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[CS] SMT: Starfall

Post by BenignPandora » Sat May 26, 2018 11:52 pm

REQ Thread
OOC Thread

Here's a list of the characters currently accepted in the RP. NPCs will be added on a second post.
Dragonqtz wrote:
Fri May 04, 2018 7:01 am
Name: Tomi Yukimura

ID: mariosucks, mariosucks@gate.os

ID Type: Civilian

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Occupation: 3rd year High School Student, Waiter

Quirks: He will bite his thumb when he's thinking really hard.

Device/Files: Smartphone, Kisen Notes and GateOS

Tomi lived in Jiyugoaka with his mother and father until the age of 4. At this point, Tomi's mother and father got divorced because Tomi's father was having an affair. After the divorce, Tomi's mother could no longer afford their apartment in Jiyugoaka and instead moved to Ueno where rent prices were very cheap. At six years old, Tomi started school, but found it difficult to fit in. Other students didn't like Tomi, and often used his good nature to treat him as a doormat, as well as making fun of how poor he was. He eventually became very shy in school and withdrew from his classmates. He became obsessed with video games and played them alone at home while his mother was often away working, not coming home until late in the night.

Because of his mother's consistent absence, and having few to no friends at school, Tomi became very independent. By the time he was 11 years old, he could cook, clean, and do the housework as well as any stay at home wife. Despite school not being the most pleasant social experience, Tomi was a bright student, and became hyper focused on his studies. He decided at age 12 that he was going to work in bioinformatics and did everything possible to get good grades. He got a job at 15 years old, and eventually saved up enough money for him and his mother to move to Akihabara, where Tomi would be able to get into a better school than the ones at Ueno. He was accepted into Sukaiwado High while in the middle of his second year of high school.

Tomi had seen the video about the end of the world and while, he didn't usually take with superstitious nonsense, he decided that there was no harm in downloading the apps to his phone anyways. He rarely used it to talk to others and really just used it as a planner more than anything. His mother had given him the phone as a birthday present, and while it was much older than the fancy smartphones Tomi saw at school, it still worked pretty well.

He is rather short at 5 ft 4 inches and keeps a clean appearance. He has trouble seeing things from a distance and thus uses glasses to correct his vision. He also has a scar on the back of his right hand from a workplace accident.

Extra: Despite being a huge video game nerd, Tomi is not a big fan of the Mario franchise as he is terrible at platformers.
SuXeSoN wrote:
Sat May 05, 2018 4:42 am

Name: Ishima, Sayo

ID: Mayo; Mayo@gate.os (It's the last syllables of her surname and given name respectively. Plus, she finds it cute.)

ID Type: Gatekeeper

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Occupation: Sukaiwado Highschool Student

• She now says "Hee~Ho!~", like Jack Frost does, as a exclamation.

• Has her mobile phone with her
• She has kept GateOS, Kisen Notes, and DSP

Pre-set Relationships:
Ryu Tokiyami - The younger brother of a close friend of hers. Since his older sister took her own life, Sayo has been taking him in since she's doesn't want the same to happen to him. Being an only child, keeping him around was a pretty neat experience. She hopes he would open up to her some more though.

Tetsuya Matsuoka - An underclassman and fellow student at Sukaiwado High. They met by being peers at Kendo Club, but they didn't get beyond small talk until she found out that he was a new Gatekeeper. Since then, she's been talking to him about the Starfall, demons, and other things.

Tomi Yukimura - All Sayo knows about him is his name and that he's a senpai of his. Not much else. (Dragon, feel free to tell me if you feel like having this changed ^^)

