League of Assassins

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League of Assassins

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Character Sheet
Cecilia Armani
Cecilia is an all-about-the-job type of woman. Being methodical and well organized she is very analytical of everything and everyone around her. Intelligent, she's a bit too full of herself and can be a bit snobby. Often underestimating partners or even her targets potential. Casting judgement on potential allies at first glance and isn't afraid to make it known if she enjoys their company or not. Despite her being a total elitist, Cecilia shows respect to those who earn it on the field or by great achievement. Either surpassing her or impressing her with displayed skill. Cecilia desires to move from New Horizon City, and leave the Assassin life. She doesn't enjoy this line of work but it gets the bills paid. So for now this is something she will just have to endure....
Regalia Design:
A pocket watch with a Victorian design to it. She activates her ability by turning the dial on top of the watch. Right for Acceleration, Left for Rewinding.
Primary Property:
An ability that centers itself around altering the physical state of an object based on time. Whether accelerating the aging process of a particular item or 'undoing' an effect. Note that she can apply this to one inanimate object, and nothing living. Undoing or 'Rewinding' an effect, or debilitation to an item requires that effect to be applied within five minutes; which also works vice versa, she can only rewind an objects physical state up until five minutes before she applied her ability. When Accelerating or 'Forwarding' she can accelerate the objects physical state aging process by minutes, hours or even years. This accelerates Cecilias own age by the same amount and must be used with caution. Another limitation is that these abilities can only be used once every hour and so must be managed.
Secondary Property:
*Cecilia carries with her two fire arms, one of which being a sniper rifle she is most proficient with and the other a six-shot Peace-Keeper for fire fights.
*Often times she can be found at one of the Leagues bars, spending away her earnings on alcoholic beverages.

Character Sheet

Name: Dr. John Autumn
Age: 42
Gender: Male

Personality: John in short is like a broken clock, sparatic, hard to make sense and even harder to understand. His mind set of him being superior to everyone else makes it very hard for others to even want to deal with him, but if you can dig past the layers of rants and broken phsyce you can find something interesting. A man with others intentions at heart, though he make act self centered he really is just trying to improve those around him so that everyone is beneficial. That's just not how it sounds coming out of his mouth.

Regalia Design:"The Injection Fist..."- the injection fist a weapon costume tunes by the doctor himself. A modified version of the Black Dog weapon that fires a bullet whenever you punch something. This, instead injects a small syringe into the unlucky target. The syringes are filled with a very interesting liquid called "Frenzy".

Primary Property: "Frenzy"- is a red chemical that only gets more violent in dossage. A small dose will mostly likely incapacitate the target, a heavy dose will kill the target, and a small area between the two he calls Frenzy. When a target is Frenzied their minds slowly disintegrate, making them lose sight of who is friend and for making then attack whoever they see. This of course is hysterical to Dr. Autumn.

Secondary Property: N/A (but I do have a idea)

Faction: Crimson Viper

Appearance: Dr. John is an average man. 5'10" medium build, brown eyes, nothing special. The only real significant look on him is that he has solid steel hair at the age he is at, though strange to others it is because of the intense amount of chemicals he is exposed to. He usually wears black pants, black shit and grey over coat but sometimes can be seen wearing a mask and goggles.

Extra: Prefers to be referred to as Doctor or Doctor Autumn. Simply just calling him by his first name makes him rather upset. And can usually be seen with his partner "Assistant"
Character Sheet
Name: Julie Shaffer or "Assistant"
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Personality: Julie is cold secluded, a person of few words and great actions. She is very easy to understand, she doesn't like anyone. Often staying away from the group and keeping to herself. Strangely enough even though she dislikes everyone INCLUDING her boss she always helps him and the group. She can be very determined and always gets the jobs done.

Regalia Design: "You call that a weapon?" Julies personal weapon is a strange black scalpel that never seems to go dull. But for most of the time she prefers to use other people's equipment to get the job done. Whether they let her use it or she has to take it never really seems to cross her mind.

Primary Property: She can quickly learn and master other people's weapons as fast as she can pick them up. Drop a rifle? Watch her become a marksman. Drop a sword? After she learns it, masters will ask her to teach them her ways. Guerilla warfare at it's finest.

Secondary Property: N/A
Faction: Crimson Vipers, primarily Dr. Autumn's assistant

Appearance: 5'7" light build, black hair, pale skin, and a cold demenor. She wears a black nurses outfit with either a mask or silver sunglasses.

Extra: can either be found reading a book or making sure Dr. Autumn doesn't get himself killed... Or making sure he remembers to eat and generally take care of himself.
Name: Dr. Ka Bewm

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Personality: Bewm is a fast-talker, both when she wants something and literally more often repeating herself multiple times just so people can hear what she even said. She is very insecure about both her genius and her skills as an assassin, so she is a bit reckless to try and prove herself. Despite her reckless nature on missions and fast-talking she is quite scatterbrained, often going on tangents, rants and leaving projects either half-finished or barely started. Either way on the field or in a lab she is willingly to do whatever it takes even if her closest colleagues are less than 100% sane.

Regalia Design: “Neko-te BOOM” The Neko-te BOOM or NtB for short is a small glove that covers Ka’s left hand that has claws that extend over the fingers. In each “claw” there is serum/gel that Lillian had created which she calls “XPOE”. After each mission, she normally tops up the serum in each claw just to be safe.

