The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

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The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Poetic Ghost » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:18 am


Name: Yoshiki Tatsuda

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Birth Anomaly: Yoshiki was born on October Friday the 13th, during the New Moon.

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: Suga the Rabbit

Favorite Sock Style:
Long socks with pictures of small animals or vegetables.

Favorite Color: Plum Purple

Favorite Tarot Card: The Hanged Man, representing noble sacrifice in exchange for knowledge or for others, letting go of what is holding you down. Inversed, it represents martyrdom, indecision, meaningless sacrifice, and delay.

Innocence is an apt word to describe Yoshiki. His large eyes look at the word with naivety through his frames. His cheekbones are high and smooth, complimenting his nose and strong jawline. His dark jade hair is hugs his head, and falls over his forehead and falls down his neck, not quite reaching the nape of his neck.

Yoshiki is something of an athlete, being interested in running and swimming from the age of six. It proved to be a good way to avoid other people, as well as train his physique. His body isn’t necessarily muscular, nor is he skinny, just tall and slender. He usually dresses quite neatly, with a buttoned shirt and tie. He does own casual wear, but he rarely wears it due to his time being split between training and school.

On the surface, Yoshiki appears to be the ‘boy next door’ type, innocent and simple. This is the life that he wants, he wants to be normal and to be indistinguishable from his classmates. But this has never been the case, if one probes deeper, Yoshiki is mature, distant, and has a hard time connecting to people, and to further extent hiding his 'anomalies' from people. Regardless, he is often caught between his need for social interaction and time to reflect on himself.

Yoshiki always wants what is best for everyone, and understands that something needs to be given up to often attain this happiness. He would quickly forfeit his happiness for his friends.

Yoshiki was born in a smaller town than Jusan, but he never minded the size. He was born in the Autumn, October 13th to be exact. It had been a Friday, with a new moon overhead when his mother gave birth to him. From birth, Yoshiki rarely cried. As a small child, he often preferred to play with only one friend, and would often play alone. He wasn’t a total outcast as a child. Yoshiki had friends, interests, but his strange dreams and ‘premonitions’ reminded him that he was not normal.

After Yoshiki was born, his family found little time for another child, and decidedly didn't give him a brother or sister. He was only slightly lonely, and decided to make the best of his place as a single child. He quickly took up individual sports and activities outside of school, such as art, writing, running, and swimming.

Due to his parents busy lives, Yoshiki moved quite a bit, first from his hometown, to a much larger city. Once his parents were in Tokyo, moving throughout districts in order to keep commuting time short meant that he was changing schools every couple years, never really making enough friends. However, his few friends that stuck with him became very close to him, and he felt very responsible for not only their happiness, but their well being.

Moving to Jusan was his parents decision. They claimed that the coastal air and new environment for Yoshiki to thrive would be good for him. However, finding jobs in Jusan was difficult, meaning that his parents would have to live there by himself until his parents could secure employment in Jusan.

Musical Theme: [url="”]Acoustic Installation - Ling Tosite Sigurd [/url]

- - -


Full Name: Attis, or Atys

Tarot of Patronage: The Hanged Man

Attis originated in the kingdom of Phrygia and eventually became a part of Greek lore. Attis was conceived when his mother Nana ate a fruit from a tree that grew on the site where Agdistis, Cybele's son from Zeus, had its male sexual organs castrated and buried.

Attis grew up to be a handsome man who attracted Cybele's attention, but when he ran away rejecting her love, Cybele chased after him. Attis arrived at the site of a pine tree, castrated himself and died. The pine tree protected his spirit, while Zeus and Cybele worked to keep his body from rotting, leaving him neither living nor dead.

Classification: Attis was technically a demi-god, reborn after his self-sacrifice.

Reason for Patronage:
Yoshiki is someone who truly believes that giving part of himself for a greater cause or the people he loves is the greatest thing one could accomplish in their life. Attis respects this, and wishes to reward Yoshiki’s sacrifices.


Our Body Is One - While summoned, Attis’ grants the user a body that is neither living nor dead, meaning it can take large amounts of trauma and harm, with little pain or real damage to the person.

Sacrifical Sickle - Attis gave his body to keep himself pure. The blade he used to kill himself has been passed along to his patronage. It can be used to steal life from other beings, or on oneself and passed to allies.
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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Poetic Ghost » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:18 am

Patron Sheet

A Patron is the manifestation of your Arcana card, an extension of your being that can only be summoned when a Human is on the very verge of life and death. The summoning of these beings is very difficult, though some may have found a surefire way to do so...

