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G.A.T.E.S Academy [CS]

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:12 am
by databaseoverload
The OGs
Actual Trash wrote:
-Character Sheet-

Name: Kunnia "Nia" Shoris

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: 5'10, willowy and slender. When her powers activated, a great deal of the color in her appearance seemed to drain away, as if lowering her noticeability. This left her with dark grey hair, slate grey eyes and pale white skin. She tens to prefer plain, loose clothing and a hat or cap of some sort. Her choice in bright lipsticks is the only real splash of color, even that seeming to dull merely by being on her person.

Personality: Nia is a quiet, curt sort. Since not many people take notice of her despite her height and without the use of her powers, she hasn't had many chances to interact with others, leaving her social skills a bit lacking. She tends to prefer the company of animals over humans, and her leisure activities include sleep and drawing. An outdoorsy type, she isn't exactly an athlete, but certainly likes outdoor activities. Her opinions of people are often formed within the first minute of meeting them, and can be difficult to undo. A person who relies on her instincts a great deal, if her gut warns her against something, she listens. Nia also has a deep seated weakness for cute, soft things, and happens to be in possession of a rather large collection of stuffed animals.

Song: Shannon Saunders- Atlas

Power: Derived from the lyrics "My eyes see you, I see you but you don't see me". She has the ability to turn away people's gazes, and become all but invisible while still remaining in the visible spectrum. To go unnoticed or acknowledged as it were.

Relatives: Mother and fraternal twin younger siblings.

She owns a hedgehog named Abbot Humble, after a character from one of her favorite Redwall books.
Nia bakes. Often and well.
God Of The North wrote:CS

Name: Jocelyn Roberts

Gender: Female

Age: 18


Personality: Jocelyn is rather cocky the majority of the time. She knows what she wants, she knows what she's comfortable with, and she does whatever she wants. She acts like this partly because she's confident in her own powers, and she isn't afraid of anyone or anything, and she's willing to fight to get what she wants. If you can get through her stubbornness and her brash attitude, she can actually be rather sweet and friendly, and she can be an excellent, very reliable friend for those she's close to. She hates being confined and told what to do, so she has a habit of fighting against the teachers and guards of the Academy if they try to make her do something she isn't interested in at the moment.

Song: Ride the Lightning by Metallica

Power(Must relate to song): Can control electricity, be it lightning, or the electrical currents that go through power lines or through buildings. Can't control too much at one time, or she runs the risk of "short circuiting" and passing out due to the overload of electricity coursing through her

*Relatives(If in RP): Ezekiel (Brother)

*Other: Was born in America, but she's moved a lot of times over the years due to her Father's work
databaseoverload wrote:CS

Name: Angelica Lovelace

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Personality: Externally, Angelica is the perfect gifted child. Her parents always taught her to be kind and have perfect manners. Internally, her heart is pure ice. She is conceded, prissy, and a straight up bitch. Pure wickedness. Sure, in front of teachers and other adults, she acts like an angel, but her devil horns are holding up that halo. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Call her ruthless, but she prefers ambitious.

Song: Wires by The Neighborhood

Power: She can physically manipulate people like a marionette. It doesn’t work on mentally stable people, but if she can get to someone emotionally, they can be putty in her hands.

Relatives: -

Other: -
God Of The North wrote:CS

Name: Ezekiel Williams

Gender: Male

Age(13-18): 16

Appearance: ImageImage

Personality: Ezekiel is rather calm, laid back, and "chill" by most people's standards. He doesn't get riled up easily, he prefers to get along with people instead of fighting, and he prefers to talk things out before any violence occurs. He is exceptionally protective and possessive when it comes to his friends however, and if someone harms someone he views as a friend, a whole new side to Ezekiel gets brought to the surface, and he can be QUITE nasty if he is pushed far enough. If you don't put his friends in danger, and you don't really REALLY push him, you could have an excellent friend in Ezekiel, but if you do, you'll have a very bad time of it.

