(CS) A Bleak and Empty World

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(CS) A Bleak and Empty World

Post by TheMadHatter44 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:37 pm

Weapons of Despair

Souls can manifest weapons made from there despair, These weapons are powerful incarnations of both the souls fear and anger, Depending on how the soul died and what kind of life they lived, this weapon can contain powers that reflect the users state of mind at the time of death. Even environmental factors that effected their death can give this weapon abilities. Elemental abilities are by far the most common to manifest but they way they are used can very depending on the type of weapon manifested. These weapons don't have to take the form of an actual weapon, in rare cases a physical change too the body or surroundings of the user can be considered a weapon.

Weapons of despair are unique, each one is far different from another as it reflects its user as it is tempered by other emotions they feel as they live out there after life. A weapon will take on a new form as time goes on, it never remains the same forever. Grimms weapons are often tempered over time by Hope and there acceptance of death. Other souls have there weapons tempered by hate or more often madness. The weapons that are tempered by hope become more attuned with the user and gain new abilities that other weapons will never master, however those tempered by hate can consume there user and turn the soul into an evil entity or demon over time. Weapons tempered by madness often break there users but not before sending them into a killing rampage.

Death masks

Once a soul either accepts its own death or is engulfed by its own hatred or madness they can summon a powerful reflection of there Hope, Hatred, or Madness in the form of a mask made from one of these emotions or states of mind. This can happen over a course of centuries or it can happen during a moment of great stress. These “Mask” make the user stronger, faster, and unleash there weapons most powerful abilities. In those who have headed down the path of hatred it completely changes there form into that of a monster or demon. In those with madness with awakens the darkest parts of there soul and infuses them with a godlike aura that eventually destroys the user by consuming there soul.

For Grimm it unlocks new powers and forms of there weapon, changing it into a weapon of hope rather than despair. The mask can either be simple or elaborate depending on the soul. Lord Deaths is simply a skull that changes his form into the Grand reaper. Normal Grimm have unique masks that take on a form most befitting to there abilities.

Magic within Limbo

Magic is common in limbo. Souls that go through training can make barriers and summon the elemental energies. Magic is only limited by the soul casting it, however Weapons of Despair can easily break magical bonds and barriers depending on there strength. More complected magic takes more time and energy. The Barrier that surround Limbo is manned by Death and the four lords of Limbo. It cannot be destroyed easily. Magic has a limitation as it drains the users, so the more powerful the spell, the more it drains the caster.

Angels and Demons

Angles are servants of the Gods, Powerful warriors That have weapons made from the energy of good souls. These weapons are more powerful than weapons of despair but are limited by the lack of emotion that angles have. There weapons can summon air and fire elemental power, along with banishing demons easily. Angles are often not allowed in Limbo but there are a few exiles.

Demons where once human souls that gave into hatred, They are twisted and vile beings but at there core they are still human. Their weapons are powerful but their lack of refined skills and training make their abilities unpredictable and dangerous. A Demon can become human again if and angle banishes the hatred from their heart.

The Lands beyond Limbo

There are realms beyond limbo that only A-Class and S-Class Grimm can go. (Will add stuff here as we move through the RP)


[Lords of Limbo]
1. [Lord of Suicide]
2. [Lord of Overdose]
3. [Lord of Illness]
4. [Lord of Age}

[Class S Grimms]
1. Honz VonJager (TheMadHatter44)

[Class A Grimms]

[Class B Grimms]

[Class C Grimms]

[Class D Grimms]



[New souls]


1. No GG No Auto hitting , respect one another
2. follow all site rules
3. Romance is ok but please no crazy shit!
4. If you need help making your character DM me
5. Be creative and leave room for your character to grow!
6. Dm if you don't want to start as a new soul, You don't have to become a Grimm.

Ranks of Grimm
New Soul: Just Died, Your future is in your hands.

D Rank: New recruit Your Team will be Trained by an A-Rank or S-rank Grimm

C Rank: Mission Ready, Still in a team.

B Rank: solo missions within Limbo

A Rank: Solo/Team missions Inside and outside Limbo Demon killers

S-Rank: Special Missions, Often sent out to dispatch Angels and Souls that are infested with Madness.

(You can play as Angles or Demons, They are ranked the same as Grimms, DM me for more details if you want to be one!)


Race: (If your a human soul, keep it blank)


Day you died:




Weapon abilities:

Can you use Magic: Y/N

Other Stuff:(Just add anything you need too here.)