Name of Patron

(Image here)

Full Name:
Tarot of Patronage: What card does it relate to? Must match your character's tarot.
Origin: Where does it come from? No need to give the entire myth, just the story or pantheon of origin.
Classification: God? Demon? Angel? What is this thing?
Reason for Patronage: Why did a being of immense power choose to defend this mortal from unworldly forces?
Divine Instrument: An item or weapon that either acts as a catalyst or tool for the Patronage.
Divine Power: An ability or power granted by the Patron, if the Instrument is just a catalyst, you may have two powers.
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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Poetic Ghost » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:47 am


- Obey all site and Intermediate guidelines.
- I reserve the right to refuse your CS for not meeting Intermediate and my expected guidelines. I am doing this for the good of everyone and the game, not to pick on you.
- If you have an interesting idea, but possibly out-of-place idea, voice it before you do it. I like to run a tidy ship, with as little world breaking and rewriting as possible.
- You have the right to ignore a player’s post only if their post is obviously world breaking or they have been removed.
- While this is to some extent a "high school life RP" it is also focused on plot and characters. Side points such as romance and freeroaming cannot get in the way of the RP.
- Please insert "I have read over the rules of this roleplay and I agree to them" at the bottom of your character sheet.
- This is intermediate, not freeroam or casual. I expect neat, literate writing. Full sentences, proper paragraphing, clean dialogue, grammar.
- I have final say over how someone is dealt with once they break the rules.

- - -

The Major Arcana

Mortals may not know it, but almost all living things file into one of the 22 Major Arcana Trump cards. They do not predict any special ability or destiny, but instead explain the duality of all Humans.

1 - The Magician - Unknown
2 - The High Priestess - Sayuri Fujimoto
3 - The Empress - Kaoru Shirogane
4 - The Emperor - Hibiki Shirogane
5 - The Hierophant - Unknown
6 - The Lovers - Unknown
7 - The Chariot - Eiko Otsuka
8 - Strength - Lydia Bishop
9 - The Hermit - Miyako Harada
10 - Wheel of Fortune - Hayate Ishikawa
11 - Justice - Unknown
12 - The Hanged Man - Yoshiki Tatsuda
13 - Death - Miles Miller
14 - Temperance - Unknown
15 - The Devil - Unknown
16 - The Tower - Unknown
17 - The Star - Arishima, Harito
18 - The Moon - Taylor Nakusa Schneider
19 - The Sun - Unknown
20 - Judgement - Mr. Shinya Okawa
21 - The World - Unknown
22 - The Fool - Kiwako Takahashi

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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by AnimuGirlVoiceLebi » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:51 am

Name: Lydia Bishop

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birth Anomaly: May 6, 2002 Supermoon Moon is at it's closest to the earth and at it's brightest.

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: Floofers, 4' stuffed bunny that is still very well used and maintained.

Favorite Sock Style: Thigh high, makes her feel taller and their tight embrace gives a feeling of comfort.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Tarot Card: Strength, show your inner strength through compassion and confidence. Reversed, Weakness made appearant through a feeling of inadequacy and lack of courage.

Appearance: Lydia takes a lot after her father in the looks department. The most obvious being her long straight golden locks often kept down, her eyes a clear blue like a summer day, and her skin a fair healthy white. Despite having reached the end of her growth spurt she is quite short and petite, not even a head taller then Floofers.
Being accustomed to some of the luxury granted by being born into a family with money, Lydia tends to wear clothes of a fairly high quality, most of which are from some big name brand that she knows next to nothing about. For designs she leans more towards long sleeved shirts, skirts, and long socks that easily reach up to her thighs, often she wears horizontal stripes to try and give the illusion of being taller then she really is.

Personality: Due to her small size, and fairly unpleasant upbringing Lydia suffers from a lack of self confidence, but at the same time was 'taught' that she is better then others so tries to keep a strong appearance around others. When approached she tends to reject, sometimes a little too strongly, almost because of this she has difficulty being honest not only with herself but everyone else. Tries to act like the mature adult but knows she is way too young and inexperienced to do so.

Lydia is a child that many would say was gifted with a lucky birth, born into a family that has been wealthy for many generations, was blessed with beauty, and was not lacking in intelligence. Yet despite this she was raised without knowing what it was like to be loved by their family. Ever since she was young her parents treated her as nothing more then a necessary burden, doing little more for her then assigning maids to her care and giving her a weekly allowance. The family maids who were assigned to her treated her as little more then an incompetent annoyance in the way of an easy paycheck. When Lydia had her nightmares, she was ignored and pushed aside, often times being yelled at for trying to waste time with her attention grabbing.

