Middle Earth - YOTT to Fourth Age CSes

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Middle Earth - YOTT to Fourth Age CSes

Post by Avalein » Thu May 31, 2018 2:45 pm


Name: Alyanis
Gender: Woman
Age: over 7000 years old
Place of birth: Aman
Race: Noldo
Location: Gondolin and then Imladris (current location)
Appearance: Tall 5'11", grey eyes, and long black hair. Wears fine clothing, and jewelry
Personality:Proud, thinks she is better then other elves and races, shows it by wanting her son to marry well from a noble house/family
Interests:looking at herself, as well reading on occasion, playing the harp and singing
Weapons:Her voice, and opinions and a small dagger
Pets:a cat, and two hunting dogs (belonged to her late husband)
History: Alyanis was born in Aman, She is vain and shows it on a daily basis, met her husband a few years before crossing to Beleriand. Alyanis has two siblings two sisters, her older sister stayed in Valinor with his wife, while her sister and parents traveled across to Beleriand. Her parents and sister end up dying before they reach Beleriand. Her husband Astaron. Aly is from the house of the Heavenly Arch while her husband is from the House of the Swallow. She and her husband (Astarno)have three daughters (Laurelassiel, Aratiel, and Tániel) and have one son (Astarno named after his father) and a daughter (Aravaldiel), she also adopts two daughters (Lastiel and Lalariel) of a friend who lost both of their parents in the Fall. She has a temper which doesn't show its self often, but when it does those in the area run for cover until she calmed down.
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