[CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

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[CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by UmbraSight » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:02 pm

Table of Contents


[b]Magical Girl Alias:[/b]
[b]Original Strand[/b]:

[b]Primary Power[/b]:
[b]Secondary Power[/b]:
[b]Tertiary Skill[/b]:

[b]Hyper Power[/b]:
[b]Clutch Power[/b]:

[b]Appearance after Transformation[/b]:

-Agnes (Duchess/Phoenix, Rank 1)
-Aiba (Knight of Gaia, Rank 15)
-Akane (Huntress Hecate)
-Aleta (P4RTY 4N1M4L, Rank 12)
-Anastasia (Spinnerette)
-Annaliese (Direttore)
-Ayaka (Valkyrie, Rank 7)
-Ayane (Silver Eyed Painter)
-Ayumi (Artemis)
-Camille (Aramis, the Black Musketeer, Rank 3)
-Charlotte (Venata/Sister Connor, Rank 14)
-Chiaki (Technomancer, Rank 7)
-Chie (Mistweaver)
-Denri (Rentgen, Rank 15)
-Edith (Chevalier)
-Eiki (One Eyed Witch)
- Eiko (Eon)
-Fūka (Druid)
-Hanta (Vladia)
-Haruka (Shining Blade)
-Hibiki (Baroness/Idol, Rank 1)
-Hiroko (Starlight, Rank 8)
-Hisae (Lady Kyoto, Rank 5)
-Hitodama (Aoi, Rank 5)
-Hotaru (Banshee)
-Icare (Flutter)
-Imai (Red Witch, Rank 2)
-Isabelle (Cassandra)
-Ishiki/Rikai (Ryuutou/Onibi, Rank 13)
-Kaede (Phantom Girl, Rank 15)
-Kagami (Captain Kagami/Kagami-chan, Rank 4)
-Kaiko (Dust Devil)
-Kaori (Pastiche)
-Kasumi (Watchtower, Rank 10)
-Kawa (Glamour)
-Khint (Space Eater)
-Kiyomi (Mimikyu)
-Kris (Silver Belle)
-Leonora (Azraella)
-Lina (Mirror|ɹoɹɹᴉW, Rank 8)
-Magatsuchi (Witch Doctor, Rank 13)
-Mai (Neon Paladin)
-Maki (Ashen Maiden)
-Marina (Tortuga, Rank 15)
-Marsha (Stratus, Rank 11)
-Masumi (Inkling, Rank 5)
-Mei (Countess/Roxy, Rank 1)
-Mia (Luminessense, Rank 14)
-Mikazuki (Jubilee, Rank 3)
-Miki ([:)], Rank 13)
-Mikia (Strawberry Spring, Rank 5)
-Mononoke (Akai, Rank 6)
-Moshi (Tesla)
-Moto (Ensemble)
-Nari (Kumihota, Rank 3)
-Nikki (Lady in Red)
-Ono (Zephyr)
-Penelope (Pitch)
-Proserpine (Mamba)
-Robin (Schrödinger)
-Ruki (Met@l D!a)
-Saki (Bubble Pop~♡)
-Saki (Gemini Scale)
-Sakura (Saint)
-Seijun (Invoker)
-Shizue (Dragon, Rank 10)
-Shodo (The Author, Rank 12)
-Sylvia (Wamphyri, Rank 9)
-Takami (Grand Seamstress)
-Takara (Demeter, Rank 9)
-Takara (Vandal)
-Teru (Pale Maiden, Rank 4)
-Wu (Automaton General, Rank 14)
-Yagami (Viscountess/Gungnir, Rank 1)
-Yasu (Silence, Rank 6)
-Yue (Lunar Rabbit, Rank 2)
-Yukiko (Havok)
-Yume (Ice Princess)
-Zhang Li (Rustler)
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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Annasiel » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:07 pm

Name: Leonora Midas

Magical Girl Alias: "Azraella"

Original Strand: D

Age: 15

Height: 5'6


Leo is, to say the least, odd. As a first impression, her peculiar way of speaking and relative curtness with strangers is apt to stand out greatly. She has a habit of mixing tenses and cases, and if this was not discombobulating enough, the actual content of her speech ranges from mildly peculiar to borderline absurdist. She dislikes crowds, and will typically act much more reserved and terse in areas with large numbers of people, though this social anxiety does not seem to extend to online communication. There, she is much more open, even to the point of putting on "performances" for anyone willing to listen to her.

Morality, for Leo, is a touchy subject. Obsessed with the concept of impermanence and fatalism, things such as stealing and lying are inconsequential in her mind. To her, all things eventually come to pass, and if everyone else does not come to this conclusion, they are merely being daft. Life is there to be enjoyed as it is, without a care of "minor" inconveniences, rode along the track of time til the inevitable embrace of death. As such, when others become angered as a result of her actions, she expresses confusion and even frustration, because the fools are wasting time and energy getting hung up on something that could just as easily be ignored. Why scold her for stealing when the action was in the past, the crime already committed, the stolen item already lost? It isn't as if they'll ever get the item back, either devoured by the eternally peckish girl or stowed away in her magpie-like hoard. In fact, the only person who's remotely able to broaden Leo's obstinate perspective is her best friend Akane, though the interference has only truly improved Leo's ability to hide things from Aki's watchful, yet sometimes naive, eyes.

Though Leo herself is obsessed with death, and she is quick to lecture anyone on the relative meaningless of life as a short precursor, the idea of Akane becoming hurt or killed terrifies her. She is incredible at coping with most fears, smiling stoically in the face of any threat, but if something would put her best friend in danger she immediately goes into a state of panic. That's her worst and only fear, Aki being killed and Leo being powerless to stop it. To prevent this, she would go to any ends, even killing the innocent just to prevent her nightmare becoming a reality.

For all else, Leo is a very calm, though very scattered, individual. Her emotions come and go quickly, rising swift only to be released into the void of apathetic observance, lost in an almost meditative vigilance with which she sees the world. She is quite fond of watching nature, and will often spend hours at a time staring out of windows or laying down in fields, just allowing the world to run around her. It's cathartic for her, definitely, and when coupled with the fact that animals are immune to her touch (and even seem to be calmed by it at times), it makes the natural world a much more comforting place than civilization. In the city, she is scorned and avoided, but within the pleasant grass and trees, she is free to just live and let live. Unfortunately, this often impedes her schoolwork, as her handler has given up trying to enforce anything upon the stubborn, flighty girl. She studies when she wants to study and trains when she wants to train, much to the incessant irritation of her teachers.


Age 10

“What the hell did you just do?!”

Edgar was torn from Leo, swept into the protective shell of her mother’s arms. The black mark of her palms was already fading, no more than heavy bruises now, but his high-pitched shrieks still rattled on relentlessly. It had been an accident. She didn’t even know what had happened! One moment, she was holding her cooing, bubbling little brother, the next he was screaming like a murder victim.

“I am… not…” Leo managed, words half broken by mind, half broken by terror. Her mother’s accusing glare was the only response. Edgar’s cries were starting to fade,more akin to faded whimpers, his rotund face a mess of blush and tears. A loud crashing down the stairs announced Leo’s father,who bounded around the corner in a furious tirade.

“I’m trying to fucking sleep, Eliza, can you keep the racket…” One glance at each in the room stilled his tongue, and when he spoke again, his voice was deathly quiet. “What happened here?”

Leo’s mother pointed a single shivering finger at her daughter.

“She… I don’t know what she did, David. She touched him, and hurt him, and now he has these… these marks…” She clutched her son closer to her bosom, muffling his pitiful noises. “I don’t know what she did. I don’t…”

David ran his fingers along the bridge of his nose, sighing.

“Get your coat, Liza. Let’s take him to the clinic. And you,” he rounded on Leo, “stay here and stay out of trouble. Do you understand me? I will deal with you later.”