Song: "The Phoenix" by Fallout Boy

Power: Ezekiel has some limited powers that are reminiscent of a legendary Phoenix. He is able to manifest and control fire. He is also able to use his fire to heal himself, coating himself in fire and emerging unscathed, much like the rebirth of a phoenix in legend. He can't use this power to help or heal anyone else as they would merely be burned by the fire, and he can't can't use his fire if he's too wet.

*Relatives(If in RP): Jocelyn

Other: Debating giving him fire wings. Will edit in the future, possibly
illirica wrote:Name: Claire Vanserra

Age: 14

Gender: F

Appearance: Brown eyes, brown hair worn in two braids down her back, tied together at the ends. She usually wears a collared shirt and jumper (pinafore if you're of the British persuasion), and tends to look more like 12 than 14. It's possible she cultivates that look deliberately, or it's possible that no one told her she doesn't need to dress like a child any more.

Personality: She isn't precisely sane. Sometimes she is calm, languid, and unconcerned to the point where people wonder if she's drugged. Other times, her anger gets the better of her.

Song: Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No. 14), Ludwig von Beethoven

Powers: She controls ambient light, able to brighten or darken a room. Unfortunately, since her song has no lyrics, she is mute while using her powers and cannot speak.

Bio: In a school full of experiments, Claire is an experiment one step further. In her specific case, the researchers wanted to know what would happen if a child were exposed repeatedly to a song that was purely instrumental. Results were somewhat inconclusive, as it's difficult to tell whether her muteness while using powers is a side effect of the lack of lyrics, or whether that's just one of the weaknesses that seem to get thrown into the mix.

Her parents were some of the researchers in the Musical Enhancement Studies, and truly believed that they were creating the next step for humanity. As such, they saw it as only beneficial to expose their own children as well. Claire's older sister was an experimental subject as well, but some years ago the powers she developed got the better of her and she was killed. The family was broken by the death, and Claire's mother committed suicide only a few weeks later. Left with nothing but his younger daughter and his work, Claire's father redoubled his efforts on her behalf, exposing her to her song constantly, even going so far as to wake her every hour to make her listen to it. Grieving and sleep-deprived, Claire lashed out with the full force of her anger and her abilities, calling enough light to blind her father and sear most of his face beyond recognition. The saga was hushed up, and Claire was deposited at GATES Academy with the most firm instructions that she was expected to stay there.
databaseoverload wrote:CS

Name: Keith Wilson

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Image

Personality: Keith actually does not give one singular shit. If they are going to force him to live here, they play by his rules and his alone. Like he would ever pay attention to these asshats anyway. Regardless of his less than stellar reputation, he’s really nice. No, really. Just not to the douche fucks keeping him prisoner here. Maybe that’s why his profile paints him like the actual antichrist. He doesn’t take it personally, he knows he’s a prick.

For the most part, the other students seem to like Keith. Maybe they are just being nice, but Keith likes to think all people act the way they feel just like he does. He’s very honest with everyone except himself. He doesn’t like to admit that he has a problem, rather it be his drug use or eating disorder. He acts like he has it all under control. He doesn’t.

Keith really does care what people think about him. He wants the staff to think he’s a force to be reckoned with, while he wants the other students to think he’s a good person. These can often conflict. Sometimes the staff will catch him being sweet to another student, or a student will catch him physically fighting staff. He tries to manage this as easily as possible, but it’s hard. He really wants people to like him, but the staff fucks that up frequently.

Keith misses being outside of the school. He misses his friends. Thank fuck for the internet. The most he can get outside is cracking a window. They would kill him before letting him outside. Last time he left ended in a two week long man hunt. He could have lasted longer, but he didn’t bring enough money with him. Leave it to Keith to spend all his money on drugs before making an escape. They found him sitting in his bed like he never left.