To keep their daughter occupied and to give the appearance of caring parents Lydia went to some of the best schools the family could afford, received ballet lessons, and had several tutors to teach her etiquette so that she would not embarrass them. Often the other students stayed away from her, shunning her due to gaps in social status, or because she was 'no fun'. The teachers were also not much better thinking she was just another paycheck, so long as she was given the teaching it didn't matter if she produced results, if all else failed they could just make up an excuse and blame her for the failure. Even still Lydia held fairly good grades through all of her schooling, she never excelled but she did well enough to at least appear somewhat above average.

Soon after Lydia's first year of high school ended her parents died in a plane crash on the way to their summer home. Lydia spent that summer planning her parents funeral and being told what was hers of her parents assets. During the funeral only Lydia and one other attended, they were a person she had never seen nor heard of before. That person was her mother's sister, someone who separated themselves from the family power struggles to live their own life. Now on her own with nothing but a fortune she accepted her aunt's offer to stay with her and moved to Jusan, easily getting accepted into the high school as a sophomore.

Musical Theme: "Brave" Sara Bareilles

I have read over the rules of this roleplay and I agree to them.



Full Name: Parvati
Tarot of Patronage: Strength
Origin: Hindu Goddess, Wife of Shiva
Classification: Goddess
Reason for Patronage: Parvati reached out a compassionate hand to aid Lydia in the hopes that she could help Lydia build her inner strength and release the compassion kept deep inside.
Mantle: Shiva grants a healing touch filled with her compassionate warmth and a lotus flower to remind the bearer that strength comes from within.
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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Myrn » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:17 am

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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Svisttt » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:01 pm

miyako.jpg (13.52 KiB) Viewed 938 times
Name: Miyako Harada

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birth Anomaly: She was born June 21st, during the summer solstice in 2002

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: A small Eeyore plush with big button eyes. She wasn't able to pronounce his name very well as a small child, so she just called him "E."

Favorite Sock Style: Fun nerdy socks are right up Miyako's alley. She still has a pair of Harry Potter socks from her childhood that are too small to wear, but she can't bring herself to give them away.

Favorite Color: She's always fancied the color of leaves during the summer.

Favorite Tarot Card: The Hermit, searching for inner truth and always questioning. It represents the need to take time for yourself and look inward to find answers. The inverse represents isolation and loneliness, or a need to reflect.

Appearance: Miyako is an average height for her age, though she is on the skinnier side of things. She has slender fingers and her hands are usually always marked in some way, be it with paint or ink. She regularly wears a look that betrays how disconnected she feels to the world, looking as though she's somewhere else entirely. If she's talking to someone, Miyako rarely maintains eye contact and will often look over their shoulder or off to the side, as if there's something there that's a bit more interesting. Her hair falls to a little below her ears, and is usually messy since she usually doesn't have much time to get ready in the morning. The only thing about herself Miyako is particularly proud of is her eyes, which are a gentle teal color.

Typically, Miyako throws on whatever clothes are in reach in the morning, though she's particular to worn graphic tees and jeans.

Personality: Miyako is intuitive and thoughtful, enjoying to take moments to observe the people around her and take care to notice small details. She can be a little nosy sometimes if people aren't around, always feeling a need to satiate her seemingly endless curiosity. She is definitely an introvert, finding happiness in small groups and isn't usually the type to start a conversation without a good reason. Miyako can come off as distant to most people, but if she finds the right people that click with her she can be more talkative and excitable than first impressions may show. She doesn't think many everyday activities make much sense, almost to the point of being completely meaningless,

Miyako enjoys drawing or doing puzzles in her free time, not having many hobbies outside of these two activities. However, if something strikes her fancy she will latch onto it and give it her all, almost to the point where she neglects caring for herself. She finds pleasure in reading and researching as well, her favorite topic being history.

Biography: Miyako lived alone with her father in a little town outside of Jusan, spending a lot of her time drawing and people watching. Her mother had died shortly after Miyako began her second year of school, and though she had always been a bit withdrawn from her peers, she had completely isolated herself after the incident. She took great comfort in the little stuffed animal her mother had given her when she was a toddler, and would often bring it to school with her until she was forced to keep it at home. Her grades plummeted after her mother's passing, and Miyako would continue doing poorly in school as a result for many more years to follow. It's not that she wasn't smart, she was actually very intuitive and logical for a child, but she no longer saw a reason to do the work provided in school. She saw holes and flaws in many of the things life considered to be normal.