Age 12

“I am home,” Leo called to the house, hanging her bookbag on a peg near the door. Leo’s mother looked up from the nearby recliner, her tired eyes framed by a mess of stressed wrinkles.

“Hello, dear,” she muttered, attention quickly returning to the television. Leo took a step closer, but stopped when her mother flinched. It was always this way. It was foolish to think anything else.

“I… got the perfect score! In test? Big test, was worried,” she said colloquially. She knew the attempt was pointless before she even opened her mouth, but she hoped, wished…

“That’s very nice, dear,” her mother replied. “There’s food in the fridge, if you want it.”

Leo nodded, her heart sinking. Ignoring the offer, she sulked out of the room, pulling herself wearily up the stairs. It just wasn’t fair. She pulled her gloves off when she reached the top, setting them on the desk just inside her bedroom door. Spinning, she fell back onto her bed, staring abjectly at the popcorn-textured ceiling.


Later that evening, it started again. She could hear the shouting through the air vent. Vague words, but she knew what they were.

“What do you mean, you have an appointment?” her mother shouted. “It’s your turn to watch her. You know it. You keep freaking doing this!”

Pause. Silence.

“Yeah, and the last time you had an appointment I found out you took Edgar to the park. Don’t… no, no, don’t you lie to me, you cheating ass. You signed that paper. It’s your turn. I want to spend time with my boy.”

Another pause.

“Boy’s room? BOY’S ROOM? The girl wouldn’t care if the room was shit brown! She just sits on her bed all day, reading, staring at walls, it’s like she’s dead!”

Pause. Heartbeat. She never liked hearing this.

“It isn’t contagious, you twat! Just change the sheets, or have her sleep on the floor!”

Pause. Breathless. Her face felt wet again.

“She’s your daughter, David.”

The clock on the wall was louder than she remembered.

“Alright. One more week. Fine. Fine. Yeah, I’ve been good too. Great. Bye.”

At least the dreams were peaceful.

Age 14

“It’s a wonderful school, dear. You’ll love it,” her mother said, peering down over horn rimmed sunglasses. Her stepfather stood behind her, a firm hand on her shoulder. He was smiling encouragingly.

“Just think, you’ll learn more about who you are! You’d be a powerful magical girl, Nora. You could save the world someday!” he said. He always spoke so cheerfully, so condescendingly, as if he thought he was talking to a monkey. She wasn’t an idiot, no matter how she sounded.

“No Nora,” she growled back. “Leo. Am Leo. Stop calling Nora.”

“It’s a great opportunity,” he continued, as if he didn’t hear her. “You’re gifted, Nora. You’re a very special girl. They even have places you can live at the school! You’ll love it.”

It wasn’t like she had any choice. Besides, it would be nice to get away. Nice to have time alone. She hadn’t been able to sit quietly in her room for more than an hour, not since they started living with Grant. He’d always knock on her door, yelling “don’t be a ghost, Nora!” and “get some sunlight, it’ll do you good!” Two months of that had destroyed any chances at solitude she could grab.

“Fine,” she replied. “I will be going.”

Primary Power:

Just as much a power as it is a curse. The first of Leo's abilities to manifest, Morosity is a passive and mostly uncontrollable skill that is activated through flesh-on-flesh contact. Through touch, it controls and magnifies any negative energy the victim may hold, running it in a cyclic empathetic loop between Leo's own body and that of her target. The negative energy manifests as a physiological and mental malady, quickly eating away at both flesh and sanity. A quick touch is enough to leave a victim in the hospital for a week with intense illness and paranoia, while prolonged contact will literally rot both the mind and body until it deteriorates into ash. For Grimm, it is even stronger, evaporating weaker breeds quickly, and searing many stronger varieties with sharp, excruciating pain. Other factors that influence the intensity of the effect are: Fortitude and constitution of the victim, restraint of Leo, personal magical ability, and general negativity present in Leo, the victim, and the atmosphere itself.

Secondary Power:

In a gust of musty air, two wings made of black feathers appear stemming from the top of Leonora’s back. They don’t appear to directly connect to her body itself, instead fading from form to shadow to nothing as they approach. Regardless, they are able to easily support her weight in flight, and can hold up to twice her weight before beginning to stress. Every flap of the wings draw a miniscule amount of power exponentially compounded by the amount they’re used to lift. Thus, she often relies more on glides than actual self-sufficient flight. When dismissed, or when Leonora loses control somehow, they disappear in a puff of feathers.

Tertiary Skill:

Sporadic study habits have lead Leo to possessing an eccentric collection of knowledge, which she retains with startling finesse. She is intelligent, despite her mental hurdles, and can easily learn new things if she is actually interested in them. She also tends to get along pretty well with animals, since she can touch them without killing them.

Hyper Power:

Leo's body erupts into a flock of pitch-black ravens, Each bird possesses a fraction of her consciousness and power, and are able to function uniformly as a single organism. They still possess Morosity, though the effect is greatly diminished, potency divided amongst the individual birds. Additionally, their beaks and claws are sharper and more resilient than a typical raven, cutting through skin and muscle as easily as an obsidian knife. At her peak of power, she is able to manifest and control up to fifty birds, numbers decreasing in relation to her present fatigue and energy. The birds are easily killed, dissipating into feathers and mist after only a couple of hits, but their speed makes hitting them at all a difficult feat. Once activated, the ability slowly drains Leo's overall power, and extended battles will see ravens dying just from her inability to sustain them. At any moment, she is able to draw the flock together to reform her body and end the ability. She also reappears against her will if only one bird remains. Whatever method of ending the ability, Leo passes out from exertion once her body returns.

Clutch Power:

This power will only activate at Leo's death.

At the moment her heart stops beating, the last remnants of her ability draw in as much emotional ambiance as they can, holding her consciousness from fading. If she sustained any damage to her body, it is repaired, even up to reforming a new one if the previous was destroyed. Her transformation's dress turns white, and her abilities revert themselves.

New Primary: Vitality.
Instead of drawing on negative energy, Leo's primary now uses positive emotions in her empathetic link. Her touch heals with tremendous potential, bringing the wounded back from the brink of death and regenerating missing parts. Mentally, it soothes ill feelings and restores acuity, invigorating her charge with passionate zeal. This ability takes much more effort than normal, and while prolonged touch is needed for any major cures, it also might quickly fatigue her. She is now immune to any healing abilities (including her own), and cannot be motivated or impassioned by magical means.

New Secondary: Silvergust.
Leo's wings are now shimmering white, and can sustain up to five times her weight. They no longer drain energy to use.

New Hyper: Dule.
Instead of completely dissipating her body; a part of Leo must remain while her hyper is being used. She is able to manifest doves formed out of her own energy, each of which contains a part of her own consciousness. They possess a lesser version of her Vitality ability. The birds are easily destroyed, dispelled in a single hit.

New Clutch: None.
Renascence already used, Leo now possesses no clutch ability. Situations that would normally evoke a clutch response (life-threatening conditions, intense stress) will now bring about increased physiological strain from psychosomatic stress. If she dies again, she will not come back.


Leo is the individual on the right.

Appearance after Transformation:


Character Theme:

I look in the water and fear what I see
I know it's no stranger but I know it's not me
My life is a lie that was uttered in jest
If I can't change at all, let me rest

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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Annasiel » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:11 pm

Name: Isabelle Fallaci

Magical Girl Alias: Cassandra

Original Strand: A (future)

Age: 23 at the end of her original timeline, but has experienced anywhere from 23 to 1,436 years, depending on which Cass you're talking to.