Song: Weak AJR

Power: Keith can make it impossible for someone to say no to something. Of course, it can’t be something they would never do, it needs to be an option in their brain, at least a little bit.


databaseoverload wrote:CS

Name: Marie Jacobs

Gender: female

Age(13-18): 13

Appearance: Image

Personality: Marie is the absolute definition of americas sweetheart. Her generous, do-no-wrong persona just attracts people to her. She is energetic and curious as she feels the need to explore the world around her. She can be rather headstrong at times, especially when it comes to competition. She is rather naïve, often believing the best of people.

Song: Quiet- Lights

Power: Marie can erase a small amount of time from people’s minds. The more time, the more energy it takes. It’s worth it for a do over.

Relatives: -

Other: -
databaseoverload wrote:CS

Name: Finnegan McNamara

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Image

Personality: Finn is a troublesome boy, always getting in trouble for “just having fun.” He’s just trying to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, that means he will find any alternative to going to class, meaning he’s not too bright, at least when it comes to book smarts. Street smarts are a completely different story.

Finn tends to look on the bright side of things. Even when personal tragedies come, he’s always smiling. He’s the one making people laugh, even if it’s not the right time. His jokes are bad, but he’s doing his best. He would do almost anything to help someone else, even completely disregarding his own safety.

Finn also has smaller personality points like his love for dance. He’s not usually public with that part of his life though. He usually gets called gay far too often. Not to say it isn’t true, but he’s far too busy trying to have a good time to think about anything to do with sexuality right now. Another part is his volunteer work at the local hospital. He normally works in the children’s department, he loved it when their eyes lit up as he’d read them stories.

Song: Guillotine- Jon Bellion

Power: When injured, Finn’s body lets out flame through the wound that pulses out rhythmically. Given how everyone else can use their power to do something, he thinks this shouldn’t be all he can do, but so far, it’s all he’s got.


Azra wrote:Name: Alezra "Azra" Irawth

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: white hair with yellow eyes her clothing suggests she came from a village more likely then a city though she'd rather not talk about it. For obvious reasons the school doesn't allow her to walk around with weapons she can often be found with additional scissors or pens however on her person. She is about five foot six with an athletic build but doesn't seem to have much of a weight to her or at least nothing nearby what it should be. Image

Personality: Abrasive and usually choosing a confrontational or flighty response to people and responsibilities. She tried to hide her abilities for roughly over a year she couldn't keep it bottled away forever though. Which led her to G.A.T.E.S

Song: Shalott by Emilie Autumn

Power: "And the wind, And the wind I know it's cold, I've been waiting, For the day I will surely die, And it's here" Azra has become able to be not unlike a ghost at times. She is able to make her and items upon her become incorporeal. Passing through matter and being able to look through. Smaller aspects about this allow her to be moved by winds essentially carried upon a breeze. Her body lighter and a rather cold touch about her as if she's passed on.

Relatives: claims to have an aunt New York rest are said to be dead

Other: swords were not included with what she packed much to her dismay
FakeSkrillex wrote:Name: Eli Warner (aka Twitch)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: While Eli seems like he's built to be a very outgoing person he's actually quite the opposite. Eli mainly keeps to himself, he knows the risks that he puts other people in if he's near them when he loses control of his powers. He spends most of his time training in many forms of Mixed Martial Arts. Including Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu. His power is a curse to him but he knows that he must do his best to hone his combat skills if he ever wants to survive in this world.

Song(I would prefer not to have repeats): My Name Is - Eminem

Power(Must relate to song): Split Mind: Inside Eli lives an almost evil entity, as can be seen in the fragmented and scatter brained lines of My Name Is. This entity is fighting for control over Eli's body, and it sometimes succeeds, causing Eli to lose control and having Twitch take over instead. When Eli harnesses the power of this entity he gains superhuman speed, strength, agility, and durability (think less Super Man more Captain America)

Appearance: The thing about Eli is that he has two different colored eyes, one of them is a pure bright blue and the other is a very dark shade of brownImage
Octavia wrote:Note: This is a legit shitty CS but I had an idea so I went with it

Name: Raelynn “Rae” Devanna

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: ImageRaelynn is a smaller statured person, her hair is usually tousled from movement, but her smile is electrically infectious.

