[CS] Roanoke Lodge

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[CS] Roanoke Lodge

Post by Starry Night Smol » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:07 pm

Approved Character Sheets for the Roanoke Lodge RP will be posted by their creators here.

Looking for more?
Request page: https://rp-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=2 ... 16#p217116
OOC: https://rp-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=9140
Main RP: https://rp-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=9139
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Re: [CS] Roanoke Lodge

Post by Starry Night Smol » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:55 am

Name: Danielle “Little Mama” Everheart

Allegiance: WolfPack
Race: Metahuman; an earth elemental

Age: 29
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

Occupation: Owner of the Roanoke and Head of the Wolf Pack
Workplace: Roanoke Lodge
Resident For: All her life

Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 138 lbs
General build: An hourglass shape, but well muscled underneath based on the monster hunting work she does. Her long reddish brown hair hangs loosely to her waist. She’s got a pointed face with freckles that dot her well-tanned skin.
Hair color: Redbrown
Eye color: Green
Extra: scars all over her body, a wolf paw tattoo on her right wrist, and a howling wolf tattoo on her left shoulder/forearm

Bio: Danielle was born and raised in Maple Grove, her family owned the Everheart Farms, not too far away from where the Roanoke Lodge now resides. They tended farms and grew what was said to be the best fruits and vegetables. A very little known fact is this: The reason the Everheart Farm did so well was that the entire Everheart family was very in tune with the earth. Meaning, they were able to manipulate the soil and plantlife to grow rich, ripe fruits and veggies without losing much of the crops. For the longest time, they thought they were the only kind of people in MapelGrove with a sort of…. Unnatural affliction. As Danny grew, however, she began to pick up signs of others in town that seemed to be supernatural in some way or other. Often though, they were soon quickly killed, or they’d disappear without being seen again. Danny decided when she became a young adult that she would try to open a safe haven for such people, and when she was old enough, she purchased the property that Roanoke Lodge now resides on, and built the place of her dreams.

Business was hard at first. Not too many cryptids trust the offer of a safe haven in exchange for keeping the peace in town. But, within the early years, she did get those few customers and workers that held fast to her belief. With the Lodge’s residents knowing that the place was a haven for ‘monsters’ and supernatural beings, there were also those who wanted to destroy this, or expose those in there for what they truly were. As a result, Danny formed the Wolf Pack; a group of humans and nonhumans alike who swore to protect those seeking asylum, and to contain or destroy the monsters who were rogues and wanted to destroy humanity. With her family-oriented and caring nature, Danny quickly earned the name “Little Mama” among her patrons and cohorts. It’s a name that has stuck, even as she nears her thirties. Danny spends her days working in the Lodge, talking with her Family still on the farm, and maintaining the peace and secrecy of the cryptids of MapleGrove. Along the way, she’s given people the opportunity to join the Wolf Pack, and if they refuse, she at least tries to make them promise to keep it a secret, thus creating allies of the Pack. One of those allies is a young girl named Beck Morrison, and Little Mama employs the inventor/carpenter/mechanic to fix or build stuff at the Lodge

Personality: Danny is a hardworking individual who cares for the patrons of the Roanoke Lodge. She’s dedicated to her work, both at the lodge, and keeping the peace between the cryptical creatures and the unsuspecting humans. Little Mama is blunt, honest (as well as she can be in most cases), but can throw herself too much into her work, sometimes going more than a day without sleep, or holds herself up to higher expectations than she really needs to. While she wants her lodgers to take it easy and feel safe, she is working herself and some of The Wolf Pack to the bone to keep things quiet in the city of Maple Grove.

- Honey sticks
- A good banjo song
- Dogs/anything canine/lupine
- Cryptids!

- Sour foods
- Watermelon (she’s allergic)
- Weakness to fire based attacks

- She adores bubble baths
- She’s terrified of spiders
- She can’t swim very well and loathes to be in water she can’t see or feel the bottom of

Room: https://i.imgur.com/Y1BcCCV.jpg


Name: Rebecca “Beck” Noelle Morrison

Allegiance: Cryptical
Race: Human

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation: Inventor/Mechanic
Workplace: Garage in her home
Resident For: 10 years

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 lbs
General build: Athletic and strong. She’s got an average appearance, with her fiery orange hair cut short as to keep it out of her way. Light complected, covered in oil or grease from working in the garage.
Hair color: Bright orange
Eye color: Green
Extra: A constant smudge of oil/grease somewhere on her body and clothes. She's also got a few scars and nicks from all her work. A celtic dog print tattoo on her wrist.