Height: 5'9


Cass' personality entirely depends on how old of a Cass you're talking to. Before she was untied, Cass was a warm, cheerful individual, almost motherly in a way, who enjoyed helping others in any way she could. She rarely passed by a chance to smile, and prided herself on her ability to make others do so, too. However, as years wore on and countless strands went to ruin before her eyes, a pervasive disillusionment settled into the woman. Instead of aiding in any way she could, she withdrew into herself, surrounding the few hints she gave in cryptic, vague riddles. She became harder, skin thickened by the decades of destruction she was forced to witness, and forced her perspective to focus on doing what was best for the macroverse over any individual strand. Centuries of constant shifting between mirror strands have taken a massive toll, leaving the oldest of Casses bitter, cruel, and condescending. Still, she retains her sanity as best she can, aided by the memories and emotions of earlier versions left before.


The new sun rose, and with it all turned ash. In place of light was a hollow shadow, a pit of bleakness rent where once lay fire, and from that skybound maw spewed legions of black shadow. Gone was the era of man. Gone was the hope that night would not last. For in the coming of the end, the morning was torn from horizon, and in its place came only sordid dusk.

The earth quaked. The air stilled. All seemed to wait, ardently expecting without knowing what might be, cautiously observing that which had never before been seen. An orb of black devoured the distant sky. After long silence, a brazen siren pierced the thickened veil, loud enough to shiver all it touched. This was it. This was what had long been feared to come, what all had hoped would never come.

“The Grimm!”

The shouts were enough to break the spell, and people began to move. Calmly at first, orderly, but confusion wrought panic and panic hysteria. Soon the crowds were swarming through the streets, screaming masses of terrified civilians futilely trying to flee. The highways packed with cars, but soon those too were abandoned in favor of faster feet. New Kyoto, so prepared for anything, had devolved to seething chaos.

Above it all, at the front of what lay imminent, stood the brave defenders of the city, soldiers waiting for the end, witches ready for the beginning.

“We don’t know what the hell this thing is, but it’s spitting out more Grimm than I’ve seen in my entire life,” a uniformed man barked, bars of rank glimmering on his chest. “We’re working with the DDC, have units of witches and soldiers in tandem to try and set a flank. If this doesn’t work, we’ve got a nuclear contingency, but that’s an ultimate last resort.”

He paused to wipe sweat from his brow, struggling to keep the worry from his line-washed face.

“On my word, to the ATVs! Ready, set, move, move, move!”

Soldiers and witches alike swarmed to the armored carriers, knee to knee on rickety seats made of cheap wood. In the far distance, the first cracks of artillery descended, shuddering the ground with every fiery blast.

“Do you think this is it?” Cass asked. Tobi grabbed her hand, giving it a consoling squeeze.

“I think we’re going to do just fine,” the large girl replied, though her eyes belied the truth her words concealed. Despite the persistent serenity their pale blue often held, Cass could see nervousness behind them, maybe even fear. Tobi was never afraid.

“Well, I’ll just have to keep you from killing yourself, like always,” the tan girl said with a wry chuckle, a laugh that Tobi dryly returned.

“I think I’m the one that keeps you alive, missy,” she muttered in a weak attempt at cordial disdain. Humor wasn’t present now, and any shows of it merely tactics to delay the rising panic.

Something heavy struck the side of the vehicle, rocking it to one side. The machine ground to a halt as the wheels spun for traction, steel beast spinning wildly, until it finally crashed into a solid mass. Cass reeled, her head spinning, but was pulled along by Tobi as she escaped from the ATV.

“We need to move!” the girl cried, double-sided battle axe appearing in her hands. The ends crackled with an amber light as she hefted the massive polearm, spinning it to intercept the hordes that were suddenly all around them. “Which way?!”

Cass was still stunned, but she forced herself to close her eyes, mind spinning along the paths her partner and she could take. Left, killed by a massive Lord. Right, hit by a shell. Forward…

“We move forward!” she shouted back, her eyes flying open. Tobi grabbed her wrist again, nearly yanking her off her feet as she was dragged into the fray.

A vulpine Grimm with razor teeth would have pounced on her partner, killing her. With a blink, the creature was slain before it reached them, though the soldier that ended it was tackled down by yet another. He wouldn’t have died if she had let it through.

Protect Tobi.

If a Lord was to turn at the right time, he would spot them, would vaporize them where they stood. Instead, his gaze was caught by a whirring helicopter, which collapsed in an onyx blaze mere seconds later.

Protect Tobi.

Another witch was firing off bolts of smouldering rock. One might strike them in the back, downing both to be consumed by the conflict. Before this might have happened, she was hit with a stray bullet, and fell screaming from her perch high above.

Protect Tobi.

“We’re almost to… whatever the heck that thing is!” Tobi called, her axe (though now in only one hand) still spinning with a deadly whir. Whatever it struck was flung back, the wounds flaring up in a phosphoric gleam as they dissolved around the gash. The black orb hung overhead, somehow touching the horizon yet also floating high above the sky. Colors seemed to bend around it, and near the very edge rested a ring of brilliant light. Cass closed her eyes again, and opened them with a gasp.

“It’s a gate! The… thing that caused all this is in there!” she said. Tobi nodded.

“In that case, hang on. We’re ending this!” Before Cass could say a warning, the girl had dragged her through the shimmering surface, body swept in a blur of fog and cold and hot and nothing and something yet again, breaking forth in a cavernous hall that seemed both real and not. At the front of the hall stood a young woman.

“That’s…” Tobi said, and Cass merely watched in rigid assent. Tobi grunted, hefting her dual axe in both hands, and rushed at the stranger.

The girl turned, and Tobi disappeared in a crimson mist.

“No!” yelled Cass, squinting her eyes shut.

Fog, cold, hot, nothing, then something yet again. The portal broke forth into a cavernous hall that seemed both real and not. At the front of the hall stood a young woman. This time, she was facing them, a frown on her melancholic face. Her eyes, though grey, were cracked with glowing yellow.

“That’s…” Tobi said. Cass reached out a hand, but her partner was already charging, glowing axe swinging into arcs of brilliance.

“Be careful!” Cass cried, desperately scanning the threads which branched out from this point. Death. Death. Death. Death. She tried to bend chance anyway, but as much as she strained it refused to budge. She could only watch as the somber girl raised her hand, and Tobi again erupted.

Cass squinted her eyes shut.

Fog, cold, hot, nothing, something. The hall, the portal, all the same. Now the girl was closer, her hand still outstretched. Cass panted from the effort, her body beginning to shake under her own weight.

“That’s…” Tobi said. Cass’ hand shot out, spinning her friend around to face her.

“You’re going to fucking die!” she shouted. Tobi’s eyebrows raised. The girl behind her raised her hand once more, and wet, warm vapor was all Cass held.

She could feel the tainted energy coursing into her, could sense what she could normally not. Knots around her, drifting to the girl. Thousands of knots. She could never untie them all.

Cass squinted her eyes shut.

“Why do you keep wasting your time?”

Fog, cold, hot, nothing, something. Hall. Portal. Girl. Hand raised. Mist.

Cass squinted her eyes shut.

“This has gone on long enough.”

Fog, cold, hot, nothing, something, hall, portal, hand, mist.

Cass squinted her eyes shut.


She was gone.

Primary Power:

Walking the Strand.
Before she was detached from causality, this power allowed Cass to project her consciousness forward in time, scoping out outcomes certain actions would bring about. This was an imperfect ability, as the knowledge of future outcomes often affect what will actually occur. Following detachment, this ability now works against Cass, shifting her consciousness across branches of possibility uncontrollably. Generally, she is able to exist in a certain temporal state for a day or so, before an errant choice will send her travelling back along another path. She is unable to die in this state, recursing to a previous focal point at the moment directly beforehand.

Secondary Power:

All Pips Up.
Using her knowledge of future outcomes, Cass is able to magically coerce a certain possibility to occur. This directly influences chance on split timelines, and can circumvent the necessity for certain minor triggers, as long as the absence of said triggers doesn't completely remove the possibility. For example, if a certain outcome requires it to rain one day, but the rain is not directly necessary for the outcome to occur, Cass is able to push possibility in favor of that outcome even if it doesn't rain.

