bunch of piercings, some of which he got before the end of the world but some he did himself after, including lip, tongue, eye brow, nose and stretched ears, as well as ones all up his ears. He is 5'9". He wears black skinny jeans and a leather jacket most of the time, with boots and a tee shirt, when he is not wearing his standard issue Physician stuff. He has several scars, enough that he doesn't remember where all of them are.
He is generally introverted but not shy. Some people say he can be rude. He can be uncomfortable when around others if he isn't with Em, but will still try to make an effort to have a conversation. Once people get to know him, which is very rare, he can be friendly and funny. He completely changes when he is with Em, noticeably a lot happier and friendlier.
He had been Em's brothers best friend. They used to hang out with a group of older boys, who would have all been around fifteen when the world ended, and got into a lot of stupid poop. This included shop lifting, smoking, drinking, and a lot of other stuff. One night, one of the older boys said it would be awesome if they all stretched their ears and got a bunch of other ear piercings. Em's brother wussed out, but J agreed that it would be an awesome thing to do. After they did that, the group became more violent. If a psychologist had anything to say about this, they would say that the groups violent behaviour was the cause of J's anger issues. The week before the world ended, the group beat someone up with baseball bats and crow bars, and left the person for dead. It affected a bunch of the other members, but J didn't seem to care. He had said he would happily do it again, and properly next time. Whilst what he said about Em's family dying was true, he didn't tell her how. Even when he found her, he was mentally a lot older than he was actually, and knew how to handle most things. He had killed his own family without a second thought, because they were dying anyway. He had killed quite a few people before he and Em got to the Cradle, and enjoyed teaching her some of his skills on the way. He was unsure when Em said she was going to be a Peacemaker, so was happy to become a Physician, where he could try to continue to keep her safe.
Lying, scavenging, stealing, lock picking, knife skills, hunting.
He can struggle with controlling his anger, which can end up harmful to both the other person and himself. However, Em can nearly always help him calm down. Once, whilst they were on the way to the Cradle, she wasn't able to, and he ended up killing someone right in front of her. When she tried to stop him, he had cut her face, nearly half-blinding her, with his dagger. He felt extremely guilty about it after.
He has several daggers and knives, and an old photograph of both his and Em's families, which he has never let her see, as well as the standard issue Physician stuff. He is proficient at knife throwing and CQB with his knives and daggers, but hardly has an excuse to do either nowadays. He is good at quickly sorting wounds and identifying what to do.
Em's boyfriend. He tends to try to avoid nearly everyone else in the Cradle.

Emmeline 'Em' Abbs
Caucasian British
Peacemaker (ARD)
Private First Class
She has blue-green eyes and long strawberry blond hair. One half of her face is quite pretty, but on the other side is a long scar. This scar - the one that nearly left her half-blind - goes very close to her eye, and runs from her eyebrow to the corner of her mouth, twisting/contorting it slightly. People tend to stare at the scar, not bothering to hide the facts that's what they are doing, but she doesn't care. She has no piercings at all. She is 5'5", making her shorter than J, but the perfect height for stealing borrowing his jackets. She tends to wear leggings, tee shirts and one of J's hoodies, with boots similar to the ones J wears, when she is not wearing her standard issue Peacemaker stuff.
She is very kind and friendly, always happy to be around others. No one would ever say she is rude.
She was found by J just after the end of the world with no memory, and a pretty bad bump on her head. Her entire family was dead, she was told by the boy who found her. Unable to remember, and for some reason completely trusting of the boy who was four years older than her, she believed him. The boy taught her various skills as they travelled to the Cradle. Not able to remember when her birthday was, they instead celebrated the day he found her. As the years went on, they grew closer and closer, and are now a couple. She was happy to become a Peacemaker, and was delighted when it turned out J was going to be a Physician.
Scavenging, knife skills, hunting, calming J down when he's angry.
Some people, including , say that her kindness is her biggest weakness. Even after someone has done something really bad to her, she doesn't seem to care, and will come up with ways to justify it. For example, after J cut her face and nearly half-blinded her, she justified it by saying J was angry, and still continued to love him.
She has a necklace that J gave her, which is a heart with a blood red gem in the center. She also has a dagger, which J also gave her. She also has the standard issue Peacemaker stuff. She doesn't own much else, nor does she want to. She is proficient in knife throwing and CQB with her dagger. She is also proficient with most weapons she picks up, as she is a very quick learner.
J's girlfriend. She is friendly with nearly everyone in the Cradle.
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Re: [REQ] Cradle, a Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Arlaz » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:21 pm

