(CS) ALIENS: Revival

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(CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Bigfoun » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:18 am

This is where all character sheets regarding the RP will go.




Bio: (Doesn't have to be anything too long but it could be)

Weapons: (If you are not sure of the weapons found in this universe, ask me)


Appearance: (This is how you look beneath the armor)
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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by TehMagicPudding » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:26 pm

Name: Arthur "Artie" Asimov
Rank: CPL, engineer.
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Bio: Arthur Asimov was born on a major agricultural colony. He grew up doing farm work and learned mechanics helping fix his family's farming equipment. Artie grew bored of living in the countryside and signed on to the USCM as soon as he was eligible. In boot camp he specialized in combat engineering, and has stayed on with the USCM for several tours of service. Several ugly deployments have left Artie paranoid, but his psych evals are within "fit for duty".
Weapons: M41A Pulse Rifle, M4A3 Handgun
Equipment: Toolkit, high explosives, a variety of detonators, cutting torch, motion tracker, standard issue M3 Pattern Personal armor
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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Quirbles » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:53 am



Currently stationed aboard U.S.S. KESSLER as of April 22nd, 2173

D.O.B: 8 / 10 / 2106 — Confirmed to be 38 years of age due to cryogenic preservation.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Saco, Maine; United States, Earth; Sol-1 System, Milky Way

[] M240 INCINERATOR — Medium-ranged flamethrower. Outfitted with ×4 1-Gallon tanks of fuel.
[] M37A2 S.O. SHOTGUN — Pump shotgun. Sawed off. 2 shells loaded with 8 to spare.
[] KAHR MG DESERT EAGLE — 1 clip with 8 bullets loaded. 3 magazines of 7 bullets to spare. Chambered in .50 AE.

[] B12 Armor — Designed for Squad Leaders, crafted with extra plating to absorb larger impacts.
[] ×2 Anti-Personnel Claymore
[] ×2 C4 Plastic Explosive charges
[] Supply Drop Beacon
[] Orbital Drop Beacon
[] Tactical Binoculars
[] Motion Sensor

[] USMC Beret [GREY]
[] Aviator Sunglasses

Quentin in 2173, taken before cryogenic freezing aboard the Kessler

SEX: Male
HT: 6'5"
WT: 191 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Brown / Blonde
NOTABLE DISABILITIES: Suffers from mild PTSD, mild insomnia.

Interviewer: I
Quentin Richmond: QR

I: Tell me about your home life.

QR: There isn't much to say. I was born in a rural part of Maine — tough to come by nowadays. With the overpopulation issue, there really isn't any discrete part of the globe, now.

I: And you left your "rural" lifestyle behind, is that correct?

QR: I went to Augusta for school, and had signed up in the ROTC program.

I: And?

QR: And? I excelled in academics. I wasn't preoccupied with putting a God-damn needle in my arm like half of the kids at my school. I purposefully stayed after until late at night so that when I came home, there would be a chance that my father forgot about me.

I: Your home life was turbulent? You were abused?

QR: Yes.

I: Continue.

QR: Well, after graduating from high school, I joined the USMC. Began training.

I: Did you use the USMC as an escape, Mr. Richmond?

QR: You could say that.

I: Do you feel as if your father's abuse contributed to your personality? Who you are?

QR: What kind of question is that?

I: Please answer the question, Mr. Richmond.

QR: No.

I: Does cryogenic sleep have a profound effect upon your sanity, Mr. Richmond?

QR: N-- well, I don't know.

I: What do you mean you "don't know"?

QR: I mean I don't fuckin' know.

I: Have you ever held thoughts of violence against your fellow soldiers?

QR: Absolutely not.

I: If your father was here in this room with you, would you forgive him?

QR: For what?

I: The abuse you experienced.

QR: No.

I: And why is that?

QR: He's dead, and doesn't deserve forgiveness. There's a reason I joined the marines.

I: This concludes our meeting. Thank you.