Tertiary Skill:

She possesses an intuitive understanding of temporal mechanics and causality, and is a skilled gambler, even without use of her powers.

Hyper Power:

Backstep Loop.
Generally, Cass' abilities only allow her to project forward in time. By expending a tremendous amount of energy, she is able to thrust herself backwards ten seconds or less, using a major event as an anchor. Through this, she is able to directly experience what is instead of what will be, make what was what is again, and rewrite what will be based on what she experienced before. This differs from Walking the Strand as her projection is only experiencing possibilities, and any catastrophes seen when projecting are avoidable. By Backstep Looping, Cass is able to avoid things that have already occurred.

Clutch Power:

Through harnessing immense negativity, Cass can untie a target from the present strand, knotting it to another outcome. The further back the focal point for the two outcomes is, and the more of an influence/impact the target has on the present timeline, the more effort it takes. This effectively undoes the target's actions back to the focal point, asserting them in the other timeline. To all others, it is as if the target ceased to exist following the focal point. If the target caused a certain possibility to unfold, this possibility is undone as well, and the present timeline is replayed without the target existing in it from the focal point. Cass, and anyone Cass is in contact with, retain only memories of the old outcome, and must learn any changes that the nonexistence of the target has effected.



Appearance after Transformation:



I look in the water and fear what I see
I know it's no stranger but I know it's not me
My life is a lie that was uttered in jest
If I can't change at all, let me rest

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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Annasiel » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:13 pm

Name: Proserpine Demetra

Magical Girl Alias: Mamba

Original Strand: D

Age: 19

Height: 5'1


My mother once described guilt as a hollow burn. Something that gnaws in the core of your gut, a parasite of emotion devouring happiness and spewing out fear into the gaping wound it left. All of these sensations, when taken apart, are things I can easily understand. Emptiness? Ache? Doubt? Fear? Emotions I have felt before, and surely will feel again. Yet this thing called guilt, this myriad of sensations, is an ache that has never graced my heart.

I was a monster of a child. I'm surprised my parents didn't drop me off in an orphanage as soon as I turned four, and astounded that they never locked me away like a rabid beast. You see, when I was young, I liked to hurt things. Something about the rush of power, total control, a power rush akin to godhood as I bent the universe to my will. It started off with little sins, dewinging flies and burning ants. Things many kids have done. Things that are minor concerns. But as I aged, my compulsion to control aged too, growing with every inch my mother marked on the family room doorway. I began to pinch our pets, and threw rocks at the backyard squirrels. It was fun to watch the pests run screeching, fur damp where my stone had scored a blow. I did little to hide my games, and nowadays I suspect my parents had known everything. They were just waiting. For a miracle to occur, for their darling daughter to play tea with dolls instead of pulling them limb from limb.

On my tenth birthday, they took me to a psychiatrist.

Doctor Kipling, the plaque on the desk had read. He insisted I call him John, and he called me Proserpine. He enjoyed formality, enjoyed straightforwardness. I had fun with John, solving puzzles and answering questions. What emotion is Timmy feeling? What does this shape look like? What do you do for fun? It was nice to have someone pay special interest in me. He made me feel mature, respected. I trusted him.

"I've been seeing your daughter for the last two months," he said one day to me and my parents, "and I'm afraid I have some bad news." I didn't care about the bad news. I just wanted to go back to the puzzles and questions.

Primary Power:

Plague Miasma.
Thousands of tiny flies swarm out of Proserpine's sleeves. They resemble gnats in most aspects, except they have syringe-like stingers as long as their bodies projecting from the thorax. They follow Proserpine's mental commands, flying where she tells them to fly, attacking what she wants them to attack, with no concern for their own safety. As long as their creator remains conscious, they are able to manifest in a consistent multitude, despite any damage the swarm takes. Eyesight limits their range, with the distance between impacting their effectiveness at following instructions.

Secondary Power:

Rancorous Impunity.
Proserpine is immune to most chemical toxins. Her body maintains a self-imposed stasis, rejecting foreign agents that enter inside it, allowing for the safe passage of anything bioeffective. This includes live pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Caustic agents, like strong acids or bases, and anything else that can harm her without it needing to enter her system, will damage her despite this power.

Tertiary Skill:

Proserpine is an avid student of biology and biochemistry, and can create concoctions that elicit a variety of effects. She wears a belt with ten vials around her waist for carrying her poisons. Her flies are able to ingest these elixirs and inject them into targets. A basic Grimm or human requires a third of a vial's worth to have the intended effect. For everything past, it varies by the target's fortitude, resistances, and energy.

Paralytic - In a proper dose, this prevents the victim from moving due to intense muscle spasms. It lasts for an hour. Lower doses can provoke aches and tremors for up to a half hour.

Soporific - A full dose of this will cause the victim to fall into a deep slumber, lasting around eight to nine hours. Lower doses cause sluggishness and minor cognitive impairment, as if drunk.

Nauseant - This elixir brings about vomiting, dizziness, and a loss of balance in the victim, akin to an episode of motion sickness. A full dose can last for two to three hours.

Neurotoxin - A weak poison that stimulates the nervous system, causing a strong burning sensation under the victim's skin. This is the most dangerous drug in Proserpine's arsenal, easily overdosed and able to cause fatal seizures.

Euphoric - A light inhibitor that exponentially increases the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the victim, invoking a feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Stimulant - A strong methylxanthine class stimulant that increases the heart rate and epinephrine development in the victim. This can cause many different sensations, depending on the emotional context.

Hyper Power:

Proserpine's insects gorge themselves on her poisons, filling their bodies to the point of near bursting. They then fly above a targeted area, spraying the vile concoction on the victims below in a fine, aerosolized mist. The exact effect of this deadly deluge is entirely dependent on the prior components, but it can range between a myriad of effects of the combined toxins to outright inducing cardiac arrest in the poor fools that breathe it in.

Clutch Power:

Feast of the Damned.
Let those who are judged find solace in their demise. Proserpine calls her insects into a massive swarm, setting them on some target that is threatening her to the point of fear. They burrow into the victim's skin with their massive mandibles, sinuous bodies easily forcing their way through rent skin, where they set upon devouring their prey from the inside out. During this, they are able to use their stingers to whatever capacity they have available, if she so wishes to incapacitate the victim as they consume them alive.


For the features and stature.

For the outfit.

Appearance after Transformation:



I look in the water and fear what I see
I know it's no stranger but I know it's not me
My life is a lie that was uttered in jest
If I can't change at all, let me rest

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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by UmbraSight » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:12 pm


Ayane Shimizu

Magical Girl Alias:
Silver Eyed Painter

Original Strand
Strand G


Chances are good that at any given moment Ayane is either asleep or dozing. She is a perpetually tired girl, seemingly always on the verge of falling asleep if she isn't already in the midst of some dream. Perhaps surprising to none when she is awake Ayane is very easy going, she is easily mailable, and simple to get to agree. However, as easy as it might be to get her to agree to do something, it is much harder than make her follow through on an action.

When something does draw her attention, Ayane is the sort who becomes completely absorbed by whatever it is that she is doing. For her, typically this is painting. When the mood to paint strikes her, then that is practically all she does, she puts paint to canvas or graphite to paper or delicately inks fragile lines, and she will be completely absorbed by her artistic movement. She has been known to forgo sleep and food simply because she lost track of the time, more than once her agent has called her asking why she missed a patrol or event only to catch her in the middle of a work which had snared her attention completely.

Even when one does catch her when she is fully awake, and not enraptured by a work of art Ayane is an absent minded girl.