She wasn't sure when the dreams and nightmares became a regular occurrence. Miyako's always remembered having them, but they gradually increased in frequency after her mother's passing. It was always the same thing, in a sense, yet they differed each time in ways. She found it difficult to put the experiences into words, so during her middle school years, Miyako began to try drawing what she saw in a little sketchbook. She spent a lot of time drawing her dreams and other things, finding it much more interesting than the world around her. Having nearly failed entire grades numerous times, her father eventually moved them to the nearby city Jusan to give her a fresh start. She still continues drawing her dreams every morning, which often makes her a little late to school, though she is now trying to spend a little less time of of her head and keep her nose out of her sketchbook.

Musical Theme:


hecate.jpg (131.02 KiB) Viewed 938 times

Full Name: Hecate, or Hekate

Tarot of Patronage: The Hermit

Origin: Hecate is the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft. She is the daughter of the titans Perses and Asteria. Though she is usually associated with the darker side of human experiences, she is capable of both good and evil, and is a seeker of wisdom and experience.

Classification: Goddess

Reason for Patronage: Hecate is a seeker of knowledge, who withholds and gives information as she pleases. She felt drawn to Miyako's thirst for information and peculiar views on the world, and chose her as a way to both learn from her and show the teen that the world may not totally be the way Miyako sees it.


The Elegantly Named Flamethrower Lamp -

You heard me- it's a lantern that can spit out fire like a flamethrower when the lid is taken off. The more she knows about a target, the hotter the flames, whereas the more obscure a target is to her, the less the fire will burn. I suppose she could just use this as a little light source too, but melting people's faces is a little cooler.

Invisibility -

Hecate allows her to use illusions to her advantage to make her appear as though she were invisible.
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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Annasiel » Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:22 pm

Name: Sayuri Fujimoto

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Birth Anomaly: Sayuri was born on April 4th, during a Leonid shower with higher than predicted ZHR and luminosity.

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: Klaus Mueller Bucharest violin outfit (violin, rosin, bow, case). It was the first instrument she owned, and she carries it everywhere. Not exactly a stuffed animal, but it's a big comfort object for her.
Favorite Sock Style: Stockings. She likes the way they feel on her legs.

Favorite Color: Slate Grey.

Favorite Tarot Card: The High Priestess, listening to your instincts and following your intuition. The inverse represents a lack of connection to your own feelings, being so sidetracked with external issues that you disregard your own needs.


Height - 4'9
Weight - 91 lbs


She is, for all intents and purposes, an alien to her peers. For most of the day, she remains isolated from the general education track; she rides with her mother to school, mainly participates in special education or individual education programs, and eats her lunch in the counselor's office. She rarely talks or participates in class. When she does speak up, her words are often simple and slow, giving a low impression of her intellect. She usually needs a supplemental instructor to help her understand course work, and will occasionally throw tantrums out of frustration. This might lead to the belief (despite her reputable talents) that she is "just another retard."

Mathematics are her power, and music is her passion. Sayuri is able to see the intrinsic patterns in the world around her, quickly processing how everything interacts. When she was younger, her parents had her tested for synesthesia due to her odd way of interpreting the world. The results were negative, but through the session, they realized she using her understanding of music to better process what she was seeing. Much like an eidetic might use colors and rhymes to recall things, she used notes, chords, and tempos to describe the world to herself.

While she may excel in a small field, the drawbacks show in all other areas of life. Sayuri is socially inept, and struggles with both verbal and written communication. She currently reads at a fifth-year level. Sayuri attends occupational therapy (for coordination and writing) and speech therapy (to help with interaction and socialization). She is unable to read body-language, gets frustrated with anything more complex than single-step instructions, and is easily distracted and overwhelmed by outside stimuli. Emotionally, she is far less mature than her age, which shows in intrusive tantrums whenever she feels too stressed. She also has trouble understanding consequences (especially in terms of social action), and will often unintentionally do things considered inappropriate or harmful without realizing.

Sayuri was born on April 4th, during a Leonid meteor shower that had no business happening anywhere outside of November, especially at the luminosity and ZHR at which they occured. Her mother, Hisako, was a relatively successful insurance agent, and her father, Eiji, was and still is a freelance financial advisor. When Sayuri turned six, her mother retired to help take care of her full-time.

She was first diagnosed with ASD at the age of three. Compared to other children her age, she seemed to be maturing socially at a much slower rate, and she had trouble communicating what she thought and how she felt in a constructive manner. Being the overprotective, upper middle class parents that they were, Hisako and Eiji immediately went into a bit of a panic, reading every book, attending every seminar, and talking to every specialist they could find on how best to handle this.

She first mentioned her nightmares at the age of five. She'd always had trouble sleeping, often waking up in the middle of the night in tears, but she lacked the ability to fully articulate what she had experienced. The next morning, Hisako had a lengthly call with Sayuri's psychologist who chalked up the entire thing as a result of stress. Each subsequent nightmare garnered less of a reaction from her parents until they were just seen as another everyday part of her struggles, alongside her trouble communicating and her frequent tantrums.