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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Tr0llz0r » Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:29 pm

Name: Jameson "Mack" MacCallister
Rank: CPL, Medic
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Bio: Records say that he witnessed his parents get murdered when he was 15, and was raised with his sisters by his grandmother. Once he graduated high school, he discovered he had a knack for the medical profession, but decided to join the USCM instead of becoming a doctor. During training, he seemed to strive for second-best, claiming "It's no use being the at the top if you don't need to be." After his assignment to Echo Squad, he started getting to know his team better.
Weapons: M39 Submachine gun
Equipment: Backpack, Combat lifesaver belt, HF2 Health Analyser (on belt), ( Russian Red, plus autoinjectors of Oxycodone, Quick Clot, Tricordazine and Dexalin Plus, one stasis bag, one defibrillator, and one advanced kit in backpack) one of every pill bottle (on belt), extra ammo
Appearance: Image
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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Deus Mortis » Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:07 pm

Emilio Greene


Combat Medic




-M37A2 Pump Shotgun. Carries 32 12 gauge buckshot shells for it, with 8+1 currently loaded.
-M4A3 Service Pistol: Loaded with an incendiary magazine, with another incendiary magazine as a spare.
-Tactical Knife: Hidden away in boots.

-Medic Uniform: The only difference between this and any other uniform is a red arm band around each sleeve.
-M3 Pattern Armor: Uses small storage in it to fit his Health Analyzer.
-M10 Medic Helmet: Has a small First Aid symbol on the right side of it.
-Shells Belt: A belt where Emilio keeps his shotgun shells.

~Medical Satchel
°Small A.F.A.K (Advanced First Aid Kit): A kit with 4 packs of regenerative membrane for trauma and 2 for burns. Contains 3 sets of splints as well.
°Small B.F.A.K (Basic First Aid Kit): Kit with 3 rolls of bandages and 2 packs of ointment. Has 3 injectors labeled as 'Tri' that slowly heal burns and trauma related injuries.
°Cryo-stasis Bag: A bag that when activated, places the occupant in a mini-stasis, slowing down their body functions in order to buy them more time for evacuation.
°Roller Bed: Self explanatory.
°Defibrillators: Take a guess.

°Medical Pouch: Contains 3 bundled up auto-injectors labeled 'Clot' that temporarily stop internal bleeding. Has a pill bottle inside labeled 'Peri' that helps stabilize those with broken/collapsed lungs.
°Mystery Flask, labeled "Devil's Nyquil".

November 1st, 21██

The crunches and steps of the group’s walk was a new sound in the disorderly ‘concerto’ that came from the jungle around them. Animals unseen to the group would bellow, sing, and scream in the distance while a few insects buzzed as they flew near, which did little more than annoy this small troop of soldiers. Along with the distracting sounds of the planet’s wildlife, these men had to deal with the heavy amount of humidity and heat, which only made it a matter of time until someone had enough of it.

”Man, this fuckin’ jungle makes a guy wish he brought some bug spray.”

”Always the first to complain huh, Emilio?”

“Oy, fuck off Ramirez. Unlike you, I don’t like takin’ it up the rear without saying somethin’ at least.”

”Easy lads. You two keep acting like a pair of bitches and the animals here might mistake you for mating partners.”

A small laugh erupted from the group as they marched onwards, that having been enough to send everyone into some kind of conversation. Who knew that an hour of quiet marching would leave people bored?

Before Ramirez and Greene could go back to their banter, one of the squad’s newer PFCs had decided to pull back on his walk to talk to the two.

”How about this jungle right? Somehow makes you wish the smog back on Earth!”

”Shit, amen to that. Times like these makes we wish workin’ at that Weyland facility.”

”Wait, you used to work at Weyland?”

”Yep. Worked there for a few years before I enlisted. Sometimes I wish I joined-”

Emilio would pause his story as he, and the new PFC he was talking to would see something that resembled a pine cone get thrown at Ramirez’s head, startling him for a second. There’d be a loud laugh heard at the head of the formation before Ramirez would storm up ahead, muttering ”Damn it Olaf.” before he left.