Little Sayo used to live in the rural areas of the Chiba province for as long as she could remember. Life there was slow, simple, and it kept her rather content. Which doesn't say anything since it's easy to keep young children content. However, the highlight of her young years was no one other than her grandma. Who was apparently a seer. While Sayo's mother and father didn't really believe in her fortune telling nonsense, she was the nicest granny. Come to think of it, the whole family was actually pretty nice as a whole. It was just Sayo, her mother and father, and her granny, living together rather peacefully. Although, her parents were busy a lot, and they often went to Tokyo via bullet train as part of their jobs. Anyway, back to my point. Sayo usually stuck around with her granny. Who told her many stories about youkai and the occult. In fact, she even gave her tarot readings a few times. Now, these weren't your usual cold readings. These readings were always so oddly specific, stuff like: "I see in your near future a vile-presence. With rabies. Bring an umbrella to school tomorrow, it won't rain but you'll need it." The next day, she shoo'ed off a mad dog by wildly swinging an umbrella, she was 7. At some point Sayo began to fully trust hed grandma's odd readings. And they usually end up in Sayo's benefit. Although, a grim reading came one day when she drew the Tower Major Arcana. A sign of doom and disaster, and the worst card in the tarot deck.
"I will not be myself for much longer..." She managed to broke through the eerie silence preceding the reveal of the card. "I will fall from grace, and I'll no longer be by your side. Dementia." Needless to say, Sayo believed this, and went through sleepless nights dreading when will it come.

A week later, her grandma was diagnosed. Her warmth quickly faded, and her healthy skin grew pale overnight. "We've never seen anything like it." The doctor said. Her personality changed so drastically that Sayo had no choice but to stay home while her parents took care of her in the hospital. She would be forever traumatized by her cruel words that were as sharp as steel. "Go away bitch! You're of no use to me!"

Poor girl was only 10.

She didn't know what happened to her granny, but she always suspected that it was something to do with her talent to see the future. It was the only viable reason. There was no way the sudden onset of dementia was natural.

Fast-forward a few months, Sayo and her parents moved into an apartment in Tokyo. While the pain of grandma's passing lingered, Sayo's a strong child who's able to move on in life. The lost of a loved one broke her, then reformed her into a kind child with a empathetic heart.

She got good grades, worked hard, assumed leadership positions, and did everything a good student should be. Just like what her grandma would've wanted. She managed to get herself into Sukaiwado High, the most prestigious school around. She made friends and everyone liked her as the class representative. Her life was pretty unremarkable until the next Winter.

"Hee~Ho!~" She heard a squeaky, childish voice inside a small abandoned building as she was getting back from school. Now, it was only the beginning of Winter, and the snow was thin, but there was a lot of frost built up on the window of the building. Very unusual. Her mind went blank upon hearing the voice, she reached for the door knob without thinking. Before her hand even touched it, a gust of chilling wind from inside blew it open. "Hee~Ho!~ After such a long time of hide and seek! Ho! A human has found me!" A white and blue doll-like figure approached the door, and that was how Sayo met Jack Frost, a demon. "You're a rather cute demon though." Sayo would often say.

Life after that meeting became a bit more exciting. An organization called the Gatekeepers found her holding Jack Frost like it was a doll while walking to school. They recruited her, and warned her of the approaching world's end. She began to see more demons, but since they weren't tangible, there was nothing she could do but train herself and Jack Frost for the Starfall.

Her 2nd year of High school came, she became student representative again. She started Kendo club in hopes of being able to train herself. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events caused a close friend's suicide. Due to certain circumstances, she took in the friend's younger brother, keeping him safe, and tried to prepare him for the Starfall without revealing too much. Then, when it happened, she and another summoner lead some members of the school against waves of demons.

• Deep blue eyes.
• Black, shoulder-length hair, as seen in image.
• Stands at several inches above the average for Japanese women. She's 5'5", or 165 cm.
• Weights 49 kg, or 108 lbs.
•She's slightly short-sighted, with 20/60 vision. While she could do without her glasses. She could get a mild headache reading a lot from a long enough distance.

Demon CS

Name: Jack Frost

Race: Fairy

Affinity: Drains Ice, Weak to Fire

Compendium Entry:
A spirit originating from England. He is a snow elf who brings in cold weather during the winter and is thought to be responsible for the frost that forms on the windows of homes and buildings.

Exerts ice shards from his hands and mouth, and causes ice to form around an object or entity. While it doesn't look like it, Jack Frost could also throw a mean punch.