From ages 6 to 10, Sayuri went to a specialist school in downtown Tokyo for children with developmental and learning disorders. However, for her fifth year, her parents moved her into mainstream education, and took her to a center for tutoring in her more difficult subjects.

At first, she struggled with the change. Though the classes she took often had supplementary instructors to help walk her through the problems, and those that didn't were more than accomadating in terms of time and patience, having to integrate with her peers was a struggle. She took to sitting in the back of the room and rarely participated in class. For lunches, she avoided the noisy cafeteria in favor of the music hall, where she'd occassionally get so engrossed in practice that she missed her next class.

The stress of changing from the quiet, isolated specialist school to a boistrous public primary academy continued long into her seventh year, but it was there where she first met Eiko Otsuka.

She had left for the music hall at lunch for her usual peaceful time to herself, but unlike all the times before, the room was already occupied by an older girl on the piano. Instead of getting upset or leaving, Sayuri took out her violin and began to play along. It lasted for a long time. The older girl playing some piece from memory and Sayuri matching her in improvised harmony, each talking, not through words, but with music.

The rest was history. They took to playing together most days, and began to spend time outside of school within the month. Eiko's calm, impassive nature was a grounding force for Sayuri's naturally anxious disposition. In time, they began to help each other with classwork, Eiko helping Sayuri read, Sayuri walking Eiko through her science and mathematics courses.

At first, Hisako and Eiji were hesitant, seeing Eiko as a possible corrupting influence on their daughter. After all, the girl was boyish, rough, and crude, possessing many of the red flags for those good for nothing punk teens the Fujimotos heard about on the news. They grew to see her for her kind nature, though, and after a couple years treated her as second daughter. When the Fujimotos came to learn of Eiko's living situation, they worked to make that not just a treatment but a reality.


-The Fujimotos moved to Jusan to try and escape the noise and bustle of Tokyo, while still remaining close to the tutoring center for Sayuri's supplementary education. They believed Sayuri would be better handled to cope with the tedium of the smaller city.

-At Hinoiri High school, Sayuri is technically considered a year ten student, as she tested into most of the grade's classes. However, she still takes some remedial courses for classes like language, history, and social studies.

Musical Theme:

Mili - Vulnerability
The Oracle


Full Name: The Pythia of Delphi

Tarot of Patronage: The High Priestess

Origin: Greek Mythology

Classification: Human Oracle

Reason for Patronage: The Pythia values those who are able to interpret reality in their own unique way. Sayuri's ability to see things through the lens of her own inner world, drawing from her passions and intuitive strengths, is a skill the oracle holds in high regard. In addition, The Pythia sees their trials as similar; the struggle of an oracle is to communicate your visions to others in a coherent way, a struggle Sayuri faces daily.


Prophecy - The Pythia gifts her chosen charge with visions and intuitions of the future. They are usually vague, relying on symbolism and general senses of foreboding, so can't always be taken at face value.

Apollonic Lyre - As oracle to Apollo, The Pythia is graced with his light of clarity. The Apollonic Lyre is a golden hand harp that, when played, will dispel illusions, draw out secrets, and compel all those present to speak from their heart.
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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Azra » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:22 pm


Name: Taylor Nakusa Schneider

Age: 17 in Senior Year

Gender: F

Birth Anomaly: Born on June 23 of 2001 under a red moon

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: a small black samurai themed wolf

Favorite Sock Style: short with skull and crossbones pattern

Favorite Color: black and red

Favorite Tarot Card: The Moon, "it has a moon and a wolf and this whole duality thing it's just cool and imaginative okay"

Appearance: born of Japanese and German heritage, she's fond of skirts a popular choice of her mother's and a red tie like her father. Having watched way to much anime and played to many video games she often wears gloves for when she tries to pull tricks with her bike or to parkour. Though she isn't particularly good at either outside of her dreams. Light blue eyes contrast well she feels with her charcoal black hair. Though much to her parents disapproval her hair is undone by the choice of a rebelliously dyed read bangs.

Personality: Taylor is often indecisive, trying to pick between what she wants and what she thinks others want of her. She's eager to try new things but always feels she comes up short her self doubts getting in the way. Protective and supportive as she'd like to be for others social norms tend to make her hesitant to step up.


Every night is like waking up in something unmatched, a world more ones own. A reality more real and captivating then everyday life. It becomes for a girl something far more sought after, to sleep or day dream to explore games and consume media. It's a disconnect perhaps from what she should prioritize and focus on Taylor always knows that. Try as she might to invest in academics and follow norms however it's hard to escape the sensation of disconnect. From as far back as she could remember she didn't usually consider doing all that much, but when a friend mentioned something to try Taylor was easily talked into it.