”Ah, well that happened. Alright, where was-Oh right. I joined up with the Corps after I quit that Weyland job and right now, I’m looking to try to become one of those combat medics.

”A combat medic? Sounds too stressful for me. I’m fine just being told what to shoot until I get promoted and get to tell people where they’re supposed to be shooting.”

.”I was thinkin’ of going for a Squad Leader but nah, I feel like I’d be spendin’ half of the time yellin’ at people to stop being retarded. But speakin’ of promotions, if I start stagnatin’ at some low enlisted rank, I’m fuckin’ joinin’ up with the PMCs. Bureaucracy talk might be more annoyin’ than this jungle but fuck me if I’ll be happy riskin’ my life for some meager ass pay.”

”Don’t worry man, I hear you. You could fight ten battles, lose a finger, and get a healthy dose of PTSD but your paycheck will stay the same as some PFC straight out of boot camp. Welp, it’s a good thing we’re not seeing battle anytime soon. U.S hasn’t stepped on the toes of any big nations these past few decades.”

”Hey man, you never know, we could end up having to fight guys in rice hats like in the 70s.”

”That was Vietnam right? Hell, what would you even call another war like that out here? Space Nam or something?”

”Nah, that sounds stupid. Probably just named after the sector we’re fightin’ in.”

”Hah, right. Right…”

Ever since Operation █████, Greene has resorted to using an eyepatch on his right eye.
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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by SupremeLizard » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:30 am

Name: Julius Nequam
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Born in Northern Sicily, Palermo, Julius had not often done much with his life besides pass general education with average grades. After somehow getting admitted into a United States university, the Sicilian immigrant enlisted into the USCMC soon after he completed his education and is in the process of naturalization. He has recently completed his training and has joined the Echo squad, mostly out of sheer luck.

-ARMAT M4A1 Pulse Rifle MK2 with an under-barrel shotgun.
-ARMAT M4A3 Service Pistol
-Combat Knife (Concealed in Right Boot)

-Customized M3 Pattern Personal Armor (A Bull drawn on the pectoral portion.)
-2 M67 Grenades
-M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet (An Eagle drawn on the front, an Ace Card on one side.)
-2 Flares
-Water Canteen
-Wielding Torch

A six foot seven inch tall, olive skin, short black haired, brown eyed man who sports a pencil mustache and a goatee.

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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Bigfoun » Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:15 am

Name: Carlos “Rookie” Ramirez

Rank: PFC

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Bio: Born on the colony of BF-1288, a small settlement based in a desert, Ramirez had been surrounded by USCM propaganda from the very day he was born. His earliest memories as a child are of watching the Colonial Marines land on the humble colony and wander about the town for R & R. With that “badass armor” and fancy weaponry, young Ramirez was in awe. When he grew up, he'd want to be a Colonial Marine as well. The idea of exploring the stars and battling the evil of the world was enough to power any child's imagination. Although, his parents had other ideas.

Ramirez had grown up in a family of scientists, doctors, and other geniuses. After all, his father's advancements in robotics had landed the Ramirez family a nice home on the colony. This whole “being a marine phase” didn't go well with the bunch.

The future marine did do fairly decent in his academics and the opportunity to go to college was there but, Ramirez longed for a different life. His mind was still set on seeing the sights this expansive galaxy had to offer. No longer, would he stay on this God-forsaken rock. Sand and mountains, that's all there was to it anyway.

And so, Ramirez ditched the college application and made his way down to the recruiter’s office one fateful evening. He would be well on his way to accomplishing that childhood goal of his. Too bad, it utterly shattered the relationship between him and his parents. It remains his greatest regret of the whole debacle but, Ramirez was finally doing something for himself. Hopefully, it will pay off.

Years passed as the young man made his way through basic training, finding a place in Echo Squad. He would befriend many of his squad mates and even garnered a nickname which was of course, “Rookie.” While Ramirez has had only a few combat drops, one may not consider him a rookie but, the name simply remained.
Whatever Ramirez has experienced before, whatever awaits him on the planet of LZ-3636 will no doubt prove to be his greatest challenge yet.