“Yeah, I gave her a paintbrush to play with, she's taking the siren’s rather well.” Father stood by the window, a blind pulled back as he looked out at the gray of the cloudy day. Ayane dabbed her brush against the piece of paper her father had given her, ignoring that incessant high pitched whine and only half-listening to her father’s voice. “Yeah, according to the news the incursion was on the east side. We should be fine in the basem-”

His voice stopped suddenly, and a troubled crease came to his brow. There was a clicking noise, faint but distinct and constant. Like nails tapping against wood. A hesitant crackle. Her father turned, gray eyes scanning, searching. He turned, and smiled down at Ayane, a reassuring curl of his lips as he motioned for her to remain seated.

“Stay here and paint and I will go-”

A thump cut him short. His reassuring smile faltered and he quickly darted out of the room towards the noise. The front door shivered, metal screeched as it buckled inwards. With a crack of wood and a wrenching of metal the door fell and skittered across the hall. Ayane did not move as the Creature crawled into the room, eyes shimmering like a suddenly disturbed fire.


She heard her father call her name, but she did not move from her seat. The beast snarled, a low rumble she could feel in her very bones. The Creature lurched towards her and Ayane lifted her brush. By the time her father arrived from the back room, all that remained of the Grimm was a stain of black upon the wall like someone had thrown a bucket of paint, and two splotches of yellow which flickered like a disturbed fire.

Primary Power:
Artist’s Grace

When Ayane presses the bristles of her paintbrush against a Grimm she can absorb the essence of the creature into the brush, blacks and grays and golden yellows. Similarly if she does not have time to fully absorb a Grimm into her brush, she can simply scatter its essence as one might flick away excess paint.

Further, from a distance she can unravel a Grimm, pull its essence away and use it as paint as she presses her brush to canvas. When used this way, Ayane has little control over what colors she puts to canvas, not that Grimm have many colors to begin with.

She can also draw out paints of different colors from human emotions, so long as she is able to focus. While useful for her other powers, this also has its effect on the crowd, making them quieter, less emotional. Taking too much can leave them feeling drained and deadened.

Secondary Power:

With her secondary power, Ayane can bend and twist what is real and what is not -- and make reality and perception assume what she paints is true, to a degree. If she paints a section of a wall with the intent that she is making a hole, then one can easily pass through the hole she creates as if the brick and stone were never there. If she paints a landscape then one can pass into the painting and travel in so far as the canvas extends - all people or living creatures within the painting will move and act, but their movements would be limited, their responses to stimuli muted, if they respond at all. If one walks to the edge of a painting they simply vanish.

Further she can trick one into believing what she paints is real; if she paints the head of a Grimm then the mind will believe that a Grimm is present, even if conscious thought knows better.

But, because art is ultimately about one’s interpretation and perception of what they are viewing, how well her art can trick the mind is based upon how well it is painted. If she paints a convincing hole, for example, then one can use that hole to pass through a wall as if someone had knocked out the brick, but if one cannot perceive what she paints as a hole then it will be little more than paint on a wall. If she were to paint a convincing portrait of a human or Grimm, then the painting will be able to move, act, and fight - but no matter how flawlessly detailed the painting of a living being can never become that person.

Tertiary Skill:
Surprising to none, Ayane is a talented painter. When using her magic she can quickly put a painting to canvas, but she often favors more traditional means.

Hyper Power:
Artistic License
With her hyper power, Ayane is able to turn selective objects around her into paintings. Doors and windows become rich frescos overtop brick, Grimm become stylized street art, decorating the very streets they once terrorized. Whatever real item she turns into a painting can be reverted, and, so long as it is well painted, whatever additions she might place overtop the original image become part of the object when she brings it back.

Clutch Power:
Twilight Discordance
With a stroke of her brush Ayane can smother reality using the raw churning emotions which give shape to the Grimm. A crackling black energy with absorbs any Grimm unlucky to draw near, for stronger Grimm, they will find being near this splotch of paint almost euphoric, as it slowly overwhelms and consumes them. For humans? It will sap their emotions and leave them deadened and drained.


Appearance after Transformation:
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Wint » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:25 pm


Name: Honoka "Ono" Ikemori
Magical Girl Alias: Zephyr
Original Strand: H
Age: 17
Personality: Ono is a quiet one. She likes to keep her thoughts to herself, and try to solve things like a mime: trying to say and show things that aren't there, in very odd ways.
Although she might not say things occasionally, she can be quite talkative when she finds something important, and can be either snarky or kind to different people, regardless of how she feels towards them as both can be for either likes and dislikes in her case.

Feeling like things are wrong sometimes but knowing that it's often her overreaction, Ono prefers to share her doubts only with those closest to her, but she blabbers at that point a lot. But those chats are sacred to her.

Enough getting sidetracked.
Do you want to know what Ono's like?
Well, she hates everything. Well, not really. Just sometimes. It's not some edgy poop, just...
She feels like Shida's death is her fault. If she has powers, why couldn't she use them to bring him the hope he needed?
Because she doesn't deserve them.
Why couldn't the tendrils pierce her, straight in the chest, instead of her father?
There's nothing there to crush. When her mother was weeping, she didn't.
If she would've died, they'd still be together, and she could slap her brother in the afterlife for being the worst human being.
But no. She can't change the past. So she fights for those who can't fight; she strives on giving people the hope that keeps them alive. But it's hurting her.
It hurts her deep inside, and keeps her smiles upside-down.
That's why when she worries, she cherishes those moments when she can break from reality, and sink into a dream.
A dream where she fights evil, saves the world, and honors even the stupidest of people.

So, no. Ono doesn't hate the world.
She just can't stand another heartbreak. That's why... She kept her heart behind the barrier that she uses to fight. That's what keeps her living, figuratively and literally.

Biography: Honoka Ikemori, or Ono as her friends call her, used to be quite the social butterfly. Though, she was more like a moth that kept hitting the wall like a blind bat.
She liked befriending people, and fought for students' rights in her school when she saw it fit.
She was a member of the student council, and everything was amazing in her eyes.
Of course, they had Grimm drills. They knew what to do, and were given happy reading material.
But things happen.

Ono and her brother, Shida, used to mess each other up so many times. They were siblings.
They were little things, but those would be things she'd end up missing.
You see.. Even his sister couldn't tell the turmoil he was going through.
He couldn't stop thinking of the dangers of the wall, namely, the Grimm.

Everywhere he tried talking about it, he was told if the dangersof negativity.
So... he fled to the one place they couldn't get to him;
Off the roof.

Her family was crushed.
The complex they lived in grew darker and darker.
It wasn't too long after till Ono woke up in a mess of a room, her walls etched with weird slashing marks, her papers all the place.
She was grieving.

About a week later they got an appointment to see what became of Ono. It was pretty clear what it was..

A grieving family has so many questions. Everything seems out of place.
But why couldn't Ono forgive? Forgive herself, forgive her brother... Could she have saved him?

When her 14th birthday came, Ono was the happiest she could be.
It felt empty without her brother, but they had other people with them.
Though.. everyone has losses at this point.

Grief... sorrow... negativity...

The party was cut short by a Grimm attack, a beast of tendrils that wrecked havoc.
Amongst the ruckus.. Ono saw her father hold his present to her.
Instinct kicked in, and she blew the wretched beast away from her father. But the beast got to him.
He didn't die; God no.
But he was injured.

It was a teddy bear. A friend to help get past the bad times.
She called him Claus.

Well... the place was a mess. Her dad was in the hospital.
Her mom and her had to stay at a neighbor's place. He was very kind.

Some time later, Ono was sent to an academy for girls like her. A good one, the best they could offer.
Her dad... he was old.
And her mom.. she found solace with the neighbor.
Ono cried for her father. She.. he was special to her.
Her mom? She understood why.
But she had to spend a little time with Claus.