Most days she feels lacking ambition, last year at the start of the year picking up soccer sounded stupid for example. There are moments though once coursed into it where inspiration strikes and she starts to excel. Time after time friends say with a bit more practice she could be exceptional. Last minute however she doubts herself however and fumbles back down again. Outside influences leave her enthusiastic to try her hand at various things confidence and indecisiveness however put and end abruptly to every attempt.

For her last year of school her family moved to Jusan it seemed to be a harbinger for something better. In her waking moments the world seems to say go one way and in the dreams she keeps recurringly finding herself going down a different path to a building that seems desolate and distant. Shadows in her slumber seem to call her to try and manipulate the journey, the confusing pull of the day seeping into the night as she gets more near. With any luck the affliction of lconfusion and boredom will pass at this new school.

Musical Theme: Dice by Band-maid

Name of Patron: Amarok


Full Name: Amarok Okami Kiba
Tarot of Patronage: Relating to the dire wolf in Inuit Mythology in relation to the moon
Origin: Amarok is said to hunt and devour those who wander at night, those who sway off the path. Unlike a typical wolf Amarok hunts alone, as if it need not be guided by others to achieve fulfillment of food and the hunt
Classification: Dire Wolf
Reason for Patronage: Fear, shame, easily bending to the wills of others at the risk of falling into somewhere worse this is a reoccurring theme it seemed for Taylor. She's someone who's got the ability to find herself and push onward into something but keeps fumbling backwards. Amarok wishes to find someone who won't need a pack like himself. And well if she fails at least he had some fun before a good meal.
Mantle: able of manifesting as a black outfit if desired it could be armor. Predominantly however Amarok choses the form of a sword. A divine weapon to carve ones own path the blade as red as the moon Taylor was born under can carve through most material rather well. Perhaps more uniquely however to the weapon is it's ability to stun or remove sensory perception. Those of the moon are often depicted as stumbling in the dark, as unsure of where to go. As a reflection of this the Okami Kiba can cause a paralyzing cut, or with the turn of the blade cast a flash that will briefly make an opponent blind and deaf

"I have read over the rules of this roleplay and I agree to them"

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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

Post by Wint » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:01 am

Character Sheet

Name: Hayate Ishikawa
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birth Anomaly: Hayate was born on May 5th, when several planets lay in the vicinity of the Sun in the sky as seen from the Earth, and a series of conjunctions took place. Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn later reached conjunction with the Sun in the period 8–10 May. These three planets, in turn, were in conjunction with each other and with Venus over a period of a few weeks.
Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal: Ryu the fire-breathing bunny (he thought his whiskers looked like a dragon's)
Favorite Sock Style: Although he himself only owns a Starry Night pair and typically goes with solid-color socks, Hayate loves socks with classical art on them.
Favorite Color:

Favorite Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune. "It's all about cycles, but not about inevitability but a sort of certain motion that you shouldn't fear and try to turn in your favor."
The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes fate, luck, fortune, and opportunity.
Its reversed form tells of negative external forces, and instead of destiny, it focuses on lacking or even losing control.
Appearance: Image
Red is not Hayate's original hair color, but rather a dark brown.
Personality To the bystander, Hayate is spontaneous and aloof, not knowing what he wants and pretending he does.
His behavior is not always welcomed, and some students have tried to push him back to a tamer spot.

Hayate has always been judgemental. He wanted his voice heard, and explained why he felt how he did.
Hayate has always been passionate about what he loved, but others weren't always as excited.
He wanted to change the world, and stop it from turning worse. So much so, that he ended up not watching the news anymore; at least not as often, because he couldn't handle being unable to do anything.

Wishing to help even the slightest, Hayate decided to take matters into his own hands. He will fight for what he believes, and at times he really did, earning himself detention even though he was a great student.
Hayate knows that what he does isn't always the smartest choice, but he has seen his actions work so much faster and so much better than many alternatives, that he keeps that tool in the back of his head, waiting for a rainy day when debating the opponent to the ground just doesn't cut it.

When a matter is serious, Hayate will not withhold his voice, but rather do his best to ensure the situation is dealt with carefully. He tries to view the world as different paths or "scripts" which people can alter and select according to what they do.
Biography: Hayate is the only child of the Ishikawa family, his parents Miki and Sho always at work. That is, except for evenings, which is when they chat and tell each other what's new. They're a loving family, but his parents' jobs, while providing them with a gorgeous home, can be somewhat anguishing without anything to do.
As he grew older, Hayate felt every bit of excitement ten times stronger than others, and sought after what he did best, which was talk.
He joined the debate team in his school and had the time of his life. It turned out that arguing and explaining your view on things was exciting and so much fun! People he studied with, arguing about things he had to wait for years till he could finally experience.