Personal Notes: Cute lil' guy that likes snow cones, snow ice, ice cream, and even bingsu! His powers are even amplified after eating!
BlurpleberryPancake wrote:
Sat May 05, 2018 5:11 am
  • Name: Kisen, Masato
  • ID: Ichiro / ichiro@gate.os
  • ID Type: Gatekeeper / Researcher / Developer
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Index Corporation Ex-Employee
  • Quirks:
    • He likes to talk to himself. If caught off guard, he can be witnessed having entire conversations.
    • He doesn’t like to use the summoning program, ironically, and will refrain from using a demon other than Ukobach unless it becomes an actual necessity.
  • Device/Files: Functional and on him at all times, possessing all released GateOS-related files.
  • Pre-set Relationships:
    • Matsuoka, Tetsuya - "Say who?" He barely acknowledges Tetsuya's existence in public.
    • Uguisu, Kato - They met right after Starfall, Masato found him unconscious during his clean-up duty at Hanabata High. Though he doesn't usually like to take others with him, Kato proved to be able to carry his own weight enough to not be cannon fodder.
  • Bio: His past is as much of a mystery as his intentions to most people, this man always seems to be hiding something even from himself. What is known about Masato is that he used to be the former PR manager of Index Corporation, and retired shortly before the CEO of said company took his own life. The involvement of Masato with the Gatekeepers started months before the Starfall and is one of the people who made the GateOS and DSP possible, as well as the author of Kisen Notes.
  • Appearance: Masato stands nearly 184cms (6'7"), weighs no less than 79kgs (174lbs) on an average day, though his weight fluctuates one or two kilos every now and then. His hair is of a jet-black color and reaches down to his neck, is slicked back except for the sides which have a strand falling down to his cheeks. His eyes possess a clear gray shade, under them are slight bags that show little amount of sleep. Masato’s body is slim, but slightly toned from physical work.
  • Extra:
    • He started smoking at the age of 22, but has kept it hidden from his relatives to maintain a clean image of himself. Nowadays he smokes when put under heavy stress or anxiety.
Demon CS
  • Name: Ukobach
  • Race: Fallen
  • Affinities: Drains Fire / Weak against Ice
  • Compendium Entry: A lesser demon of Hell. Ukobach has no free will and will only follow the commands of higher demons. He is in charge of maintaining the oil in the infernal boilers, and will often torture the souls trapped in Hell. Ukobach's only ability is to start fires.
  • Personal Notes: Quite the energic brat, he is.
  • Appearance:
BlurpleberryPancake wrote:
Sun May 06, 2018 7:35 am
  • Name: Matsuoka, Tetsuya
  • ID: Index / Index@gate.os
  • ID Type: Gatekeeper
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Occupation: Sukaiwado High School Student
  • Quirks:
    • He tends to press and rub his right thumb against his left palm to help him focus, relax, or when absent-minded. He does it a lot.
    • Amittedly, he prefers to walk around bare-footed, claiming it's more comfortable for him.
  • Device/Files: Functional and on him at all times, possessing all released GateOS-related files.
  • Pre-set Relationships:
    • Ishima, Sayo - An upperclass mate first met on the Kendo club at school, then introduced as a Gatekeeper.
    • Kisen, Masato - Their relationship is one-sided, with Tetsuya being the one who looks up to Kisen and not the other way around. In fact, the latter prefers to have as little contact as possible with Tetsuya, despite being him the one who got him in the Gatekeepers in the first place.
  • Bio: Tetsuya was the second son that his parents had, and grew up to very indifferent parents, always focusing their attention and putting all the pressure on their first son. Most of his childhood memories are blurry to him at this point of life, what with being ignored and nothing relevant happening for the first eight years. After turning eight, however, his older brother moved out of the house and basically disappeared from their lives. Only keeping contact with Tetsuya from time to time, and barely talking about his personal life.

    At this point, the young Tetsuya started receiving more attention from his parents, but only because their favored option was no longer available. They pressured him the same way as his older brother, but without the hopes they had for their firstborn. A few years later, his parents got divorced, and he got to stay with his somewhat kinder mother. Thanks to the divorce, things were a bit more lax for him at home, but the lack of interest was still there—or, well, the interest was not there. Tetsuya began to realize why his brother had left the way he did, and planned to do the same as soon as he could.