Primary Power: The ability to expand and compress air.
By compressing pockets of air, Ono can create Sonic blasts that can send Grimm flying (or herself). She can also compress air to use it as razor-sharp blades of wind which can be applied in combat or onto her feathers.
By quickly expanding pockets of air, gusts can be weaponized due to the blasts which Ono can also use to boost herself (same as compressed air blasts).
Compressed air can also be used on individuals to push and potentially crush them, and expanded air to make air density thinner around them and potentially make them dizzy.
Secondary Power: The ability to control the flow of the wind, and the intensity of it.
This allows Ono aerial freedom as she can use the air to speed herself into Grimm or away from them, and to fly in general.
She can also use it (and her wind expansion ability) to strengthen her normal attacks.
Tertiary Skill: Living in a certain fear, Ono was motivated into practicing her agility and dexterity.
She's excelled at acrobatics and parkour since she was a crying little girl.
It was now time for the enemies to cry.

Hyper Power: Firing her feelings and aggression away from her, Ono can create cyclones and vortexes that tear Grimm and toss them everywhere, ugh the possibility of locking them inside in a whirl of helplessness. Positivity glistens through and helps keep the vortexes in check and make them sturdier yet tameable.
Clutch Power: Bottling up all the sadness and projecting the joy she has in her life, Ono can bottle up the air in quite a wide vicinity, leaving the enemies and anyone else that stands in her path a choking mess, not to mention the effects of vacuum on one's body.

Appearance: Her eyes are dark brown.
Appearance after Transformation: Her hair only includes the part that is not tied up.
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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Someguy500 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:50 am

Name Takami Mikawa

Alias: Grand Seamstress

Original Strand: G

Age: 15

Personality: Takami has always been a big fish in a small pond. As such, she values community and friends above anything else. But, she can be egotistical and overly competitive, though she doesn't express it outwardly. She's also somewhat disconnected from urban life, having been sheltered most of her life. She's also fearful and somewhat paranoid from this sheltering.

Even though she acts kindly and empathetically to everyone, Takami acts very differently to close friends than to acquaintances or strangers. With acquaintances, she is polite and somewhat soft-spoken, keeping her dialect in check, but she's also quite judgemental. She's more comfortable with friends, being spontaneous and excitable, and talking freely. For those she's closest to, she's tenacious and protective, though never willing to take responsibility for failure.

While she respects authority and understands its importance, Takami secretly longs for a life where she answers to nobody but herself, and she believes being the at the top will allow her this. To this end, she is stubborn and her simply forgiving a grudge is rare.

Biography: An only child to proud parents, Takami Mikawa was never quite given the warm, ideal family she yearned for. Her parents, Julie Aoki and Sora Mikawa, were good, if strict people. They just wanted the best for their wonderful baby girl. To Taka, the word "better" was always on the tips of their tongues. Better grades, better at volleyball, better yourself, eat, sleep, better.

She found companionship in her classmates and friends, instead. Every day, they shared with each other common interests, their problems, and the answers to yesterday's homework.

Her magic manifested itself at age 13. The setting? Nagoya Central High, filled with Grimm.

Takami and her teammates were closing up at the end of after-school practice when the emergency bell started ringing. Withing seconds, the automatic PA system declared that the school was crawling with Grimm, and that anyone within the building should find a place to hide, as the Magical Girls are on their way now.

Sure enough, a Grimm had gotten its way around the students' ramshackle barricade into the hall they were using. A huge snake, the thickness of a small pillar and just as tall, slithered through out of the overhead vent. As if being set off by a scream at the back if the hall, it arched, preparing to lunge at the nearest target. Takami.

One or two minutes, then the Magical Girls would arrive. One or two minutes, and they would be found. One or two minutes too late, by the looks of it.

She closed her eyes and held out a hand instinctively. Something fell into place in her heart. She reached out further, and further, and...

When she opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed that she was not, in fact, dead. The second thing she noticed was the folds upon folds of bright glowing silk that pinned the Grimm to the opposite wall. She never even got to the fact that she wasn't in her gym clothes anymore before the Magical Girls arrived.

The rest you can read about in the newspaper. Chunichi Shinbun, 6/10/2031, page 3: Youthful Heroism save school.

She made up her mind. She would go to New Kyoto, and sign up at Doki-Doki Channel. Naturally, her parents, protective as they were, objected. She argued that she would learn to be stronger there. Eventually, they allowed her to go, but only when she became 15. Of course, she could enroll in a local academy, instead.

One weekend, Takami decided that she'd had it with waiting, and so she took to the path around the forest, where the warning signs shouted messages of REPORTS OF GRIMM or DANGER. There, she went looking for Grimm, experimenting with her powers. Her wake-up call came early, thankfully, and she was attacked by a young,. Had another passing Witch not been around, she might have died fighting a turtle.

One and a half years have passed since then. Boarding the train to New Kyoto, Takami looked to the future. After all, destiny may not come knocking twice, but she was gonna go and find destiny all on her own.

Powers and Abilities:
Primary Power: Magical Weave
Takami can summon large sheets of floating magical silk and manipulate them remotely as if pulling them from a giant reel. These cloths can be summoned en masse, but proper and dextrous control is limited to only two or three sheets at most.

These softly glowing cloths are solid and quite resilient, though nowhere near unbreakable, especially against slashing attacks. Their speed depends on how much cloth Takami is moving at once. She can curl a sheet into a sharp cone, making for a handy weapon.

Takami can also knit a pattern into her Weave, giving it more offensive properties. She's only gotten the hang of "burning hot" and "brutally jagged" at the moment, though.

Secondary Power: Silken Web
With a flick of the wrist or three, Takami can set up a web of strings across an area. The longer she has to prepare, the denser the web she can create, up to a limit. The web is as strong as her Weave, but is faster to set up, and its strings more numerous. It can't have a pattern knitted into it, but it can be wrapped around an enemy in its midst if it is dense enough.

Tertiary Skill: Rise and Shine!
Takami, having been conditioned to sleep late and wake up early every day, is not nearly as fatigued as she should be from lack of rest.

Hyper Power: Loose Threads
Takami pulls from the same power as with Magical Weave, but instead of great flowing cloth, she summons eight glowing missiles that home in on their target and strike erratically from each angle. Each spear-sized missile is homing and relentless, seeking to pierce the heart of what it was summoned to kill.

These missiles also leave trails of magical string, so they can also be used defensively to bind an opponent or block an attack.

Clutch Power: Point Blanc
Streams of silk and ribbons feed into a tiny white point, taking Takami's own emotions, positivity and memories with them. The concentrated point holds more power the more of these she pours in.

This point is volatile and unstable, lashing out at negativity like solar winds. And there's no source of negativity like the Grimm. People touched may feel anywhere from energized, to hopeful, to despair. Grimm, on the other hand, invariably burn and erode.

After using this power, Takami will lose some emotional response for from a few days to a week or two, depending on how much power she put into the Clutch. She will also lose some memories, either temporarily or permanently.

After Transformation:
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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Snowskeeper » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:06 am


Magical Girl Alias:
Space Eater.

Original Strand:


Khint is fatalistic, and somewhat misanthropic. She dislikes and distrusts people in general, and tends to develop poor first impressions, though in most cases those don't hold up for long. She's very quiet, but if she does decide to speak up, she can be extremely blunt about things. She finds social situations very difficult to navigate properly. This all leads to her seeming very grumpy, which is fairly accurate. She has totally dedicated her life to what she views as her duty, and tries to spend her time as productively as possible in light of that. What little leisure time she allows herself is spent mostly reading things on the internet, because that’s a healthy way to develop a sense of self-worth when you’re a minor celebrity in a post-apocalyptic world.