Freya Jenssen

5'4'' with a toned, thin body.Hair is naturally bleached and her face has freckles after continuous exposure to sunlight. Often seen with braided hair for practical reasons. Despite seeming weak and small, the work has toned her muscles to work for her purposes. Though most of her skin is soft and pale, her hands have been tanned and the skin is rough. Her eyes a mix of blue and grey with a darker circle around the iris.
24 years
Norwegian / British

Freya is like an open book. Easy to read, emotional and mostly a bundle of joy and positive energy. The emotional outbursts often revolve around others, as she can (mostly) conceal her own feelings quite well. Her curious nature can make it seem like she's prying, when it's her thirst for knowledge and understanding that drives her. Despite not having the knowledge and experience of a Physician, the importance of living things well-being is most important to her and she chooses to see the good in people. Outgoing and prefers the company of others over being alone. As she is very talkative and outgoing, she is not afraid to speak up if she sees a need to - or no need to. Will greet just about anyone with open arms and an open heart. Does not have many close friends.
Freya grew up with her parents and her one year younger brother on the countryside. A loving, A4-family. They did not have farmland of their own, but Freya and her brother Aslak would from an early age often offer their help to local farmers. Freya's brother died in a high-risk surgery due to lung-collapse at 12 years old. Her mother worked as a pre-school teacher and her father was a psychiatrist before the world as they knew it was ending. Her father was taken early on after the incidents started happening. They were fleeing their village in search of refuge, one by one taken along the way.

The few survivors of the village took whatever they could find for survival. About 9 months later, their group of 30 was down to 6. Freya's mother had done everything in her power to protect her daughter from harm and shielding her from the new world's terrors - but there was only so much she could do. Her mother got ill, and only a few days later, too weak to carry on going. The group could not stop and tried forcing Freya to come with them. Fighting the group, Freya managed to stay behind with her ill mother in a relentless wasteland. Her mother's passing was no surprise, but Freya was grieving and ready to end her own life. What more could she lose? Weak and hungry, a group of survivors found her in the wasteland and got her to come with them to this safe haven called Cradle.

After gathering her strength, Freya got into the one place she knew she could find a feeling of home - The Agriculters. After spending her years with them, training and learning their ways and beliefs, Freya slowly let the days of the old world behind and focused on bettering the new world any way she could - dedicating her life to make Cradle a good place.
- Thick skin. Literally and figuratively.
- Good at improvising.
Whatever is available in the situation is viable.
- Determination, patience and stubborness
Due to strong beliefs, Freya will not give up easily and is patient with both her work and people.
- Research department
Finding new, useful properties within her field of biology from fibers and samples brought in after expeditions.
- Slow learner.
- Instinctive reactions.
Can act before she thinks. Can cause her to end up in situations that could be harmful.
- Putting other's needs before her own.
Self-sacrifice to the point of putting herself in harm's way for another's safety."All life is valuable - even the weakest and most vulnerable deserve kindness."
- Her kindness
Even though kindness would normally be seen as a good feature, Freya is also naive and almost child-like with her trust in others and will easily forgive and forget.

Freya carries few personal belongings on her person. In her housing she keeps an old, tattered leather journal from her mother. She has a multi-way belt made from leather that holds linen pouches and a linen backpack that carries the most essential of her work-equipment. It also contains water and a ration of food if possible.

No close relations. Gets along plenty with the inhabitants in Cradle.
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Re: [REQ] Cradle, a Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Wint » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:06 pm

The Self-afflicted Scapegoat

Name: Rufus Halloway

Age: 17

Ethnicity/Nationality: Scandinavian

Occupation: Roughneck (mostly delivery)

Appearance: Image
Special defining details that Rufus has are The Brotherhood's brand on the right side of his neck which he will try to keep visible and the pitchfork scar he has on his right forearm which he will often keep bandaged and covered by a sleeve or otherwise.