    One day, a notice came by; Tetsuya’s father had taken his own life. The reason was unknown, but the assumptions were there. Maybe because of the divorce, the “loss” of his first son, and a certain leak at his company that made him lose control of his finances. For Tetsuya this was just another day, it didn’t affect him nearly as much as the divorce had, at least.

    His grades were excellent, his attendance near perfect, and he was part of multiple extracurricular activities. Not to mention that he studied in the prestigious Sukaiwado High. All of this was suddenly thrown out the window the day he found out about an organization going by the name “Gatekeepers,” or rather, they found him. Ever since, his life gave a hundred and eighty degrees turn, just like his priorities. After being taken into one of their bases and, supposedly, being marked, he was able to see the beings they called demons.

    Almost immediately he became a part of them, both due to own merits and recommendations from higher positions. Tetsuya was told of the incoming event only weeks before it happened, allowing him to barely prepare for the situation. He found out that people he knew beforehand had been involved in this as well, it shouldn't have surprised him as it did, but it did anyways. It felt pressuring, to be part of the "response team" instead of the scared student in a situation like this. Even so, Tetsuya did his best and followed instructions during the "Starfall," which ended in a not-so-horrendous way on his side. At the end of the day he was given a digital test, and alongside it a demon on behalf of the organization; this was so he would help the others on the incoming task the next morning...
  • Appearance: The young man’s last medical exam showed his weight at 68kgs and stature at 174cms, his body is very well-toned from all his Kendo practices, albeit hidden by the school’s uniform. His face features are partially round, soft cheek bones, but a defined jaw line. His eyebrows make a generous curve above two gray-colored eyes. His hair, jet-black in color, is pulled back on the left side and loose on the right, the length goes down to the neck on the back and under his chin on the front.
  • Extra:
    • He is left-handed.
    • One of the school activities in which he took part was the Kendo team. This would become one of his most prioritized extracurricular after joining the Gatekeepers.
Demon CS
  • Name: Tam Lin
  • Race: Genma
  • Affinity: Weak to Darkness, resists Light
  • Compendium Entry: A faerie knight from Scotland. As a member of the Seelie Court, he is charged with protecting Carterhaugh. He was originally a child from the area, but after his kidnapping by the faeries at age nine, he took up their ways.
  • Capabilities: Can create a blinding light that causes burns similar to the effect of vampires under the sun, he is very strong physically and can handle multiple foes with his spear. Additionally, he can shift weaker demons' attention towards others, being able to sneak past by them.
  • Appearance:

  • Personal Notes: He... Doesn't look like a fairy.
SuXeSoN wrote:
Sun May 06, 2018 12:34 pm

Name: Tokiyami, Ryu

ID: Drake; drake@gate.os

ID Type: Civilian

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Occupation: 1st Year Middle School Student

• None I could think of...

• Is currently in possession of his mobile phone
• Following Sayo's instructions. he has kept the DSP, GateOS, and Kisen Notes files

Pre-set Relationships:

Sayo Ishima - Ryu first met her a year ago when her older sister, Yui, invited her over. They managed to get along since, but they were nowhere near close. However, he deeply appreciates how she took him in her own home to keep him from his abusive parents ever since. It was natural they got closer after a while. While he knows fully well she's not a replacement, he sometimes thinks of her as an older sister. But he would be too stubborn to openly admit it.

Ryu was the younger sibling of two. The other being his older sister, Yui, who is 5 years older than him. While they were far from wealth, the Tokiyami household manages to get by.

That is until the family's stability shattered in a blink of an eye.

While it wasn't a good sign that the children were physically punished from time to time, it only got worse when their father was fired from his job due to a misunderstanding involving the boss's daughter. They barely managed to get by with both parents working. But now that one is out of a job, things only went downhill. The fact that the father might be having an affair only made things worse. This was when Ryu was in elementary, but even then, he was mature enough to understand what's going on. The fights that kept going on and on in the house made him stay out as long as possible. Usually going to the houses of some friends nearby. But being the quiet kid he is, he never talked to them about his parents.