From his many years in school, Hayate gained one friend he considered his absolute best: Migaki Toyo. The two played together for years since the fifth grade where they met in the hall, spending time at his place while his parents were off at work playing games, watching TV and just having fun.
He considered her best friend, in a past tense.
It was an ordinary day, and as any ordinary day went, Hayate went to greet Migaki before she went to class and to chat a little bit.
He saw one of the school bullies mess with her and tried telling him to stop.
For once, Hayate's words had no effect. He resorted to harsher words, which made him end up with a black eye.
He kept talking, standing in the two's way as he defended his best friend, before he was pushed aside.

The next day, Hayate's parents were called into the principal's office.
The kid who was bullying Migaki reported Hayate for beating him up.
His parents asked him, shocked, if that was the truth. Hayate nodded, looking at the edge of the desk in front of him, his face expressionless.
Hayate was always an excited and passionate child, and so his behavior seemed like regret to his parents and to the principal. His first lie to his parents.

Hayate didn't hang out with Migaki anymore.
She seemed to always disappear when he was around, and eventually he decided to leave her be.
He got kicked off the debate team for hitting another student, and was left an even greater social pariah.

As years went on, Hayate's flame still burned brightly, and he got into a few other fights, some he escaped punishment and others he hasn't.
He never gave up trying to help school in general, applying for student council for 2 years in a row after the incident with the flashiest posters and speeches he could come up with, although he has never been elected, making him somewhat lose hope of winning.

Hayate's parents had nothing to comment on the day he was born. At least, nothing unique astrologically-speaking. From their workspace, who would have even seen the conjunctions that were happening?
Maybe they did. They never said anything about it.

His earliest memories of the green moon during the darkest hour were filled with terror, glaring out into the broken world.
There was no one to talk to. His parents were more artificial than ever, now covered in what seemed to be... plastic. Of course. He was terrified. Horrified that something
Something would come and kill him. He was sure of it.  But nothing ever did.

He kept watching.
It was mesmerizing...

He wanted to talk, but no one would buy it. By no one, he meant his parents.
Who would he even talk to about it, other than... Migaki...
She thought he was nuts and disregarded it as a factor of his active imagination. At least that's how she looked like.
Surprised, but... in a bad way.

Keeping it in his head did not help calming himself down. He sometimes tried to blame that forbidden hour for what he did.
Though honestly, he's more glad than regretful.

Growing older, Hayate would glare at the world outside, afraid to move but wanting to see everything up close.

And he did.
Years after the initial dreams of the world from his room, Hayate changed location.
Some building.
He could never reach anything.
He wanted to reach something.
He wanted to reach out and find out what was going on. Why this was going on.
Musical Theme: Persona 3 OST - Mass Destruction (Lotus Juice remix)



Full Name: Hermes
Tarot of Patronage: Wheel of Fortune
Origin: According to legend, Hermes was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Zeus had impregnated Maia, Hermes' mother, at the dead of night while all other gods slept. When dawn broke, Hermes was born.
Classification: Hermes is an Olympian God in charge of herds and flocks, travelers and hospitality, roads and trade, thievery and cunning, heralds and diplomacy, language and writing, athletic contests and gymnasiums, astronomy and astrology.
Reason for Patronage: It takes courage to try and change the world. Hanging on the balance between the freedom to make good choices and the pit of loss of control, Hayate was heading toward a tumble. His passion was altruistic, at least originally, and so Hermes' interest was peaked. He who wishes to aid those who cannot aid themselves deserves every chance to be aided by the symbol of their wellbeing. What could he do to cultivate this child according to his ideologies?

“Uphold my freedom and become my messenger. With wings 'tis thine through air to course.
Dart and soar with this power I bestow upon you. Protect the misfortuned as your own kin, strike those who oppose it.”

Hermes was the messenger of the gods. He wore a winged cap and winged sandals. He was known for his speed and his ability to fly.
As his Patron, Hermes will bestow Hayate with a pair of wings.
The wings allow Hayate to reach incredible speeds and soar above the ground. When airborne, Hayate will be able to slash through the air to send forth mighty gusts of wind to strike foes from afar.
In close combat, the wings can function as both a shield and a weapon. They are capable of bending to strike the enemy, pierce them or protect Hayate and those close.

“My mouth shall overcome your own, our words overcome others' ears, our desires distort their own. Burn their mind. Show them the true balance of the wheel.”
Hayate will tap into the heart of the trade, using a godly silver tongue to confuse his foes.

