[CS] The Friendship Experiment

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[CS] The Friendship Experiment

Post by Milato » Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:29 pm

The Friends Experiment

It is said that wealth creates wealth, Is that necessarily true? There are multiple answers to this question. But In my opinion many things factor into the answer. It is said that the super wealthy don’t even have to do anything at all, they don’t have to work, they never have to worry as normal people do. But it is the ones who inherit the wealth that I am worried about. Sure, they may find things to do that they like, but they are lacking in human connections. A Wealthy German man who was very family oriented had felt like most wealthy people were losing their families or creating monster like children with no social skills whatsoever, so he devised a plan to help all wealthy folk gain back their social skills and find new values.

South Korea, Mok Myeok Tower
August 18, 2020

You have been told to attend this “special” meeting via text message or phone call a couple days before. This tower is a tourist attraction for most, but it has been rented out for use. You enter a beautifully well-structured area; many seats were assembled and a podium ahead of the seats. The sight would leave most in Awe. The ceremony was about to begin.

As you sit there, a man with a well-trimmed gray beard and lab coat steps up onto the podium and raises a hand to keep the room silent. “Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Erwin Stiglitz, but most people refer to me as Dr. Win, because of all the success I have had throughout my years. I’m not going to go into detail about myself but I’m going to make this very quick as you all have places to get to soon.” Some cards were beginning to be passed around. The man began to speak once everyone seemed to have one. “You’ll all be taking part of an experiment devised by non-other than myself. This is a year long experiment filled with challenges every single week, and no, there is no dropping out of this experiment. If you abandon the experiment or the challenge, all of you and your families’ earnings will cease to exist. I’m not explaining everything as I am a busy man but expect regular updates from me or my staff. You will split up into groups and sent to live with one another, get along with each other and learn to co-exist. Now since this is an experiment, it requires your undying attention, which means no more work for those of you that do, everything that you needed to worry about is no more. On your ID’s are a group number, please find your partners for the experiment and we will let you know where to start your journey. Sorry to be quite blunt and very straightforward but I will not be taking any questions, and do not worry, we will be keeping an eye on all of you the entire time.” The man walked off the podium and headed for the exit. It was the oddest experience anyone had ever had in their entire lives. Some other men and women in lab coats stood around for any questions the people might have had.

Gonna be 100% Honest, I got really lazy.
will update whenever possible.

Character Sheet

Age: (16-30)

Personality: (Can be a list or good and bad traits)
Background: (Explain your family and how they came into their wealth, things about growing up and the sort and why this experiment might be needed.)
Appearance: (Can be a description of the character or an Image)

Extra: (Put whatever you want)

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Re: [CS] The Friendship Experiment

Post by Dapper » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:40 pm

Name: Malyna Victoria Genevieve Moore
Age: 24
Gender: Female.
Ethnicity: European.
Height: 163 cm.
Weight: 46 kilo's.

Personality: Confident, Cultured, Elegant, Intelligent, Sophisticated, Ambitious, Conservative, Dominating, Maternal, Old-fashioned, Arrogant, Impatient, Irritable, Possessive, Vindictive.

Background: What is publically known, is that Malyna's father (Ferdinand Richard Carter Moore) is one of the leading weapon-factory chains. He holds ownership of a large array of factories creating things from rifles for home-use to tanks for the military. His name is well-known, though his daughter's name far less so. Her mother passed, as did her younger brother. Both shot by a drug-dealer trying to steal from homes- according to the police, this was a case of 'random pickings' of an expensive-looking mansion. Malyna has been sent here to refine her social skills, even when amongst 'those below her', as she puts it. Her father wants her to be able to put on a polite face to anyone, not just those she can benefit from.

Appearance: Malyna is a very short, frail woman that displays a tremendous amount of femininity. Unfortunately, her genes given to her from her mother's side have left her, as she would describe it, 'shapeless'. The woman has long red locks fluttering down her mid-back in large curls. Her eyes are narrow and slanted, and display a pale green color. Her nose is small and straight, her lips are thin and pulled to a harsh, condescending line. Her brows are plucked just a little too much, leaving only two thin bars.


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Re: [CS] The Friendship Experiment

Post by CherrytreeBee » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:09 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Vanessa Geiss
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: European - German
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 46 kg

Personality: Cold and silent. Those are the first words you will hear from anyone who has ever met Vanessa and had to describe her. Vanessa is clever, neat, polite and creative and artistic. Yet, she has a lot of trouble talking to people because they would dislike her for having it easier in life, creating a silent girl. Never using her voice, only gazes.

Background: Thanks to her father being a famous designer on all the fashion runways, Nessa has grown up in rich surroundings. Her mother was a professional photographer, which indirectly led to her and Nessa’s father getting together and marrying. Wanting a normal childhood for Vanessa they sent her to a normal school, not expecting it to go so spectacularly wrong - Vanessa became an outsider because people disliked her simple views on life thanks to never having to save up for anything, never running low on money, always having all the new and expensive things on the market.. Vanessa hadn’t been mean or anything, but as soon as people bullied her because she wasn’t normal, Vanessa turned into a very quiet girl, only working on her grades. In the end, she stopped talking alltogether, only speaking up if her dad’s or mom’s business partner talked to her. She needs to take part in the experiment to learn how to socialize and have friends.

Appearance: Nessa’s eyes seem empty, her lips never forming any smiles or frowns, not opening for days at a time. She enjoys wearing cute dresses and skirts. She usually wears a necklace with an opal charm hanging off of it. Nessa also has the luck of having nicely sized breasts and wide hips, giving her a nice silhouette. Her clothing style reaches from cute to sexy.

Extra: Nessa has a beautiful singing voice and enjoys playing the ukulele greatly, owning about 5 of them, each with different art on it.
Love, Cherry!

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