Personality: Rae could be described by many words. Words like eccentric, outgoing and carefree could pop into many people’s minds; but also words like obnoxious, annoying, and unappreciative could appear. This is because the girl has a loud and unapologetic personality. You either think she has a great attitude, or that she’s a piece of trash.

She doesn’t really care about standards of what people have to say about her. She wears what she wants, she speaks her mind when she believes it’s right and she focuses on the things in life that makes everything she does fun. Thrills and new experiences excite her. Raelynn loves to dance, scream-sing, socialize, and not give a shit at all! She’s actually pretty smart, but her laziness and hatred of authority stops her from showing it. The student doesn’t let anything get in the way of what she wants to do, and takes on adventure because it interests her.

Song: COPYCAT by Billie Eilish

Power: Raelynn has the ability of imitation, which means she can ‘copy’ the traits of other people. She must be touching a person to imitate their traits such as hair color, voice, and facial appearance. The teenager has never tried to copy someone’s entire body, because she’s too lazy to use that much energy.

She’s also able to ‘copy’ objects and information by touching it, and immediately creating a duplicate. This can come in handy for objects like books and pencils, but things like apples and water cannot be fully duplicated. Edible items can be consumed or drank, but will not give the nutrients or caloric affect like real food. This means that Rae could duplicate an apple and eat it. It would taste good, but it would not help with her hunger or health.

Relatives: None

Other: Raelynn loves to play loud music. Whether it’s through a speaker, blasting on a guitar, or booming through a drumset, she loves it. Her roommates either hate her or love her.
KittycatCookie wrote:Name:
Mercy Hurtingrad



Mercy is 5'4 tall.

Mercy is quiet and friendly most of the time, a girl of few words. Only when on her bad side her sadistic side - which has arisen thanks to the song - comes out to play, wanting to scar you for life with the horrible thoughts that are trapped in her head. Otherwise she is very open and nice if you get to know her better. She feels bad for the many people she has driven to insanity by accident, and often believes she is a monster because of it.

Mind Games - Sickick

Mercy has the ability to invade somebody else’s mind, playing with it, creating hallucinations that can range from good to terrifying. For example, she can create hallucinations in her victims’ minds, triggering their fears. Mercy had often done so by accident, as she doesn’t know how to fully control her powers yet. It only works if the victim is awake. She is unable to control minds.

Mercy actually quite enjoys singing and can often be found humming or singing her song.

G.A.T.E.S Academy [CS]

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:09 am
by databaseoverload
Late bloomers~
The characters who came in late enough to have to catch up on things wowowow
Orph wrote:
Name: Jack Walker (just goes by Walker).

Gender: Male.

Age: 18.

Appearance: Baphomet: (The Wicked + The Divine) (See attached image).

Personality: Generally apathetic, and nihilistic, but generally in an ironic, affected-edgy sort of way. He feels a little bit of pressure to play the 'role' that's been handed to him, with the powers and theme, but isn't actually very 'evil' or even nihilistic, so much as just jaded and disaffected. He's prone to cynicism and biting sarcasm, but will just as often make jokes or references that only he laughs at. Given that he's one of a select handful of people with these abilities, he does his best to be 'genre savvy,' and not fall into any obvious narrative traps.

Song(I would prefer not to have repeats): Highway to Hell (I know...)

