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Superzeroes CS

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:57 pm
by Lucid

The World's First Super-Villain
  • Info
Name: Lucid
Identity Status: Secret
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Red (Possibly dyed)
Eyes: Brown
Base of Operations: Mobile
  • Persona

Lucid is a dangerous criminal psychopath prone to obsessive acts of violence and terror. He is equal parts meticulous and verbose, preoccupying himself with the annihilation of anything which draws his ire. Lucid considers himself representative of queer ideology, or the complete rejection of values and dissociation from definition. His persona is thus malleable and incapable of definition in its radical freedom. His anti-social tendencies make him an exceedingly dangerous individual.

His current and enduring focus is on the concept of superhero, which at its inception was a fundamentally queer concept; however, the normalization and subsequent integration of super-heroic figures into ordinary Western society has drawn his ire. He is committed to the complete disintegration of Western values as a result of what he perceives as their radically oppressive nature; he embodies the death drive, Thanatos, and seeks to utterly destroy heteronormative capitalist power structures and highlight hypocrisy within the system.

Lucid appears to suffer from a multitude of undiagnosed mental disorders with symptoms resembling mania.
  • Capabilities

Lucid engages in moderate physical conditioning and has trained himself in the art of close-quarters combat. He is proficient in the use of both bladed and blunt weaponry, and appears to have marksmanship training. Lucid's greatest asset is his predictive intelligence; he is an outrageously talented strategist and manipulator. He is proficient in the creation and use of explosives, and possesses extensive knowledge of both human psychology and human anatomy. He is a potent chemist.
  • Equipment

Lucid equips himself with numerous odds and ends with an emphasis on causing extensive damage to others. In the past, he has wielded knives, baseball bats, electric drills, hammers, talons, a truncheon, chains, spears, and axes; he is also highly proficient in the use of firearms, and has an extensive collection of guns. He has utilized explosive devices in the past with a variety of trigger mechanisms.

Though he may wear normal clothes over it, such as a suit, Lucid's primary garb is a form-fitting black bodysuit designed to minimize impact wounds and deflect shrapnel. He wears gloves to prevent his fingerprints from being taken; his boots are soft-soled, minimizing slippage and silencing his footfalls.

Lucid's helmet is made of a layered polymer composite which is actually translucent from the inside out. He does not see through the "eyeholes," but can instead look around from anywhere within the mask. The helmet is durable enough to deflect small-arms fire on glancing shots. He has experimented with installing rebreathers within to give him his own oxygen supply. He owns several of these helmets.


"Now you."

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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:27 am
by Orph

Name: John Alexander.
Alias: Paragon.
Identity: Public.
Age: 26.
Height: 6’1.
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Blond.
Eyes: Blue.
Base of Operations: Camelot Offices, New York.


Excerpt from Camelot: An Unabridged, Unauthorized Biography of John Alexander

From the day he was born, people knew John Alexander was special. Born, as his mother claims, on the stroke of midnight on New Years, 1988-89, he taught himself to read at age two. His parents chose not to enroll him in preschool, after he passed every aptitude test placed before him with ease. Instead, they allowed him to teach himself, purchasing anything he requested for him. When it came time for formal schooling, the school offered his parents a chance to let their son skip a grade, but they opted not to let him, as they feared being younger than everyone else in the grade would present social issues. Their fears were likely unfounded, as Alexander was reportedly one of the most popular children in the school, while also excelling academically. He was a member of his school’s soccer team, for a while, before quitting, to pursue extracurricular activities.

His secondary school experience was much the same. However, having already mastered the material he was being tested on, Alexander began to study at a higher level, and is speculated to have been at a high-school level by the time he was done with the seventh grade. His exercise regimen became more demanding, as he’d spend dozens of hours a week at the gym, or elsewhere. During this time, he purchased a subscription to The Economist, using money saved from years worth of birthday presents, and taught himself how to code. However, where Alexander truly proved himself not merely precocious, but remarkable, was in high school.