Personality: Rufus is quiet and keeps to himself. Although he has astoundingly improved under the warm guidance of Celine Vanderbilt, Rufus still struggles with some day-to-day tasks and obstacles and may become unwilling to cooperate in certain situations.

Rufus' social customs are somewhat impaired and may result in unintentionally insulting or offending his surroundings.

Although Rufus' education has taken somewhat of a beating, he will not be afraid to ask Celine, or other people friendly enough to offer assistance that Rufus won't worry about approaching, questions that could help him understand things better, from the simplest to those not as easy to answer. In addition, while his academic background is lacking, Rufus is very sharp and will find paths of solution that people may take longer to see, and will execute those trails of thought even if they may put him at a risk.

Rufus' self-esteem is heavily lacking, feeling strokes of guilt on a daily basis, something he tries to work on with Celine. Nevertheless, this often impedes Rufus and makes him question his actions, for better and mostly, for worse.

Biography: Rufus lived in a small settlement. The life was good as people worked together to gather resources and although the borders of families remained clear, children would often play together outside.
Although Rufus was a bit of a loner, he too tried to make friends, of which he had only a couple who drifted away from him as years passed. But he had his mother and father, until his father passed away when he was 7. He left him his knife, as Rufus notoriously stole it from his father several times in the past trying to start a fire when the nights were too dark and the world was too silent.
Rufus' education was lacking than in some places in the world and yet he always seemed to understand things. Things like the map of the stars and how to start a fire.
He did not understand, however, how a breach of the Aryans caused his mother to assault him. She grabbed her pitchfork and aimed for his head, but in reality, it hit his forearm, which was now bleeding and risked infection.
He acted without thinking and yet planned his every move as Rufus pulled out the pitchfork, which made him bleed profusely but recovered some of the mobility he lost when he had a long stick sticking out of his arm. Digging through his garments, Rufus both grabbed and swung his father's blade in a single stroke, cutting his mother's cheek. The woman hurled towards the knife, and began pulling it, the blade drenching her hands with her own blood. Without a second to lose, Rufus changed directions and pushed the knife which, with his mother's force, pierced through her chest.
The two fell. His mother fell from blood loss, and he from disbelief, although the same soon happened to him.
Rufus couldn't understand much of what was said, but he could feel being moved, taken elsewhere.


When Rufus came to, he was tied up, but so was his wounded arm which was in the middle of being bandaged.
He winced and all eyes turned on him. A few moments after, he fell asleep.

Over a period of days, Rufus had understood what had happened to him. Over a period of months, he was starved and fed, starved and fed along with all of the other captives.
They would ask them questions. If you answered correctly you were freed and went somewhere. If you answered insufficiently, you were left in your binds. If you answered rudely, you were killed.
After somewhere around half a year in captivity, Rufus gave up and gave in, answering the formula everyone else that was freed answered.
He was let free of his binds, but not let go.
He was taken to a room where he was fed and hydrated and was informed of what was to come. All that time they had these... scary smiles. Honest smiles speaking words that sounded so wrong.
After resting for what felt like days but looked like hours, Rufus was taken to a circle. They were warming up a letter, "A", over a burning fire.
There was music and chants and calls and cheers as Rufus was taken closer.
His eyes filled with dread and yet remained expressionless on the outside. He was horrified but looked unmoved.
Only when he could feel the heat of the metal getting greater and greater and closer and closer did Rufus began to shake, trying to move. He was told not to.
"It'll ruin your mark, boy."
"Don't make us hurt you."
"Now you're one of us."

The metal burned.
It burned his skin and seared his flesh, as his head felt decapitated.
The brand was placed upon his neck and there it would stay for potentially ever. He was taken to the resting room he was in where further medical care was done. After a long, long period of time, all that remained of Rufus' wound was a nasty scar, 3 puncture wounds now 3 circles. That and the memory. He began walking around the facilities wearing black.

