[CS] Lost Girl: Exodus

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[CS] Lost Girl: Exodus

Post by LadyHershiSmurfette » Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:58 am

-MUST BE 17+ to join
-Keep vulgar language to a minimum (No need to completely censor, just don't curse for the sake of cursing)
-NO SMUT (Sexual activity can be implied but NOT DESCRIBED, NO DETAILS)
-Romance is of course, allowed.
-No more than 3 people may join (4 total)
-Please reply within a week of posts. If not, RP will continue without you, but you are able to jump back in whenever you're comfortable.
-Keep replies at least 4-5 sentences long.
-I am willing to play any and multiple characters we may be lacking to move the story along.
-Please respect each other and enjoy yourselves. Let's write something beautiful together~

Character Sheets





Race: (Black, white, etc.)

Language(s): (English, Spanish, etc)

Species: (Human or Fae)

Affiliation: (Are they a part of a particular group/organization/cult?)

Occupation (Job):

Light or Dark:

Place of Birth:

Current home:


Personality: (You may use general traits or write them out in paragraphs)

S/O and Status:

Backstory: (You may chose to reveal this during RP)

Appearance: (You may write a description or post a picture)

My Character Sheet

Name: Xianne (Pronounced Shai-ann)

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Relation/Bloodline: Daughter of Vex and an African Succubus

Race: African and Caucasian (Mixed)

Languages: English, Albanian

Species: Fae

Affiliation: N/A


Light or Dark: (Hasn't chosen yet)

Place of Birth: Djibouti, Africa

Current Home: Homeless

Type of Fae: Mesmer/Succubus

-Doesn’t care about what people think of her
-Doesn’t hesitate to kill
-Close minded when it comes to feelings
-Openly Flirtatious
-Is not book smart, but is clever in combat

S/O and Status: Bisexual, single

Backstory: Xianne was born completely out of wedlock. In her mother’s family, abortion was forbidden. So, she went away to America for 9 months until Xianne was born and then dumped her at an orphanage. Unfortunately, Xianne was never adopted. As soon as she turned 13, she ran away from the orphanage and survived on the streets alone. (More details revealed during RP)

Xianne2.jpg (399.27 KiB) Viewed 284 times
Now I don't wanna talk like a boss, but we both know you know who I am...

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Re: [CS] Lost Girl: Exodus

Post by Cupcake » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:27 am

Name: Icly Cupcake
Gender: female
Relation/Bloodline:Relation to a Zombie
language: English
Species: Zombie
Affiliation: nope
job: no job
birth place: in some weird room
current home: in a school (sugarhigh high school)
Abilities: she does not know of here abilities ( I think about her abilities)
Personality:sweet,loving,caring,will fight for what right,intelligence, a leader,sh,cheerful
s/o and status: bisexaul, single
Background story: Icly was created with human and zombie DNA .she was experience on until Miss sugar save her from the human. she is trap on the school and does go out much. everyone is kinda scary to go out until one day she run of and never come back
Appearence: she have Dark purple hair with different color so sprinkles. her eyes are a very light purple. she always wear a cheerleader outfit with happen to match her hair. on her cheerleader outfit are cupcake

love these buttons

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Re: [CS] Lost Girl: Exodus

Post by LadyHershiSmurfette » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:58 pm

Now I don't wanna talk like a boss, but we both know you know who I am...

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