In his first year of high school, Alexander tested out of the SAT, getting a perfect score, reportedly out of a desire to “get it out of the way.” He also dabbled briefly with dating, in ninth grade, before abruptly ceasing. The next year, in 2004, he surprised his parents by announcing he would be going to the Summer Olympics in Athens that year. He was one of the youngest members of the team, but still easily made the cut, and went to Athens. He participated in the Decathlon, and in an astounding upset, won gold. He signed a number of lucrative advertising deals, making a significant amount of money through investing, mostly by investing heavily into the then-new tech industry. He returned to school, having also secured a scholarship to an Ivy League university. The next few years of high school were relatively uneventful, with Alexander continuing his academic and athletic pursuits. He graduated valedictorian, before taking a gap year between school and university, supposedly for ‘self-discovery.’ However, in reality, he was spending his time practicing, and that winter, went to the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. He participated in the Biathlon and figure skating events, scoring silver and gold respectively.

John attended Columbia University, starting in 2007, on full scholarship. He majored in Business, and took a minor in Economics. Despite his athletic talent, he didn’t become a member of any of the school’s sports teams. In fact, the only competitive sports Alexander participated in during his time at university were the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, and 2010 Vancouver winter games. His grades remained excellent, and he made friends with almost every ‘important’ person in his class, many future businessmen, politicians, and other wealthy-and-influential elites. One former classmate described Alexander as being ‘impossible to hate.’ However, unbeknownst at the time to everyone, John was leading a double life.

At the start of his first year of university, while Alexander was busy establishing himself as the resident polymath, a young man in a yellow and purple costume calling himself Paragon. He had no obvious powers, simply relying on strength, wit, and a few simple mechanical ‘gadgets’ in his outfit. However, unlike most other costumed vigilantes, he didn’t simply target the odd mugger or killer. Instead, he turned his considerable intellect towards systematically dismantling New York’s organized crime. While others had much of the same idea, many of them would try to intimidate confessions out of mobsters, or steal the necessary evidence and give it to the police. Time and again, these would be rendered inadmissible in court, and the criminals allowed to walk free, simply owing to the average ‘cape’ not knowing enough about the legal system. Paragon, however, would infiltrate a group’s hideout, locate something incriminating, and send an anonymous tip to the police. He’d help incapacitate the criminals as well, but he made sure not to do anything that would make the evidence illegitimate.

Paragon, wasn’t especially remarkable as a hero, other than having a higher rate of conviction than most, and operating somewhere other than Grim City. He developed something of an informal understanding with the police, which was no doubt helped by the fact that he frequently gave them credit for arrests made with his help. There are rumors that he was given a direct line to the Chief of Police, so his ‘anonymous tips’ would be given higher priority, but these remain unconfirmed. With the benefit of retrospect, one can trace his occasional absences from the public eye with Alexander’s trips to the Olympics, but no one at the time made the connection.

We will return to the story of Paragon in a moment, but for now, John Alexander is receiving his first doctorate, at age 22. The year is 2010, and he’s already a four-time gold medalist, and the youngest millionaire in the world. He made his fortune in a scant four years, turning advertising money from his fame as an Olympian into seed funding for an investment firm, Kismet, which would eventually balloon into a multinational conglomerate holding firm. He left university after completing the doctorate, as a P.h.D, through he would later acquire a number of others as well. At a press conference in the summer of 2012, just before the London Olympics, Alexander revealed to the world that he was Paragon. The timing happened to coincide with the Olympics, providing a lot of publicity for the athlete, who appeared for his events (gymnastics, this year) in his Paragon costume, sans mask. He was lauded for foiling a bombing plot at the opening ceremony, as well, receiving a key to the city from the mayor.

Currently, Alexander is 26, exceedingly wealthy, and continues to participate in the Olympic games. He’s also an advocate for scientific literacy, rationality, and ‘effective altruism.’ He makes use of his vast personal fortune to help eradicate diseases in third-world countries, and spread education to the impoverished. Alexander is also interested in ‘doomsday scenarios,’ and has funded many efforts to halt them, including things like climate change, supervolcanoes, and biological or technological existential risks.

In 2015, Alexander was taken hostage during a bank robbery, and single-handedly foiled the crime. There have also been rumors that he’s been involved in ‘covert operations’ on behalf of the government, which he’s denied with a laugh and a smile. He’s a self-described lover of music, and often makes donations to support the arts.


