[CS] the new era

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[CS] the new era

Post by Random Accel » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:10 am


Age: (12~18)


Bio: (Add things you want as long as it does not contradict with the prompt and with itself. Also, your character would not have seen any other human besides your mother, so you have no experience with weapons or martial arts. My character has none of those either, btw.)


Extra: (Anything you want to add. put N/A if you got nothing to add.)

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Re: [CS] the new era

Post by Veilstar » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:17 am

Name: Eden Gaia

Age: 14 (almost 15)

Gender: Female

Bio: Eden is the daughter of a women named Amelia Gaia, one of the survivors of the old world. The women eventually lost faith in humanity and decided to live the rest of her life away from people. That is after she had her little girl whom she named Eden. She pinned her hopes and dreams of redeeming mankind on the child the she held in her arms. It was all she had that kept the woman going for all those years away from people. That gave her time to teach Eden everything she wanted the girl to know. How to survive without killing the undead, how to read what was left of the human language, how to show compassion, kindness, and even forgiveness. Amelia might've been naive with her goals but she had hope that Eden might be able to bring mankind back from the brink of becoming animals.

So that's how life was like for Eden during her early years. Lesson after lesson on life and some many other facts about it. The child truly believed everything her mother had to say and wanted to make whatever dreams she he a reality. Amelia never told Eden about her hopes for the girl, just that she believed in her. It was around the time of Eden's fifteenth birthday when her mother went out alone. The woman wanted to find her daughter something special and planned to be back before she even woke up. When little Eden awoke though...Her mother was gone, with no sign of where she went. So she waited and waited for her mother to come home but she never did. With each day past Eden cried and cried for her mother to come home. It was about two weeks later when the food started to run out. With nothing left to do but wait Eden went out to look for some food.

She found herself walking farther and farther from the camp unkowningly trying to find her mother. Maybe it was one of her tests and she had been waiting just around a corner for her Ikr something. With those sort of thoughts in mind the small girl kept walking and walking until she found something. It was some kind of strange complex, one she had never seen before. With her curiosity getting the better of her Eden went inside and was amazed at what she had found.

Appearance: (Ignore the gun in the image.^-^)

Extra: Eden isn't really that tall, only coming up to about 4'11". She was taught how to survive without killing or dealing with the undead. Being stealthy and quiet enough so they wouldn't hear her.
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