The following years, Rufus was taught the Brotherhood's customs. He was taught of the Cradle. A place of captivity worse than anything he could have imagined, which at the time was the Brotherhood.
They refused entry when shelter was most needed and cost the lives of millions upon millions. They were not to be trusted and were to be killed when given the opportunity.
After 2 or 3 years, Rufus was a devoted member, his blood been purified over the course of several occasions.
The Brotherhood... were so kind. They seemed like savages but they cared for all of their members closer than family.
Their cheers and celebrations, their comfortable beds and warm food were all so enticing, so amazing.
After another year Rufus' attire changed from black to grey and was told he would be sent to a sinner's den to look for those they could help.
Something they said stirred inside Rufus.
They said it was "as God wills", and as God willed it, this was their mission.
That same night, wearing the uniform that allowed him to leave, Rufus ran.
He didn't know where to go, but he knew how not to get lost. The map of the stars told him where to run, where to flee where he had to go to.
If only he knew where the settlement was. But then it would be too late.
If only he knew where he could go. But it was too late to stop.
He ran and ran and did not know how to stop. His eyes filled with tears as memories returned, horrible memories.
Why did he go?! The memories were fine when he was there!
With every step he took, Rufus forgot who he was.
With every step he took, Rufus hated himself in more ways than one.
The lives...
The honor...

Rufus knew when he passed out, but he banged against the walls of the place where he woke up in, terrified the Brotherhood would punish him.
Why did he go?! Why did he run?!

It was then that he found himself within the demons' lair.
The Cradle.

He begged for mercy, but no one listened. Was anyone there?
He sat in his cell for hours, forced to contemplate everything that had happened.
After a few hours, came in a woman. She had short hair, like him, and pale skin... like his mother.
The woman brought in nourishment, food and water, and asked him to tell her about himself.
He wouldn't speak, Rufus' eyes staring at the wall like he saw a ghost.

But she did not leave.
The woman stayed, to Rufus' surprise. She sat on the wall in front of him, but not quite there. He had to intentionally look at her to see her.
Was she planning on catching him on a lie? Was she going to send him to the mines to work?
But she didn't say anything.

The two stayed like that for what felt like forever, the boy occasionally glancing at the woman, she responding similarly.
Eventually, he began speaking. He only said a few words.
"I was in the Brotherhood..."
Those were followed by silence, and the sentence.
"I'm sorry..."
He was sorry for so many things. If he would be sent back, he was sorry for running away.
If he would stay, he was sorry for making anyone mad if they'd mess with him.
He was sorry about his mother.
He was sorry because he knew that the things he did were not acceptable in his old home, and so are probably not acceptable anywhere else, except for his last home, the Brotherhood.
His eyes darted back and forth at her and the wall as he waited for her reply. But instead of killing him, she put her hands on either side and nodded, listening to what he had to say.

He told her of what he did during his stay at the Brotherhood, and explained how he ended up there in the first place.
She was so calm, so peaceful. All the while Rufus felt terrified, like he was being tested, like he could die.
But the woman, she asked if he wanted to go back.
His eyes focused on hers, as he readjusted his position to one closer to a cradle but not quite.
He stared down at the ground and then at her.
"I ran... They wouldn't want me back."
After a few moments, he said.
"I think they'll kill me."
But it didn't help. The woman repeated her question asking if nevertheless he would wish to return, knowing what he said wasn't what she asked about. She seemed so kind, so caring. How could he say anything that wasn't the truth?
He caved and said he didn't know.
He wasn't sure.
He knew what he did was bad, and he couldn't ignore the thoughts of all he did that was wrong.
He began rocking in his spot, before adding, lastly, before he started crying and was unable to say anything else.
"I don't think so."

Rufus couldn't speak, wishing to explain himself in any way possible.
What if they threw him out into the barren lands? He would meet his demise, one or another.
But the woman stood up, and walked over to him.
She sat by him and comforted him, holding him in a side-hug that Rufus immediately gave in to and put his head against her shoulder, hiding his brand against her in the process, letting him feel like a human once again.