He also didn't notice that the only reason he was able to stay out all of the time was that because his sister was getting twice the beatings. He didn't notice the pressure she was getting to get into a good high school. Which she did. But even so, they weren't quite so satisfied. Ryu himself noticed this when he saw the growing purple on her skin, and how she wore a scarf in the middle of summer. It was alarming to him, but he didn't know what to do. Being the younger sibling, it didn't feel right for him to talk to her. He was relieved when Yui brought a friend home from high school one day though. He thought that some supportive, friendly company would give her sanctuary.

Turns out, this solace was merely temporary. As she never came home one day, months after he started middle school. Ryu never knew what pushed his sister off the edge. Maybe the abuse just built up until she couldn't take it anymore. Whatever it was, he regretted not being able to speak to her sooner. To add more fuel to the fire, he was afraid that he would be the next target for abuse too. Fortunately, the same friend who Yui brought home contacted him. Asked him how he was dealing with his loss and so on and so forth. While he was cautious and defensive at first, the girl, Sayo Ishima, seemed genuinely concerned. Enough to offer him a place to stay whenever he needed it. Which, of course, he declined at first. But after his midterm exams during late September, his parents flipped after seeing that his report card was missing a few As, which he received a full on kick in the stomach from his much bigger father. Deciding that he had enough, he took Ishima's offer and packed up that very same night. Toiletries, school uniform, pajamas, etc. He wasn't planning to come back very soon. He escaped the house way after midnight, as his parents were late sleepers. He successfully got out. But the long part was travelling. He couldn't afford to be seen with his packed bags in public, as it would look very suspicious in the middle of the night. So he was unable to take the train. He walked a whole 45 minutes to the address Sayo gave him, going into dark alleyways and avoiding contact with as many people as possible. The girl was rather shocked to see him so worn out with a full pack at 4 in the morning. He blocked his parents' numbers, and provided a full explanation to Sayo's parents in the morning. Who struggled to let a boy stay under the same roof as their daughter. But after some reasoning from Sayo, they allowed it.

It wasn't too long until the video about the end of the world showed up. Ryu would usually be the kind of person who wouldn't bother. However, Sayo insisted that it was real. He's believed none of that until her "doll", Jack Frost, came to life and blew chilling wind from his mouth, into his face. That's when he discovered the existence of demons. Even starting to see them at school since then. While it's all still very preposterous to him, he decided to believe her, and prepared for the end of the world.

• Naturally Dark Brown hair. (Darker than shown in image.)
• Brown Eyes
• Stands at 4'6, or 137 cm
• Weighs 82 lbs, or 37 kg.
Wint wrote:
Sun May 13, 2018 4:49 am
Name: Kato Uguisu
ID: Busu (Based on the Kyogen with the same name) ; busu@gate.os
ID Type: Civilian
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
• Kato likes to eavesdrop on people and visualize their lives.
• Kato twirls the drawstrings of his clothes if they have any, or anything else bendable that he might be holding, when anxious,
Device/Files: Kato owns a smartphone containing both Kisen Notes and GateOS, including all of the available tools.
Pre-set Relationships:
• Masato Kisen - The man introduced himself during the Starfall, helping Kato control his demon. They were now a team. Well, a duo. A duo until they could find others like them to fight alongside them. Kato treats him with a moderate amount of respect, seeing him as a tool of information who also saved him. Nevertheless, Kato is still suspicious of anyone he doesn't know, and so is both cold and warm to him.
Bio: Kato Uguisu lived in the Toranomon business district in Minato, Tokyo for as long as he could remember. While his father worked in one of the office buildings, Kato attended the Hanabata high school on the outskirts of Akihabara.

Hanabata high school is a seemingly prestigious school, however it might simply be due to its strict educational programs and more traditional approach to its attitude and events.
Nearly all the students in Hanabata were serious and devoted to their studies, and yet class was always challenging, for better and for worse. Kato would spend nights on end working towards an exam, and yet his efforts were not always fruitful.
In addition to the tough educational program, the school had a rather common denominator shared amongst most schools— bullies.
The bullies at Hanabata were direct, but also clever. They knew how to exploit other students, and they knew how to avoid getting caught, for any infraction could result in expulsion.