Alexander is a skilled athlete, competing at the international level in every sport he participates in. Among these are several martial arts, primarily judo, several different endurance sports, such as marathon running, biathlon (which also necessitated learning to use firearms, through Alexander prefers not to use them against other humans), decathlon, and other track-and-field events. These form the core of his crime-fighting style, allowing him to easily defeat almost any opponent in physical combat. He also participates in sports like speed skating and figure skating, which help him maintain his dexterity and fast reflexes. Another of Alexander’s past gold-medal sports is acrobatics, which translate well into combat, letting him leap and dance around his enemies, and navigate urban environments with ease. Though it’s not a competition sport, Alexander has also invested time in learning parkour, so as to better traverse the rooftops of New York City.

Through his physical prowess is undoubtedly amazing, perhaps more so is Alexander’s mastery of the intellectual. His eidetic memory allows him to remember anything he’s seen or read with perfect clarity, using a number of mental triggers and mnemonic phrases. As such, he knows how to disassemble almost any given weapon in seconds, operate almost all vehicles, and even perform medical procedures. He has three doctorates, in psychology, anthropology, and physics, and is currently pursuing two more, a doctoral degree and a law degree, in his ‘off-hours.’


Notable among the myriad parts of Paragon’s costume are the two golden bracers on his wrists. Through they’re not made of particularly dense metals, due to weight restrictions, the carbon-fiber materials means they could, hypothetically, be used to block small-caliber ammunition, if Alexander could position his arms correctly before a shot was fired, as no human could move faster than a bullet. Hidden in the bracers are two twin stiletto blades, which can be extended from the underside of Alexander’s wrists, as melee weapons, and launched projectiles.
The back portion of Alexander’s costume, half-cape and half-cloak, can also be discreetly removed, and used to blind or incapacitate an enemy. The entire costume itself was specially designed to allow the most freedom of movement possible. Hidden underneath the purple silk is a light kevlar bodysuit, only useful against small-arms fire, but a better defense than nothing at all.

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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:52 am
by Azra

Name: Kit Catarina
Alias: Pyrokitten
Identity: New enough to be secret
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Age: 19
Scars: knife wound left lower back, gun shot wound left shoulder, gun shot right side of abdomen, and a axe wound below her left breast that didn't go thankfully to deep.
Base of Opperations: New York City


"Long ago a chick was born by a mom that didn't want her and someone who ran off a second after donating. The young orphan was then left before the glorious kingdom that was called Hope and Heroes Orphanage. This chick would find herself incredibly bored by school and books so she found herself into gym and archery. The king and Queen found it good that the chick gave a damn about something so they encourage her to continue. Even pushing her into learning Karate and stuff and so her life would continue studying in these anchient ways for some time to battle the mighty villain of boredom.

She goes on to find a suit, a costume stylish enough to try and compete with those of other rising champions of the world. Gets really good at making arrows or taking the perilous journey to a store to buy such ammunition. Spending so far a year working toward conquering evil. Admittedly some officers and news reporters haven't been the biggest fan of her work however. Arrows sticking out of people isn't always well recepted and having put an arrow in one drug lords eye almost killing him certainly did no favors for good reputation. This chick, champion of hope and heroes would go on to be named Pyrokitten."

"Kit your hero name is ******ed" one of the orphans remarked teasing the local vigilante.

"Hey shut up okay. What else was I going to go by?"

Another orphan rolled his eyes "maybe something without your name in it? Or that didn't imply you used fire?"

"I try and censor the story some okay. Totally use flaming arrows."


Kit is a rather athletic and acrobatic young woman not lacking in strength speed or dexterity but not exemplary either. Much as she'd like to have worked toward being of Olympic levels she couldn't commit that much to such a life given demands of the orphanage and limitations there in. They support her vigilante life style and as such have pushed her towards various martial arts. Her repertoire is diverse but by no means a mastery or to deep into any in particular. Trying to juggle so many leading to a sort of jack of trades as opposed to a mastery of any. The one skill of hers she does feel comfortable in however boasting of is archery, having won a few tournaments and shown to be quick and accurate in a wide variety of instances.


