A Good Time to Be Bad [CS]

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Re: A Good Time to Be Bad [CS]

Post by Pronoia » Thu Apr 05, 2018 3:00 pm

Name: Pronoia

Alter Ego: Athena

True Age: 2,500 + (Born sometime during Ancient Greece)

Physical Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Semi-Synthetic-Organism (Artifically created clone body with genetic and cybernetic augmentations)

-Creation of Advanced technological equipment
-Tactical Analyst

Powers/special abilities:

-Enhanced Perception (Can see through walls and has natural night vision as well as thermal vision)
-Personal Shielding (High resistance to small arms, vulnerability to explosives)
-Normal Human Strength and Durability
-Enhanced Intellect (Subconscious)

-50.Cal Sniper Rifle
-Pair of Custom Semi-Auto Pistols of .45 caliber
-4x Flash Bangs
-4x Smoke Grenades
-Level IV Body armor


Dandere/Kuudere Mix


Was a human that had her mind transferred into a machine body created by Aliens, later she rebels against her advanced alien over lords in a mutiny with others experimented victims like her and regains a biological body. In her new body she escapes the alien space station she fought aboard through an escape pod that had a stasis feature.

Some hundreds of years later she wakes up on Earth.

Extra Info: Familiar with advanced technology and the geology of Earth due to working with Aliens hundreds of years before modern technology existed.

However she is unfamiliar with cultural changes and neither is she used to the current ones



"Oh look another one of those people who can bench press a planet"

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Re: A Good Time to Be Bad [CS]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:51 pm

Name: Malcom "Ripper" Richards

Alias(es): Sudden Death, Angel of Execution, The Ripper of Birmingham, Mr. Richards

Gender: Male

Occupation: Serial Killer, Assassin, Mercenary, Flourist, Whatever else he feels like doing, really.

Age: 62

Height: 6 ft 4

Weight: 200 Lbs
Records speak of a man named Malcom, who, from the ripe old age of twenty years old, had a penchant for committing wanton murders in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. His targets started out with little in the realm of any correlation but soon, it seemed to become nothing more than to be those who had whatever the ripper would consider to be power.

His targets may or may not deserve what they have coming when they are marked for death.



Terrifying Speed: Sudden Death moves at speeds that are difficult for a human being to process at closer ranges. He moves at speeds beyond that of the finest human athletes and more into the territory of automobiels.
  • Instant Acceleration: There is no buildup, windup or "running start" as cars and generally, things that follow the laws of physics do. He doesn't go zero to sixty in 3 seconds. No. He goes zero to four hundred and fifty in the time it take a man to blink. And he stops just as easily.
Unhinged Strength: For a man so skinny and lanky, the ripper has great strength, capable of lifting up grown human beings and able to move multiple tons. His strength is enough for him to rip off an unarmored man's arm with some effort, or simply snap someone's neck one handed.

In tandem with his speed, it has numerous applications in striking with superhuman amounts of force capable of killing human beings and animals with hammer like force, capable of cracking open skulls, sending rib cage exploding into hearts like shrapnel or rupturing organs. Knives move at speeds capable of cutting through bulletproof vests within his hands and crack through the air like bullets when thrown.

Freakish Endurance: He can endure immense pain, trauma and grevious injury while still going. In regards to piercing, injuries that don't kill him seem to only slow him down and as long as his bones are still holding, he'll keep going. He seems all but impossible to knock out, and can only be incapacitated by injury severe enough for the mechanics of his body to break down.

Abnormal Recuperation: Given time, Sudden Death can heal from wounds over a period of time that a human cannot recover from. Grevious cuts heal in mere hours. Over the course of days, or weeks, he recover entire organs and limbs.


Knife Affinity: He's good with knives. Real good. Throwing them. Slicing with them. Even injured or otherwise, if ever he was a human, he'd know how to use knife practically perfectly, as though it were an extension of himself.

Tracking: Sudden Death is good at tracking his prey through any trace they leave behind in their travels.

He is very good at improvising and at using weapons other than knives. Not as good, but enough to in many cases, "get the job done."

Tactician and Strategist: Sudden Death likes to do what he calls "engaging opponents asymetrically" and has a penchant for fighting people and organizations considered out of his league. Experience in doing so and in outpacing authorities has made him a keen planner in short term tactics and long term strategy.

Expert Information Retrieval: Through any number of means, Sudden Death is aware of how to get information from people in very old fashioned ways. He interrogates, bribes, exploits, blackmails or just plain threatens whoever it is he needs to in order to obtain the information he wants without regard for moral alignment. He may not know how to hack a top secret data-base, but he'll threaten the wife and kid of a hacker who does and then sit him down in front of the police station's network. Only the most secure places on earth are generally out of his reach, seemingly.

Stealth: The ripper constantly is avoiding police, local authorities and other entities that would seek to bring him to justice.

Precision: Malcom has a degree of accuracy that could be described by many as surgical as it is savage. He knows many vital areas of the body. He can strike between the ribs at the Aoreta, slice along femoral arteries, cause someone to bleed from the radial arteries with casual parry or just plain sink his knives into a stubbornly resilient foes carotid arteries and cut off blood blow to the brain.

This goes further and applies to thrown objects, lending himself to coordination.

Quiet: His stealth tends to degrade the faster he runs, as he becomes much louder. Under other cirumstances, he moves more quietly than something half his size and generally has moved silently enough to sneak past most people and easily bypass security cameras simply through the swiftness of his movement.



Dual Bowie Knives: A long, fixed blade knife with a crossguard and clip point. Often used as a means of skinning large game and gutting the largest of predators, it seems to carve up people just as well, being well capable of decapitating and removing limbs in the hands of any skilled combatant.

Let alone in the hands of Mr. Richard's.

Throwing knives: Lacking a Guard and featuring a shorter, straight blade, these blades are are more aerodynamic. They may be sent spiraling through the air or thrown straightly like a dart.
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