Khint’s mother, an Irish witch named something or other, arrived in New Kyoto shortly after their boom began, five years after the first appearance of the Grimm and three years after the powers of witches began to reveal themselves. She was travelling with her husband. She had been convinced by her friends that things would be better there, and, indeed, they were, but the lack of connections to his homeland troubled her husband; he didn’t speak Japanese, either, and claimed that he didn’t have enough time to learn, so he found it incredibly difficult to interact with anyone in new Kyoto.
Her husband eventually left for Maginot, promising to set up a place for her to return to. A few weeks after he left, the witch discovered that she was pregnant. Her husband freaked out a little. He claimed that it wasn’t his child, and cancelled support for her. The scandal destroyed what little she’d managed to establish in way of reputation, meaning that she had no way to generate an income, meaning that she was effectively destitute and powerless on the streets of a rapidly growing city. She survived for about a year after Khint was born.
So Khint grew up in an orphanage. Japanese orphanages were notoriously bad even before the Grimm appeared. Afterwards, things were bad everywhere. Many children had lost their parents, and although many of these children were subsequently gobbled up on the streets, many more of them found their way into what was left of the system. There were a lot of cliques, which developed into gangs. Sort of like highschool on steroids.
So that’s the environment Khint grew up in. She discovered her powers when she was 13, during a fistfight. And she ended up using them mostly to ensure that she’d be left alone by the other kids. She was swapped into one of New Kyoto’s various academies, though they didn’t have enough space to take her out of the orphanage without payment, and though she did poorly in most subjects, she excelled at combat and manipulation of powers (and mathematics, for some reason). By the time she exited the academy and was old enough to move out of the orphanage, she’d decided that she’d dedicate her life to what she now viewed as her duty. Part of that was a genuine belief that this was her purpose; part of it was a belief that if she didn’t use her abilities for that, she’d be worse than any of the people she’d grown up with.

Primary Power:
Augmented force.
Can augment the force of nearly any object within a limited range around her, though once augmented the force will remain at its new value until something does something to rob it of that energy.

Secondary Power:
Reality Blinks A Lot.
Able to convince reality that she’s actually somewhere else. This manifests as teleportation, though she can’t teleport to anywhere she can’t see. Television feeds work, so long as they’re on a very short delay (a minute or less). If she’s blinded, this doesn’t work. Additionally, she needs to be transformed to use this ability.

Tertiary Skill:
Proficient sharpshooter. She also has a good singing voice, though at present she’s untrained.

Hyper Power:
Eating space.
Can temporarily turn off or ignore minor variables like distance, velocity, etc.
She can only use this for very brief periods of time, and it, understandably, causes her to become seriously ill for a day or two.

Clutch Power:
Opening the Closet Door.
There’s something under your bed. There’s something between the walls. There’s something in the space beneath your stairs. The moment you look, it’s gone, but it’s always there, just the same. There’s a space between worlds--a space that feels empty, but isn’t. If Khint becomes scared enough, she can open the way to it, pulling nearby Grimm in.

Black hair and grey eyes. Unusually pale skin. Features are very clearly foreign. Typically passive-looking, though her body language is usually defensive. Stands at 5’0”. Tends to prefer outfits consisting of a knee-length skirt, a long-ish jacket, a hip holster for a pistol, and long socks and shirts. Boots are usually also involved. Her hair stretches down to the small of her back; she usually has it tied back in a ponytail, though.
Her transformation is a little more understated than some. Her outfit is similar to what it is normally, but significantly fancier. Her new jacket is longer, a deep, rich black, and covered in golden trim; it also features two tails. The sleeves are slashed to reveal the bright red fabric of her shirt beneath. Her hair grows much longer, for some reason, though it remains in its ponytail. Her skirt, to her great annoyance, becomes a little shorter; this is why she wears shorts. Her boots become longer, and, frustratingly, heavier. Her pistol, as well as any other firearms she has on her, are usually unaffected.

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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Kurusu » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:21 am

Name: Harket Haruka
NickName: “HaruHaru”, “Haru"
Magical Girl Alias: Shining Blade
Original Strand: F
Age: 16
Eloquently handsome, Haruka can easily talk to anyone in any public situation and have no problem performing in front of crowds or camera. Combined with her prince-like poetic demeanor and musical talents, she will steal the heart of both male and female audience alike.

Haruka can be considered to have an unfaltering optimism, to the point of naive. Although she is not naive enough to think that Grimm could be redeemed, she would always believe that the good always win in the end. Her optimism proved to be a great asset in combination with her strong sense of responsibility and protectiveness, which forms a driving force behind her passion as a magical girl. She takes her job seriously, and ends every battle swiftly in order to keep everyone safe, including her teammate.

Additionally, Haruka is very mentally resilient. She had been able to face against an extremely powerful Grimms without faltering, even though she was inexperienced at the time, as well as being at a disadvantage. She can easily conquer any fear in her heart, and quite literally shine against all odds.

However, despite being naturally strong and reliable, the constant pressure often gets to her as well. Haruka often finds difficulty in confiding her weakness to her friend, and more often than not would push them away when she was in doubt. Because of this, Haruka often stay with herself alone when she falters, and shut everyone out.

=====Consumed World=====

Spending a year in front of camera had solidified Haruka's latent ability as an actor. She most often puts on her "Prince Charming" persona whenever she appears on Doki Doki Channel, which she found to be extremely effective especially at raising her friends morale. Yet, due to the fact that some magical girl approached her because they were attracted to Haruka's Prince Charming persona, and not because they actually cared about Haruka's feeling deep down, Haruka found herself keeping most strangers at arm's length, only interacting with them with her persona.

Luckily, she also have a select few that she truly opens up to. The true self of her which was a fiery young girl who missed her father dearly.

Born to a Japanese female Takarazuka stage actor, and a male US army soldier stationed in Japan, Haruka lost her mother at a young age during the Grimmocalypse. She was raised by her father, Piers Harket, alone. Her father had saved many lives during the crisis, and had since been leading a group of survivor in Osaka. He was selfless, but also smart enough to survive and recognises hopeless situations. At the same time, he was also charismatic, and was able to instilled hope amongst the survivors and managed to rallied them together. Haruka was inspired to be like him, and began to adopt a similar charismatic demeanour as well.

Haruka learned much of the street smart from her father, who realizes that he couldn't always take care of his own daughter 24/7. He taught her many things including how to start a fire, how to tie a rope, and how to use knife to defend herself. The knife quickly became her most favourite tool, and Haruka would often spend her time maintaining the knife that she had received from her father, keeping it sharp and shiny. She never really learned how to do make-ups or how to be lady-like, and was more like a boy than a girl.

Courage ran in the family, and Haruka eventually nagged her father enough to let her help him out whenever they had to engage a Grimm. Although they had almost never killed any Grimm, it was often just to buy her and the other survivors enough time to conduct rescue effort. Haruka and her father were well respected amongst the survivors, and the group continued to save more and more lives during the crisis.

Soon, Doki-Doki channel emerged, and it immediately became Haruka's favourite channel. Haruka would find her second idol then, the magical girls. They were strong, charismatic, and inspired hope in everyone much like her father did. She loved watching the show, and would always gather the other survivors to watch the show with her whenever it aired. Since Haruka was the daughter of the famous policeman that saved a lot of lives, most of the survivor jokingly and affectionately called her a magical girl, dubbing her “Shining Blade” after her favourite tool of choice. Haruka would often ended up pretending to be a magical girl to entertain herself and the survivors during her free time, and pretended to pull out an imaginary sword out of nowhere. Her life then changed when she actually managed to pull out a magical shining sword out of nowhere, much to the amazement of the survivors and her father. She was around 13 at the time.

As any parents would, Haruka’s father objected against Haruka signing up to be a magical girls to fight against the Grimms. Eventually, he realised how much this opportunity meant to Haruka, and contacted the DDC about his daughter.

=====Consumed World=====

It has been a year since she had joined DDC as magical girl. Although her rank wasn't rising at any extraordinary rate, she had attained a steady, and strong cult following from the female audience instead. Thanks to her appeal towards the female demographic, the fanbase even included some magical girl within DDC themselves. Ironically, some of her magical girl fan were actually above Haruka in the popularity chart.