Thirty arrows, a quiver, a compact bow these are the staple she's known for. In addition to this she's known to have a knife, brass knuckles, and a taser. When it comes to her uniform it has knee pads and elbow pads and her boots are quite reliable. She hasn't been able to update it with Kevlar though the budget wasn't there.


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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:46 am
by FakeSkrillex

Name: Alex King
Alias: Southpaw
Identity: Secret
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Base of Operations: Harlem, New York


"Southpaw is a violent vigilante that operates out of Harlem. Since his appearance in 2012 Southpaw has made a name for himself by targeting the violent street gangs of Harlem. In the beginning Southpaw stuck to low risk hits on corner dealers, taking out groups of no more than 3-4 at once. Since then Southpaw has grown bolder, targeting stash houses, crashing major drug deals, and most recently he attacked a dogfight to get to a rather elusive person who was in attendance. Sources say that last Saturday he attacked a dog fight in order to get to a major supplier, he killed and wounded over 20 men and walked away without a scratch. So what do you think? Is Southpaw the hero of Harlem? Or is he just another street thug? You decide."

Alex exited out of the site. That's it? That's all they've got to say? And he definitely walked away with a lot of fucking scratches from that dog fight, most notably a knife in his gut and a pit bull almost ripping his arm off. Fucking idiots. If you want to know Southpaw you have to ask the man himself.

Alex King was born and raised in Harlem, New York. And like you would expect from someone that spends most of their time running around in a mask Alex did not have an easy childhood. Alex's father was a drunk who would switch off between beating Alex's mother and him, several times pulling a gun or knife on Alex for trying to fight back. And outside of the house was no better, being a little poor white boy in Harlem was not a good thing for Alex growing up. He was a constant target for the neighborhood kids to pick on, being beaten within an inch of his life almost weekly Alex learned to deal with hardships and roll with the punches fairly early on. This history of constantly being the victim led Alex to pick up boxing at 13, which happened to be the same time that he started growing. Alex worked at a local boxing gym everyday, and instead of getting paid in cash he was paid in lessons. He would train hard, channeling all of his anger into his boxing. As a result of his blind anger Alex spent most of his time in the ring unconscious. But as time went on he developed his style more and more, using his past experiences to become a better fighter. By 18 Alex was one of the best fighters in his gym. It was at this point that he competed in the Golden Gloves, walking away with the championship at the end of the night.

After his win Alex became just like those that used to torture him. Dealing drugs on the street, targeting people weaker than him, he was mad at the world and didn't care who felt it. It was this path that nearly cost him his life. After a dispute with a rival gang Alex's house was shot to shit with him inside, he suffered three shots to the abdomen and chest, but his parents weren't so lucky. He could care less about his piece of shit dad, but his mom never did anything to deserve that. Once he was released from the hospital Alex was left with nothing, his family was gone, his reputation was nothing anymore, and his medical bills left him broke. Revenge was the only path he saw. He went back to his house, grabbing the gun form his parents room, the same gun his father had once threatened him with so many years ago. His hand shook as he looked at the gun in his hands. At the memories, the anger, the fear, the rage that he still felt so full of. That was the day that Southpaw was born.


Southpaw is a rather skilled fighter. His years of training boxing have made him dangerous hand to hand, but he is far from invincible. He has a rather unorthodox style, switching between a being a technical boxer and a street brawler at random points during fights makes him unpredictable at best. Along with this Southpaw has become accustomed to extreme violence over the years. His signature .45 has laid waste to many a dealer, pimp, and your everyday gang member of course. While he is far from an expert with this weapon he has shown that he most certainly knows how to use it, leaving holes in any poor fuck that steps in his way.

As stated before Southpaw carries a gun, a Glock 21 to be exact, that he keeps strapped to his right leg. After a few times of being left with no ammo in the middle of a firefight Southpaw carries three extra magazines on his belt to ensure he has enough ammo for a sustained fight. The gun is a .45, meaning it has enough kick and stopping power to put down whoever Southpaw happens to be aiming at.

Southpaws outfit has two distinct parts that help him when fighting. The first being his gloves, which are reinforced and weighted to give his hits a little extra power. This is sometimes the deciding factor in fights, giving him a little extra weight and power to his hits while not sacrificing his speed. The second is the bullet proof vest he wears under his jacket. It's a lighter variety as to not slow down his movement to much, so while it's strong enough to stop 1-2 shots from most handguns or small caliber weapons, anything with more power will go through almost no problem. But the added protection is more than enough for what he needs.