Over the course of the following month, Rufus told more about himself, including his name, to the woman he now knew as Celine. In return, she answered whatever questions he had, and those she did not have the answer for she wrote down and answered the following day.

As time passed, Rufus felt the need to support Cradle one way or the other but refused to take any Placement Tests which in turn he was turned down for due to his lack of resolve.
Eventually, however, he became a roughneck, though Rufus remembers it only as a slow integration, wanting to do something to keep his mind busy and to make Celine proud. Although his housing was different from Celine's, the two would still occasionally meet.
He'd also get to occasionally be hired by her, during which he'd help her with whatever she needed and eat with her.


• Star cartography - Rufus knows the approximate location of the stars and can travel in a relatively straight line using them.

• Farming - Rufus was occasionally in charge of taking care of the animals in the settlement and so has a very basic understanding of how to do so. This also includes the tending and cultivation of some, very basic plant life.

• Extremely basic medical knowledge - When Celine gave Rufus his first aid kit, she explained to him what everything was in length, and so taught him information that could be occasionally but ultimately rarely used outside of its intended purpose other than properly using the tools in the kit.

• Above average knife mastery - During his stay at the Brotherhood, Rufus eventually got back his father's knife. While he had later lost it in his travel to Cradle, he had often fought with it in his battles in the Brotherhood, achieving proficiency unknown to many at his age.

• Good fighter - Rufus would occasionally fight as a member of the Brotherhood and so has to learn how to defend himself and how to prevent unnecessary harm to himself, and how to win at least some fights, though some of the techniques he was taught are considered dirty.

• Nimble - Rufus is very light, both due to his age and for his age, that because of the dietary restrictions he had experienced in his days in the settlement and the starvation periods he had experienced in the Brotherhood's initial captivity. His battles while in the withholdment of the Brotherhood also helped his reflexes and agility, at least to a sufficient degree.

• Quick reflexes - Both from the battles Rufus was in during his stay at the Brotherhood and from the psychological side-effects that followed thereafter, Rufus will usually be very alert, even if his reclusive state may seem aloof to the point of sleepiness.


• Low self-esteem - Even though Rufus has improved ever since Celine took him under her custody, Rufus still lacks the reassurance he lost in his darker days and will often fold under pressure unless too important for him.

• Ropes and other physical restrictions - Waking up unable to move your limbs is a very harrowing feeling, and being in captivity of horrible people doesn't particularly make it any better. Being presented with imprisonment or being cornered will make Rufus feel... wrong. He wouldn't be himself, and would either collapse as a result of stress or attack the instigator. In the cases Celine may wish to test his blood pressure or try anything else, Rufus would, of course, be more understanding and ignore even his most primal feelings for her.

• Aryan license plate - Rufus believes it is a good punishment for him to always keep his brand completely or at least somewhat visible, which may lead to uncomfortable situations.


• Satchel - All of the items, save for his knife, which Rufus keeps on him are kept safely inside his satchel.

• First aid kit - As a sort of graduation gift, Celine gave Rufus a first aid kit to help keep him safe. She explained to him what every item was and how to use it, and will usually restock it whenever he comes to visit.

• Portable tablet computer - The means of contacting Rufus as a roughneck, Rufus keeps his contacts there, Celine's being the most commonly used number and one he has committed to memory.

• Knife - Although he had lost his father's knife back in the good ol' days, Rufus saved up enough cash to buy a different knife to keep him safe in case he needed it.

• Small bottle of water - GOTTA STAY HYDRATED, SON!


• Celine Vanderbilt - Celine is like a sister, mother and best friend to Rufus. She was the one who was in charge of his adjustment period when he had first arrived and the one who pulled him out of the hole he was in when he did. She helped him fit into the framework that was Cradle and would do anything for her, including risking his own life and many others'.
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Re: [CS] Cradle

Post by Myrn » Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:01 pm

The Jade Medic
  • Name: Celine Vanderbilt
  • Age: 26
  • Ethnicity: German Italian
  • Occupation: Physician (Medic)
  • Appearance:
    • Celine’s pale skin is soft and unmarred save for the slight roughness in her hands from all the years she spent practicing nursing. Her height is exactly 67 inches or 5’7”. She still has some fluff stuck to her but the meat on her bones are becoming prominent as well. She may appear weak but she's definitely stronger than she looks, sometimes she likes to joke about her strength being on par with the peacekeepers. Her very dark brown (almost black) hair wasn’t always as short as it is now, for the moment she’s letting it grow back without too much interference. And when the sun hits her face just right, her typically dark brown eyes become much lighter, almost golden.