×1 M41A Pulse Rifle (loaded with two underbarrel M40 grenades)
×1 M4A3 Service Pistol
×1 M5 Combat Knife

×1 Water Canteen
×1 M40 grenade
×1 Pack of Flares (5 in total)
×1 MRE
×1 M10 Combat Helmet
×1 M3 Combat Armour


Ramirez never drops down without a pair of fancy ballistic goggles covering his eyes...especially after a tiny piece of shrapnel nearly blinded the man!
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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Indigo_Pegasus » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:03 pm

Name: Neveah “Ruby” Mason

Rank: PFC

Age: 20

Neveah grew up in a somewhat sheltered environment. Her Aunt Monica died while serving as a marine, and her parents didn’t want the same for her, so they kept her knowledge of the marines and other colonies to a minimum. The way she grew up only made Neveah want to join the marines even more. She had seen tons of propaganda for the USCM and never once thought she couldn’t be one. Her parents did all they could to convince her not to join, saying things like “You don’t know everything!” or “You’ll never survive orientation!” Instead of listening to what they had to say, she a wallet-sized portrait of her parents in her pocket and never looked back. Neveah didn’t try to go to college, she wanted to see the world outside of her settlement and do some good.
Eventually, Neveah made her way past the basics and found herself in the Echo Squad. She was able to quickly make friends on the squad and gained the nickname “Ruby”.
x1 M4A3 Service Pistol
x1 M5 Combat Knife
x1 M4A1 Pulse Rifle MK2 with an under-barrel shotgun.

Standard Issue M3 Pattern Personal Armor
x1 Water Canteen
x1 Pack of flares (5 in pack)
x2 Plasma Grenade
x3 MRE


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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by Pxndora » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:32 am

//Accessing Encrypted Data
///File No. 6817469
alexa aguirre.jpg
alexa aguirre.jpg (37.16 KiB) Viewed 877 times
Alexa “Canary” Aguirre
Height: 5”5
Weight: Classified
Eye: Hazel
Skin: Olive
Hair: Black
Rank: Corporal
Specialty: Scouting/Infiltration
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Background Check: Alexa had a cushy life, her parents being politicians. Money was never an issue in the Aguirre family, so Alexa was never pressured to be excellent. She had no purpose in her life, other than to please others and remain docile. However the longing to do something with her life burned into her, and became reckless in small ways, showing rebellious behaviors. She fell in with the wrong crowd, and had to toughen herself up to hold her own. Eventually her parents disowned her after noticing the company she kept. Alexa was now alone, but decided to recruit into the Colonial Marines to make something out of the life she was given. She trained hard and was at the top of her class, but sadly there was nothing in her life other than being a Marine. Now as a soldier, her life is simple, but that's just the kind of life she wants to live.
Issued Weaponry:
ARMAT M39 Submachine Gun- Etched on the barrel is the nickname "Viper." Fitting for its ability to overwhelm an opponent with a swift barrage of bullets. She prefers to use when in more dire situations as the fast firing speed results in inaccuracy causing her to mainly just spray and pray when Viper is in use. When not in use is kept in its holster on her left leg.

Dual W-Y 88 MOD4 Combat Pistols- Etched on the barrels are the nicknames "Yin and Yang", due to one sporting a matte black finish and the other a silver one. Her main weapons of choice. The large magazine sizes allow for flexibility and the small footprint allows for them to be wielded akimbo style with comfort. They allow for her to embrace her cunning fighting style and her talent in hand to hand combat. When not in use one is holstered on her right thigh and the other under her right shoulder to be grabbed by her left hand.