Power(Must relate to song): Walker can conjure fire with a snap of his fingers, as well as produce a flaming weapon of some sort, with concerted effort. The fire is generally small, and anything more than a bonfire's worth takes some effort and energy. It also can't be projected directly onto or inside a living being, only around them, like on clothes. Furthermore, he can create a projected ‘devil on your shoulder’ image that speaks only to him. This isn't really a power, per se, just a weird side thing that came with the other stuff.
Actual Trash wrote:Character Sheet

Name: Kang Jae Wook or “Jay”

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: 6’0, tall and toned, honey tan skin, slightly overgrown undercut hairstyle dyed mint green, and canted eyes a dark oak brown. Prefers dark clothing for its practicality if nothing else. 3 piercings in his right ear: two lobe, one cartilage.
Personality: Jae Wook is a calm, self assured, steady presence. Some call him an “Old soul” as he often seems mature beyond his years. He loves new experiences and while not fantastic with people, his grounding, slightly awkward demeanor often puts others at ease. A hardworking sort, Jae Wook can sometimes get so caught up in a task as to forget his surroundings entirely. His biggest pet peeve is anyone trying to steal his food. You do not get between that black hole of a stomach on legs and his sustenance.

Song: “Clinging Vine” AKA the first song “Jay” every wrote.

Power: Jae can grow plant vines from his skin and control them to move like living things. These vines can do whatever he wills them and can grow to a length of 10 feet, however the moment they are cut or otherwise disconnected from him, they shrivel and turn to dust. He can also personally feel any damage caused to these vines, such as burns or slashes, ect.

Relatives: N/A

-Jae Wook is Asexual Panromantic
-Due to his career he is quite agile and while it can’t be said he’s had the time to become a master, he has been taught TaeKwonDo for self defense as well as a way to help himself keep fit and limber.
-Jae Wook is fluent in English, but sometimes it still takes him a second to decipher some of the stranger slang terms.
-Jae Wook writes, performs and records his works himself, so they are usually a while between each one. Nevertheless he had become well known enough to sign on with a company and have a few concerts and make a living from his music before he was discovered and taken in.
God Of The North wrote:CS

Name: Atticus Kingsley

Gender: Male

Age(13-18): 17

Appearance: Image

Personality: Atticus is the picture of pride. He likes to refer to himself as the King of the Academy, and his power reflects his pride. He refers to those he tolerates as his subjects, and he sees only the most powerful as worthy of being his friends. He takes insults seriously, and he doesn't forgive very easily at all, taking a long time to forget an insult against his sense of pride.

Song: Hail To The King (Avenged Sevenfold)

Power: Atticus' power allows him to make himself the "King" of a certain area, at the largest a ten meter bubble around him. This area is Atticus' "kingdom" that he rules over, and if something is within his kingdom, he has control over it.

Unfortunately for Atticus, he is limited in the amount of things he can control, and the more things he tries to control, the more intense the strain is on his mind. If he tries to control a PERSON in his kingdom, their will power fights his willpower, meaning the stronger their will, the harder it is for him to control them. It is harder for him to control a living person than it is for him to control an inatimate object.

If he tries to control too much, he suffers from nosebleeds, and he can pass out, and his influence over his kingdom vanishes until he recreates his kingdom after recovering mentally.

(Think sort of like Law's "Room" power, from One Piece)

*Relatives(If in RP): None

*Other: None

G.A.T.E.S Academy [CS]

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:36 pm
by databaseoverload
Dead boiz 2k18
People I’m pretty sure aren’t coming back
Xcelgamer wrote:CS

Name: Ellemiza (eh-le-my-za) Cruica (Crew-i-sha) Zollia (Z-oh-lee-a) Telious (Te-lee-oos) or just “Elle”

Gender: Female

Age(13-18): 17

Appearance: Elle is a tall girl, only a few centimetres short of 2 metres tall, she has long, ink black hair that curls into fancy hair bows and the such. She is top heavy and that is really her most outstanding featuring or in other words she looks like she’s hiding melons in her shirts and dresses, even if it is a side effect of her power. Anyway, onto clothes, in both formal and casual situations she is often seen wearing a whole bunch of different of genuine Gothic-style Lolita outfits imported from Japan although before taken to G.A.T.E.S Academy. The only time you can commonly see her not in her Lolita dresses is when she’s tinkering, (Which more often than results in explosions) which is when she wears a black shirt and jeans combo with goggles over her eyes with those goggles changing every week or so due to unfortunate circumstances, come on you don’t expect her to wear expensive clothes while she has the chance to get oil, dirt, etc on them do you? Finding like this, will also show that the long black hair she is seen with is just a wig when she actually just has short, curly, ginger hair with it singed in various places. (I’ll also probably eventually draw Elle in both styles, when I got time)