I have read over the rules of this roleplay and I agree to them.
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Re: The 13th Hour: Chapter One (CS Thread)

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Character Sheet


Kiwako Takahashi



Birth Anomaly:
Born February 23 during the collision of two comets in the upper atmosphere.

Precious Childhood Stuffed Animal:
Taiga the stuffed plush tiger.

Favorite Sock Style:
Knee high, with three red bands around the top of the sock.

Favorite Color:
Orange with a tinge of red to it.

Favorite Tarot Card:
The Fool
The Fool is the card of beginnings, the card of untapped and unexplored potential. They are free spirits and wanderers by nature. When reversed the fool stands for naivety, for risk taking and reckless behavior.


Perhaps to her own detriment as much as it is to her benefit Kiwako has always been just clever enough. In this way she has always seemed to coast through life, simply allowing the ebbs and flows of the day to day take her where it may, placing effort in when it is desired, never when required. But do not mistake her for someone listless and apathetic, she is a ship with the sails inflated yet no charts to guide it. Motion and potential still lacking a destination, beyond where it is she doesn't wish to be.

For better or worse, Kiwako is self certain, when she is within her element then action comes without hesitation. And when she isn't within said zone of comfort? Then action comes without hesitation, and little can be done to dissuade her.

At the moment she has two main passions she has been letting her free time bleed into, video games and track. She is competent and competitive in both, in video games she tends towards builds many wouldn’t use; a shotgunner who scores critical hits at range, or using the mechanics of the game to pull off strange feats. In track, while she isn't the star athlete by any stretch of the imagination, she does score respectable times consistently. If she isn't in her room or at a friend's with a controller in hand, you’ll likely catch her taking a jog around town.

When it comes to studies, her grades are wildly inconsistent, ranging anywhere from a mid-C to a high-A with nothing seeming to connect the different grades than whatever seemed to strike her mood that semester.

She's fairly affable around her classmates, easy enough to get along with. However she can be grating at times, seeming to always wish to get her point across, especially when she feels certain that she is in the right.

She never disliked the dreams, really. There had always been a sort of freedom within the nightmares, a freedom of motion when all the world seemed stuck in place and she could move unimpeded. The dreams were, in a way, a different place to play, one where she could experiment to figure out the differing rules. Where it was she could go, and where in the dream did a feeling of dread creep into her stomach. But, so long as she kept to the rules, then Kiwako never really felt uncomfortable or unsafe.

Kiwako was born the youngest child of two, to an upper middle class family who lived within the town limits of Jūsan. Her family life and upbringing were mostly uneventful, her brother was seven years her elder, and often they would not spend much time together, her brother had his friends and Kiwako was reliant on her parents to see hers.

Still, life was quiet and enjoyable, Kiwako dabbled in her hobbies, found enjoyment in middle school track and playing various video games with her friends. If the dreams were increasing in frequency or oddness, then it was nothing she truly noticed, life was something that has always just pulled her along, after all.

Musical Theme:
LOCKED ON, Inside Your Mind

I have read the rules and agree to them.


Patron Sheet


Full Name:

Tarot of Patronage:
The Fool

Norse mythology, Loki was the brother of Thor, he is supposedly related to the giants, and the sire of Fenrir and Jurmungand

An Aesir God

Reason for Patronage:
In Kiwako, Loki saw promise and potential. A budding young trickster he could take under his wing and grow into something - well perhaps not great but cunning and devious. One who could join him in nasty little nastiness. Afterall, who would be the best at playing any role required if not a jack of all trades?


Divine Instrument:
Fool's Portrait
Know that all you have done to me I instead shall do to you.

An ornate mirror slightly larger than the head of whoever the mirror is directed towards. Any who throw an attack in the direction of the reflective urface of the mirror will instead receive the full force of their attack upon their person, while the mirror and Kiwako are left unharmed.

Divine Power:
Trickster’s Apprentice -
If you are you and I am you then which of us is true?

With this power Kiwako can assume the powers, abilities, or physical aspects of anyone or anything she watches or studies. When she alters her physical body to take on the appearance of someone or something else, she is for all intent and purpose constructing a sort of physical illusion. If Kiwako becomes, say, a staircase then so long as the illusion holds then that staircase can be climbed with no problem, however if the illusion is somehow broken, then you will soon be finding yourself standing on an irate Kiwako.

When it comes to the duplication of powers and abilities much like before Kiwako must witness the power, skill, or ability use before she can replicate it. When duplicating a power she can only hold one power at a time, and she cannot freely switch between ones she has used in the past, instead needing to see the power used again to be able to replicate it once more.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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