Kato was never okay with the lenient approach the school seemed to have against bullies. So long as no one was caught, everything seems to be in order.
Not having many, or rather, any friends to spend time with during recess, Kato would oftentimes eavesdrop on rumors or acts of bullying. Anything new, fresh or suspicious usually ended up in his ears, although not voluntarily. He would sit on the side, listening in on anyone unaware.
The bullying was often psychological in addition to including physical threats. Ruining someone's reputation, falsely accusing them of wrongdoings to the school staff, or anything else they could come up with.
The results were typically infuriating as well, as Kato saw, one after another, students being coerced into doing the bullies' bidding.
Kato was always nervous of getting caught if he spoke out against them, but he did. He tried to speak to the teachers, pleading for anonymity, but nothing changed.

It wasn't until he was targeted that Kato knew he had to find a way to stop them. He was to do the work of 5 other students or pay the price.
He caved and ended up nearly failing while the tyrants all passed with flying colours. After convincing the teacher in charge to give him an extension and getting a passing grade, Kato was on a path of vengeance.
People spoke so much, shared so much.
It was so simple. Dig up some dirt about each of the bullies and let them know to beware.
It felt somewhat wrong, but he had all the needed justifications to make it right in his mind.
Once he started, everything seemed to go so smoothly.
One student had a parent in jail, another nearly caused a student to take her own life. The deeper he dug, the juicier the information was.
Kato heard a voice in his head. He needed to make them pay.

The following week's events came out of nowhere for the majority of the school population.
One of the students that ganged up on Kato got expelled, while another was sent to court. The other three got off easy, stopping when they had the chance. Even so, he was still a target, now more than ever, and there were more oppressors sneaking under the radar of the school's authority.

The more he worked and the more he learned, the louder the voice became. During recess he would maintain his shy persona, while now only true in its antisociality, at least as far as he was concerned.
Eventually, the voice revealed itself, though only in name. At the time, Kato thought he was going mad, but he could not share this information with anyone.
He was accompanied by Leraje, a Great Marquis of Hell.
Attending a religious school, even considering the accusations of revealing what he was being told was frightening. What would his father think, seeing his son so mad?
He could not do it to him.
He decided to keep his existence hidden.

As time passed, Kato became more inclined to seek out this taboo information. Learn about people, study people, and control people when they do wrong.
After some time of living with Leraje, Kato was told he would reveal himself to him.
From the nothingness in the air and in his mind was a grey cloak, lined with the richest green on the inside.
A seemingly masked head and arms that stretched from the apparent void within the clothes.
Lastly was a quiver filled to the brim with arrows grander than any he's ever seen before, and a bow that seemed arcane in nature.
Kato was unable to figure whether it was an even greater sign he was mentally ill or if this was real. Once he could see Leraje, Kato was aware of a whole world hidden in plain sight. A terrifying thought, but an exhilarating one.

Kato would experience memory gaps, time passing with him remembering only so much. Being told he acted... different. Like himself, but so much more. His blackmails became personal to the point of submission; horrible students asking him with tears in their eyes to end his crusade without regretting a thing.
He had no idea what was going on. Was he really mad?

When the video became public, Kato felt reassured in a way. Even if they were both mad, the man in the video experienced the same thing Leraje informed Kato of. This breach in realms, two worlds sharing their existence in secrecy. The creature that was shown at the end was even more evidence, but it was nothing Kato could utilize to learn more. Not at the time, at least.
The appropriate files were all so cryptic, however with Leraje's guidance Kato downloaded them all; all except for the DSP. His explanation as to why was... confusing to say the least.

In less than two weeks, everything turned out true.
The Starfall was upon them, and monsters revealed themselves when the barrier between the worlds was weakest.

It was a massacre.
People, countless people... Something had to be done, or he would be next.
Hanabata was bound to be demolished, as monstrosities and abominations beyond theology wrecked havoc everywhere they went.
Kato rushed to the roof to see what was going on as everyone else hid. Why didn't he hide?
He hurried back down as fast as he could to the archery club, grabbing as many arrows as he could, and the best bow he could find. How did he know what to look for?
He hurried back up, propped an arrow and pulled the bowstring. They were getting closer.
They were too close. They'd break through the gates and destroy everything. Annihilate... everyone.