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Re: (CS) A Bleak and Empty World

Post by TheMadHatter44 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:48 pm

Name: Honz VonJager


Age: 676

Day you died: December 12, 1375 AD

Bio: Honz Was part of an Elite group of German Knights tasked with manning a keep in what is now the state of Thuringia. He and his band of bothers where tasked with defending against invaders coming from the north. Honz Was the captain of this miss matched banned of warriors, His men where the best trained in all of Germany. He was a proud knight, He used spears over swords and was well versed in Hand to Hand. Growing up in a small farming village and being the son of a ruling noble he saw both sides of life. Because of this he understood the needs of the common people and he did all he could to help his village grow and flourish. When he turned 15 he was enlisted in the military and trained under a knight of the first order.

He quickly earned respect amongst veterans but not after cutting his teeth in battles against apposing forces from the north. Gaining his Knighthood set him on a path that would end in his death. During the winter the keep was stormed by Northern invaders and he and his men fought them back into the surrounding mountains. Cut off from reinforcements and supplies His men died from hypothermia and starvation, He kept himself alive for three weeks, fighting the invaders until he froze to death in his sleep. His body was found next to the graves of his men and he was later entombed in his home village.

When he woke up in Limbo he was confused, The first few years took there toll but he Came to terms with his death and from that he became a Grimm. With his frozen spear by his side he became one of the Elite Grimm.

Rank: S


Weapon abilities:
Der kälteste Tod is a spear made of silver and a blue metal spear head that emits a cold aura. The shaft of the spear is embrodered with vines and thorns enlaid into the silver. This spear can manipulate moisture in the air and from this Honz can make ice bolts and waves of frezzeing air that can coat a target in thick layers of ice in less than 20 seconds.

Hilfe durch die Kälte is Honz Death mask. It is a Thick iron mask that has a green hue and is cold toothe touch. When he summons this, The air in a 300 yard radius drops too subzero Temptures. With this he can make massive pillars of ice and shards of glass like ice that can cut his target too ribbons. In this state he can freeze oppents solid but this takes time, he has too hit the target four times with his spear tip.

Can you use Magic: Yes

Other Stuff: Honz is kind but becomes cold in his resolve once he summons his death mask. Don't make him your enemy.

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Re: (CS) A Bleak and Empty World

Post by Dapper » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:43 pm

..:: WIP ::..

Name: She calls herself 'Quinn'. No last name given.

Race: Demon, a little above average rank; Dealmaker. She aims to make people sell their humanity for privileges in life, or limbo. She takes years off in exchange for these privileges, and once they die, they will not enter as a normal human soul.

Age: Physically; 30. Actually; 630 years old.

Day you died: 30th of June, 1418. (Late Middle Ages)

Bio: 'Quinn' does not tell others about her past, or whatever she has done. Only some of the demons that had turned her know of some facts. Quinn is a seemingly excited, extraverted tomboy that has an alcohol-problem. She can act rather pubescent and deviant, and doesn't like being 'tied down'. If this is her true nature however, is left to be seen. After all, she's not one to indulge others in her own life...

Rank: 'Deal-maker'


Quinn is a muscular, chubby woman a bit over average height. Almond shaped grey eyes, dirty-brown short hair and usually donned in a simple tanktop and loose-fitting pants. Her jawline is wide, nose long and sharp, and her lips are a full plump set. Her brows seem to be rather thick and prominent, a little messy as well. Her shoulders are broad, like her hips, whilst her chest is very modest. Her ribcage seems to be wide, giving her a firm look. Her rear and legs are large in comparison to other parts of her. Her skin is coated in scars, almost half of her skin seems to be scar tissue...

Weapon abilities:

Weapon of Despair: "Rusty"

A simple long-blade of grey and iron hues. It's somewhat large, though still within reasonable standards. The only odd thing about it, is how plain it seems, and how the whole blade is coated in old rust... It doesn't look impressive. It seems to almost give off a tired and sad feeling, when picked up by sensitive souls. The blade is swift, and well-honed. Most of it seems to come from the woman's own history in swordsmanship, but some of it seems to be the weapon's power itself.

Can you use Magic: Not intentionally, though her changes to being a demon have given her unstable and unintentional outbreaks of magic, albeit rarely.

Other Stuff:
- Afraid of heights.
- Great actress / temptress.
- Cannot read or write.
- Very good combat prowess.

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