Personality: Elle puts up a façade of a rich, pompous, unfeeling bitch although that façade does come with some manners and kindness, she does this as a way to both hide to what she wants and what she is scared of as well as trying to figure out what people are like. Unsurprisingly once you get to know her or if you can ever find her tinkering, Elle is a very peppy girl who is willing to try near everything and she is very loud, behind this loudness and peppiness, she loves Japan pop culture, tinkering, long walks on the beach and video games. Despite her peppiness, she actually has quite the short fuse and while it shows up in some unrelated cases it really shows when someone directly targets something about her or her activities

Song: Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

Power(Must relate to song): Unlike some others powers, Elle’s powers took a very literal meaning to the song title, in that she is able to summon near any weapon that is in the world, albeit only a few times a day and with the side effect of a bigger bust than average of which she is only able to pull the weapons from, although she doesn’t have any proficiency in those weapons

*Relatives(If in RP): Annegeca Cruica Zollia Telious

WolfLover wrote:Name: Jaylyn Hudson
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image
She's a solid 5'2 and her usual style is t-shirts, jeans and a comfortable jacket. She can often be found in her favorite place: her room. She has a constant R.B.F. and acts as if everything is whatever. She can be rude towards others but that's just what you get with her, take it or leave it.
Bio: She's a wild card. She came from a preachers home in southern Florida. Her father was the head of the church and her mom died when she was 8 in a car accident, still unsolved. She now turns to drugs and alcohol for a good time. She's been known as a trickster and a manipulative person at first.
Personality: She's witty, sassy and paranoid 90% of the time. She can be an extremely loyal friend, if you pull her out of her constant funk. She tried too many times to be that good girl who stuck to the rules but it didn't get her anywhere. She's one to see how far she can go without absolutely ruining everything. She's one to laugh in the face danger, but won't put herself in that situation on purpose.
Song: Blown Away- Carrie Underwood
Powers: Can control the Wind and Rain under circumstances (extreme anger or sadness) but is obviously unaware of how to get a hold of it (she could potentially create hurricanes and tornadoes of she cannot get a hold of her emotions quick enough)
Extra Info: She's quick to act and fast to anger. She hates authority figures (teachers in particular) but has a soft side for animals.
Parents: Mom, deceased Dad, in Florida (will make an appearance later on, but not a permanent character)
Xcelgamer wrote:CS

Name: Annegeca (An-G-ca) Cruica (Crew-i-sha) Zollia (Z-oh-lee-a) Telious (Te-lee-oos) or just “Angie”

Gender: Female

Age(13-18): 13

Appearance: Image

Personality: Angie is a real spitfire of a girl especially for one so relatively young, she loses her temper at almost anything except losing games or anything involving her older sister. When she is around her sister she is a lot calmer than she normally is, often excitable rather than actual anger around her. She is like this not because she is confident in her abilities but because she really, really, really wants attention as she wasn’t given much when she was younger as well being one of the youngest and newest she tries to prove that she can do stuff without the older teens helping her, especially her older sister.

However, if you somehow manage to get pass her loud, rude demeanour you’ll be surprised to find a very smart, happy-go-lucky girl who is able to remember near any information she has been given, however you have to dig really deep and know her for ages before you can even get close to that surface of her. She doesn’t really super care about what other people think about her besides her sisters however she understands with her normally very fierce temper that the staff dislike her especially when she starts throwing shit all about classroom lashing out at near anyone that comes close even other students

Song: Bo Burnham- Left Brain, Right Brain

Power (Must relate to song): Angie’s can split herself into two versions of herself, one representing the right side of the brain and the other representing the left side. While it only splits her in two it allows Angie to think of plans without her emotions clouding her judgement as well as being able to give straight logical as well as straight emotional answers. However whenever she splits, the two sides will have spats at each other often after something bad has had something bad happen to her, they will refuse to come together again, another problem that sometimes arises is when she does form back into one there is a chance that the left or right brain will mostly be in control and unable to separate again for 12 to 24 hours later, leading to either an emotionless completely logical thinking Angie or a way to emotional Angie both of which are bad news, albeit for different reasons.