With a single shot, one of the demons stopped. The arrow pierced its foot and connected it to the ground. From above Kato could not see much, but it seemed as though the creature fell. How was he able to aim so well? A second arrow took out the beast.
Each arrow moved faster than the last, as though the winds themselves fought against this invasion.
Five arrows, ten, thirty....
He was running short of ammunition.

Running down, Kato could hear the gates being rattled. His view was obstructed by the ledge itself, and a few of the demons made it past his watchful gaze.
He struck with might, moving faster than they could hit him.
At least... until they did.
He was knocked down with a single blow, and suddenly... they were gone.

He didn't know quite what happened. Not now nor much of earlier. He remembered what happened, but not doing it.
Before him was a man, one that seemed to have a demon just as well.
The first thing he was informed of was his condition. The one app Leraje disapproved of. The man helped him download it, and set it up. A few minutes later and everything was in order.
Well, except for... everyone.
Everyone affected by Starfall.

Appearance: Image
• Kato remembers nothing of his mother. According to his father, he was gifted to him by his mother before she had to leave. Kato mentioned her quite a lot around the age of ten as his curiosity was immense, but has since stopped talking about her as the topic seemed to upset his father.

Demon CS

Name: Leraje
Race: Fallen
Affinity: Repels Wind / Resists ranged Phys / Weak to melee Phys
Compendium Entry: Leraje is the 14th demon listed in the Ars Goetia and a Great Maqruis of Hell that commands 30 legions of demons. He causes great battles and disputes and can cause arrow wounds to develop gangrene. He is depicted as a handsome archer wearing green clothes and carrying a bow and arrows.
Capabilities: Leraje can fire big and powerful arrows that embed themselves in any surface they strike, and can fire them in great precision. Anything organic that is found hit by them will rot or swell with instantaneous gangrenous infections. Leraje can also manipulate the wind, striking foes with powerful gusts of air or allowing for quick perks in mobility by pushing the target in the desired direction.
Appearance: Image

Personal Notes:
• "Leraje is rather... manipulative. Whether it was his influence up until Starfall or his direct intents not to be recorded by the DPS, he seems very keen on having his way."
• "Leraje likes ordering people around, which makes sense as he's my demon... He could be useful in case of a vacuum in power."
Name wrote:
Sun May 13, 2018 2:22 pm
*A young girl runs up an alley way and dodges into a crack on the wall, she does her best to remain quiet but her breath is heavy. Something large and dark moves into the alley shortly after her. The thing appears to be looking and searching, but gives up after knocking over a few garbage cans. The girl lets out a breath after it leaves, then slides out of her hole in the wall. In the piles of garbage that have spilled into an alley, something shines... The girl goes closer and investigates. She finds a working cell phone... it's at some sort of log in screen...*

*The girl enters her name in the first prompt.*
Nina Vera

*ID: (Nickname & E-mail)
*It asks for a nickname. She enters the only name she's ever known.*

*ID Type: (For those without knowledge of what this is, fill this with the word "Civilian.")
*The next section has only a single selection. So she selects it.*

*The following prompt asks for her gender. She selects the one which is obviously right.*

*A prompt asks for her age. She giggles as she enters something....*
17/10/7212 bc

*There is a prompt which asks for her occupation. The girl doesn't really do anything, doesn't go to school, doesn't have a job.*
Being Nina Vera!

*The next prompt seemingly autofills. She huffs at it and tries to erase some stuff, but that seems to be impossible.*
Exhuberant, boastful, filled with determination. She is the kind of girl who will stop at nothing to get something she wants.

*The prompts go away and Nina's able to get to the main screen of the device. It's got a button for files which she winds up clicking. Aside the installation files, it's got a full set of text documents. These bore Nina and she doesn't bother looking for long.*

Pre-set Relationships:
Mother: Deceased, Father: Unknown, No known relatives.
Sister Mary: Nun who cared for Nina as an infant and toddler.
Police: Not pleased with them.