  • Personality: Celine is a rather reserved person who is sometimes hard to read, especially if there is something that bothers her. She isn’t one for prying unless it is detrimental for their health. At first, she may be shy to warm up to new people, or maybe it was her nerves acting up again. Even once she knows she can trust someone enough she'll still keep most at arm’s length. Anyone capable to have gotten past that about her may or may not have seen her at her most vulnerable.

    That being said, Celine does in fact cracks jokes once in a while. Maybe make a wise-ass comment or two. She's more than capable of humoring those around her but her preferences would have her be vigilant in her work, the whole get from point A to point B and back with as little interference as possible.

  • Biography: Celine had only recently gotten her certification as a nursing assistant when everything seemed to spiral out of control. She couldn’t get in contact with her family and friends and there was an influx of patients at the hospital she worked part-time in. Patient after patient racked in injuries from head to toe. She wasn't allowed to leave during the state of emergency.

    Celine found herself living in a quarantined zone with little to no possessions of hers. It wasn't long before that zone fell apart. People had fought with each other, killed each other over anything. They were desperate. There was nothing left to live on and the riots began. As a single teenage girl with no family or friends to look out for her, it was a difficult time that required her to no longer behave as a child but as an adult and in turn treated as such.

    Not wanting to stick around with the others, Celine risked venturing out in the wild like the naive child she still was. A small group of friendly people traveling towards a certain destination based off of a rumor had taken her in. They shared with her useful skills for life-threatening situations where she would need to defend herself if she were to ever be alone. But there is only so much you can do on your own.

    An injured woman had begged her for help and led her into an ambush by a couple of low lives grouped together on the basis of loose morality as a code. It was the first time she had ever needed to use a weapon against a living person. The memory still haunts and sickens her. She had lost her dignity then and could not bring herself to trust anyone since. If it hadn't been for the excavation team rescuing her, that night probably would have ended much worse.

    She was later brought back to their base of operations dubbed Cradle. In gratitude, Celine applied for their Placement to be of some worth and use, her skillset had placed her with the Physicians. She studied under several nurses and doctors and took an interest in wound care as it was the most valuable skills to have nowadays. At the age of 22, Celine had earned herself the Jade armband. Now that she had more or less proved herself capable of use, Celine wanted to take the next step and further be of use for Cradle, a community that had not only rescued her but took her in as family and raised her as one of their own. She had spent the past 7 years doing field work while refusing to be bumped to Gold. Gold ranked physicians were too valuable to be let out of Cradle.

  • Strong suits/Talents/Strengths: Her vast medical knowledge and memory are the most prominent strengths of hers. She studied pharmacognosy as well as she believed natural plant-based drugs were more suited for the body rather than manufactured drugs.
  • Handicap/Disability/Weakness: Celine has had astigmatism at a very early age, her vision is blurred or distorted from all distances near and far. It’s really hard to distinguish things or even people without her glasses, especially in dark unlit areas. She is also prone to panic attacks, especially under extremely stressful and dangerous events.

Personal items are comprised of an Emergency Surgical/Suture Kit, a hand crank radio flashlight and charger, solar-powered portable freezer, a pair of binoculars and a single chain necklace with a cross attached that is secretly a pocket knife. Celine is quite proficient in handling light objects that can be used as potential blunt or piercing weapons such as the 30” steel crowbar and aluminum bat she normally takes with her.

