[CS] Forbidden

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[CS] Forbidden

Post by Icy » Sun May 27, 2018 8:03 pm

Celeste Winters
Princess of Heaven
Age: 18
Weapon Sword of Light
Celeste has the ability to bend light; she cannot create weapons out of it, but can create light itself from her own bright aura, and she can use it to temporarily blind others for a quick escape, heal wounds on others and herself, though the larger the wound the more energy it takes, and of course call upon the Sword of Light from it.
As it is made of light she can bend it to her will, but again she must have an existing source. She carries a tool to create a quick flame, if one isn't around, and the flames she does emit are white in color instead of the average orange. Though she prefers not to harm others, this is her more offensive ability.
Celeste is the definition of sweet and passionate, she can't imagine harming another being whether they are living or not, evil or not. Of course she will always defend herself and protect those she cares about for they far out weigh her own discomforts. Curious by nature, she finds herself quite intrigued by everything; even the demons though it's forbidden for angels to speak to them outside of The Night of Peace. She's incapable of evil thoughts though of course, just like the rest of the world, she's not excluded from having sinful thoughts.
Being a Princess Celeste was always a highly sheltered individual, never allowed to go out on her own without at least one chaperone to watch over her. It upset her to not be allowed to explore the world outside the Kingdom of Light, stuck instead inside the walls of the castle reading or attending lessons. Anything to keep her too busy to possibly have any energy left for exploring, which never worked. Her curiosity for things was far too great, never allowing her to rest properly and most days she could be found in the library with her nose stuck in some book. It was here she learned about humans and their world, and demons. Being too young she was never allowed to go into battle or see a demon up close, but intrigued she was for the books described them as beautiful but haunting creatures. Of course she knew they were also dangerous and could potentially destroy an Angels purity.

As she grew up she became more accustomed to things, complaining less about being trapped inside the Kingdom and the fact she barely ever saw her parents. They were busy people, and soon enough she was too. When her abilities began to show themselves, she was called upon to begin learning how to fight and defend, something that helped to appease her sense of exploration. It was more intriguing than her books, but it was gruesome and exhausting. Her powers took a lot out of her, and since the warriors were not gentle in their teachings she often went to bed with harsh bruises upon her porcelain skin. In time it bothered her less and less, strengthening her in ways she never knew she could be strengthened. She became a great warrior, a force to be reckoned with.

Despite never having been in a full out war, yet, she still makes sure to keep up with her training...when she isn't reading, learning or giving her Guardian a hard time.
Soft nose
Small mouth, full lips
Waist length, blush colored hair.
Wide, taffy colored eyes
120 pounds, lithe but toned
Normally wears sundresses of pink or white coloring.
Celeste has a star shaped birthmark on the right side of her neck, her people believe it to mean she's someone special.

Clyde Ambrose
Prince Advisor
Age: 24
Shadow Bow
Mind Manipulation-
The ability to manipulate ones mind in order to get them to believe what he wants them to, from nightmares coming to life to a simple little lie. Of course if one is strong of mind it will be more difficult to do and will take more energy out of him.
The ability to bend shadows to his every whim and command. There must be existing shadows around, even if a small amount, light makes him and this ability weak.
Clyde is harsh, to say the least. He doesn't much like others and he's more of a 'in it for himself' kind of guy. Of course he shows care for the Prince seeing as it's his duty to protect him from outside dangers but that would be about the extent of his caring for others. Angels disgust him and he's not a fan of humans either, looking upon them as if they were insects more than anything else. Not understanding why they exist in the first place he prefers to avoid them altogether. He is a good actor, able to fool others into believing what he wants them to most of the time. Clyde enjoys solitude, but he could also say he enjoys the company of the Prince and respects most of the decisions the Prince makes.
Clyde is an old demon, coming into existence long before the Prince and has seen many a war. He cannot remember if he was once human or what he had done to become a demon, perhaps he had always been like this. It would make sense if he always had been seeing that for as long as he can remember he's always had a burning hatred inside him though he isn't completely sure what feeds it and therefore he doesn't like to think much about his early years as a demon for he was something worse than what he is today. Not to say that he is any bit of kind either.