Bio: Beck grew up to Mister John Morrison and Heather Morrison. John ran a local auto business from their garage, fixing the townspeoples' vehicles and occasionally making simple repairs to things that were brought in otherwise. Rabecca, or Beck as she liked to be called, was every bit her father's daughter. She joined him in the garage/shop often, learning how to fix things at a young age. As she went to school and grew, Beck met a girl named Melanie and became fast friends with the girl. They didn't get to hang out much in the evenings when they were little; something about her parents not thinking she was ready for sleepovers yet. Nevertheless, they hung out and were the best of friends by day.

One day in her late teens, she found out just why Melanie didn't do sleepovers. Beck was at Mel's house, waiting for her best friend to get home when all of a sudden in walks said friend carrying a wolf. A WOLF!!! Beck almost lost it. Wolves were wild animals! No knowing how that beast was going to behave once it came to. Melanie quickly told Beck to shut up and explained that the wolf was Melanie's mother. Beck could hardly believe it. She thought her friend had gone nuts. That is, until Melanie herself removed a claw shaped pendant from her neck and turned into a wolf before Beck’s eyes. It was a hard thing to process; your best friend being a werewolf. Once Beck got over the shock though, she did her best to help Mel heal her mother. Melanie told her about this place called the Roanoke Lodge, where they took Melanie’s mother to get her some medical attention in an environment that knew of werewolves among other creatures. The young, up-and-coming owner, Danielle, explained just what the Roanoke Lodge was to Beck, and asked her if she could keep what she had seen a secret. Beck promised not to tell a soul, and to help where she could. Beck has since gotten to know several of the other ‘monsters’ of the town, and other residents within the Roanoke Lodge.

Now as an adult, Beck runs her own little business out of her home. She's taken up automotive mechanic work like her father, as well as woodworking and inventing in her spare time. The young woman is running a somewhat successful business, and when she's not working, she's hanging out with Melanie, creating some mastermind hairbrained scheme to pull pranks on people. Occasionally, Beck fixes broken items in the lodge or makes new furniture for Little Mama’s establishment. As an adult, Beck was given the offer to join the WolfPack, but politely declined, saying she would probably be of better use as an ‘in-between’ safehouse or repairgirl for the things that Little Mama needs her to fix.

Personality: Beck loves getting her hands dirty. She's a quick thinker and prides herself on making things. Beck is also a bit of a troublemaker, and loves raising a little bit of a ruckus on the people in the town, having spent a night or two in the town’s jail for causing a little TOO much of a stir. That said, she is a staunch friend of the Wolf Pack and fellow Cryptical aligned people, and offers her home as a safe space for folks on their way to the Lodge if trouble’s brewing.

- Motorcycles
- Reading Comic books
- Making and fixing things
- The smell of burning fuel
- The scent of fresh-cut wood
- Eating food. GOOD food. (god this girl can eat!!)

- Fancy parties (they’re all full of stuck-up people)
- Looking super nice (wearing dresses [MOST of the time. See: Guilty Pleasures])
- Not being able to fix something
- Cats (she's allergic)
- Considering the fact that she’s just a human, she’s pretty much weak to most attacks. Though she can hold her own in a fist fight or use a gun/crossbow.

- She often feels like she'd be in jail more often than not if it weren't for Melanie or Little Mama bailing her out. Thus, she feels like she owes them both so much, which is why she is offering her home as a safespot.
- Her favorite movie is The Jungle Book.
- She still builds pillow forts to sleep in sometimes.
- She owns a few dresses. Even though she hates looking fancy most of the time, she does put those dresses on from time to time when she's home alone and pretends to dance at some elaborate soiree. (If anyone ever found out, she’d be mortified.

Room: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/40/1d/88/401d ... 5b4ed.jpg


Name: Robert Grey Augerstone

Allegiance: WolfPack
Race: Werewolf

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: Barista at Grounds For Thought in the lodge
Workplace: Roanoke Lodge
Resident for: 1 year

Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 210 lbs
General build: Muscular build, he stands small for most werewolves, but he makes up for it in his strength. He’s got a strong jaw, and a nose that Beck lovingly describes as “a great beak of a thing”, much to his chagrin.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Bluegrey
Extra: Tattoo sleeves on both arms, jagged clawlike scars along his torso

Bio: Robert moved to MapleGrove about a year ago. Prior to that, he lived in a bustling city, working at a place called The Night Owl Cafe. He was employed under a girl named Keaton; a mage who ran this tiny hole in the wall business that, at night, served as a gateway for creatures of the cryptozoological and mythical variety to come and go from the fantastical world to the "human" world.