  • Image
  • Image

Relations/Family/Friends/etc: As far as she is aware of, none of her family and friends before the world ended as she knew it had made it to any safe zones, she’s made some friends along the way to cradle but they were short temporary relationships made from convenience. She’s friendly enough with most of the inhabitants of Cradle, most notably towards Rufus as he is under her watch and care.
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Re: [CS] Cradle

Post by Shinigami » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:58 am

Name: Samuel Hallbright.

Age: 28

Ethnicity/Nationality: Mixed, United States.

Occupation: Peacekeeper, Armored Division, staff sergeant.

Appearance: Samuel stands 6'0" and has a moderately athletic physique. His poofy, light brown hair is of medium length, and is usually pulled back into a small, somewhat fluffed ponytail. His eyes are a deep green and usually set in a neutral stare, until something piques his interest. His skin is the approximate color of creamy peanut butter, but darkens if he manages to get enough sun.

He wears the standard AD uniform, save for a pair of heavy insulated mechanic's gloves that used to belong to his father.

Personality: Off duty; Samuel is best described as aloof and carefree, enjoying what he can, while he can. His favorite hobby is reading the old horror fiction books from before the bombs fell. Seeing as there aren't many in Cradle, he's hoping the upcoming expedition manages to find some. On duty; he isn't really much different, though he is definitely more serious. He doesn't take his job lightly, and works hard to keep his team in the game.

If you mess up his ride, you're likely to get cracked with a very large wrench.

Biography: Samuel was born the son of a mechanic. He had helped his father in his auto shop before the war, hoping to inherit the business one day. Of course, things ended up going sour once the shit hit the fan. They were on their own at first, seeking shelter wherever they could. Then they heard of Cradle. They had managed to make it there before the bombs dropped, and eventually managed to settle in. Samuel and his father ended up working for the Armored Division, in separate units.

About a year ago, his father died during a routine maintenance check; his jack had malfunctioned, and the jeep came down on his head. Samuel had been shaken up for a while a while after that, working in a near robotic manner to distract himself. He just came out of this state about five months ago, and volunteered for the expeditionary crew in the hopes it would take his mind off of his problems.

Skills/Talents: Mechanics and car repair, shooting, combat/vehicular combat, leadership. Good with tools in general.

Shortcomings/Weaknesses: He tends to be too rough with his friends which, more often than not, tends to get him in trouble with them. He also has very poor day vision, a bright glare being enough to blind him. He blames this on the one time he forgot to put on his welding mask.

  • A small headlamp
  • Insulated mechanic's gloves (tucked into his back pocket when not being worn)
  • Mechanic's goggles
  • A variety of tools that he carries in his utility belt
  • A lock-blade pocket knife
  • A large wrench, carried at his side
  • Mechanics (duh)
  • Light-medium melee weapons (such as his knife or the large wrench he carries)
  • Shooting (somewhat; not his top skill)
  • Tactical/combat driving
Relations: Selena Hallbright (Mother), Jonathan Hallbright (Father, deceased).
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Re: [REQ] Cradle, a Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Vintage » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:59 am

Alright, here's my tentative CS!
Name: Jason Sullivan

Age: 20

Ethnicity/Nationality: American-Irish/German

Occupation: Guilder

Suboccupation: Jack


Jason stands just at 5'9", with a fairly lean build and often calloused fingers. His dark brown hair rests just above his emerald green eyes. Oil marks can be easily found on Jason, staining his clothes and face. The young inventor enjoys wearing archaic fancy clothing, ranging from dress shirts and vests to the occasional full admiral jackets or blazers.

Jason is usually a quite happy-go-lucky lucky individual, to the point of being obnoxious at times, which can sometimes prove annoying to his his roommates. Despite his extroverted nature, he often spends most of his time in his guild workshop, isolated from his family and the rest of Cradle. His attitude extends past humans to even machines, regarding most machines as friends of his, whether or not they possess any kind of artificial intelligence.

Out on expeditions Jason shares this same attitude, almost like a wide-eyed child exploring a new world. Always curious about the technologies that were left over from the Earth before the bombs dropped. Anything that survived that must be salvageable, right? It is because of this open-minded attitude, that Jason is able to make so many of his creations (as well as even more failures).