(will probably change this and make it better, but just wanted to get something put up.)

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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:40 pm
by Cr25pltro6

(Image does not belong to me. I am not profiting in any way for putting in the image. It is being used for entertainment purposes only and is thus, protected by the fair use copyright laws)

Name: Henry surefire
Alias: Tumbleweed
Age: 26
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: blue
Base of operations: Houston, Texas
  • Persona
His past. Henry didn't like that subject, too many unpleasant things to address. Like the time his mother and father died. Or the time where he was forced to be in an orphanage because nobody in the family wanted to take him in. Or the time where he flunked out of high school because he didn't qoute "try hard enough". No, the past was just too much for henry to remember right now. He'd rather tell you about the present, it's about the only thing that matters anyway.

Tumbleweed is a vigilante through and through. He believes in keeping the piece and restoring justice. At least, his own form of justice. The public has split opinions about the way he takes down criminals, the most controversial of these talks is about tumbleweeds unusually high amount of kills on the field.

Yes, tumbleweed has no qualms with killing what he deems as criminals. In fact, one of the many reasons why tumbleweed isn't famous already is because of his "shoot first, ask questions later" policy.

Some have petitioned the mayor to arrest tumbleweed, but to no success. Technically, what tumbleweed did was justified. After all, as said by the mayor himself "diplomacy falls off the table as soon as they start trying to shoot bullets through your ass". In all video coverage of tumbleweeds deeds, they practically show the same scenario play out each time, tumbleweed approaches men, men start firing on tumbleweed, tumbleweed kisses his gun as he walks over the bodies on the floor

So while he is known throughout the state of Texas as a hero, nobody is too quick to start cheering his name.
  • Equipment
Tumbleweed would never be caught dead without his Valentine by his side. Similarly, he would BE dead without Valentine by his side. Weighing five pounds of pure steel and love, this little lady was made by the Smith and Weston brothers, and mind you don't piss her off, or you'll find yourself on the other end of her barrel. Oh, if you wanna get technical about it, you could say she was a magnum revolver, but tumbleweed dissent like to get caught in the details, love is love.

Tumbleweed spent a few months of his beginning career being beaten by low level gangsters left and right. He was a bona fide failure as a hero......... at least, until he discovered the smoke bomb! This little can sized baby allowed tumbleweed to slip into large groups and dish out sweet justice, courtesy of Valentine

Finally, tumbleweeds hat. You can't talk about tumbleweed without mentioning his leather hat. The "star spangled banner" (as tumbleweed calls it) is a special hat reinforced with steel, acting as a sort of helmet to prevent enemy's from filling his brain with lead when he charges into the fight.
  • Capabilities
Henry surefire (A.K.A tumbleweed) is a professional boxer. He can take a punch and give one back.

While not a marksmen, tumbleweed can reliably shoot just about anything if it's within twenty feet of him.

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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:56 pm
by Cr25pltro6
More will be added later of course. Just want to make sure that my character is ok before I sink more time into it

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Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:11 am
by Mighty

Jamie Thomson
The Punisher!
  • Info
Name: Jamie Thomson
Alias: Punisher
Identity: secret
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 144bs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Base of Operations: Queens, New York


"The Punisher as far as anyone knows is an unidentified person who drives a black van late at night to shoot at gangsters. Most people assumed it was just thugs killing thugs and didn't give it much though, especially with all the heroes around to do the thinking for them. No one would have guessed it was it was actually a 19 year old girl.

The first sighting of the Punisher's black van was on 40th and Green Street. An abandoned lot had been surrounded by yellow tape and corrupt cops who had been payed off by the Latin Kings, an Italian gang. The story the cops would tell is that an investigation was going on but what was actually happening is that a truck full of guns was on its way and the abandoned lot was the pickup location. Before the truck full of guns could even arrive a black van pulled up to the lot through the same passage the cops were supposed to leave open for the truck full of guns. When the vans doors opened there was guns inside alright and they were aimed right at the group of thugs and gangsters. The Latin kings didn't even see anyone pull the trigger, the guns seemingly fired on their own and the van circled them as it continued to fire aimlessly. When the corrupt cops tried to intervene the van drove away dropping spikes behind it. To this day no one knows how the Punisher knows where gangs are going to show up, who drives the van, why they're doing what they do or how they got a hold of military grade weaponry.