Robbie enjoyed his work, and his boss. But, one day a human happened upon the place by accident, while the crytpids weren't camouflaged, and threatened to expose all of them. Not wanting to wait to see what would happen, Robbie booked it. He packed up the essentials; clothes, wallet, some prized possessions, and threw it all into his car to make the escape from the city. He didn't want to be outed. Best way to prevent that was to pull a total geographical. While it hurt to leave his coworkers and friends, he was far more fearful of the human who threatened to expose all of them.

In his fit of panic, he lost all sense of control in the car when he took a sharp turn in a mountainous area. The car careened off the edge and was ultimately totaled. If Robbie was a normal human, he probably would have died. He did manage to pull through, crawling out of the car, and morphing into wolf form to limp off into the forest. There, he remained for a few weeks, feeding on animals and nursing his wounds, until he was at a point where he could easily return to his human form. Unfortunately for him, he had tested this transformation in a clearing that wasn't too far from a certain lodge. Little Mama had been walking through the forest patrolling the surroundings of the lodge and caught Robbie mid-transformation. Panicked again, Robbie started to make a break for it, when he was boxed in by roots and vines that seemed to grow out of nowhere. Little Mama tried to soothe him and explain to him quickly that he was among friends, and that she, too, had a couple secrets up her sleeve, wiggling her fingers to show that she was the one controlling the roots. She offered him a place to stay in the Roanoke Lodge, in return, he could work there, since it was obvious at the time that he had no money. Robert hesitantly accepted.

Since then, he mans the coffee shop, Grounds for Thought, inside Roanoke. After about six months of faithful work, interfacing with the fellow lodgers and getting to know the workings of Roanoke, Little Mama came to him with an offer to join the WolfPack, handing him a patch to sew on the inside of his jacket. She told him it wouldn't change too much of his duties now, and that he would be doing like she does; finding fellow crytpids and metahumans seeking asylum, or hunting down the rogues who threaten to expose their existence by destroying humanity. Robbie accepted, and has been doing reconnaissance for Little Mama and the rest of the WolfPack when he's not working at the cafe.

Personality: At work, Robbie is extremely personable and laid-back. He likes to show off his barista magic with fancy latte pours and layered drinks, chatting up the coffee shop patrons while he does it. Outside of work, he's fairly quiet, either taking in the world around him, or scribbling stuff down in his notebook for potential pieces of music or covers he wants to do. He's quick to panic if he thinks an oblivious or suspecting human might realize what he is. Because of this, he constantly, almost obsessively twists the ring on his finger that helps repress any involuntary wolf transformations. If he's comfortable with you, he treats you like "his pack" as he likes to call it. He's loyal to his pack, almost to a fault, and would go out of his way to make sure they're safe and secure

- Coffee
- Tea
- Croissants
- Stargazing
- Painting
- Drawing
- Ceramics

- Blood - The sight or scent throws off his human senses and he risks going into wolf-mode, which is harder to discern friend from foe if he involuntarily loses control.
- Thunder/Gunshot noises - sensitive wolfy ears yo
- Weak to silver and wolfsbane
- Beestings - he'll welt like a sonuvagun.
- Well-done steak - that's just blasphemy!

- He loves to make edible cookie dough - that shtuff's delicious yo!
- He likes composing music but keeps it on the down-low. He's not comfortable sharing it yet.
- He's absolutely mortified from a childhood memory when he was treed by a deer on a field trip.

Room: https://i.imgur.com/mBw90gx.jpg
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Re: [CS] Roanoke Lodge

Post by Fluffking » Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:32 am

Name: Melody Myers

Allegiance: Wolf Pack
Race: Lycanthrope, commonly refereed to as the werewolf

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Occupation: Hunter.
Workplace: Roanoke Lodge, local butcher.
Resident for: 6

Height: 2 meters and 10, a deal higher than your normal person,
Weight: 86 kilogram
General build: Not too muscular, but she still has a harsh look to her. Her wild side is slightly showing, giving her an aura of mystery. Don't be fooled though, even though she lacks in clearly defined muscles she still packs a massive punch.
Hair color: A reddish blonde, rather unnatural looking hair color. Although she will define her hair as natural.
Eye color: A blueish outer ring with a greenish/yellowish inner ring.
Extra: Has a tattoo of a rose on the left shoulder.