Tanto Style Combat Knife- Kept on the outer side of her left boot. At around 8 inches in length is adept for slashing and stabbing.
Issued Equipment:
Armored Chest Plate
Flashlight (Kept in right boot)
Spare Ammo
Water Canteen
Utility belt that holds her holsters and the compartments at the back of her waist for holding other things
Knee Pads
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Re: (CS) ALIENS: Revival

Post by D R I F T E R » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:10 am

Cpl Thomas Vaugrenard

Age: 23
Sex: Male

Physical Description: Tom bears a distinct resemblance to the grizzly bear of the Pacific Northwest; standing at 6'7" and weighing in at a scale-tipping 248 pounds solid, he is an impressively large specimen of homo sapiens more at home in a circus strongman routine than a military organization. His skin is rather dark and tan, rendered down to a leather-like texture from years of weathering and sun exposure during his combat tours, and it is stretched almost too tightly over a torso that looks mysteriously like it is made from the chassis of a Range Rover or an Abrams tank. His arms and legs are somewhat short in comparison to his trunk-like body, with large biceps and thighs tapering down to thinner forearms and calves.

  • M56 Smartgun
  • M37A2 Pump Shotgun
  • Boot Knife
  • M56 Combat Harness with the word “Dog of War” painted in red on the chestplate
  • Head Mounted Sight
  • Lucky Strikes Cigarettes
  • Antique Engraved USMC Lighter
Tom is a native of Dallas, Texas and the first son of a lower-middle class family. Tom was an average kid for the most part until his hormones started kicking in and he got into not-so-average fights regularly in school. In fact he quickly gained a reputation at each of the three schools he attended (two of which he was expelled from) for never being able to pass up a good fight. Unlike most trouble kids his age Tom didn’t get into fights because it was “macho” or to impress the girls. Tom fought because he loved to fight and always walked away from a finished fight happy that he engaged in combat, even the ones he lost. In high school he started piling on muscle mass not because he was losing fights, rather because he wanted to be seen as a more credible threat in order to challenge stronger opponents.

Naturally all this blood sport put Tom on the bad side of life and law. His grades had tanked; he received discipline regularly for vandalism, public disturbance and even one account of attempted arson. Of course as his parents became disillusioned with the menace Tom had become; they got rid of him at the first opportunity, the day of his eighteenth birthday.

Needless to say, civil society had no real place for a hellion like Tom and that suited him quite well as he never planned on being civil. Tom found that no matter how fierce or strong his opponents in the brawls were, the fights were really no different than before. Those fights lost their flare, paling in comparison to another brilliantly burning beacon of hostility.

Despite his pugnacious past and juvenile record, the US Colonial Marine Corp accepted his enlistment and he was sent off to Fort Worth for boot camp and was assigned an MOS in Infantry as a smartgunner, given his immense physique. After he completed his training, he joined the ranks of the 2nd Battalion of the 66th Armored Regiment as part of a Marine Quick Strike Unit. He served two tours in LV-1302, a planet on full-blown rebellion against the USA.

During Tom’s first tour he made his mark as an effective soldier in the battle of Hathley. During his unit’s home furlough Tom opted to spend the majority of his time on base engrossing himself in the study of war, weapons and conflict around the galaxy. His fellow servicemen and women saw him exercising constantly and invariably with a book in one of his enormous hands.

It was during his second tour with the 66th in LV-1302 that his fellow soldiers started giving Tom a wider berth. Having eased into the unsettling nature of war during their first deployment, many of the members of Tom’s unit found some of his new-found habits unnerving. Tom would stare for hours on end in awe of the wreckage and ruin of the urban warzones yet dismiss, with nothing more than a glance and a shrug, rotting dog corpses, the begging of children with stumps where limbs should be, and the shrieks of women at night. More disturbing still was how much Tom talked about war, mayhem and destruction during a time and in a place where those around him were all surrounded by such calamity and all anyone else wanted to talk about was home…and griping. No matter what, all that seemed to excite Tom was either going to war or talking about it, even when it wasn’t “their” war he wanted to speak of.

Tom was rotated into the reserves after his unit returned from combat, but he craved for more. Eventually, he got his wish when he was assigned to be a part of Echo Squad to serve as their smartgunner. The last thing he wondered before he went into cryosleep was how long it'd take before his unit got to see action.

If only he knew what awaited him...
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