Nina Vera is a child who's grown up on her own for her entire life. Her mother was rushed into a hospital while giving birth, which she died from, left no information about herself or the father. Genetic tests were run on the child, but no relatives could be found, so from the time of her birth Nina has been on her own. The name Nina Vera was given to her by a nun who worked at the orphanage the infant was given to.
The young Nina was a favorite of Sister Mary. The nun did her best to educate and entertain the girl, though an orphanage full of children meant they really only had limited time together. Nina quickly became strikingly independant, and would frequently run away from the orphanage. Her first attempts did not meet much success; she was stopped at the gates of the oprhange. Later though she was able to leave the grounds, and make her way out of the city. One such time she made her way to the nearby town of Yurga, where Sister Mary's family lived and they quickly convinced Nina to return to the orphange.
By the age of seven Nina was itching to get out into the world, and get away from the orphanage once and for all. Being old enough to properly take care of herself, the sisters, even Sister Mary, were always busy with other children. Nina tried to help take care of the younger ones, but the nuns would always shoo her away. So she took it upon herself to stow away on an airplane that was destined for the large city of Moscow. This was easy enough as the airport was small and had essentially no security.
Once in Moscow, Nina tried to live off the streets, but was constantly harassed by the police force who wanted to bring her back to the orphanage. After several weeks in the city, Nina made her way to the airport once more. There was more security, but she was able to sneak through with a group of students. Nina didn't care where they were going, and fate brought her to Beijing.
Life in Beijing was rather challenging for Nina. She didn't understand the language, or the customs. Her appearance made her stand out even more. The police constantly chased her away from anywhere she found to hide out or sneak a meal. Beijing was miserable for Nina, so she once again stowed away. This time the world brought her to Tokyo.
Tokyo greeted Nina with open arms, compared to life in any other city she had been to by this point. The police didn't care about her, no one cared that she looked a little different...everyone looked a little different. There were places to camp out and get food. Life in Tokyo was great. It had taken about half a year of living off the streets, but she finally found some place where she felt like she might belong.

Red hair which is usually tied into two ponytails that jut out from the side of the head. The girl likes having longish hair, but also likes it being out of the way.
This hair hangs over rather pale skin, and a pair of green eyes. All of this is enclosed by a round face with a pointy chin.
Typically dressed in a hip looking t-shirt and a skort(shorts with skirt pattern), combined with tennis shoes and (sometimes) socks.
She stands just a bit over four feet, and weighs far under 100 pounds.

Speaks: Russian, English, (some) Mandarin Chinese, (some) Japanese.
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Re: [CS] SMT: Starfall

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NPC List

Anna Mauricio is a Summoner and the second-in-command of the operation that occurred in Sukaiwado. She has Italian origins, her father's a CEO for an electronics company. They recently relocated to Japan, she's not fluent in japanese, and has to use a hand held translator a lot. Hers is a device that sits in her ear as an intercomm. The translator, however, got fried at starfall; but her device came with an extra "translator" program which makes use of the same ear-comm. She enjoys horseback riding, but hasn't gotten to do much of that since moving. She's also into fencing, and started practicing the japanese form with the wooden sticks. Her demons are of support and healing nature, which make her a great asset when combined with an offensive partner. The one that she uses the most is Kikuri-Hime. Albeit she is a "petite" girl, her bravery and outgoing personality make up for the lack of size.

Yuki Hokka moved to Tokyo with her family about 4 years ago, they used to live away from the city, in the rural areas of Japan. She's a very reserved girl who enjoys reading quietly, her grades are above average and fluctuate between the top 10 of her class. Her favorite things to read outside of school subjects are magical girl manga, going as far as following a certain OneShot that got an anime adaptation called Magical Girl Nina. As expected, she doesn't hang out with many people at school.
I feel I must credit the original artist of this artwork, Liriasky/LIIRIIAA, for personal reasons. uwu

Janice Doe is a girl who, despite being born and raised in Japan, is Australian by heritage. Her family speaks mostly japanese at home, so she never got the chance to learn English. Most people make fun of her though, and treat her like a foreigner, even referring to her as a Gaijin. Even so, Janice doesn't let any of that get to her, and faces the world with a strong will. Her personality is a bit rough, some may say even aggressive, but she's also very loyal to her friends and won't hesitate to yell at anyone who's bullying her or her friends. She's a star on the track team, and is particularly good at the high jump and hurdles.
"A future where you take me far, really far away with you, I think would make me very happy."

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