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[CS]The Pumpkin Cauldron(Vladmirk)

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:07 am
by ShadFlow

Re: [CS]The Pumpkin Cauldron(Vladmirk)

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:08 am
by Vladmirk
Witch Character Sheet
Name: Katrina Jade
Age: 20
Personality: Katrina is pretty friendly and innocent when around people she doesn't trust. This makes her seem like less of a threat, and other witches won't think much of her. Really though, she is an excellent liar and is good at selling the part of a fool. Using this, she is able to coerce others into giving up information. She hasn't been in the game long, so she has to do what she can to catch herself up, and hopefully pull ahead.
Power(s): (Should I explain these? Nvm I decided I will)
  • Empathy - She is almost always able to feel the emotions of others in order to have some understanding of them. Not only that, she has learned how to manipulate the emotions of others, but complete changes in the way someone feels, such as making a person go from angry to happy, is often only possible for the weak minded. She can, however, alter the intensity of someone's emotions, like calming someone down who is in a state of anger, or making someone feel joyous when they were only in a good mood before.
  • Enchantment - She can't enchant people, her ability to enchant is kind of like what enchanting is in Skyrim, although not as limited. One of her favourite uses is for carrying things. Instead of being limited to how much she can hold at a time, she enchanted her satchel to be bigger on the inside to increase carrying capacity. As long as she is concentrating, she can pull out whatever she chooses (as long as it was placed in her satchel).
  • Illusion Casting - She can cast illusions a lot like Loki can, but she can not duplicate a functioning version of herself. Her illusions can not directly hurt or kill someone, but they can be used in a way that could lead to someone getting hurt or dying. The more complicated an illusion is, the less detailed and realistic it becomes. That being said, using an illusion of herself is easiest if the illusion remained motionless, but throw in complex movement such as running or even walking, the illusion can be quite obvious to people nearby.
Biography: Nothing really interesting or important really happened until she was almost 17 (Although she may choose to divulge information about her past at some point). She was what you can call an extremely late bloomer. Her magic was latent up until then, but then again the ability to sense the feelings and emotions of others seemed to always be there. Everything else, she didn't know of until then.

After finding her way into this 'new world', she quickly learned how to get around as well as what she needs to know in order to make it. (Insert how she obtained her very own thrall).

About a year or two later, she finally sought out information about the infamous Pumpkin Cauldron. Her motivation to get the Pumpkin Cauldron is strictly monetary. She, at the point she decided to search for it, had no real use for it. It would get any magical items she could possibly need for starters. Who knows what else she can hey with it?
  • Physical Appearance:
images.jpeg (4.87 KiB) Viewed 282 times
  • Clothing:
12ae435291da0226d70825f45d351449--date-outfits-nu-goth-outfits.jpg (87.2 KiB) Viewed 282 times
eng_pl_Boho-Witch-Bag-gothic-satchel-with-fringe-laser-cut-pentagram-alchemical-symbols-1473_9.jpg (74.03 KiB) Viewed 282 times
Extra: For her thrall, she probably needs someone with more... Offensive abilities.
She doesn't like the term witch, referring to herself as a sorceress instead.

Re: [CS]The Pumpkin Cauldron(Vladmirk)

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:12 am
by Vladmirk
(Insert Thrall CS here)

Also sorry for the real pics. Couldn't find any anime modern witch clothing pics.

Re: [CS]The Pumpkin Cauldron(Vladmirk)

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:43 pm
by ShadFlow
Witch Character Sheet
Vivienne Milano
A Diva would be the simplest form of her behavior. A person who seeks the center light and sees the world as revolving around herself. Vile, manipulative and wicked. Vivienne has no qualms about utilizing others as pawns in the game and often will do so. She prizes herself and her interests higher than anyone else, often partaking in certain activities if she sees an advantage that could be gained.
*Soul Charge:
Setting her body ablaze is an understatement. While the violet flames that shroud her body may mock flame, don't expect to be burned. Rather it's a special dedicated ability built around battling other witches. The aura grows brighter and more vibrant the more magic being used in proximity.Her body absorbs any magical residue and in turn, increases the potency of her other abilities. Of course this is short lived, disappearing once she uses an ability. Another note to keep in mind: her body can only absorb a certain amount of residue before burning out.

*Soul Projection:
Vivienne can detonate magic energy from her body with ease. Creating explosions at close range to deal chunks of damage to her opponents. Larger explosions deal more damage but use larger amounts of magical energy. While offense is the primary goal, there are other utilities of use that can be accomplished. Such as using them as propulsion for movement advantage.

In Italy the Milano's own a large prison exclusively holding convicted witches; known as the "Iron Shackle" . Vivienne happens to be the middle child of three other sisters, all in which are Witches as well.As expected, in a family of pristine notoriety, there was constant competition. But Vivienne wanted a destiny separated than the expectation; rather to own an estate of her own. While the idea was not favored, who could stop her? While her access to the family funds hasn't been stripped there are certain establishments she doesn't have the credentials to access. Vivienne has traveled the world in search for her own purpose.

With word of the Pumpkin Cauldron being sighted, like a majority of Witches she journey'd to San Francisco. Ambitious to use this ancient relic as the foundation of her own estate.

After all whomever holds it will hold almost all of the power.


Combat wise, she is very close quarters and focuses on inflicting damage to her opponents.