Bio: Melody isn't originally from the area. Her pack lives some way to the south-east though Melody can no longer remember exactly how far away. She was originally just an average pack member, living her life at home, in the safety of the village, letting the males have their fun hunting and what-not the girls were told to do.

But Melody wasn't like all the others in the pack. While it was difficult for herself to believe she was as actracted to the other women as the males in the pack. This wasn't exactly a popular position, and she was told to abandon her sexual attractions towards women. She wasn't much older than possibly 14 at the time and was quite confused as to why. Of course the young, dumb, teen she was didn't do as she was told. She kept the fact hidden that she was still attracted towards women, until one day when she stupidly had the feeling that another female might share her "interests". Needless to say the other female did not in fact share feelings with Melody. Now you might think being rejected once would be a course to stop, but oh no. The now 15 year old Melody didn't believe her fellow female, she instead believed that the other woman was told to keep her feelings repressed. Once again rejected. Looking back at it Melody knows she should probably have stopped there. But of course she tried a third time. The other women had gotten enough at this point and went to the elders with the problem.

Having disobeyed the elders Melody was exiled from the pack. A lone wolf is a weak wolf, and as such Melody suddenly realized how dumb she had been. But the words of the elders were absolute, and as such she couldn't go back to the village. Luckily hunting is one of the things that wolves are good as. And despite never having hunted in her life Melody hunted deer, rabbits, birds, and other small creatures to stay alive. When the hunts were unsuccessful she gathered berries. As the years passed rumors of a lone girl spread across a larger region around her trails. She of course knew the rumors talked of her. Eventually someone from the wolf pack asked her what she was doing out there in the wilds all by herself. She immediately knew that this other person wasn't entirely human. Their smell especially gave them away. Melody remained silent, but eventually spoke out with what had happened to her. As long as she didn't intentionally hurt anyone she was told that she could spend her time in Roanoke Lodge. Since she didn't have any reason to hurt anyone anyway she accepted. And now she lives here.

Personality: While she has been in contact with human civilization for a long time, her feral side is still rather clear in her personality. She has easier to anger than most people and will not take it when someone insults her. Also, she can be overly affectionate towards people she likes, aka the loving side of likes.

Likes: Snow, doing something, red meat, honey.

Dislikes: Being bored, being around people all day, heat, overly flavored food, silver in all shapes and sizes.

Secrets: She still find it hard to believe that there are other cryptic species out there.

Room: A small room with a single bed, some hunting equipment stuffed into a corner, and a small cabinet filled with her clothes.
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Re: [CS] Roanoke Lodge

Post by illirica » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:42 am

✡ Sitri Slyker ✡

Age: 22
Gender: F
Race: Metahuman
Allegiance: Cryptical/Suspicious
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 126lbs
Occupation: Waitress / occasionally bartender
Workplace: Six Pack Bar & Grill
Resident For: 3.5 years

General build: Slender and athletic, with the build of a runner or someone who does a lot of yoga. Sitri hates yoga, and does it religiously.
Hair color: Blonde hair, well past her waist. Usually worn up while working, but she likes to let it loose when not working.
Eye color: blue
Extra: She has a tattoo on her left side. It... seemed like a good idea at the time. Look, everyone does dumb stuff in their teens, right?

The daughter of a woman with a tiny bit of ability and a far tinier bit of sense, Sitri's mother was desperate for a child - and when conventional and most unconventional abilities failed, she indebted herself for a summoning circle to give her the child she needed. By the time the baby was born, her mother had lost more or less everything, except for the child. The daughter of a fallen angel, her mother named her after a demon in some misbegotten sense that it would keep her safe. It almost worked.

Sitri grew up in a trailer park in Northern Michigan with her mother, who she doesn't talk about much. Sitri doesn't really get along much with her mother - though her mother isn't abusive or unkind, she's very overprotective and Sitri finds her stifling, which is why when she graduated high school she promptly moved across the country to Maple Grove in a '99 Ford pickup with nothing but a hunting rifle and a few changes of clothes.