*Relatives (If in RP): Ellemiza Cruica Zollia Telious (Sister)

*Other: Left Angie wears predominately blue business-esque suit and skirt combo with her hair tied up and thick glasses, Right Angie wears reds, long messy hair wears a long baggy jumper and shorts
WolfLover wrote:Name: Dylan Jacobs
Gender: Male
Personality: Dylan is an anomaly. He's used to having his every word ignored or being forgotten. He figured out he could use his looks to manipulate others and that he does. He's a cocky little prick at first glance, but once you get past the horror that is a teenage boy, he's really just an above average person. He's overbearing and a little OCD, but all in good spirit.
Bio: he grew up with a mentally unstable mother and a ghost dad. He often dreamed of having a father. He was the "annoying kid" in school due to having no support system at home. He often could be seen at home in either alone or forced to listen to his song repetitively by his mother who had worked for G.A.T.E.S Testing Facility. She had gotten fired because of "unorderly conduct" and she swore she'd get her position back by proving she could create the greatest response to a song yet, on a child. (She'd lock him in a room, blaring the song at full volume until he was screaming for it to stop.)
His Song: The Silence by Bastille
His powers: He can control the volume of anything that is producing sounds, including people or objects (radios, phones ect.)
Extra: he has claustrophobia, and hates his song, but it's the only thing that can keep him calm in stressful situations. He's a bit crazy, and a hot head. He a cold-blooded person. He gets angry at the small things and can hold a grudge like no one's business.

*Sorry if it's bad, it was an original idea, but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate the song*

And finally the death I’m mourning the most
Kaija21 wrote:CS

Name: Tommy Woods

Gender: Male

Age(13-18): 16

Appearance: Image

Personality: Tommy woods was an honest, hardworking kid, but he was a runner. When his schoolwork got too hard, he skipped class. When his friends gave him stress, he became a stranger. When his own thoughts began to drag him down, he lost himself in the few creature comforts that he owned. When his powers finally developed and he was sent away to G.A.T.E.S. Academy, he found that he no longer had anywhere that he could run in a time of need. The eyes of the world were upon him just as they were every other abnormal in this place. He would either have to get over his fears and flaky nature, or this school would be a nightmare.

Song(I would prefer not to have repeats): Goo Goo Dolls- Slide

Power(Must relate to song): "Yeah, we're gonna let it slide!"/ Tommy is a faux speedster. Although his body only moves as quickly as that of an average human, his power grants him an absurd amount of mobility and the ability to handle his movement safely. His body produces a small telekinetic aura a few inches from his body in all directions that allows him to "adhere" to surfaces without touching them and, well, slide at surprisingly high velocities. From an outsider's perspective, Tommy appears to essentially slide over the ground, up walls and on ceilings, despite the fact that his feet are rarely in contact with the surfaces over which he moves. In addition to this slippery ability, Tommy has absurd reaction speeds that allow him to utilize his sliding ability at higher velocities without, well, crashing or going blind. Despite his speedster-like power, Tommy isn't immune or resistant to friction and his top speed is... basically around the speed at which a few layers of clothing and a pair of goggles fail to keep his skin from getting flayed by the winds that rush by him.

*Other: Despite the fact that Tommy is technically a telekinetic, his influence is to short ranged and weak to be considered a functional telekinetic. At most, he can produce enough raw telekinetic force to push a man resting against his hand over (or to levitate himself, of course).