Jamie was considered a super genius at age 14 and specializes in robotics, not that she has a degree in it she's just really likes tinkering with electronics. She was also in her school's hurdle jump team until she broke her legs.

The only equipment Jamie carries on her person is a fully automatic Uzi with a round scope and a pair of electronic leg bracers that can help a person carry twice the wait they norm could with their legs and run almost effortlessly. Her van on the other hand is equipped with a cop radio, racks full of automatic guns rigged to fire at the press of a button and road spikes that drop from the bottom of the van at the press of a button. From the outside the Punisher van looks like an ordinary black van with 2 doors on either side of the front, a double door in the back and a sliding door on the right side, but inside it is completely set up with a rotating rack set up with 4 automatic rifles. The rotating rack allows the guns to be aimed either out the side door or the back and they fire at the push of a button.

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Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:59 am
by Xcelgamer
• Info
Name: Dr. Julia Mooreroe
Alias: Miss Candy
Identity: Secret
Age: 29
Height: 4’10”
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Green
Base of Operations: Hells Kitchen (Clinton), Manhattan, New York

• Persona
Excerpt from Sweet Revenge: Unpublished, Unfinished Autobiography
I lived in Hell’s Kitchen, growing up it was pretty tough like anyone growing up in the Kitchen, my parents where in deep with mafia folk, so me and my folks were asked to carry out tasks so we could pay them off. In my non-school time I was a delivery girl for them dashing in, out and over the top of buildings, getting packages where they needed to go. Turns out all that running and climbing as well as my short stature made me good for gym classes, I became the best of the best in that and was average in most other classes. That was good for a time till mum died, shot accidently when one of the mafia heads got pissy and slammed his gun down getting her right next to heart but died before she could get to a hospital. When I found out about it I cried a lot then vowed to stop messing about in school and started taking things seriously, buckled down, studied hard yet I was still asked to do runs and course I did them helped me keep active so I didn’t have to waste time on actual sports, felt guilty about it.

When I finished high school I was one of the best students in Hell’s Kitchen, I unlike many of my friends who decided to take a year off, decided to go straight to college and started studying for a medical degree it was pretty weird not to run packages after classes, but parties and general jogging after classes made up for it by the time I got my medical degree, I was known by lecturers as a straight laced student but to students I was known more for being a wild party girl. I guess that’s where the idea of my hero persona be much wilder and apparently stupider than I was. Before returning to Hell’s Kitchen I also got a degree and PhD in engineering while in medical school. Then I came back to Hell’s Kitchen, of course by that point I had heard about Paragon and other heroes, I mean who hadn’t, there were a few in Hell’s Kitchen. More than most of them though just ended up beaten and bloodied and being treated by me or my associates trying to be a hero while doing my residency and fellowship training

Three months before that SOB Lucid appeared, I decided to take up the hero shtick. But my thoughts had got me most of the vigilantes were caught by police simply because of bullets they left behind and tracing back to who bought them. So, I eventually got the idea of building my own shotgun and using air compression plus Malteasers and small gumballs. Now for those who don’t believe that small chocolate covered balls of malt could do much damage to someone, I ran tests on ping pong bats that are the same thickness of both bone and human skin, with which both were both blasted straight through the plywood with nothing but the dust of the Malteaser remaining. Then one month later I started taking down the mafia that held Hell’s Kitchen in it’s grip. Like most others I started small taking on sidewalk dealers, eventually taking on bigger and bigger targets. Fortunately, I knew most routes the mafia took. So, by then I was a general surgeon, starting to specialise in Trauma surgery, stabbing, gun wounds as well minor car accidents, etc, as well as learning how to shoot in a shooting range. It was a good little gig for the two months taking down mafia and small time dealers, then helping any people that I shot or anyone else, a bit ironic.