She started working as a waitress, and has been doing so for a few years. Sitri doesn't talk much about what she is - she tried to pass for human. She figures there are other people trying to pass for human as well, but she has no idea who... or how many. She doesn't want to ask too many questions. Her inheritance isn't an easy one to bear... but she tries to be good.

✡Daughter of Enoch (Nephilim)✡
Flawless: Due to the genetic influence of the heavenly host, her appearance is attractive and flawless. This is why her hair always looks awesome. Sitri thinks this is kind of a useless ability.

Healing: Any wound she takes will eventually heal completely and fully, without leaving any lasting damage or scarring. It should be noted that this is not the same as a healing factor - injuries still take time to heal, it is just that when they do heal, they will do so without any permanent damage.

Flight: Sitri's Nephilim form is capable of flight. It has wings, which start out as invisible. The more she shifts into her Nephilim aspect, the more visible the wings become. Sitri hates flying, and doesn't do it much.

Empathy (Receptive): Sitri’s most prominent meta-ability is empathy - the ability to sense the emotions of others. This is not thought-reading or mind-reading, she is not able to paint a clear picture of what others are thinking based on emotional state. It's more like being really good at reading body language, without looking at it.

Empathy (Projective): Sitri thinks this is icky and weird. She doesn't know if she can do it or not. She doesn't try.

General Information
Personality: Snarky and outgoing, she's often a little bit provocative, often a little bit sarcastic, and cheerfully takes as much as she gives.

Likes: Fencing, shooting, hunting (mostly rifle). Coca-Cola. Loud music, rooms full of people.

Dislikes: Yoga (although she does it anyway), know-it-alls, Pepsi products, tourists.

Weaknesses: Her worst enemy is probably herself. Sitri is very bad at making decisions - she will often do stupid things because they seemed like a good idea at the time. Self-restraint is not one of her strong suits at all.

Secrets: Is very active on Tinder. With half her genes being derived from those who got fired from their job because they couldn't keep it in their pants, Sitri tends to enjoy an active night life, so to speak.
On a darker note, her heritage also drives her to try to consume mankind. She's lost control, once, when she was a teenager. She's trying very hard not to do it again.


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Re: [CS] Roanoke Lodge

Post by illirica » Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:18 pm

Nathan Gray

Allegiance: Oblivious
Race: Human

Age: 31
Gender: M
Sexuality: Way too hung up on his ex-girlfriend

Occupation: Computer Database Management
Workplace: SecureCorp
Resident For: New

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150
General build: The body of a guy who used to be pretty athletic but is now tending towards more of a dad bod.
Hair color: brown, short
Eye color: brown
Extra: Wears glasses

Bio: Nathan Gray grew up in Minnesota, in a suburb of Minneapolis. Eagan, if you must know. He was a pretty normal kid, the sort who liked sports but didn't really go out for any school teams. He wanted to be a doctor, or an electrician, or an astronaut, or the President. Then he met Her.

Her name was Saikea, and by the end of his junior year, he couldn't think of anything besides her. Run away with her? Yes. Of course he would. He had to help her - her home life wasn't good. She needed a hero, and maybe part of him wanted to be one. They ran, together, and lived in Montana for over a decade. Saikea, though... well, there were some things about her that were a little strange. She told him not to worry, and he tried not to, but it's a little hard to build a stable relationship when your girlfriend thinks she's the One True Chosen of an Elder God and is going to save the world. She started small, but some of the choices she made...

Well, the longer Nathan stayed with her, the less he approved of. He wasn't really aware of when she crossed the line - maybe it was years ago, maybe it was weeks ago. At some point, though, he just couldn't stay any more. He left her, left Montana, and drove until he found somewhere he thought maybe he could forget about her.

He's just not sure he wants to.

Personality: Remarkably laid back. He's gone along with so much weirdness in the last decade that very little phases him, but he's trying to focus in on his sense of right and wrong, and pay attention to what that really means.

Likes: A good book. A good beer. Coffee.

Dislikes: Coffee with stuff in it.

Weaknesses: Coffee.

Secrets: Technically was a teenage runaway. Hasn't talked to his family in 15 years.

Room: A sensible 2-bedroom apartment. He's not actually sure why he got 2 bedrooms. The second one is full of boxes, which he will unpack someday. Really. He swears.

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