Haruka had since familiarized herself with her power, and often found herself as the lead attacker when working in team. She often chose to take part in operation near Osaka prefecture in order to meet her father every once in a while.

Primary Power: Knight's Steel

Haruka can conjure an extremely dense and heavy steel of any shape with her magical power within 10 meter radius. This allows her to conjure heavy armour, weapons, and any equipments for any situations. Sword, spear, hammer, breast-plate, bridges, you name it. Knight's steel are smooth silver in colour.

The energy needed to conjure a steel depends on the size, shape, and familiarity of the object that Haruka wants to make. The bigger, the more energy will be required. The more complex, the less efficient it is to be conjured. However, Haruka can train herself to become familiar with conjuring a certain shape, which will allow her to become more efficient at conjuring them.

Although the steel are heavy, it appears to be weightless when Haruka wields them. This is thanks to the fact that Haruka can telekinetically manipulate her own steel, with the force proportional to the mass of the steel. It is not strong enough to levitate, however. The telekinesis allows Haruka to dampen most impact to her steel, and increases momentum in her steel as well. This greatly increases her defensive and offensive capabilities.

Once conjured, the steel cannot be mold out of it's shape. Instead, Haruka can de-materialize her steel to refund portion the magic used in conjuring them, and then conjure a different object instead.

Knight's Steel also dematerialize and return to Haruka as magical energy once she goes out of her transformed state.

Secondary Power: Spirit of the Steel

Haruka can imbue her steel with positive or negative emotion magic.

Positive magic will give her steel a golden aura. Golden steel shines brightly and lightly burns all Grimm nearby. It also lightly heals human, and greatly stabilize and improve their emotional state.

Negative magic will turn her steel jet black. Black steel are even denser, but also much easier to manipulate with Haruka's telekinesis of her own construct to the point that they can be effortlessly levitated.

Haruka can simultaneously charge one steel with positive magic, and another with negative magic.

While charged, steel can persist even though Haruka is not transformed or conscious. However, they will slowly loses their energy over time if Haruka does not maintain it. Eventually, they revert back to neutral Knight's steel, and dematerializes.

Tertiary Skill: Actor's Bloodline
Haruka is unbelievably good at singing. She can sing almost any style in a wide vocal range. She is also unbelievably good at acting, allowing her to adopt any persona during public display or even in simple conversation.

=====Consumed World=====
Haruka have since adopted a Prince Charming persona as her main magical girl persona. She seems almost like a Prince from a young girl's romance fiction. This allows Haruka to inspire hope and courage within her friends effectively, as well as raising her rating in DDC.

Hyper Power: Divine Diamond

If Haruka charges her steel to a certain point, they becomes diamond. The smaller the steel, the easier it is to do so.

Divine diamond shines its aura brighter than her golden steel. It severely burns any Grimm on touch. They also moderately soothes and heals injuries, and greatly inspire hope within human on touch. Haruka can discharge the energy within divine diamond into an intense beam of her aura as well.

Divine diamond can also levitate, but not as well as black steel.

Clutch Power: Merciless Ruby

Conversely, super charging with negative magic will result in ruby.

Merciless Ruby burns through everything it touches, or doesn't if Haruka decides not to. They can discharge into a highly destructive death laser as well.

Merciless Ruby are extremely easy to manipulate, and allow Haruka to easily dominate the sky. This also makes her nigh-immovable against most assault.

Using negative magic is very bad for one's health. Every doctor would recommend against it.

Is 175 centimeter tall. Shoulder is quite broad for a girl.
Appearance after Transformation:
Minus the long hair
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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

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Kiyomi Myoko

Magical Girl Alias:

Original Strand:


Kiyomi is a fairly easy-going girl, quick with a friendly smile or a willingness to help another out if asked. She had a streak of hopeless optimism to her actions, better to live her life as if nothing is impossible than to exist knowing there are certain things she could never change. She isn't easily deterred if a particular idea catches in her mind or something peculiar stick out to her eye. She also has a mischievous streak in how she acts, she will happily play a harmless prank or two if it seems like the outcome would be amusing. She is hard to anger, but tends to hold grudges against those who tick her off.


The hard sidewalk crunched and crackled under nail as the beast lumbered forward, concrete parted as if it were only sand. The air had a certain metallic tang to it, a harsh and heavy smell which caused the fog which clouded her mind to squirm. The beast’s eyes were the rich golden-yellow and shined like dying lightbulbs. It's mouth hung open, a long slender tongue stained red hung out from between two crooked teeth.

Kiyomi found herself frozen in place, her hands pressed firmly against the hole in the other girl’s arm which still leaked blood. The magical girl’s eyes twitched under her eyelids, in quick skittish movements. Kiyomi wanted to shake the girl, plead with her to awaken and to slay the beast, but instead her vocal cords remained still, her body unmoving.

She heard her name, drifting above the chaotic clamor from the panicked crowd as if fled, and somewhere in the back of her clouded mind, Kiyomi felt something snap. Dull senses buzzed to life as a litany of senses washed into her mind. Slick blood on smooth skin, the way the sun glinted dully off the the boney patches which covered the Grimm’s body, the feeling of her own heart beating against her ribcage.

It was like a reflex more than anything. The Grimm ambled close and Kiyomi’s hand snapped up in the same way the magical girl’s had. Magic crackled on the tips of her fingers, warmth slithered down her arm and a bolt of light twisted out and away from her hand, jittering in odd broken movements before finally connecting with the center of the Grimm’s head. The beast squawked, and staggered to its left in wide lumbering steps. A different bolt escaped Kiyomi’s fingers, and the world vanished in a buzz of color and sound.


Primary Power:
Negative Echo:
With a touch Kiyomi can replicate the inverse of the magics of whoever it is that she last touched, be they a witch or Grimm. Fire becomes ice, light to darkness, sound to silence. The replication is a perfect inverse of the original magics, and acts as the other magic does only with the base properties changed to the opposite.

From sight or memory, Kiyomi can replicate any magics which have been used around her. This replication is imperfect, the magics often weaker or slanted in some way which keeps them from being a perfect Echo of the original magic.

Secondary Power:
Lingering Echo:
Kiyomi can feel lingering traces of magic which have been recently used in a space. She can read these lingering traces and often review or get a general idea of what had transpired.

Tertiary Skill:
Kiyomi is very good at impressions, and can almost perfectly replicate any voice as well as many different sound effects and noises.

Hyper Power:
Chorus of Echoes:
Kiyomi draws herself all magic being used in the immediate area, no matter the source or original target. She then amplifies the magics before sending them out as a wave, a process she can repeat multiple times to strengthen the power of her attack. The more time she “bounces” this attack or folds more magics into it, the higher her chances of being harmed by the attack, and how painful the aftereffects could be potentially be.

Clutch Power:
From the ground beneath her feet and sliding outwards away for about fifteen yards a reflective substance flows, forming a circle. Photonegative versions of every living being reflected in the polished surface will crawl from the still surface of the mirror to fight for Kiyomi. The powers of every witch or Grimm caught in the reflection, will be the opposite in the photonegative clones. When slain, the clones will crumple into shards of glass before eventually dissipating once the spell has ended.

Kiyomi stands at five foot nine inches, and is an average weight for her size. She has fairly thin shoulders which are sharply angled with equally thin arm and fingers. Her hips are rounded, her waist slim, legs long and smooth, and her bust on the heavier side of average.

The features of her face are generally soft, a heart shaped face, her jaw line smooth, her chin pointed and her nose small and sharp. Her eyes are an easy gray, but the hue shifts to take on a color similar to the eye color of the last person she touched if that person had a power. Her lips a full, and a rich red in color. Her hair is straight and black usually kept loose.

Appearance after Transformation:

//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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