The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

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Name: Hibiki ShiroganeName: Kaoru Shirogane

Age: 14Age: 14

Gender: FemaleGender: Female

Birth Anomaly: On the night of her birth, Mars, Venus and Earth aligned with the sun. It was 26th November, 2004.Birth Anomaly: She was born on 26th November, 2004, when the sun aligned with the planets Venus, Earth and Mars.

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: A white dog plushie she's named Kukuru. It's about the size of a real dog, if a bit of a smaller one, and she cares for it well.Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: Not really a stuffed animal, but she treasures dearly her mint-condition Japanese paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone.

Favourite Sock Style: Black thigh-high stockings.Favourite Sock Style: White three-quarter socks.

Favourite Colour: Bright OrangeFavourite Colour: Cream Beige

Favourite Tarot Card: The Emperor, representing leadership, rules and stability. Its inverse represents rigidity, and a need for control.Favourite Tarot Card: The Empress, for creativity, kindness, nurture and abundance. Its inverse represents self-neglect and indecision when dealing with others.

Personality: Confidence is the name if the game. While somewhat confrontational and pushy, Hibiki is optimistic and excitable, eager to make new friends. She cares deeply for her twin sister Kaoru, acting as her light and way out when the world seems at its darkest. People often say she's quirky and overbearing, the exact opposite of her more polite sister.

Truth be told, she's still not too sure of who she wants to be. Still, she has a nerdy side, and can occasionally be seen playing games with her sister. Her biggest fear is losing everything about herself and forgetting it all, followed closely by losing or just upsetting Kaoru.
Personality: Imagination can take you anywhere. While pretty shy and awkward, Kaoru has been trying to break out of her shell, and interact with other people. She cares deeply for her twin sister Hibiki, acting as her anchor when the world seems to spin out of control. People often say she's weird and antisocial, the exact opposite of her more popular sister.

Truth be told, she's still figuring out her self-identity. Still, she has a fun side, and can occasionally be seen playing games with her sister. Her biggest fear is losing everything about herself and forgetting it all, followed closely by upsetting or even losing Hibiki.

That's Hibiki on the left and Kaoru on the right. While they are the same size, Hibiki stands boyish and confident, whereas Kaoru shrinks and makes herself look smaller in figure.

Biography: Nobody was quite sure who was born first, a point of endless contention between the two twins. Maybe their parents didn't tell to prevent bullying. The fact remains that they were different; from the first time they locked eyes beneath an emerald moon over blood-red streets, it was clear. They came to know that simple nightmares weren't like this, and they didn't stop as the girls got older. Eventually, they learned to avoid the Technicolor nightmares, instead focusing on more mundane problems to worry about. Between the two of them, however, they would occasionally broach the subject, sharing their thoughts but never having enough to call it any more than an enigma.

School is, as it tends to be, an awkward chore. Although they found their respective cliques, Hibiki and Kaoru were never completely at ease without each other. It didn't feel natural to mingle at all; Kaoru didn't really like people, and people didn't seem to like Hibiki. At the end of the day, the two would retreat to their room for a while just to let down the masks and talk about their day. Their parents were surprisingly lenient with them, reasoning that after all, girls will be girls. Even if they were different, they'd manage if they had each other. Pa and Ma just wanted them to be happy.

The move to Jūsan was fraught with goodbyes and missed friends, though none of them really felt as meaningful as people say. In fact, a lot of what people say didn't feel completely true. Maybe they really were weird, truly alien, and people just knew what was normal and what wasn't. One thing was for sure as the sun set on this chapter of their lives, and that was that the two twins would be together with each other, for each other.

Musical Theme:
Love Laika - Memories


Full Name: Amun-RaFull Name: Hathor

Tarot of Patronage: The EmperorTarot of Patronage: The Empress

Origin: The Egyptian god of the sun, sky and creation.Origin: Egyptian god of joy, fertility, music and dance.

Classification: DeityClassification: Deity

Reason for Patronage: It was definitely a strange choice, to choose a young girl as a proctor, but this one had the makings of a great leader, who could rally and motivate anyone. Besides, her wife had selected the girl's sister.Reason for Patronage: It was certainly an odd choice, to select a young girl as a proctor, though this one had the basis to be a perfect confidant, who could soothe and comfort anyone. Plus, her husband had chosen the girl's sister.

Mantle: Mantle:
Radiant Bulwark: A riot shield may not quite be as evocative as something more traditional, but it is no less an image of authority and stalwart protection. Instead of an identifier for any law-enforcement, the Eye of Ra is emblazoned across its face. The symbol glows gold ever-so slightly while at rest, becoming brighter with momentum. Speaking of which, it carries much more weight and momentum than it has any right to. As it speeds up, it begins to burn and sear with sunlit divinity, traveling with solar inevitability. Instrument of Santctuary: An odd ornament, the sistrum is a musical instrument consisting of a handle and a hollow, arched head, with metal rods in slots that jangle as the sistrum is shaken. Perhaps what is even stranger is the metal mesh and linen over the openings, as if like a microphone. When shaken or sung into, a melody begins to play at the edge of the senses, slowly becoming clearer and more prominent. As it sounds, a pale, transparent screen forms, repelling ill will and those who would visit harm to its charges.

Skyfall: A drop of sunshine springs from her hand, blooming into a sky-blue pillar of light that burns with passion.Plenty: A stream of vigor flows from her hand, creating roots and stalks out of the earth to bind and grasp.

I have read over the rules of this roleplay and agree to them.
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