Primary Property: “XPOE” XPOE is the purplish-blue substance in the claws that can secrete from the tips. The chemical explodes after about 5 to 10 seconds depending on how much she puts on somewhere. The chemical is most effective on inanimate objects such as walls, roofs and floors. However, it isn’t as effective on living tissue, only causing small damage at most causing some loss of skin, not including the actual scratching.

Secondary Property:(Leave as N/A for now)

Faction: The Dynamo

Appearance: Lillian is a very short woman standing at an impressive 134cm or 4’4” and is of a very light build and short, slightly spiked, night blue hair. While in the lab she wears a white lab coat, a shirt and skirt combo, big swirly glasses and a black surgery mask with a smile on it, so she can hide her full identity and she only loses the lab coat when anywhere else.
Extra: The same with John she prefers to be called Doctor or Dr. Bewm, she also doesn’t like any jokes about her height. No, the name is just an alias
Character Sheet

(I'm still in the middle of writing bio summary. But let me know if there's anything weird or questionable)

[NAME] Sorai Akamine
[AGE] 26
From when Sorai first came to The League, he is known for his reliability and accuracy. Perhaps his sharp thinking as an assassin was from his deceased father, previously also within The League. He lives by the general principle of "I don't offend you, and you don't offend me." It's not hard to approach him, though it might take some more work to get him to be impressed with you.

(in the middle of changing things)

Sorai uses the common firearms weapon with a silencer. He uses the traditional methods of assassination: firing from a distance with high accuracy and careful timing. The special thing about his weapon is that he often attaches a chain of about 6 meters long to it. At one end of the chain, there is a small blade. One can use this as a temporary dagger or throw it like a dart to use the chain like a hookshot. (I'd like to ask if it is possible for him to adjust the chain length in the future. But it's not something that can be done on the spot, but rather by changing it at the weapon maintenance department).

"Gundog's Tail"
The name was given based on how dogs' tail would wag and move to express emotions. In a similar way, the chain is able to move in such a way as though there is a "mind" of its own, or there is some invisible force.

Some of the implications:
When the Regalia allows the chain to be able to hover and float in the air.
People can tug onto the chain, but it'll take significantly more strength to get it to move.
If the chain is being swung around, it'd take longer for it to come to a stop.

To use this, Sorai needs to be conscious, and the chain must be attached to a firearms at all times. You can think of it like he's doing telekinesis on the chain. (In terms of fighting style, I'll be using some references from martial arts and styles using chain weapons such as the Kusarigama)
[FACTION] The Black Dogs
(Rough sketch)
Height approximately 180cm, with dark,red hair and dark eyes. There is a scar on his left scalp, probably the reason why he pins up the hair on that side only. He's not fussy with clothing, but he knows to leave himself in a presentable appearance since it's easier to gain favours.
He uses this image also on his Mouthbook profile, with his real name.
If he is wearing an ear piece, he will remove his left earring.


Character Sheet
Name: William Carrison
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Personality: Some may say that William is an honest man while others may claim the opposite. That is because of his mischievous nature. He is elegant, and with a sharp tongue can instill both fear and confidence in others by persuading them to his liking. Of course, not everyone is susceptible as some. He is well-behaved, and tells the truth when necessary, but it would seem that only one person can truly tell when William's heart is with him and when his brain is fixated on the gains.

William is not afraid to speak of the League. On the contrary, he uses it as a tool to get others to open up as well; He is front of his affairs so long as it is not too incriminating.
But William is more than a representative. He has a kind soul but fails to see the usefulness of it in certain cases and so he chooses to block it out sometimes. He loves to laugh, but he can be serious about certain topics more than necessary.
Regalia Design: William's Regalia is a compass, or at least it was before it bonded with his body as well as his spirit. The compass left a mark in its place on William's anterior forearm just below his wrist, where the dial pointing South is fixated on him.
Primary Property:
[The] Understudy
With a turn off the North dial 180° in either direction, William will switch locations with whoever the South dial is now pointing at. Brushing the compass with his index finger before turning the dial will also transfer the momentum between the two.

Once the swap is finished, William can do one of two things:
1. Turn the dial in the same direction to reset the compass and prepare for a new target.
2. Turn the dial in the opposite direction back to where it was to swap places with the last selected target, regardless of location.
Secondary Property:
Faction: Justicars
Appearance: William has a slender frame, but not a boney one. He is thin, but he carries a mighty punch. His fingers are those of a musician, longing for the cold and harsh touch of the keys of a piano, capable of reading intricate designs.
Allof his body hair aside from his eyebrows has turned a skeletal white, while his eyebrows maintained a mature stern gaze combined with elegance of time and the vigor of a black youthful night.
His body does not adorn many scars, if any. A slash or two across the chest, maybe one on his back, but no more. A sharp chin carries the whole of his head, yet it still holds a squareness to it. A graceful beard encompasses its edges, the same color as the hair that sits atop his head like embracing snow, a short avalanche at the end.
Begging lips sit below a spying nose, full and rich, yet so tender that to the ordinary eye they may appear like any other.
His ears hang tight, drawn to attention while commonly not drawing much.
And lastly, his eyes. Brown like the skin of an eel, golden from curiosity and only a hint of burnt umber from contained passion leaking out.
Extra: As weapons, William carries 2 scimitar daggers which he uses together as dual swords. (These are not exactly the same ones, but they share a certain resemblance.)
His belongings include a push dagger, however he seldom uses it.
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Re: League of Assassins

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Just realized that it says John Autumn wear black shit and not black shirt. Damnit.
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