It was a normal day like any other when the King and Queen approached him, sharing the news of her pregnancy and wishing for him to become something of a guardian for the child. He was honored, being one of the most loyal to the crown he felt he deserved it though he would never admit to that aloud. That was such a crass thought to have and though he was a demon and demons had such thoughts they still knew what respect for their Royals was. It was a long road to learn what his new duties would be but he thrived through it, determined to help the young prince grow and prosper as he should. Clyde was there to be his confidant and protector, to scold him on his mistakes and pride him in his accomplishments. The Prince never made it easy on him, causing more trouble than what was worth it, but in time they grew to understand one another. His days were rarely boring to say the least.
Black eyes
Thin lips
Long, pointed nose
Slightly tanned, but pale
Deep, Burgundy hair that he keeps swept back from his face
152 pounds, muscular but hides this under a dress shirt and wither dark brown or black vest over blacks slacks.
He has a scar in the shape of a hand print on his left shoulder, he doesn't talk about it much but it's said he received it from an angel who attempted to purify his soul during a long and vigorous battle with the angels over a life time ago.

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Re: [CS] Forbidden

Post by DreamsandReality » Mon May 28, 2018 4:05 pm

Name: Alastair Noir
Role: Prince of Hell
Age: 18
Weapon: Sword of Shadows
Shadow Manipulation:
Able to manipulate existing shadows to bend to his will, but it’s more of a defensive gift. He uses it to shield himself against attacks, hide, or even just to knock people back.
Able to create ice or freeze non-living objects, though only in certain amounts. Often-times used to create shards of ice as an offensive tactic.
Alastair is laid-back and often nonchalant about things, never really worries. He believes things will always work out in the end and has the patience to wait for it. Of course, being a Demon, he is dark-souled in nature; can be cold-hearted and cruel when the time calls for it. He is rather anti-social, preferring to keep to himself and likes to be independent as much as he can. He is also overly-confident and arrogant at times.
Prince Noir lived a sheltered life within the palace walls, growing up with strict parents who were always busy. They of course made sure he had plenty to do to keep him busy; he grew up taking lessons and learning everything he needed to so that one day he could take the throne. Yet in the moments of his free time he found a passion for music, particularly Jazz and Classical. It was something of the human realm and not a passion he was willing to admit to anyone but his Advisor. He spent much of his life training to fight, learning how to use his sword efficiently at a young age. When his abilities began to reveal themselves his training intensified, making him a great soldier.
As he grew up he was allowed a little more freedom, meaning he could leave the palace walls but always with several guards with him. This gave him a chance to learn a little more about the outside world and a part of him was intrigued by Angels and Humans, though never enough to bother learning anything more than what he was told about them. Although he would never say so out loud, he enjoys spending time with his Guardian the most even if he doesn’t make his job any easier on him.


Tanned skin
Angular features
Short, wavy, raven hair often falls over his right eye
Deep maroon eyes
A toned build
Typically wears black or red dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black vests, and on occasion a tie but usually only for important events.
Has a small ‘X’ scar on his left cheek bone, unknown origins.

Name: Amira Blanc
Role: Princess Advisor
Age: 25
Weapon: Dual Light Pistols
Auditory Illusionist:
Amira has the ability to make people hear things that aren’t really there, useful in distracting opponents or calming those who are agitated. She prefers to use music as her auditory illusion. Never uses it to trick people, like use voices to lure people, as she views that as an evil use of her ability. She must maintain eye contact for it to work.
Light Manipulation:
She can create light but only in small amounts but can manipulate existing light in larger amounts. She typically uses this ability to attack demons as it can cause them physical harm. Forming blades of light or even temporary shields.
Amira is soft spoken, almost never raising her voice against anyone. She is passionate and loving but also stern and takes her job seriously. She is patient, noble, proud, and intelligent. However, she has a strong distaste for Demons, never trusts them and doesn’t hesitate to get rid of them. As for humans she doesn’t think about them much, so she has a neutral feeling towards them.
Amira is an old Angel who has been around a long time, far longer than that of the Princess. She doesn’t remember much about her early years of being an Angel other than being a bit of a wanderer who once had a great curiosity for the world much as the Princess does now. Over time though she learned to keep her focus on the Angelic Realm and serve the King and Queen in any way she could.
She had been organizing some plans and events for the King and Queen when they approached her about the birth of the Princess. She was offered a job as a protector, a guardian, an advisor to the newest member of the Royal family. Without even a moment of hesitation she agreed with pride, feeling blessed with such an opportunity. She vowed to do everything she could to aid the Princess in her journey, to help her grow into a kind and fair warrior.
Porcelain skin
Elf-like nose and ears
Pale lavender hair falls below shoulder blades
Narrow violet eyes
Slim and small build
Typically wears loose white or gray dresses, often-times with ribbons or lace.

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