Jason doesn't quite remember much beyond the Cradle. One of his last memories of the old world was when his mother and father took him to a strange mountain-city before the bombs fell. That was where he and the rest of the residents waited out the war for however many years it lasted. Another particular detail was that his uncle owned a fairly large robotics business, creating and distributing vehicles similar to the exos of Cradle, which Jason seemed to have been obsessed with. He would often beg his parents to let him go visit his uncle, to get another tour of the nearest factory. Now, it seems that his uncle didn't make it to Cradle, which left the young tinkerer with nothing but curiosity for what the old man did.

Jason's parents, while bright in their own regards, were unable to pass high enough on their placement exams, eventually choosing to become agriculters instead of roughnecks. When the time eventually came for Jason to take the placement exam, he fit almost perfectly into the position of Guilder. Through his hard work on the repairs and developments of the machinery and his longing to explore outside, Jason eventually got the position of jack. Having only taken a handful of expeditions thus far, Jason is still curious of what the world has to offer.

While Jason's not working his required hours in Cradle, he prefers to stay in his workshop, working on a personal project of his that has been a few years in the making.

Innovative, in-depth knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, can program a fairly simple A.I., has a sharp eye for things that may (or may not) be very useful, amiable.

Jason's curiosity can easily get him into danger on expeditions. His reliance on technology is another downfall, having very few survival skills. Despite his good-natured appearance, Jason is also a bit greedy, keeping most of what he finds for himself. Any extra rations he gets, he contributes them to his constantly on-going project.

Jason's omni-tool, in addition to having the standard array of instruments, possesses a small three-shot pistol that can extend from his forearm. The goggles he wears have been modified to sync up with his project, able to view it's integrity status, and the ability to see through it's "eyes". On expeditions, Jason carries a large backpack on his back, storing whatever "useful" junk he finds out in the wastes of the new world. Stored in his pockets are various other trinkets including a small deformed key, a wallet with a picture of his parents, a Swiss army knife, and a half-eaten bar of chocolate.

Jason's parents, David and Mary Sullivan, are agriculters. While he barely visits them anymore, he still holds them dear to his heart. Jason's project is named Duke. Duke is smaller than the exos that are used for the transportation and heavy duty work of Cradle, but is still rather intimidating, standing just barely below eight feet tall. Made from thick plates of bronze, the metal man is operated by an A.I. programmed by Jason himself, which isn't much smarter than the A.I. most other Guilders get as a standard. Duke carries a large cannon-like rifle during expeditions, the slug-like bullets crushing through most metal plates. Due to the high expense of these bullets and their weight, Duke only carries thirty so of them on each expedition.

Duke stands at 7'11", weighing in at 3 tons

Duke is mostly made up of manganese bronze, with bearing bronze on his inner joints and friction-y parts.

Many of Duke's inner parts and wiring are similar to those of an exo, most of them being scavenged from old world factories during expeditions.

Nanites thinly coat the inner walls of Duke's chassis, making repairs where need be, if given energy. These repairs are taken from a bronze reserve stored in one of the tanks on Duke's back.

Duke runs on an internal battery that lasts about 350 miles before needing to recharge, stored in the other tank on Duke's back. Solar panels are attached to the large tanks on Duke's back, able to recharge while on expeditions. Excess energy and energy surges that may occur from these solar panels is provided to the nanites.

"The Advisor" is Duke's gun. It uses an ammo type like a smaller mix between a .950 JDJ and a Brenneke slug.

In addition to being Duke's main form of attack, "The Advisor" also helps to balance Duke, depending on the bronze reserves of his tank.

Duke's sensors includes a single optical sensor in the front his head and one audio sensor on the back of his head. The nanites inside Duke act as touch sensors, able to sense pressure applied to Duke's chassis.

Duke has simple command phrases, such as "move", "attack", "defend", etc., but possesses a smart enough A.I. to recognize variantions of these phrases. The A.I. is programmed with a self-defense protocol, able to determine the difference between subjects set as friend or foe. Jason has programmed Duke to have a personality subroutine to be active while carrying out tasks, but Duke cannot carry on a simple conversation.
Jason's project, Duke
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