• Capabilities

Candy has put herself through the ringer when it came to being fast and dexterous, getting herself to the point where she is able to run slightly longer and faster than the average person as well as being able to climb near anything that isn’t a straight vertical wall with no hand or foot holds. Candy has also mastered the talents of obfuscating stupidity and insanity which helps her by having enemies constantly underestimate her, as well as being quite the markswoman and at least knows how to street fight if it came to that. Julia is a lot more upfront about her intelligence although she trades that off by pretending to be meticulous and late to nearly everything even if she gets around. She has a PhD and Doctorate in both and Engineering, with this she can make her own weapons, mainly consisting of firearms or other long-range equipment.

• Equipment

Candy equips herself with a home-built air compressed shotgun that can fire just about anything circular and small enough to fit from balled up aluminium, ping pong balls and Candy’s choice all sorts of candy from gumballs to Malteasers. Pending on how much air has compressed before she fires determines the velocity. She also keeps on her sash what amounts to nail bombs albeit again with candy than actual nails (Can you guess her theme), which is once again home-built like her shotgun, with the only other thing she carries on her is a grappling hook in case of falling off of buildings or tying someone dangerous up. The only normal weapon she carries is a simple pistol that she uses when she doesn’t have the time to reload her shotgun
Other than that, she doesn’t carry anything else in terms of equipment, her hero clothes are simple, a plain white shirt, white gloves, green beret, candy cane coloured sash, candy wrapping style skirt that reaches her knees and black, buckled shoes with mask that covers the bottom half of face and makes it so that she is constantly smiling,

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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:46 am
by JamesLucrative
Name: Jerry Mirrorstein
Alias: Metalfoe
Identity: Public
Age: 29
Height: 5'8.
Weight: 170lb
Race: Jewish/White.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Jerry could be described as a reformed villain. At one point in his life he was a genius chemist who had an obsession with smoking struggling with severe depression and schizophrenia as it was the only thing keeping him sane as he studied hard in the lab. He wasn't a bad dude but unstable. At some point it was believed he took brain damage from carbon monoxide poisoning and it only made him crazier. He began building smoke bombs that were quite dangerous taking protien strands from venomous aquatic life like the blue ring octopi and making extremely volatile chemical weapons on the black market for third world insurgents.

He started developing this obsession with a particular dude named Jay who was the epitome of good and wholesome and it made him sick. They were classmates apparently and he hated him back than too. He took engineering instead of chemistry and was developing friggin battlesuits that functioned as environmentally friendly motorcycles like God damn Kamen Rider lol. Even stole the affections of this girl he liked name Karen. Who could also be a side character in that while not the super genius these two are was smart enough to make it into Harvard and knows at least ten languages. It was actually her to discover who was behind the terrorist plots and tech going to insurgents world wide.

At some point though everything changed. Deemed mentally unfit he was put in asylum instead of maximum security prison. (And let's face it...the government always has use for crazies who can design weapons with a notepad and chip on their shoulder.) When he heard Karen was murdered by Jay and Jay had become some sort of Nazi super scientist making his motorcycle battlesuits for Russians he urged congressional judges to give him a second chance. That he'd use his "smoke and mirrors" for the good ole USA. Yes he had an ulterior motive to be the man he always saw Jay as. The one everybody loved and looked up too, and it does eat at him sometimes what drove him to becoming "the bad guy". But that's the biggest trick of them all... we're all bad guys. You think your government is trustworthy? You think Karen was "innocent"? Hells no. But he's crazy, not stupid. So he prioritizes and has a reason to develop his tech now for something other than because he can. To prove he's better than Jay and whatever values Jay is trying to represent. Thus he came up with the alias Metalfoe. Because he's the foe of the world's top engineer.

Well obviously for PR reasons he can't be making smoke bombs out of venoms that literally make people scratch their flesh off from pain screaming even past death. (Look it up. That's actually how potent blue ring is...) Instead he's taken a bit of a liking to alot of government files he now has access too about DMT and Code Orange. So his smoke bombs focus more on hallucinations, impairment of the five senses, and other things not technically covered under the Geneva convention which in some ways makes him worse than when he was the villain cause ok...hes not killing people horribly anymore. He's just making Joker's laughing gas or Scarecrow's fear toxin. Funny how that works.